His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter14 (v.1) - Unsure

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2016




Fourteen – Unsure...




Feeling that exhaustion fade suddenly I woke up, my head was a little foggy but waking up laying on Lucifer's chest the night before came back. I stared at the piercing that was closest that I had to give him it seemed a little off center I ran my finger over it I heard a groan I looked up and Lucifer was rubbing his eye looking down at me. So he had been tired too, he smirked anyways.


“Did I wake you?”


“Not many men can ignore being toyed with early in the morning.”


“I barely touched you.”


“You barely touched a freshly pierced nipple you mean, it tends to make them a little more sensitive for a while....for a lot of us who like this anyways.”


“Right, sorry.”


He rolled on top and pushed me into the mattress.


“Don't apologize.”


He pulled my dress down I hadn't changed out of it I just wanted to be in bed, he ran his tongue over his piercing and I shivered it was the slightest tingle until he contined licking I heard him chuckle as I moaned.


“Some complain about sensitivity and pain...but considering that these are demonic piercing you only get the best of it.”




“From now on aside from splitting some time between the two of us, you're free to do what you please within reason.”


“Splitting time? I hardly see either of you what is there to split?”


He chuckled.


“We will make more time for you.”


“You don't really have spare time.”


“We can make it, you only have to ask.”


I wasn't so sure about that Satan may like his games with his whores but he didn't spend that much time with them he was just as busy as Lucifer was. I didn't want to suddenly get in the way though it would be nice not to be alone once in a while. I looked up startled seeing him in my face as if he was trying to stare into my soul.


They were connected to me now so it's not like he couldn't anyways.


“You're not in the way.”


“I wasn't projecting.”


“You don't need to I just know being in here with you.”


I huffed.


“Well of course I'm not, you're just sitting here obviously you're not busy now.”


“How cheeky my dear.”


I ignored him.


“Why do you think I wanted a wife anyways when I can have any easy slut around here?”


“I don't know.”


“I'm tired of whores, it's one thing to want to fuck me just because I have power, and another because you're mine. The whores don't talk, they just fall over and spread their legs, on special occasions they even get on their knees.”


I laughed and shook his head.


“So...you were lonely?”


“How do you get “lonely” out of that.”


“You are so stubborn, if you weren't lonely why would you care if they didn't talk to you and why would it matter if I was or wasn't some bitch scared of her own shadow. You could have stolen anyone but you waited for someone who could have an heir that you don't have to have because you're immortal.”


He sighed.


“Hmm...dear you really must speak up.” obviously pretending he couldn't hear.


I huffed and hit him with a pillow, which only earned a laugh I swear and to think of all the times I'd been called stubborn I give up eventually.


“Things are just different here.” he finally said.


“Well duh.”


“I mean it's better not to be seen as weak, those that have more power would love to catch me when I'm down.”


I nodded slowly I guess I understood, it felt like I did but that didn't mean I liked it I shook my head.


“That unsure feeling that distracted me...came from you.”


“And if it did? What does it really matter?”


“Why didn't you just say that before?” even while asking I felt like I knew the answer.


“That much should be obvious.”


“I guess a little pride can interfere with a lot.”


He held up my hand and kissed the back of it.


“Unfortunately, though I admit and accept it, that's good enough isn't it?”


“I suppose.” there was something in his eyes, I guess he could still hide things from me, I wondered what he was unsure about, what was bothering him the most in the end.


I wondered about Satan too, how long would it take to learn more about them? I'm not so concerned about everyone else. My soul is with them now and I have theirs...two very different feelings, I just wanted to feel they trusted me.


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