His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter20 (v.1) - You're who?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Twenty – Wait a moment, you're who again?




A week or so after 'the incident' as Lucifer called it I was at the bakery again, Satan was busy with a few backed up prisioners. He wanted me with him several more times at random, which meant there were a few other meetings I interuppted. I told them they could keep the statue like I said I would saying that I thought they deserved it it was a simple piece they still had their own minds they just wanted show some gratitude. I'm sure Satan and Lucifer didn't mind it too much, they could have easily destroyed it if they did.


Though maybe they questioned whether that was the best choice or not, it would be kind of a dick move. Ah well I suppose, I was helping but I must have said, 'don't worry I'm fine' a hundred times by now every time I left the kitchen there was another concerned villager. I didn't want them to worry, each were very soft hearted people. I guess I was glad I got to meet them but at the same time they deserved better families. Some made new families yes but they weren't reproducing like rabbits or anything the majority of them were used as payment. Apparently there were other villages with people that weren't evil but had paticular interests. Asmodeus had a village full of people that could be homemakers, teachers, loving caring individuals..that would do anything in an orgy.


This was the largest village here though.


Erica was upset thinking she was as fault until I assured her that wasn't the case I didn't want her to die, Layla was hovering, worried. I didn't tell her that the cherubs still weren't talking but I did say that Satan and Lucifer would take care of it.


When she calmed down she helped me drizzle chocolate on little tarts it worried me that there were cherubs that were so dedicated to keeping their mouths shut for their own masters.


What else would they be willing to do?




I looked out the door and saw Judy and Layla by the window I walked over to her and saw Satan and Lucifer, I smiled warmly, they were near the statue surrounded by happy villagers. Bent down and talking to the other children that lived here in various ages. Lucifer patted heads and a few that looked a little older than Erica appeared to be begging Satan to read to them. He smiled and nodded.


“They're so gentle..”


“They really can be...I'm glad you got to see this side.”


“Did they have other choices that didn't?”


“Lilith usually brought them to the torture chambers, the masters were never interested to begin with and would have sent them to live here. There were only a few of them but it was always the same, it can really scare you to see them at work.”


“Guess I won't have to worry about helping them with that then.”


She grinned.


“I'd say so Madam.”


“Are you planning on having kids soon? They are really fond of children.” Layla said.


I was sure I blushed Layla laughed.


“Oh they've let you keep your innocence, you're special to them not like that Lilith girl.”


I laughed.


“Can't say much different about Lilith but I'm trying.” she patted my shoulder.


“Don't push yourself Majesty, whores aren't important easy to toss aside, you're the Queen the only one with the title of wife..make 'em beg.” she said with a wink.


I burst into a fit of giggles, Satan and Lucifer noticed me in the window I waved but rushed back into kitchen before they could stop me. Pulling muffins out of the oven I barely noticed as Lucifer came in he crossed his arms.


“I'm not leaving, I want to help.”


“You can if you want, I won't try to stop you if you enjoy it.”


I smiled at him.


“Is Satan reading to the kids?”


“Mmhmm, it's nice to be around innocence once in a while.” he said leaning against the counter.


“I'm sure, the brownies are almost done.”


“I did not come in here for sweets.”


“Well if you don't want anything to eat and you're not here to make me leave what did you need?”


“That should be obvious.”


“Oh you are such a baby just tell me you finished working and missed me.”


He only huffed in response, aside from Satan wanting a little more I was with Lucifer a lot Satan tended to almost get nervous and would run off to torture the damned. I wasn't sure why he was like that he was able to hide plenty still. I didn't ask Lucifer, I thought it was better to get information from each from them specifically. It was like dealing with twins better to deal with them as individuals. We, Satan and I, didn't always talk when we sat together but he seemed to like just sitting with me. Which was sweet to me.


“Fine you're right I'm being silly.”


I looked at him as he walked over to put his arms around my waist briefly.


“Are you alright?” not that he had any issues with little displays of affection, certainly wasn't going to be serenading me from the window but something seemed odd.




I turned and looked at him, I didn't like that feeling.


“You're lying.”


