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Status: Finished

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The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter24 (v.1) - A means...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 01, 2017



(Might seem sudden but you know got to the end of my plans so start off the year with an end I say, thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed the whole thing. )


Twenty-four – A means to an end...




Phoebus looked up as Averas broke the door to his room down, he rolled his eyes as he finished getting dressed. He knew their hold on him would break if he had a more important connection elsewhere as far as demons were concerned it wasn't enough to love a young witch but to impregnate her with children that needed to be watched...well that was as solid as you could get with them.


“You're a sick bastard you planned this didn't you?”


“I didn't plan shit, I also don't have time for your crap.” he snapped his bag was already packed.


“You have duties here.”


“No I have duties to my children and when I make her my wife I'm sure that'll show you dumbfucks how important she really is to me.”


“You would marry her just because of a pregnancy?” he growled, when he was called and told that the watch was off because the elders were clear on how witches were handled no matter who the father was...well he was less than happy.


“No because I love her but what do assholes like you know about that?”


He stormed by him bumping into Sheria in the hall he immediately moved away with her.


“What is it?” he asked watching her hands.


“You can't leave.”


“I have to.”




He sighed.


“Sheria when you stop acting insane you're welcome to be near me if you really want to but I won't let you hurt your siblings.”


“I...what siblings?”


“Oh did I not mention that?” Averas called.


Phoebus sighed.


“How is she pregnant you said you didn't sleep together.”


“And when you asked I hadn't yet don't stand in the way Sheria, I think you've done enough tonight.”


He was a little surprised when she physically moved, he kissed her forehead a silent goodbye for now.




When he told Alfonse what the particular scent meant he asked him to get her packed because they were leaving right now he wanted to claim a fresh new place for them far from the portal. Alfonse would miss his sister at least a little bit no matter what but he knew he could still see her and with work he would see her about the same amount any how. He sighed he called his parents knowing the elders would have alerted them but still they were more focused on work than what was going on with their daughter, in fact he could only leave a message they weren't answering.


Though he wasn't too surprised, they didn't answer the elders either which is why he was told to contact them too it wasn't a matter of being over protective. Well not this time anyways.


He smiled at Melina as she came down with one suit case and her purse, just as he heard Phoebus arrive. He gave her a hug before letting him in Melina wondered if there was going to be some long winded speech but he offered a handshake instead. She smiled warmly as they did and walked over to him.


“Told you I'd have a child with you.”


He chuckled.


“That you did, next time I'll believe it the first time.”


Alfonse wondered what he was missing there, Phoebus was more than happy to explain it he wasn't just going to run off with her not for good and not right this second. One thing that got to him was not seeing their parents anywhere, that and the fact that Melina expected it.


Six years later....



Phoebus looked up hearing the tone on his office phone, pressing the speaker button while continuing to type up the final reports for the month.


“Yes Kelly?”


“You have some guests sir.” she said, as cheerily as always.


He smiled.


“I'll be down in a moment just one last spell check.”


“Yes sir.”


He finished up and stretched a bit glancing at the photo absently on his desk of Sheria he hadn't seen her in a while. Not for lack of trying he did call her it didn't feel right to abandon her but she didn't want to talk to him. He realized not long after he moved into his current home that she had been expecting him at the meeting hall for a dance, she had never wanted to go to those functions with him preferring to go out clubbing. If she had just said what she wanted instead of being ridiculous he would have taken her.


Next to that photo was one of the twins and one each separate of them, both carried the powers that their mother did though it was their son that took the most after Phoebus. He was a little less worried because they had their mother's powers backing them they wouldn't have to go through what he did. Derek and Lisa, they looked just like Melina but had his eyes. Both with her smile, the last photo was of them on their wedding day he didn't want to rush her down the aisle thinking her parents would make time to come to the ceremony. However, they have never really met them even now. He did get an email a quick congratulations with no real feeling or anything perhaps they had their assistant write something out.


He sighed she looked beautiful often keeping her curls up the twins were stronger than most little kids obviously and they loved to pull her hair if she left it down. Phoebus tended to pull her curls free when they were in bed. His precious children were really only brats when it came to her hair, he got up and grabbed his briefcase before moving to leave his office.


Down below waving employees getting ready to leave he soon spotted them, they didn't care where they were they squealed when they saw him.


Not that anyone minded.




He bent down as they sprinted toward him, Lisa's hair was much straighter but kept in pigtails and bounced all the same Derek's hair was kept short he loved to play in the mud and quite frankly Melina knew she would just have to wash it out every day. Even with magic it was better short, she smiled as they threw themselves in his arms, she never taught them to be ashamed they were half demon too yes but the other half still wasn't human.


He scooped them up and looked at his wife wearing a long blue maxi dress, it was comfortable over her stomach they were waiting for another set of twins, he walked over one twin on each hip as he kissed her and said good bye to Kelly.


“How was work babe?”


“Boring as usual, I'd much rather be at home.”


“You say that but you still come in.” she teased.


He smirked.


“Remember kids even when responsibility sucks you still have to stick to it.” he said firmly.


She smiled as they laughed at his fake tired tone, as they were loaded into the car from across the street it wasn't clear they were being watched.


“You know you could join them.” Alfonse said, he was grabbing a coffee before he met them for dinner at their house.




“You could, but if you would rather pout like a child.”


“You know nothing about how I feel so don't pretend.”




“Oh shut up...don't think because your slutty sister stole my dad that we're family.”


He sighed.


“Don't call your step-mom a slut for being faithful to one man who just wanted to be happy in life, he's a good guy you know.”


She snorted, he sighed, well can't say he didn't try.


“Are you going to tell him he's going to be a grandpa?” he asked eyeing her stomach.


“Why bother? Averas hates him anyhow.”


He'd been wondering who the father was, he promised he wouldn't say anything he was just trying to keep the peace after Melina told him about the scar that Phoebus had from when she attacked him he was worried about her going after his niece and nephew.


Though now he kind of wondered if he should just spill the beans....it would be an awkward family reunion to prepare for that's for sure.


The end?


(Yeah who knows I might do more with them I certainly could, but I do need a break from the story so we'll see. Bye for now.)

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