His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter18 (v.1) - Always

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 08, 2016



(For the original it fit to switch POVs more often but this one I don't think it needs it, at least not right now..)


Eighteen – There is always time for a chat..

Iya's POV



I could barely move, I woke up to pressure on my back it was aching but it felt nice when Lucifer said he'd take care of me I felt a little better. I was relieved to hear Erica was fine, and that thing's death..whatever it was, that was good to hear. I woke up a few times and Lucifer said something about using my powers. If that's what this exhaustion was clearly I needed some more training to avoid this I heard him laugh at me. I don't find it funny, my body felt like a bag of bricks I couldn't lift up which I hated but there wasn't much I could do about it.


“Iyanna...stay still.”




“No you aren't.”


I groaned in annoyance.


“Fine...I give up..”


He helped me roll over on my back and looked up at him.


“Why don't you...like that the villagers see you as a hero?” weak or not when I wasn't trying to move it was easier to talk I really needed this feeling to go away.


He frowned.


“I'm the reason they're here I'm not a hero I just made life better for those that deserve it.”


“So you can let them go?”


“No once a human starts bargaining with their soul or asking for favors from me things get tainted there has to payment of equal or greater value. Then other humans usually get to repent and they go up leaving their payment down here.”


“So without you they would just be lost souls roaming around Hell suffering for no reason because they lost their choice over what to do with their own souls?”


He huffed, I smiled.


“I get it, you didn't help them to get something in return it's noble of you...but you saved them from an eternity of suffering just to please family that didn't appreciate them, they're just grateful.”


He ignored me, really not wanting to go over this, stubborn man I sighed.


“Fine whatever...and my thoughts are anything but noble I'm just a realist.”


I rolled my eyes, he sighed.


“I'm not like the angels..really not all of them are pricks with too much time on their hands but Micheal, Gabriel and Rapheal even when they handle souls in better..purer ways they still are more likely to help if they get something out of it. You think they don't have their own whores? Asses are the biggest hypocrites I know.”


“I don't think people or...beings actually, like that handle souls better so you punish those who brought it on themselves so what? You still save those who earned a peaceful life if you know how they prefer to hand souls then how are any of them better at it than you are?”


“..Iyanna I'm as damned as any of them, don't you know that automatically makes me the bad guy no matter what I do? I just don't run away from it, I embrace it, I don't need to be babied.”


“I'm not babying you, I share the same thoughts as you, I just know you could have left them to suffer you could do what you want because you hold the power here. You chose to do what's right even though it doesn't effect you. That's a piece of reality you're running from.”


He snorted.


“Whatever you say.”


I stared at him, for a second he smiled I know deep down there was a small part of him that liked to feel appreciated but he didn't want to get a swelled head over it. Which was fine, it's just it's not like he has to ignore what he's done the villagers...his friends they adore both him and Satan for the choices they made..the actions they did..and they're beliefs. It wasn't for nothing, feeling a little less heavy I moved my hand to grab his. I wonder what Satan thought about it.


'Does it actually matter?'




'Lucifer will humor you I won't, it's just business.'


I groaned.


'I'll let you get away with being stubborn but I'm telling them they can leave the statue if they want it.'


'We don't want to be worshiped, one should choose to do something right just because, not for personal gain. Things are simply run a certain way to keep the angels out as much as possible, someone down here that isn't paying for their crimes doesn't deserve to be tortured simple as that.'


There it was, it made more sense I still smiled though, it seems to me the fallen angels were far more pure even if they didn't see it that way.


'Come sit in here with us.'




“Lucifer, Satan's coming help me move again.”


'Why you...'


'See you in a few minutes.'


He felt a little lonely maybe I was getting emotions mixed again I couldn't be sure my head was getting foggy again. Though he could be with us if he wanted, maybe he wasn't sure about that, I smiled when he finally gave in and came over. Lucifer asked him what happened with the cherubs before saying that one of those “perfect” angels had sent them to play with the villagers, bastards.


“They're silent but if I threaten to feed them to Hell hounds that might get them talking.”


I was probably a terrible person for laughing but the image was sort of funny, then again my head if foggy still clearly that's to blame.


(The theme with this set of characters I feel is usually, not always depending on the outcome of the story or genre, 'don't judge a book by it's cover' and I haven't decided on an actual end so anything could change. Still gotta talk over things once in a while mmhmm :D)

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