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Old Enough Old Enough

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter17 (v.1) - Discovered...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 19, 2016




Seventeen – Discovered...



When Sheria came back they were down in the kitchen finishing dinner he gave Sheria a hug glad that she was really fine his thoughts on Melina. She looked between them as they ate then cocked her head she shrugged it off without her mom here and the chance to go back to sleep she assumed they were just well rested she wouldn't have thought that way if she had her powers.


“Anything happen while I was gone?” she asked.


Melina shook her head assuring her everything had been fine, she looked at Phoebus she guessed they did have a few things to talk about.


Later that evening while Sheria was in the bathroom Melina asked Phoebus if he thought they should just tell Sheria what was the harm.


“I don't care, I thought you might not want to tell her since you didn't.”


“Only because you hadn't said anything before...I thought you wanted to keep it a secret.”


“Well for those outside that might overpower your barriers to torture me through you, Sheria's not like that.”


“You'd be tortured..?”


“If anything happened to you because of what I am of course....at least I know Sheria is safe you on the other hand I can never be sure no matter how powerful you are.”


She smiled slightly and shook her head as she walked over to him sliding her arms around his neck, he dipped his head to kiss her. The timing isn't always the best for this though.


“Dad where is the.....” they pulled apart and Melina sighed before turning to look at Sheria, her hair still wet wrapped in a towel holding an empty bottle of shampoo.




“Sheria we were just about to talk to you about us when you were done in the bath.” Melina said quickly seeing the angry look on her friend's face.


“About us? You're together...gross he's my dad Mel and you're supposed to be my friend.”


“I am your friend and I know things...”


“I don't want to talk about this....”


“Sheria don't be upset.” Phoebus started.


“Me? How could I not she's just using you for your money because no one else is here to do it.” she huffed as he sighed.


“Sheria....don't be like that, I don't need his money and a lot of women would be lucky to have your father's affection.”


“Then let him go to them not you! Is that why you wanted her here, do you even care about me?”


“Sheria don't be ridiculous she needs to be around you...we started before this incident with your mother.”


“And you're just now telling me....that's why you were looking at one another like you were at dinner, did you fuck her?”


Melina blushed as he replied, saying no Sheria frowned.


“Well wasn't that a waste...dad I don't want you to be with her.”


“It's not harming you if I am or not Sher.”


“But you can't...”


“It's no concern of yours who I am with Sheria.”


She glared at him.


“You want her over me? You're no better than mom!”


“I never said that, I don't know why you're even upset you saw a kiss that was all.”


“It's enough! You're being foolish nobody actually wants you're still scum so she has to just be playing with you and if you just accept it then I don't see why I have to sit by and watch.” she hissed.


“Sheria!” Melina snapped.


“You stay out of it....I...” she only paused for a moment looking at her father's expression.


“I mean that's what everyone says...it's better when you're on your own and can't get anyone pregnant you got lucky with me Melina people will bully you if they find out.”


“I don't care what anyone says about your father, unlike you apparently, but I won't get between you and your father.”


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