His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter24 (v.1) - Missed you

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 11, 2016




Twenty-four – Missed you..



I woke up to a familiar sight, I practically jumped out of my skin as I got out of bed to hug Judy she laughed as she patted my back.


“Well hello to you too Madam.”


“I'm sorry I was just excited I was back.” I said as I let her go.


She smiled.


“That's alright Madam, I'm glad to see you in one piece.”


“How'd I get back?”


“The strangest thing, Micheal brought you here while the Masters were in a meeting and apologized, his words were...'I'm an asshole I know, but I missed her, I'm sorry I fucked up.' then he left you and went back like it was nothing.”


I smiled slightly I was glad he was good for his word, he always had been with me but I wasn't sure if he would actually do what he said concerning Lucifer and Satan. Still part of me felt a little sad after just sitting with him for a while last night it was obvious he was depressed over this. He didn't even talk to me anymore he just sat with me maybe he already knew what he was going to do. I hoped he was okay, it felt like he was doing fine but then again he said I wouldn't be able to sense much from him from Hell to his realm so I wasn't sure.


Though I was happy to see Satan and Lucifer again, which made me feel guilty, what a mess.


“Did he keep Erica?”


She nodded.


“He said he wanted a couple more days with her he missed a lot of time with her, he said that when you were supposed to come here that he wouldn't be able to take Erica until she came into contact with you. Which is why he left her and rushed to try and get you both, I don't know what to make of him but I guess he's not as bad as he could be. Though I guess that fits both him and the Masters right?” she finished with a laugh.


I smiled at her.


“You certainly have a point, maybe that's why I feel guilty.”


“You have nothing to feel guilty over Madam, you were just starting to get to know each as a husband, you've only just found out about the connection you had with Micheal.”


“Yeah...still..how's Layla?”


“She's alright, it's not like she's alone, but I think it would be best for you to stay away from the bakery for a few more days. The extra work keeps her distracted.”


I sighed that only made me feel worse but at the same time there was nothing I could do about it, Erica was my daughter and nothing I could say would make that fact feel any better for Layla.


“Right..I'm sure Micheal would let her visit.”


“He might, but for now don't worry about that at least Erica is safe.”






I turned toward Lucifer and smiled at him Judy left the cart behind and closed the door behind her, he walked closer until he could put his arms around me. I hugged him back I had missed this.


“Satan will be sorry he missed you waking up.”


“A lot of damned to deal with?”


“It's been a little hard to concentrate on work since you've been gone, we have a back up of damned to deal with that are sent down to suffer as shadows. Never at peace never a second chance.”


I nodded.


“You like having me around so much it distracted you?”


“Are you accusing me of being a workaholic?”


“Oh completely.”


He smiled slightly though it didn't reach his eyes.


“What's the matter?”


“Nothing I'm just glad to see you.”


I shook my head.


“Liar, if you want to ask me about Micheal then do it.”


“I don't want to know what you did I can't sense much when it comes to angelic touch anyways.”


I had him sit with me and told him about the kiss anyways, he seemed surprised, I frowned.


“What's that look for?”


“You were close enough to him to create Erica, didn't you want him?”


“I wasn't so sure really,he hasn't really changed from who I knew and he wasn't too bad but I thought about you and Satan. It didn't feel right, I didn't want anything more than for him to feel better is all.”


He stared at me, he was holding my hand and squeezed it.


“I see, look ...don't shy away from it, after being alone with this damn connection I know it's almost too much to deal with. When it gets stronger for you I don't want you to feel bad if you want to be with him.”


It was my turn to be surprised.


“Lu...”he kissed me deeply, silenced I put my arms around his neck this felt different, not bad he was just more passionate.


I moaned before he pulled away, Micheal was gaurded when he kissed me like he was afraid to get involved, then Lucifer kissed like he didn't want to lose it was strange to me.


“It's fine, besides if I don't accept it now it's going to kill me if he takes you again.”




He smiled, it was a little more genuine this time.


“I don't think Satan would think the same.”


“He will, he's been a little strange lately I don't know what it is, I know he was distracted from work but there was something else and I can't be sure what it is.”


“Maybe I should talk to him.”


“You can talk to him once he's finished you can't go while he's working, you'd be scarred for life.”


In some ways it was funny, but I knew he was serious I nodded.


“For now, lay with me?”


I smiled and followed him to the bed thinking about what he said, if this got stronger for me would I just be more confused or would it be clear?


Ugh I really should have been an easy whore then we could just have foursome and not have to worry about it.


He snorted behind me.


“I do not want to see Micheal naked, and turning off the lights isn't good enough either.”


I laughed at him, fair enough.


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