His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter5 (v.1) - Rules

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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(I'm such a dope lol I thought I set this to publish and I did not...so here it is now.)


Five – Rules to live by and in my head



Flying up the hole was a little easier, we walked forward going back to his room he said aside from the appointment that Lovrin mentioned to him he was free today. They didn't have an actual schedule it was whatever happened weekly and even without deals they had other duties they could wait on, deals were more amusement for them.


“I still want to know what you were thinking.”


“As if you don't know.”


“Well I think you believe we're both..fuckable, any arguments?”


I huffed and looked away, okay to be fair they were both way too easy on the eyes but I didn't have to admit anything if I didn't want to.


“That's what I thought, what do you think about Satan?”


“I guess he...I don't know seems nice?”


He chuckled though it was bitter again.


“You could say that on a good day I guess, listen about him as I said he won't hurt you, being as much me as I am him you are not down here to be another tortured soul. So as the wife you don't have to fear that he's going to push you too far, however he is still the side of me that snapped and when he gets angry he can be a lot more violent.


Whatever Lilith did that was a minor punishment, you can't die but you can suffer plenty. If you see him early it's very easy to tell when he hasn't had his usual coffee and cigarette but when he's really pissed. Well if you're in a place where you can hide just ignore him, if you're in front of him, don't run don't ever run call for me no matter where I am. If he's in a blind rage, which happens fairly often, he might not even realize who you are, I had tattoo on my arm clawed the shit out of me removing it completely. I left the scar there so he'd remember.”


Hearing the tone in his voice I nodded, I can't imagine Lucifer's advice in this wasn't something to ignore. The thought that he attacked even Lucifer made me feel a little nervous but I wasn't backing down and running I'd follow the rules but I said I'd marry him..well them and I will.


“Would it be something like a predator or is there something else there?” wondering what triggered him more, the act of seeing someone weaker than him or maybe something else like a mental break. I don't know, would Satan be afraid of being alone? Doubtful but I guess I can't assume much down here.


Even though I keep doing it, I looked at Lucifer his eyes were closed as we got closer to the hallway outside his room.


“That's another reason we call one another “brother”.”


Instead of getting frustrated over his telepathy I asked what he meant.


“We don't think the same, not just in which parts of Hell we run but I can't tell what leaves him in a rage and he won't tell me either I guess I was in some denial over some things when we first arrived. When we separated he was blocked in a few places. It doesn't change the fact that we're the same but we're very different you'll get used to that just don't refer to us as 'one' we've been 'two' for far too long.”


I nodded, I don't think I could really shove them into one being easily, they had a few things in common but at the same time they were just different I wonder what it like when it was just Lucifer.


“I don't remember that time.”


So much for getting an answer there.



Lucifer said he would show me around Hell later but he was still tired, he'd been working constantly it was a “gift” from his...”father” I guess. It was draining even to him to be in Hell not as much but ignoring meals and working when he was tired effected him more he only explained a little before settling in bed again. Guess it didn't help much that he was woken up early, I sat in the closet going through my bags. It wasn't just clothes I had everything, I found a pale blue notebook, I didn't recognize it I opened up the book and looked it, there was a letter from Caden.


Hi Sis,



Mom and dad said you had to leave because you were bad but I know that's not true because I have the best sister ever. Even if you can't come back I still love you and I'll miss you every day okay? I sent a whole bunch of my drawings.


Love and hugs,




I smiled and wiped the stray tear, he always was a sweet kid I'd make sure he got the life he deserved and make the best of this. Though at the moment it doesn't seem like it would be too hard as long as I try to stay on Satan's good side. I looked through the pictures, he loved drawing animals and he was really good he liked making simple cartoon drawings but they weren't like what you would expect from a six year old. Lucifer gave me a copy of the contract that my ancestors started so I could see the whole story. Things would at least go well for him and his children after that our family would have to work for their success they wouldn't lose anything...unless I asked for it but they had to work a lot harder.


Caden's children would be just far enough from our ancestors for the deal to be over for them, this wouldn't matter to them though there was plenty of wealth to go around. I stopped at the picture of us hugging, it was one we took at the amusement park I took him for his fifth birthday, I closed the book and put it in the dresser. It was like a safe, Lucifer said no one but me could get into the drawers so I could hide anything important here, the dresser couldn't be destroyed either.


With my sketchbook and pencils I got up to go sit down I smiled a little, Lucifer had fallen asleep he was ready for bed not intending to leave his room again he was laying on his stomach, I could see the black skull on his back. It was bleeding, not as though he had a wound that was part of the very detailed tattoo. I looked at his arm and saw the scar he mentioned it was a vicious mess against his pale skin like Satan had ripped a chunk of his arm out. I wonder what the tattoo was.


'I don't remember.'


I looked around hearing the voice in my head.


'I'm not in the room, projecting while Lucifer is asleep will call me.'


It was hard to hear the tone since it was a whisper but that told me who I was talking to.


'Sorry to bother you then I didn't know.' I thought absently.


'It's fine I suppose I wasn't doing anything.'


I left him alone and picked up my sketchbook, I thought maybe he could hear anything that went on in his realm but maybe this is what he meant by calling to him when I needed help. I opened to the first unfinished picture ironically it was a demon.The last idea I had wasn't human maybe it was sign in a way.


'You like dark art?'


I paused.


'You can see through my eyes?'




I huffed and erased the extra lines.


'I like a lot of art...though you won't see any fairy princesses or talking animas in here.'


'Show me then.'


I flipped to the first page, it would take some getting used to but maybe it was odd that I found it nice not to be alone even if he was just watching from his room guess it can get pretty lonely down here.


Hopefully it wouldn't be to bad but I wasn't naive this is still Hell after all..


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