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Old Enough Old Enough

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter6 (v.1) - Why..

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Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 25, 2016




Six – Why....



“Hey Alfonse...”


She stayed for dinner Sheria loved having her over it was nice to sit and relax without scent and the fact that they acted just as they always did there was nothing to worry about or think on. When she left she went straight home seeing her brother on the couch by his computer, he worked on video games from home considering he was one of the guards that kept the damaged spirits from killing the living to steal bodies...well he made plenty and could use his free time however he wanted.


“Hey sis, have fun?”


“Yeah...can you help me with something, it's about the guy I told you about.”


“What happened?”


“Don't get upset he didn't hurt me or anything...it's just...” she sighed as she sat next to him pointing out that he was a good guy that didn't force anything on her and he was just a single guy that was at least reasonable in age for her and of course no threat.


He frowned as she stared at him.


“Well he sounds decent...what's the problem then?”


“Almost everytime I even think about him as a man I get these feelings like something is wrong he responds to it to but I don't sense where the danger is coming from....even when he got a hard time from other demons I didn't sense anything.”


“He's a demon?”


“Half demon.”


He frowned.


“So he's got to deal with the race thing but no one came up to him to attack?”


She shook her head.


“It's sad the way they act and how they speak he says he's used to it but still it rubs me the wrong way they just assume he's no good because he's half.”


He nodded he never understood it either.


“Well perhaps it's more a sign...grandmother got those for a long while perhaps there will be trouble I don't agree with how half breeds are treated but they can make very powerful enemies just trying to live a normal life.”


“My protection spells have gotten much stronger though.”


“And maybe that's why you only have unsure feelings I'm not going to tell you to give up and play it safe because that is not how witches get rid of problems but be careful with your powers and aura pulses. If it gets worse let me know.” he said, he was concerned but it was part of her training and if she could handle it then it would show how well she was doing though he'd seen her notes and how she applied them while practicing before bed with various spells she was working really hard.




“And what about the rest of the time?”


“The rest?”


“When you don't feel unsure.”


“Everything is fine nothing to worry about at all.”


He tapped his chin.


“Maybe he just has a crazy ex that could go on the attack I want you to work on your defensive spells.” being that their father was hardly ever home he was the one in charge in their little clan she nodded.


He watched her go upstairs wondering about this guy he wasn't going to ask more on it leaving his sister to test her skills how he should though he was protective of her. Though he wanted to meet this guy he had reasons to be as protective as he was and tried to give her freedom and keep to himself though it was a challenge.


Their house and anywhere she stopped between there and home was when she was alone without him checking. He was sure it annoyed her though she never said a word against it, he just saw her being taken into the hospital again after he arrived, how easily she would have died without him. How their parents couldn't rush to the hospital or to see their grandmother being in another realm for business trips.


He shook the thought from his head.


It did nothing for his nerves, he had to work on that he knew but for now as long as she was alright it was okay he wouldn't say how nervous he could get when she didn't contact him.


As long as she came home uninjured and doing okay it was good enough.


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