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Old Enough Old Enough

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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter11 (v.1) - What should I call you?

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Submitted: November 27, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 27, 2016




Eleven – What should I call you?




Phoebus sighed heavily, Sheria had convinced him with her favorite puppy dog eyes to take her shopping he had money and by all means she was a sweetheart buying her things was no issue. Though everytime she walked in she would make a beeline for the shops that showed off the most he respected that she was getting older and that at any point she could just as easily go behind his back and get anything. It was still hard to accept, really at the same time at least he saw what she was getting and could slowly get over it but she really didn't like getting on her dad's protective nerves and reasoned that if he was getting her anything she was covering a lot of skin however she still pointed out the clothes she would normally wear when going out he couldn't baby her forever and she wasn't going to act like she was doing anything pure and innocent when she was out and about.


It was just nothing they were talking about over dinner it was just a hump they would have to pass to keep the peace demons are just like that.


The beautiful mostly white mall was nicely decorated as usual with crystal pieces, the dark benches and various seats stood out the many stores had wide windows most being cleaned right now. Some that sold food had people out with free samples trying to tempt customers all of the well dressed, skimpy or otherwise, customers and quality of every from shoes and make up and everything around and in between made it clear the type of mall it was. As Sheria tried on jeans that didn't give him hives he looked over the clear walk way beyond the massive fountain and smiled slightly.


Melina was here with some friends, Sheria told him that Melina invited her but she declined because with Melina's increasing powers the purifying touch in her aura was overwhelming. He wasn't surprised it effected him differently though he knew she was hoping to see her anyways. He tried to think of what she might think about his growing feelings for Melina but he really hoped they could still be friends he didn't want it to be strange for her though the thought of just giving up sent an unpleasant feeling down his spine.




“Almost done.”


“It's fine, I see Melina though.”


“Oh cool hang on.”


She was quick to come out, there were two girls with Melina, both were fairly curvy like her though still a bit smaller, beautiful girls. The red head had a bright cherry color, lilac eyes and tan skin she wore a tight black skirt and sparkled bra the darker haired girl with blue hair and gray eyes her skin a bit more caramal her hair the straightest in the group she was in tight jeans and a top Melina though held his attention she wore a looser skirt that was slightly pleated, and then there was the tight white sweater she wore. Then there were three boys and another girl that came up to them. Melina immediately crossed her arms he could strangely read her irritation saying that might just be her ex and the supposed friend.


All the guys were attractive of course, in jeans and jackets...sports jackets, the tallest one a darker red head with blue eyes, the one on the other side brunette with mocha skin, and who must be her ex in the middle a blond the pink haired girl wore thick glasses and a large bow in her hair dressed in a white body suit. Sheria frowned as she came out in her regular clothes.


“What are those idiots doing...”


“Did she tell you which one is which?”


“The bright red is Coree, blue is Julena, pink haired slut is Lina, the dark haired guy is Frankie, the other red head is Tommy, and the one in the middle is Jones. She sent me old pictures she had in her year book to tell me who they were I was curious who else was coming the witches are usually kept separate during the final tests avoiding distraction, only Tommy, Lina, and Jones have to do a retake.” their conversations a little different from what she had with Phoebus he would have to remind her that she could talk to him about anything but he was glad that Sheria could clear up a few things for him.


“So the slut...”


“Has ruined countless relationships she wasn't even into Jones until Melina wanted him, we don't do that right dad?”


He nodded as he frowned, he always taught her that no matter what you might want though many sex demons had one specific thing they likeds and went for, you were supposed to take other's into consideration. Sheria didn't sleep around she had tried a couple but mostly she worked on tempting others she was no easy going slut and she certainly didn't want anyone else's man.


“Hey Melina!” she called.


She looked away from Jones annoyed that Tommy and Frankie thought she should talk to him, she wasn't interested in his crap she smiled as she saw them and waved. She jumped though as Jones boldly thought to grab her butt which sent a fire through Phoebus's veins though he held it back she swirled around and punched him in the nose the others backing up as he stumbled and fell back from the force her of her hit. She flipped him off and bounced beyond her friends and toward them he cleared his throat to push it down watching her legs as she came over.


“Hey..not too strong to be around me right?” she asked as she slowed in her pace.


Sheria laughed.


“No I think your idiotic ex pissing you off diluted it a bit.” she grinned as she looked over watching Frankie and Tommy helping him up off the ground it was satisfying to see the blood. She wasn't much for supporting violence however he knew better and she warned him once to stay away from her.


