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Old Enough Old Enough

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Cut off...

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Submitted: November 24, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 24, 2016




Two – Cut off




“Not a chance.”


“But Phoebus.”


“Neliame, I said no I don't care who he is you have access to get back to the demon world and see our daughter I'm not letting you bring your fuck toy along.”


Sheria sighed heavily she was leaning against the steps as her parents argued, she looked at the handsome blond demon he had wide purple eyes and was obviously a full demon. Sheria looks a lot like her mother though Neliame's hair is much darker and she keeps it straight, her yellow eyes always full of mischief she happened to prefer even tighter clothes and had a fuller figure. She wanted to stay for a few days and brought her new boyfriend along thinking she really had that much freedom in his home which she didn't she needed access for only a couple things he could deny any guests she brought especially full demons.


“I want him here, and if I have to...”


“Don't go there you idiotic bitch, pick a hotel then it's not open for anyone anyways.”


“Oh please, what's that scent in the air who did you invite here?”


He wasn't too surprised she would smell Melina but shook his head.


“Not that it concerns you but she's a new friend of Sher's.”


The past month she had been over many times usually only talking to him for a short while before they left hearing from Sheria's professors how well she was doing in class with the extra studying he was even more pleased that they met. Though her strong sugared scent was in the air as she walked by he'd be lying if he said it didn't effect him at all. Though at least she wasn't around long to make him think a little less rationally. Being a half demon with less control the more pleasant scents from the adult women attracted him all the more and he had long since stopped sleeping with Neliame, though with her it was never all that satisfying to begin with it was just something to do.


She frowned.




“Yes she, did I fucking stutter? Go pick a hotel I'm not discussing this anymore.”


She rolled her eyes.


“Sheria dear come meet Eric, he's going to be your new step dad.”


“....Uh, hi..” she said not sure about unknown demons near her, she wouldn't admit it but she was still a little jumpy around male demons she didn't know after being over powered last month.


“Oh honestly, you can be a little more friendly than that.”


“Right....dad I'm going out tonight, Mel might come by she had some things to do and she wasn't sure if she was or not but I told her I was feeling jumpy.” he sighed, jumpy meant something a little different to their kind than what it would for humans.


“Alright make sure you check in with me.”


“Since when does she have to check in with you.”


“Don't worry about it mom, I'm going to go get ready.”


“Fine we'll take her out show her what it would be like to live with us, and not her worthless father.”


“I wasn't so worthless when you needed a quick fuck whore.”


“Oh fuck you that was pity sex.”


“Doesn't matter you got off on it more than I did, what does that make you?” she slapped him but he ignored the stinging and crossed his arms.


“So cocky you are, but you're alone nobody wants you and you'll hardly amount to shit.”


“And yet for some reason up to a month ago you were all over me, sad.”


Eric frowned.


“A month ago? We've been dating for six Nel, when did you have time for this bastard?” he hissed.


She huffed and punched him in the chest.


“Loud mouth idiot! Hurry up Sheria!”


He rolled his eyes as they left Sheria kissing his cheek as she passed ignoring the arguing that started he was far more annoyed he let her get to him at all he didn't care what she got up to. At least he knew his daughter was smarter than she was she would be fine. He moved to shower in case Melina did stop by.


He would have to take her if she did.


Not that he minded.



That evening Melina only stopped by to leave her books so she would remember which ones to bring back to the library she could be forgetful she noticed a lingering annoyance from him. She wondered what happened since it wasn't directed at her.


“Are you alright sir?” she asked.


He shook his head.


“I'm fine but I'd rather you didn't call me sir.”


“So you always say...”


“All month I've said, do me a favor and use my name I've never been sir.”


She smiled slightly.


“I guess it's okay..Phoebus.”


“There now was that so hard?” he said, mostly teasing.


She huffed though she smiled.


“How is Sheria?”


“She was alright she just needed to get out is all.” he said.


“Oh okay good, aren't you going to go out too?”


“I don't party Mel.” he said simply.


She cocked her head.


“What about having friends over?”


“Don't tell me you're worried about me being lonely.” he said with a laugh.


She shrugged.


“Oh I can't help it...your aura is really...erratic I can't put my finger on it.” she said absently looking him over he smirked slightly, white witches were like that he shook his head though.


He was used to it after all.


“Don't worry about me you just haven't known me long but I'm always like this, I imagine you'll get used to it if you keep coming over.” still he did think it was sweet really, he didn't really know anyone that worried about him openly his father cares yes but he's much more reserved.


She only pouted in response.


“Okay I get it you're a grown man I don't need to be concerned.”


“It's not like that I apreciate the concern it's just not going away anytime soon, half demons have that in common.”


“You're half demon? Didn't feel like it the way your energy pulsed.”


“Again something you'll get used to it's a little different than being around white witches...I assure you I'm the least bit of threat to you.”


She smiled a little wider.




“You're welcome to hang out Mel but don't do it because you're worried about me I'm really fine.”


“Okay...well how about I make dinner and we'll see how tired you get of me after that?”


He almost said he couldn't get tired of her but kept it to himself, she had a soothing personality being pure hearted as she is she was welcome as long as she wanted to be around and she didn't have to save Sheria to reach that point. He enjoyed their little chats no matter how small they had been he'd gotten to know her too.


He simply nodded with a relaxed smile.


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