“We're in the village I do have to control myself around them.”


“Should me leave then?”


“No it's fine.”


I stared at him, for a moment his frustration...and was that a flash of sadness, either way it was clear in his gaze I wondered what happened, maybe he had a particularly difficult soul to deal with. I finished putting the candies on the brownies and handed him one anyways.


“You know they say chocolate is good for soul, cheer up.”


“Maybe...” he said bitterly.


“..Well how's Satan?”


“He was always better at hiding his frustration, I suppose it's because he releases his anger more often than I can.”



When we got back Satan sat on the bed his mood completely different from when he read to the children. It was an easy distraction I guess.


“What's going on..?”


“There is an odd level of purity here we're not sure where it came from maybe you or Erica was touched by a cherub or something obviously my powers are barely any good for sensing them. They can hide their appearance it's easy to bump into a stray one, but they only show up around the village the darkness here scares them off I know that much.” Lucifer said.


“So are you sick?”


“No it has to be removed.” Satan said.


“How?” I worried I would have to leave, I didn't want to.


I didn't care about projecting I just wanted to know.


“You don't technically have to leave, I just have to let one of you go .”


“...you weren't going to send Erica off were you?” he didn't comment.




He sighed.


“She's a child of Hell Iyanna, she could stay in a human day care for a few hours then I can get her back. You however are different...”


“If you send me back then it's for good?”


“I don't think so, you're still ours but I can't be sure, the angels would love to interfere.”


I frowned, so that's what was wrong, they didn't want me to leave..to be taken.


“Duh.” Satan said finally, obviously pissed.


I smiled though I felt a bit sad I didn't want them to feel like that, like they were being robbed. They were particular with affection but I sensed it when I next to them this was all new for them and they were trying as much as I would.


“Well I don't want to leave either but I don't think Erica should be separated from her mother....” I coughed as I felt a bit cold.


I rubbed my head as it ached, when I looked up I saw them talking to me but the image was blurry I couldn't hear what they were saying. I groaned and covered my eyes it was suddenly much too bright.



“Majesty..?....Majesty wake up...I know you're not dead or playing a game so stop it!”


I opened my eyes briefly then closed them again, too white, I patted Erica's head.


“Don't cry...I'm fine it's just too bright.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes sweetie.”


“A strange man keeps coming in and checking on us he even changed our clothes.”


I sat up and rubbed my eyes when I opened them again I sat that we were in a nice and clean beige and white room. It had pale blue accents. Nice and calming it was modern but obviously very different from Satan's room. The mattress was memory foam and felt nice I looked down I was wearing a pink maxi dress, there was a gold belt and a heart shaped top. She wore a frilly pink dress one might put their child in for Easter. A large bow behind her, so she looked adorable it wasn't going to distract me I got up and looked around.


“Erica I've brought lunch for you and...”


He pushed the door open and my mouth fell.


“Joshua?” he smiled slightly.


He had always been good looking, pale, short blond hair, bright seafoam green eyes, and a neat goatee built like a slim wrestler.


“Oh you know this man then majesty?” Erica asked.


“Yes I do...he won't do anything to us so don't be scared of him.” he had been my only boyfriend in the past.


It was two years from the day after my sevententh birthday to a week after my nineteenth. Which I suppose was significant to some but I always felt like he was hiding something it was just nice not to be alone or pressured into anything. It's not like I didn't care but I refused to set myself up to be hurt I was on guard after all the bullying in the past he seemed genuine and untrustworthy all at once.


“Yes ma'am!” she said I smiled at her.


He smiled.


“Thanks for that sweetheart I don't want my daughter to fear me.”


I stared at him, what the hell?


“....my daddy died, mama said.”


“You're adoptive father died but you're mine in blood, just like my beloved Iya here is you're real mother.”


I repeat...what the fucking hell? She looked as confused as I felt.




“Ignore that....are you crazy? Don't tell her lies she knows who her mother is....and how did you get us here, how about focusing on that?”


“It's not a lie, she came from the purest birth an angel could hope for.”


