His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter9 (v.1) - A gift and a blush

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Nine – A gift and a blush



Lucifer liked when his victims squirmed more and more, no surprise there, so he took some time off to help me with what he calls projecting. I say he dipped into my mind but we'll just disagree on that forever. I'm only being stubborn on it because he laughs at me when I argue as far as I'm concerned he is.


“Only when I need to learn something.”


“Knew it, why don't you just ask?”


“Oh is Ms. Stubborn going to give me a straight answer?”


Damn him and his points...fine, I sighed and closed my eyes trying to concentrate it wasn't working too well. Lucifer said once we were married he'd have me marked so it would be clear which woman was in charge next to him. A lot of times I don't know what to think but there is always something that tops it all, ruling? I didn't have a swelled head or anything but....I jumped as I was pushed into the mattress as he kissed me he was frowning when I looked I at him.


“Unless you plan on turning into some power hungry bitch that needs to be removed you are equal to me stop fucking questioning it.” he snapped.


I stared at him.


“But I'm..”


“The only human woman I've met in the thousand upon thousands of years I've been here that can carry and use my powers without issue. Yes dear I'm aware.” he said with a smirk.


I sighed.


“I guess...”


“Look you have nothing to be insecure about with this, and I know you're projecting too much because that is what I did these are like mine.”




“Yes like, even if you screw me over I can't take them back and I don't need to they're yours now learn to control them completely.”


I sighed.


“I'm trying but this is impossible I keep getting stuck then feeling emotions I can't explain.”


“Common for a human I suppose.”


I hit him with a pillow, I must keep something heavier near the bed, he laughed.


“Kind of hard to be violent with a pillow, maybe if you had more control you could do more damage.”


“Oh whatever.”


He got off of me and paced in front of the bed.


“Now focus.”


“But Lucifer I'm serious, the emotions aren't my own...it's making me feel unsure.”


He paused and shook his head.


“That's part of projecting without control, being that you got your powers from me you can hide your own thoughts and emotions from those around you when the loss of control is minor. However you can always pick up someone else's.”


I nodded.


“I see...okay I'll stop arguing, tell me again.”


“I know very little about your childhood I had no reason to watch over a child, so I can't see what the memory is without you showing me. Something before middle school probably.”


I nodded slowly and closed my eyes, the feeling got stronger it wasn't close by one of the servants must be outside complaining about poor choices or something. I shook my head and tried to concentrate what a pain this was, according to him I must have been doing this without thinking about it most my life but obviously I'd never been around any human would be able to tell. It was hard to control something I'd never known I was doing, mostly because I didn't know how to stop. Oh well I found one simple memory trying to ignore those emotions.


Everything was silent, I looked at Lucifer we'd been at this constantly with nothing but failure with me, he learned more about me at least. When he didn't say anything I sighed thinking I did it again he smirked.


“Just thought I'd fuck with you a little, I didn't see or hear a thing.”


“Jerk.” I smiled though, it was a start.


I swore and he laughed again.


“Hurts to control your thoughts for the first time doesn't it? Guess I should have warned you.”


Frowning I threw the clock at him which he avoided, finding this really funny, I groaned as my head throbbed, it was like working out for the first time. He sat behind me and pulled me against him to massage my temples guess his magic touch wasn't just sexual. I closed my eyes.




“Mmhmm.” he said softly, I wondered if he felt the same thing.


“In the past.”


And how could he have dealt with it?


“I torture the damned...why not just ask me instead of projecting?”


The sound of my own voice...no thanks, he laughed at that, it wasn't as strange and creepy as the demonic laughter it was kind of nice even when my head was exploding.


“Try and sleep, once you're feeling better we have some things to discuss.”


I can listen now I'm sure...my head ached in response and I sighed guess I'm going to sleep then.



Later that evening when I woke up Judy brought in dinner followed by a maid I didn't know that pushed in a case on wheels behind her. Some blond in a black leather dress that couldn't have been tighter if she taped it in place. She was heavy and pale with angry blue eyes, she glared at me and I rolled my eyes she was probably jealous or something I didn't know her and I wasn't in charge of her punishment so it's not like I have any issues with her. Lucifer came out of the bathroom and walked over to open the doors pushing the maid out of the way roughly, the servants that were here to be tortured were all treated like that but I wonder what she did. There was a mix of dresses inside in various dark colors.


“Your choices for the wedding, reception, and coronation, I had them made to outshine the lower level queens if you don't like them I'll change them.”


I got up and looked them over, they were all beautiful in silk, velvet, nicely colored and beautifully decorated.I couldn't believe he had them made for me. He raised an eyebrow I might have projected that but I don't care, it's surprising.


“As my future Queen I'll treat you well when you don't piss me off, simple really.” he kind of snapped, yeah I must have projected. Guess he didn't want anyone else to know I had issues with it, since he didn't say anything.


“Well I'm pretty difficult I imagine you'll have to send them all back.”


He smiled a little as he pulled a blood red dress out it had a deep v-neck on the front and back and cut outs on the sides where my hips would be. It had long sleeves and a clingy skirt until it fanned out toward the end. It was my new favorite.


“Really? I was hoping I could see you in this.” I took it from him and held it against me.


“Oh that would look wonderful on you madam.” Judy said, I smiled.


I leaned up to give him a kiss it was a hard task though, how many times had he kissed me I never really thought about it though he was a lot taller than I was. Being 5'10” both he and Satan towered over me, they had to be at least past 6'8”, maybe 7'...something humans got pretty tall and always it seemed like such a big deal when those unique individuals got even taller like some basketball players. Yet down here, most were massive I looked up at a lot of people. Satan was actually taller than Lucifer was it made him even more intimidating though I hadn't seen or heard from him in a couple of days so I wasn't sure about his mood.


Shifting away from my thoughts I saw his surprised expression, that's right I've never initated anything I just smirked at him though.


“I love your choices, thank you.” it was my turn to be surprised he blushed, it faded pretty quick but I knew what I saw.


“S..stop lying to yourself.” he hissed. I laughed as he turned away from me Judy and the silent maid seemed a little confused they must not have noticed.


“Whatever, you're welcome, Satan will have some choices for you to go through as well, so try them on I have damned souls to deal with.”


I couldn't help but laugh as he stormed out, the day I made him blush, I would remember it forever I really should try to do that again.


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