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Old Enough Old Enough

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter23 (v.1) - Are you?

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Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 31, 2016




Twenty-three – Are you?




“You're so pathetic.”


Phoebus ignored Neliame as she continued to pick at him while he kept the wound in his arm clean, cursed wounds seemed to take forever to heal. Being a half demon it was draining him more, if she had thrown it higher it would have been his last day with Melina.


He sighed that thought wasn't satisfying in the least, oh demon souls don't pass on quite the same as human souls do so his last memory would be a fond one until he did though going so long until he finally met her to be ripped away so permanently and by the hand of his own daughter..it was unpleasant to think on.


“What will you do where you failed?”


“In what way have I failed lately that seems important to you?” he said absently.


“With Sheria, never thought she would so easily attack you, if I had known she'd snap so easily I would have told her to get rid of you a long time ago.”


He rolled his eyes.


“Nice to know, is there a reason why you're in here bothering me?” he didn't show how weak he felt now but he would like his room to be sealed about now.


“Oh as if I need a reason.”


He glared at her, hating how much of his daughter he saw in her he stood up as the wound slowly started to heal after some time of keeping it clean. She knew well enough that he was on edge after being weakened by the blade and she was going to make his evening hell just because she could.


He wouldn't leave in this state not that staying was even slightly a good idea in place though.



Melina went about mixing the potion she needed according to the book her brother picked up for her wanting her to stay safe at home. She shook her head looking at the same paragraph over and over, even a half breed incubus was the same as full in this situation it only needed one time and an hour at the longest to know if anything happened.


It was a short pregnancy after all and the strength of demon sperm made it so. If you made it an hour and found nothing then you simply weren't pregnant, though as the author of the book said if there was a mix in non human race and there was simply confusion there was one other way to find out aside from simple scent and since she couldn't just go see him as she wanted this would have to do.


At least she didn't need to drink anything, she knew her own abilities well with potion mixing though she'd never had to use them to make her own pregnancy test she wouldn't want to mess up her first try.


Alfonse peeked in her room as she took a deep smell of the now sweet smelling potion.


“So what's the verdict?”


“I don't know yet.”


“Should I call him or something?”


“I don't know if he'd be awake to answer.”


“Then I'll text him, I'm sure a 'you probably knocked up my sister' would get him up fast enough.”


She gave an unlady snort of laughter at the thought.


“Don't do that...we were just talking about this he'd freak if he left me this way.”


“Good, no boy worth keeping runs from his pregnant woman and he's no man either in that case.”


She smiled slightly as he took her phone to get the number.



The sound of his phone buzzing didn't always wake Phoebus but being on edge from the weakened state he was made the sound all the more annoying. He grabbed for the phone and nearly dropped it seeing the message on the screen. He sat up thinking his mind was playing tricks on him.


He called back immediately.


“Are you?”


“Well hello to you too.”




“She's still taking the test but I don't think that book tells her how to properly read it.”


“....What does it smell like to her?”


He waited as he heard Alfonse calling out the question.


“She said sour, like lemons now but it started out sweet that mean anything?”


“...one side is fighting the other or...”






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