I backed away from him, for a moment I was at ease which was strange but then again I'm married to both sides of the devil and I live in Hell..it wouldn't be the strangest thing to me. Though he was clearly insane.


“You know you don't need to fear me love...though if you were concerned I simply dipped into your mind to keep you calm you don't need to question anything because I will tell you everything.”


“Micheal? Are they here?”


“Yeah.” he called.




He let out his large white wings his tee shirt and jeans melting into a white and gold toga that reached the floor barely covering his gold sandals. A gold cross hanging from his neck small gold hoops were in his ears.


“To start I'm not actually Joshua and technically the only way for an archangel to come on Earth for a long time is to take on a fake personality. I'm sorry for lying but if I hadn't I wouldn't have met you I hope you're not too angry with me.”


He grabbed my hand to kiss it I yanked it out of his hand and slapped him.


“I guess I deserved that for lying...”


“Are you kidding? You sent your brothers after Satan and I bet you're the one that sent the cherubs too.”


“Well Satan deserved it for tempting you...well trying he did fail, and you rushed to save Erica, she was held tight she wouldn't have fallen I was trying to get both of you out. My child and her mother, they don't belong in Hell.”


“Stop saying that..”


“I will not, I didn't push you because that's not what angels do and I didn't need to don't you see, you rushed to save her because she's yours. She was born of your pure heart...I love you and I know you love me too so don't even try to deny it. Don't you see how connected we are? I know things happen in Hell but you agreed to marry to save your family even if only little Caden deserved it, and sex isn't evil though some humans are completely bent out of shape over it, we are taught to practice oral sex so as to not spread our angelic seed comes with the free will we are given...finally you could have given in to the darkness but never have you used your powers for evil. Don't you understand you don't belong down there you belong here with me, I can give you a better family than either of those bastards could.”


I slapped him again.


“Don't talk about them that way! And what do you mean...born of my heart?”


He rubbed his chin.


“Something precious you created with my powers the one day you trusted and loved me the most...don't you remember? When that man came back for you, your powers didn't work, I took a knife in the back for you that means something still doesn't it?”


Well I guess...I remembered that it was when I was eighteen.


“Lucifer didn't say anything about it, maybe it doesn't.”


“Lucifer wouldn't know, I hid all those memories I never wanted them to be tainted by anyone he wouldn't even know who Joshua was.”


I had mentioned I had one ex, but I only thought about a little I assumed he saw it because I knew now from feeling when I was and wasn't projecting. When he didn't say anything I thought it wasn't a big deal he'd been with a lot more people than I had anyways. I looked at Erica she was still waiting for an explanation.


“I'm not attracted to you anymore, your weight has effected that if it makes you feel better.”


I frowned at his blunt comment...until I felt an bit of ache in my chest..he was lying, he smiled.


“See? It's very obvious when an angel lies to you...believe me we have a family and I'm not letting go again so get used to it.”


He picked up the covered tray and set it in Erica's reach before kissing her forehead, leaving us alone I sank to the floor, it wasn't long before Erica was next to me.


“His trick works on me too....so that means...if “mama” is not my mama then when I heart hurt it was because you left? 'Cause you're mama and...and I didn't want you to leave when I first met you?”


I stared into her eyes, what was I supposed to say?


“Well yes I suppose so sweetie...”


“But how did I get in mama Layla then?”


“A pure soul requires a body, it was part of the trial to put you somewhere you would definitely meet Iyanna.”


We looked up and there was another man in white robes he had long brown hair in a ponytail, with the same accesseries that Micheal wore.


“Forgive me for intruding, Micheal's a little emotional he asked me to talk to you, I'm Uriel.”


I frowned.


“You attacked Satan too didn't you?”


It was his turn to get upset.


“They may be using my appearance to turn him against but I promise I don't go in Hell, Raph and Micheal are just like that, I have no reason to bully anyone.”


He spoke the truth but I didn't understand.


“Do they really pick on him...on both of them just because they can get away with it?”


“Sometimes, and sometimes they test to see what they can take...tearing you away might just break them though.” his tone sad.


(Ah ha my dear drama, see worth a remake I promise :D)

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