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Old Enough Old Enough

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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Chapter10 (v.1) - A talk under the stars...

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Submitted: November 27, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 27, 2016




Ten – A talk under the stars...



Phoebus sighed watching the clouds bounce between colors a few nights later, they were at the same spot they had been just a while ago. In the bed of his truck staring at the clouds he wasn't really tired but it was hard not doze off laying against her on the heavy blanket under another she stopped playing with the clouds and looked at him. They had simply met here slipping around here he didn't really want but it did put him at ease knowing no one really saw them together and she was safer she was strong but some demons could surpass even her protective charms.


“Don't tell me you're falling asleep already.”


“How could I not, you bring me peace.”


She smiled at him.


“You don't need to sweet talk me.”


He shifted and slid his arms around her waist resting his chin on her shoulder.


“Who says I am?”


She looked at him as he kissed her softly shaking his head as they parted.


“How is it you can manage to make me feel anything in such a short time?”


She grinned.


“Well I don't want to toot my own horn...but I'm not after your wallet or life and just like you for you..so maybe that's it.” he laughed as she absently entwined their fingers together she felt a lot more shy than it appeared.


True they didn't really know one another and both came from worlds that looked at relationships a little differently than most humans might. Still was it strange? She wasn't sure it didn't stop her from turning toward him, was it their late night talks, quick touches, limited though spirited meetings in the shadows could be anything. He growled lightly as she kissed him.


“I am not going to fuck you in the bed of my truck.”


“How about against the hood?”


He chuckled.


“Don't tell me the innocent little witch is an exhibitionist.”


She blushed.


“Well not exactly...okay maybe a bit and maybe I read up on a few things before I came, no one's around but us anyhow.” she said slowly, she didn't look up anything that seemed too much for her just things that she was okay with really the things that turned her on were more of a surprise to her than anything.


“There is very little that would stop me from taking you as you suggest but you don't have to do anything to keep my interest.”


Which was only the truth just being near her made him feel plenty he was in no real rush no matter how her curves felt against him. He had told her during one of their short meetings that he hadn't bothered with any prostitutes that didn't have as much self respect and would have slept with anyone and that it would stay that way. She knew he told the truth of course she wasn't expecting him to wait it wasn't like they had something concrete just yet she was nervous having never slept with anyone, part of why things didn't work with her ex the other part being he's just a sleazeball she was upset because she caught him in bed with a supposed friend thinking he could blame her. It pissed Phoebus off when she told him about it in fact it still hadn't settled though he was glad the bastard was out of her life.


“That's why I want to...I know I looked up a few things because you're a grown man...”


He shifted and covered her mouth.


“Don't tell me that, a man still doesn't push their partner into anything I can tell you're afraid though you appear to be clear headed and determined. I don't want to take you that way, I'm far more satisfied that you want me at all.”




He silenced her with a deep kiss, he did want her and even if she didn't read auras it was clear the way he kissed her with a more obvious sign pressed against her. He would much rather a better set up if she wanted to give him her first time this wouldn't work, maybe down the line but not the first time and he would show her that he didn't need much to be with her.


“....Phoebus...” he smirked hearing the breathy way she said his name when he finally pulled away.


“When you're ready, I'll be here.” he said simply kissing her neck.



Melina felt closer to him it was odd the way she felt their auras pulse in sync with one another they stayed together for some time before parting to go their separate ways. Though he hardly wanted to he shook his head watching and making sure she was safe on the road before heading home.


As he parked he saw Sheria waiting still dressed up and make up on as he stepped out he sighed hearing that they were at it again, or at least Neliame was screaming for whatever reason. He shook his head in annoyance wondering how these idiots were fit for anything.


“What are they fighting about now?”


“I don't know I refuse to go in, where have you been?” saying that his the scent was completely gone.


“Just driving around not so pleasant hanging around here anymore though they insist that I'm supposed to watch the portal.”


“Well they're here, can we go to a hotel?”


He chuckled.


“Yeah come on and wipe some of that paint off your face.”


“Dad this is Allea Gobani blend very expensive one does not simply wipe off Allea Gobani blend.” she said pretending to be insulted as he laughed again they got in his truck she removed the scent from everything when they were together and he put the blankets away though they were always in the car anyways unless they needed to be washed, his favorite black truck he didn't have to have it he simply wanted it.


They pulled out the drive way and went the other way, talking over the radio as thoughts of Melina filled his mind.


(Ah yes I'm not a complete tease just doing their romance in a particular way I do hope you like it all the same. I like a lot of stories with the older parent of the friend or older friend going for the younger but legal match. He is completely mature and thought it should be clear just because his desires are in hyperdrive doesn't mean that's all he cares about sex demon or not though it's coming just you wait.)

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