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Old Enough Old Enough

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter21 (v.1) - A sweet...

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Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 23, 2016




Twenty-one – A sweet moment...



Late that evening Phoebus laid on the couch in his office against Melina he kissed her deeply he was stroking her back lightly. As he reached down absently without thinking they froze panting heavily, the chastity belt had faded reminding her of her aching lips. She swallowed thickly.


“Part of your...cloaking spell?” he asked against her neck.


“Might be, take care of it...?”




She stopped him and reached between them to stroke the tent in his pants.




She kissed him again, he had his answer he pulled away though.


“With our limited options I'd at least prefer to take you to a hotel if you were ready.”


“I am ready...I know what I want.”


“Is the spell strong enough for you to leave with me?” he asked.


“Mmhmm, lead the way.”



The hotel was nice but at the same time only better than a motel, completely clean no creepy vibe, lots of guests hanging out that were human and had no connection to them. Paying for a room he heard a laugh behind them, he looked over his shoulder and saw an elderly human couple watching them the woman with a light pink dress and her husband in a plain shirt and pants held up with suspenders.


“Sorry for laughing dear, the way you two look at one another just warms the heart I see all these silly young people on television and think I can't judge them by that then I see them moving in next to me treating one another like garbage. It's nice to see some honest romance.”


Melina blushed as she giggled happily.


“Now Arma don't go teasing them I remember when I was his age that is exactly what keeps a man from getting it up, you listen here missy if he treats you right throw in some pride stroking with them kisses he'll be glued to you forever.”


“Oh what to do you Joe you foul ole dirty bah.” Arma said though looking at him affectionately.


They couldn't help but laugh at the pair as they went back and forth saying good night before they left, Melina sniffed with a giggle.


“Think you could get it up if I teased you?” she asked.


He smirked as they stepped into the elevator holding her from behind she shivered feeling him against her.


“There is very little you could do to make this go away.”


She turned in his arms to wrap her arms around his neck to kiss him it was a short ride as they kissed deeply a fire quickly coming back as soon as they were inside their room it was a matter of fumbling with the lock as clothes were tossed aside there was little keeping them apart.



Melina woke up with a warm tingle, held tight in his arms he was still deeply asleep, memories of the night before in her mind she blushed. He'd been so careful with her slow and easy she sat up suddenly though seeing the sunlight coming in beyond the blinds. She shook his shoulder.


“Phoebus....wake up.”


“...hmmm.” he grunted in response.


She smiled and kissed him slowly until she felt him waking up responding to the kiss he grunted again.


“Waking me up like that....will end in a repeat performance.” he said pecking her lips holding her naked form close to his own moving to kiss her neck.


“That's only a bad thing if you have to leave now.”


“I'll tell them the truth.”


“That we slept together?”


“No that I needed to get away from the house, just because I can't stand being around any of them at the moment.”


She kissed his cheek.


“Is Sheria still being difficult?”


“Mmhmm I will talk to her later, but right now I can't deal with it, thinking I did my absolute best with her her entire life still it wasn't enough to really get her to love me. It's not just a matter of hurtful words demons can sprout truth in anger she may not despise me but there is nothing that she truly cares about.”


She frowned looking at him sadly as he closed his eyes resting against the pillows of course his tone was pained but what was worse is the accepting undertone. He knew it would never change he still expected better from his daughter. She kissed him again.


“You're a great man Phoebus, you've done what you can it hurts now but I feel she will one day know better.”


He glanced at her nodding slightly.


“I know it would be better if she wasn't my last child though.”


“How is she your last?”


He gave her a look.


“You would have a child with me...?”


His honestly confused tone made her feel even worse.


“Did you miss the part where I said I loved you? Of course I would, but I would insist on the same mage tests, my elders specifically teach that we don't treat others poorly just for being different.”


He smiled wide his handsome face lighting up it would take time to get over the pain he felt from Sheria but the thought of having a family with a woman that loved him..it was an amazing feeling and he held her closer.


“I love you, so much.”


“I love you too.” she said kissing him again he had no intention of leaving the bed now...well at least he was in no real rush.


(Okay believe it or not that wasn't a tease I'm just not in the mood for sex heh.)

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