His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter7 (v.1) - His Tongue

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Seven – His tongue



I wish I could say I was able to hold on to my control easily but his ability to seduce was almost too much. I still watched him, call me strange but I like to see a guy losing himself to his own pleasure even when trying to prove me wrong. I definitely didn't doubt his abilities I was feeling it, even though I sort of started this game or whatever he was willing to go for it. When he finally gave and came he let out a deep moan. I probably could have jumped him easily I still have my pride dammit, I can handle his little trick.


“It's been a while since I did that.” he didn't even pant.


He cleaned up with a snap of his fingers then pulled me into his lap he was hard again already I ignored the throbbing between my legs as he chuckled against my neck. I could feel his cock against my ass as he grinded a bit, I gasped as he pinched my nipples through my shirt oh this was ridiculous.


“You...said your powers didn't work on good people...where did I mess up?”


“They don't, and I don't offer pleasure to those that fuck up.”


I resisted the urge stick my tongue out at him, sad to say I'd give up if I got a kiss now sort of strange since I've agreed to marry them. Though I guess I'm not as worried about Lucifer because he stopped when I wanted, though Satan...not sure if he'd be the same way and I'm not even sure if he'd want anything from me. I arched feeling him bite my neck.


“Your control is impressive, though it only makes me want you more, give in.”


I shook my head as he massaged my breasts, the sound of someone banging on the door shook me out of my mood a little as he sighed.


“What?” he hissed.


“Sire I need help..”


It was Lilith, the bitch would come around when I was with him.


“Doubtful Lilith.”


“Riot in the murderer's ward from the demon branch? A new guard left the doors unlocked...”


He sighed.


“Are these humans that changed or...?”


He shook his head as he pulled away from me.


“No I'm in charge of torturing demons too, we have very few limitations but those that need to be controlled, the low class demons that lose their sanity there needs to be a place for them. I may be in charge but some demons that get cursed by angels ironically can't be touched by my powers but then they can't be killed. It's a pain to deal with, I'm sorry to run off.”


The lusty fog was starting to fade I waved it off a type of demon he couldn't kill, in a large group rioting...yeah he should really take care of that.


“I'll be fine.”


I jumped as he sliced his arm his blood was black and red, I watched the droplets form into a key before the wound healed itself he handed it to me.


“Don't go outside on your own, you can reach Satan's room with this and any door you see, this is how you will travel without me.”


I nodded slowly looking at the dark key it had a skull and rose on it attached to a chain just long enough to be a necklace. After he was dressed he left locking the door behind him, I considered going to see Satan only because I didn't want to just sit in the room, though I wasn't sure about his mood it might not be welcomed.


'I could consider teaching you how to not project your thoughts but it works out for me.'


I jumped and sighed.


'Sorry..' I mumbled, hearing that he was clearly annoyed.


'Whatever, come if you want but don't expect much I'm not Lucifer.'




I stood up, I was still feeling a little turned on but I could think a little more clearly I wondered if I should really go see him like this.


'Again not Lucifer unless you want to be my sub I doubt you'd effect me.'


Well he's honest at least...guess thats that.



Sitting on Satan's bed drawing I could hear him playing with one of his whores, if that didn't turn me off then I could easily be a whore. He was using a demon but I wasn't so sure I could handle whatever he was doing to them, being Satan's sub? I don't think so.


“Oh Master!” I heard her groan as he hit her maybe with a whip.


I set the book down and walked to the bathroom door, his bathroom was the same almost modern style as Lucifer's own bathroom. Except against the wall was several spikes and the woman was chained to it moaning over every hit she got from the spiked whip. He was actually naked that didn't bother me obviously, it didn't matter that he was hard...that was expected actually. What caught my attention was the little silver balls pierced up his cock. I mean I could sit in his room and draw while listening to screams but that just looked painful to me.


He paused and looked at me.


“Oh curious what it means to be my sub huh?”


I shook my head.


“Not anymore...excuse me.”


I turned to leave and he grabbed my wrist, I thought he might make me play with them but he pushed me against the normal wall. My eyes wide as he crushed his lips to mine, I had showered before I came, figured masturbating before hand was better, I chose shorts and tank top it was too damn hot in his room to wear anything more. Though now that his hands were all over me I questioned that, I moaned I could feel the stud in his tongue against mine.


There was yet another difference, Lucifer accepted “no” partially because he was a gentleman I guess but obviously he loved teasing. Satan didn't spare any time, he pulled away and I slid to the floor panting the arousal was definitely back. I looked up at him.


“Now you know I don't ask.” he said simply.


I was surprised again, he was obviously stronger than me just like...his brother but he didn't take what he wanted either. I really don't know what to think about them, Lucifer thought to warn me about Satan but his first time alone with me with his hard cock pressing against my stomach he let me go. He didn't hurt me either..this got a little more strange, he went back to whipping the shit out of his toy for the even, which she loved and I got up to leave the room.


I had kissed Lucifer and didn't feel a piercing but I wondered if he had simply taken it out, it mattered if he used it like Satan had.



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