He was a full blood white witch though his mother was a demon he should have been able to take a punch better than he had. Other demons that were shopping certainly seemed to thing that way and laughed seeing him go back...in fact a replay was playing on the large television that usually showed the ads for various shows. Coree and Julena came over giggling curious about the good looking man and the girl with him. She introduced them, Phoebus wasn't so sure about staying with the whole group though he would have liked to pull Melina aside he left Sheria with money and let her go with them he did need a few things himself and could keep himself busy while he waited he had drove Sheria here and he didn't want to leave in case she would need a ride.


Though once they were separated he received a text from Melina.


-I think a hug would have been appropriate <3.-


He chuckled slightly.


-Too many demons who hate me around today they ignore me until they realize I have something to attack with Sheria earning her place without me she's not in danger after a little hug.-


-I know, but if I don't complain I didn't really want it right? :)-


He smirked.


-You make a fair point.-


-Tell me what we're doing, I don't know and I can't go to my brother because he doesn't see us together to know for me.-


He shook his head.


-We're doing a lot of things I guess, you can't ask me I'll make assumptions and leave it awkward for both of us.-


He needed a new jacket after a training sessiong left him in a fight with a slug demon with slime that didn't harm his skin but ate through his clothes. Then there was ordering a lawnmower from a human store that would sabotage it because he was half demon.


-What kind of assumptions?-


-Mel don't make me do this.-


-Would you put on a cute pout if I did?-


-I'm never cute Mel.-


He heard her laughing and thought she was in her head until they walked by on the lower level with Coree leading the way.


-Fine fine, how about a pout so manly it has a captial P?-


He cleared his throat as a chuckle arose in it it wasn't like there weren't a few demons staring at him enough as it was.


-Yeah sure.-


-But really, if they ask who I'm talking to what am I supposed to say...hey don't worry he's just getting my virginity?-


-Well that would work.-


-Oh boo...-


-Mel tell them what it is, if I don't plan to use you and toss you aside what do you think you should say? Not like one time is going to cut it at this point.-


-...Did I just get asked out?-


-Maybe, but then I told you how assumptions are with me, is that what you want I already feel like a kid for even mentioning it over text since saying it to your face right now is a no go.-


He heard a laugh again.


-You're not a kid for playing it safe...I didn't want to say anything but I did have some weak spots in my barrier. They weren't strong enough to fail me but they are there and when I get stronger then there won't be a concern.-


-Don't make me regret my words already.-


-It's fine, have a little faith in me, and okay I'll tell them it's a new boyfriend they can't meet.-


He didn't why the confirmation put him at ease but shook it off, with Neliame just using him he'd never been a boyfriend before even at his age the word seem alien.


-Okay you do that, babe.-


-<3 I like the way that...'sounds'.-


Melina only looked away from her phone for a moment to make sure she was walking safely and to double check the spell she used so it wouldn't be so overwhelming for Sheria to be around them. She smiled as she blushed before bumping into Coree who stopped in front of her.


“Okay I give up.”


“What's the matter?” Julena asked.


“Who the hell is making you all smiley and bouncy all of a sudden, we go from short emails to finally being able to hang out and it's like you morphed into another person. I demand to know so I can go beat him up for distracting you.” she said firmly.


They laughed as she hid her phone.


“I just replaced the boy with someone better is all, even my brother knows about him..we haven't been clear on anything so I kept it to myself though he's fine with boyfriend.”


“And Mr. protect your virtue is okay with him? Who is it?” Julena asked.


“Uh...I don't know if he wants me talking about him in public.”


“What some crazed demon after you?” Sheria asked.


“Yeah is it?”


She shook her head then looked at her phone.


“No nothing like that he just likes to keep to himself, let me see what name I can give you.”


-Boyfriend is so not doing it, what should call you?-


-Kai is fine, it's my middle name and I've never told her what it is, she only needs to know me as dad and Phoebus for emergency anyhow.-


She had heard demons do that one name to call that would immediately reach the demon it belonged to if she was in serious danger and used a bit of potion that she finally started carrying around her all she had to do was call his name, not 'dad' and he could find her he was glad she hadn't been keeping it he doubted he would have met Melina any other way.


“His name is Kai and it's a middle name that's all you get.”


“Kai huh? Sounds mysterious it could be short for something, what's he like?” Julena asked.


“Who cares he's stealing her already, does he at least have a motorcycle?” Coree said bouncing.


“He's not stealing me, he's a little older and has been busy with work usually I don't get to talk to him so much.”


As he was passing on the upper level he heard her and felt a bit bad for that, he certainly could make time as he saw fit he did it for Sheria. He looked down and watched her blinked quickly before Sheria backed up, being with three of them had to be too much he came down to get his daughter Melina apologized for the loss in control the shielding was a bit strong and draining so keeping it for too long could result in a loss.


Sheria would be fine since she wasn't a threat but she would still be busy, as they left he watched Sheria carefully she got better the further she was he was relieved.


Perhaps tonight they would have a deeper talk.


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