His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter2 (v.1) - The King...or prince

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 03, 2016





Two – The King's Suite



I looked at the strange creatures we passed on the way, multi colored demons in various colors things with a cluster of eyes or several arms and legs taking up most of their body. There were a lot of half naked women and some men. Those were far more attractive some had horns or were any other color aside what was normal to the human eye but they still looked a little more normal. Each one stopped whispering as we came into view, I knew they were watching me and probably judging me. Though I didn't care, I just felt tired, I don't know how I was going to just get used to this. Flaming walls, sharp toothed bastards, whores with more limbs than they needed.


I glanced at Lucifer he was still walking forward but looking at me out of the corner of his eye, maybe he was waiting for me to freak out. Fat chance of that, I remembered the first rule of training, if you couldn't find a safe place in an unknown area to lose yourself then you keep your guard up. I'm angry, livid just wishing my “dear” mother would lose her precious hour glass figure and that dad would lose his hair. They were as vain as could be, still I'm a little hurt too, they couldn't even tell me about this or say good bye?


Was it so hard?


Did I mean so little?


I blinked a few times and looked down where Lucifer had put an arm around me I didn't see anyone getting too close, the walls were shaking a bit from my frustration but still there was no threat. I glanced at him, he wasn't looking at me anymore though.


“I know what you're feeling, you get used to it.”


I stared at him, the man in white...morning star...embodiment of all things evil...whichever title fit him best I wasn't sure but the Prince of Darkness himself...was trying to comfort me? Oh that's laughable my parents that appeared to love me more than anything, no matter their flaws, gave me to this man. Though he...all that he was touched me to offer comfort instead of trying to grope me like he seemed to want to. I guess I appreciated it, thinking to what I'd heard of him what most of us as humans had heard of him maybe he would understand.


He was cast out too wasn't he?


He chuckled, the sound was bitter.


“Again stay out of my head.”


“As I said, stop projecting, though to answer your question I was guess I got over it at some point.”


“Did you really?” I asked looking at some of the tortured souls hanging around waiting for judgement.


“I have a job, it's not pretty, and I don't apologize for it doesn't mean I'm as bad as I could be that's what Satan is for.”



“Aren't you the same person?”


“Used to be.”


“What happened?”


“You could say one side of me snapped and the other stayed in charge to keep things under control.”


“So he's the embodiment of evil?”


Lucifer let out that haunting laugh again.


“Only when he hasn't had his caffiene and a smoke or two.”


“Really? Satan is addicted to coffee and cigarettes?” I couldn't help but laugh at the thought it seemed so normal....considering the situation.


“It's not funny, you humans think you've seen hell when you see one of your own without that crap but Satan his entirely different I don't even bother with him before he's taken care of his addiction.”


I laughed at the thought of him backing down from a challenge.


“How do you even get that stuff here?”


“Human world is fair game, a trip to the store isn't taking over and destroying humanity, though those trips are limited for obvious reasons.”




He led me down another hallway as we walked the stone turned black and the flames turned blue, it cooled down to a more pleasant temperature. It was also empty and quiet aside from the sound of our footsteps. We reached a heavy metal door and he pushed it open inside the stone melted into a thick carpet the walls were gray all of the goth style furniture was dark, though like the hall there was a touch of blue his blankets on his king sized canopy bed, the crystal lights and curtains covering the windows and bed.


I got closer to look at the white swirls on his sheets, he had crystal vases on his dresser, and the small table with blue roses. He had a preference, I went to the window and pushed the curtain aside, my it was dark but the light from the lava falls outside was plenty bright. There were actually stars but they were red, a thick forest was filled with trees with blood red, midnight blue, magenta, and black leaves. There was a mix of faceless statues not of Lucifer but beautifully carved mythical creatures there was a cobblestone path that went past the stone walls and two silver statues, a set of lions seemed to be getting ready to jump at one another I wonder who carved them. The cobble stone path led to a small village I could just barely see. There were servants tending to the garden and cleaning the black fountain but they looked more like the “prettier” demons I had seen.


The view was beautiful, odd to say about Hell but it's true.


“Let me guess from your stunned silence you were expecting fire and brimstone...or maybe the heads of my enemies on spears outsdie my window ?”


