His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter8 (v.1) - Something..

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 05, 2016




Eight – Something normal..



I yawned as my shoulder was shaken, I rubbed my eyes and looked up at Lucifer who was actually wearing a robe for once.


“I have something to show you.”


I yawned as I slowly sat up I had stayed up late again after I left Satan's room pretty much every night for a week. It had remained dark so I didn't know much about days but Judy marked my first week on a simple calender she thought that Lucifer might let me go because according to her I was almost too sweet. I don't see how I guess asking to help with chores was odd even to her, I was just being nice and I admit I was a little bored but I could have done anything to entertain myself I just chose to help out. Lucifer didn't like that though he said it wasn't my place and promised I could leave a little more after the weddings.


I didn't question him whatever worked for the deal I guess, still it didn't help that he was suddenly very busy. There was a mass cult suicide they had been sacrificing children in his name before taking their own lives. He dealt with them one by one then handed them over to Satan, it was terrible what they had done, but I was at least relieved to know that innocent souls actually did get reborn, they wouldn't remember the horrible details but they'd get another chance at least. I hoped they made each member suffer.


Though I stayed up late ,as far as I knew, Lucifer was never there and when I did wake up before him he was asleep though it was a big cult he had his work cut out for them. Crazy toys were much harder to break and these fuckers were out of their damn minds. At least I could talk to Judy when she stopped by, she had been payment though someone killed her in her sleep so she had even less choice than I did. I can understand why she would want to be kept busy and there was plenty for workers to do around here. I told Lucifer about Satan's sudden kiss which he was only surprised about, saying that Satan said he didn't like to get that affectionate...he didn't use his mouth on his whores. Though he slyly added that I must have tempted him as I did him. As if, he was just turned on from torturing his whore.


“You need more sleep?” Lucifer asked.


“No no I'm good, what's up?”


“It's time for a bit of artificial daylight.”


He opened the curtains before I could say anything and my mouth fell the light came from the crystals it coated the abyss that sat in the middle of rock imitating day time. The light touched the multicolored leaves showing the rich colors off much better than what I had seen in the dark. I stared wide eyed at the lave fall it was completely black, covered in molten rock, it started to shatter and revealed purple water underneath.


This sight was just pretty, I stared at the crystal clear...yet tinted water as it changed colors, mostly dark tones, I realized it was a sunrise reflecting against the water. Watching the sunrise with my future husband...almost too normal, at least it was nice to look at I wish I could draw the scene but I couldn't do it justice. I looked at him, he was up first and the wedding was soon he just wanted my parents to squirm and assume I had begged to be saved or something. I shouldn't have found that so funny but I did.


“It's beautiful.”


He smirked.


“It is, I thought you might want to see it, it doesn't happen all the time.”


I smiled and nodded, Judy pushed in a cart, Lucifer already forbid me from acting as a servant she smiled as she set it in front of us. I'd been craving omelettes and hashbrowns, Judy excused herself quickly he had a few demon gaurds that always worked non stop just in case the servants were on edge around them so she was rushing to serve them. They were nameless brutes, they wore black armor to get Lucifer and I could only see their beards under their masks.


“Finally have a chance to relax for a few minutes?”


He smirked as I sat on the window sill grabbing his tea.


“Maybe, miss me?”


I scoffed.


“No, I was just making conversation.”


“You're a terrible liar.”


I stuck my tongue out at him and stabbed a strawberry with my fork as I lifted up my fork he grabbed my wrist and took it off my fork.


“You have your own fruit..”


“Don't care, I'd rather you feed me.”


“Oh please...”


“I mean it, that little teddy is as good as a maid's uniform.”


“You get off on role playing?”


“I get off on a lot of things now come here.” he pulled me on his lap facing him.


He insisted we eat this way, he could probably tell that I would have fallen asleep if we got in bed, there weren't any servants outside so he wasn't concerned about anyone just stopping in the middle of work. When we finished I was able to slide off of him and get back in bed not really tired just wanting to stretch out. He was quiet for a moment before sighing and joining me.


“Careful with your projecting, Satan's in a pissy mood, he hasn't had much time to himself for his usual needs.”


I only nodded not sure how to control that, he chuckled.


“I'll show you.”


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