“Kind of....”


“I bet you also heard I was only a red horned demon with a pitchfork that wore a loincloth, or an ugly red demon in a white suit that ate human bones. Imagine how things can change when you see them for yourself.”


“Okay, I see your point, don't assume without visible proof.”


“Glad the message is clear, close the curtains and come away from the window I only open it to tell the servants they're done working.”


“Sorry...” I said quickly doing as I was told.


He had closed the door and was sitting on his bed he patted the spot next to him, I walked over carefully and sat next to him.


“What are those stars...or star like things outside?”


“Blood crystals, made from a little magic and lava.”


“What are your servants here for?..I mean what did they do?”


“These are those that sold their own souls, usually to save their families, they were judged on character, without me around some could have snapped, turned into sex offenders, black market dealers, human traffickers, abusers...used car sales men.”


I laughed, he actually made a joke...he crossed his legs that smirk still clear.


“So their sacrifice saved them from suffering but they still get judged for what could have been?”


“Exactly, it was a sure thing, you see others get sent down here in the same fashion you did and as a...payment they remain down here which is the type that fills that village in the distance. ”




“Aside from that there are no good people here, my powers don't work on good people, a passing thought of a drunk or drugged moron thinking what they could do is not worth complete damnation. These are people that if I ignored them demanding real payment instead, they would have changed for the worst.Though most didn't actually commit the crimes they were destined for, they made the choice to come down here I don't deal with sunshine and roses what could have happened is good enough.


I'm mostly fair in that way I could have each one sent to suffer like those you saw chained to the wall but traded a selfless sacrifice for work instead. See the mix of creatures down there, they used to be human, they gave in to the darkness and let their souls be devoured. I guess it's sad to some but it's all business with me.”


He looked at him and shook his head.


“I don't look for excuses Iyanna, I'm the bad guy in a lot of situations but I'm still different from what you know. Stay on my good side and you'll be right beside me where you belong, fuck me over and...well you know.”


“I'm not stupid...I know who is and who isn't in charge, I'm just not a pushover.”




“But why me? I know it's my family's debt but if you were willing to wait so long why ask for me now?”


“Your powers, you see this wouldn't be the first time I tried to get a bride in a deal I always send a touch of my powers in a small potion to the pregnant women in the family. I needed a woman strong enough to handle them, your mother among others failed. You however wield them easily, I admit even if you were strong enough I would have continued to wait if you weren't my type.”


I don't know why that comment made my face heat up but I'm sure I was red enough by the look on his face. The weird girl was no one's type as far as I knew.


“You're my type, no other matters here, now about your training.”


“Dad's family history is filled with assasins he picked a teacher for me and my brother later on.”


“Ah yes I have quite a few of his more crazed ancestors still here paying...actually the job isn't where the punishment comes, it's the victims they specialized in babies, anyone that couldn't defend themselves always in sadistic ways there is a limit even with me.”


I was stunned, dad never told me much about targets or their methods.


“Hard to believe...”


“I'm sure.”


“What's going to happen to my brother? Can you see?”


“He'll learn, use his anger in sports, he'll chill out when he gets married...I can see a few things but again my powers have certain limits.”


I nodded slowly, at least he'd be a decent person from what it sounds like though I only know a little it's good to hear he'll redeem himself or never stray too far to begin with.


“Have you ever killed anyone in the past?”


“Once when I was ten.”




“He attacked me, I got scared, it was the first time...your powers worked for me.”


He frowned, I don't know what annoyed him more about what I said.


“Then I can't say that counts, I can sense you have a pure soul I'll try to keep it that way.”




“Yes try, there will come a point I assure you where you'll be fucking the devil himself, doesn't get more dark than that.”


I laughed again, if I could see more of this side instead of the side that went after Lilith I'm sure I can make the best of it. I mean if I'm trapped here there is no sense in crying and screaming every five minutes.


I have my shit together better than that.


(This sort of idea is generic as I said, and as I've said before a long while ago I've read stories with Lucifer or Satan or their children or what not as the leads. This story doesn't apologize it's just how it is not a religious story just a bit of fiction I hope you enjoy the ride though.)

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