His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter12 (v.1) - Over

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Twelve – Over and done




I yawned as I woke up I couldn't move at first I shifted and failed again I sighed, hearing heavy breathing behind me I remembered I had stayed in Satan's room. He was holding me against him, I knew he was stronger than me but still pinning me with one arm. I worried about pissing him off I'd hate to feel this strength if he snapped and forgot who I was. How angry did he have to be for that, I touched his shoulder. The light was still on and I saw that he was back to normal...as normal for him as could be. He released his hold a little and rolled on his back, I smiled a little as I was finally able to move and looked at his chest, the crosses were gone and he had healed completely I was glad.




His arm was draped over his eyes but I could tell he was awake but ignoring me, I shook my head.


“You don't have to be embarassed.”


“Good, since I'm not.”


I rolled my eyes.


“Fine whatever you say.”


“Just go get ready.”


“Are you coming?” he finally looked at me.


“I have to, we decided to hold them together I just want to get it over and done with, he thinks Raph had a stick up his ass since a human is here without completing the deal.”




“Yeah the prick, after the wedding your soul belongs here, now go get ready.”


I nodded though I didn't like the idea that some angel sticking his nose where it didn't belong I sighed I guess that's just something I'll have to get used to. At least Satan was alright and I only had to play the bride once he was right. We needed to get it over and done with , that was better in the end I slid off the bed and left his room. Lucifer was sitting on the bed he actually cringed a bit, some of Satan's blood stained my skin.


“He's fine.”


“I wasn't worried.” he said a little too quickly, I sighed.


“You two are the worst, trying being honest with yourself.”


“Excuse me?”


“Don't get moody because I noticed, you were worried about your brother you look a mess did you get any sleep?”


He just turned his back on me, he did look a little shaken up they were probably connected I didn't really think about it. I walked over and grabbed his shoulder.


“Did you have any problems last night?”


“I'm fine clearly.” he said, a bit soft, he really was tired.


I smiled a little, I thought they were both silly but for the life of me I thought it was kind of cute. All the power they could have down here and they still had hang ups, they were more than just a set of boogeymen used to scare humans and some demons. I wondered how many people got to see that side they weren't exactly hiding any emotions it was clear. Satan had been grateful I stayed he could say whatever but I saw it in his eyes they were both easier to read than I thought they would be. At least right now anyways.


“Sure, when is this all supposed to happen?”


“This evening you have until then to get ready take your time, go wash up Judy will come get you.”


He left me alone in his room and and I went looking for my dress, what I found...well I could work with that.



Judy called me from the room and I walked out, I had curled my hair a little I found a pair of blood red crystal earring that hung freely and a simple necklace of black pearls to go with it. Grabbing my black spiky heels I stepped out, Judy made a sort of squeal guess I did a good job. Someone got in here and shredded my dress so I cut it up a bit more forming long ribbons and reconnected the skirt as best I could , it still fell to my ankles but there was a large split on both sides I wrapped the strings up and around my torso leaving a sort of bow in the back with black fishnet stockings and a blood red veil just for my hair reallyy, it came together well enough.


“Oh Mada Iyanna you look beautiful, where did that dress come from?”


“I had to restyle it, someone shredded it, but they left the remains behind so it was just a matter of putting it back together.”


“Well the result is nice, but the master won't be pleased someone was messing around in his room.”


“No kidding.”


She handed me the bouquet of black roses she was holding, time to go I guess.



The wedding was taking place in the main hall we walked in on the way here it was actually decorated, with red and black ribbons, tiny winged imps were flying around throwing petals around. A headless demon was playing the organ and of course there was a massive black cake with red, blue, and gray icing next to the buffet tables. I wasn't expecting an actual party in the slightest.


“What do you think madam?” she asked.


“It's...oddly pretty.”


“Only the best for the Madam and Masters, he's been single for such a long time try to enjoy yourself.”


“Well if it isn't the little bitch Queen.”


I sighed hearing Lilith's voice.


“Don't be jealous you had your chance after all.”


She glared at me as I turned to look at her, the whore was naked aside from a thong and some boots I sighed.


“Go entertain yourself I don't have time for you.”


I dropped my bouquet she managed to catch me by surprise slapping me across the face she growled as I spit out blood the cunt hit hard when she was trying.


“Oh you'll make time for me, I want Lucifer, and I deserve my spot.”


“You don't deserve shit obviously and really, you hit like a bitch girl.”


I punched her in the jaw I'd be damned if some little idiot put their hands on me just because they were were jealous. High heels and I had a special relationship I could move just as fast in them as I could in tennis shoes with every step forward I punched her again. It might be over kill in any other situation but before Lucifer found that marathon for us he warned me that there were plenty of demoness out there that wouldn't approve as if it was any of their concern who his wife was. If I was challenged in anyway unless I really was weaker I was supposed to take it as best I could. She couldn't keep her balance with me she stumbled only a good kick to the stomach could make her fall back easily I put my hands on my hips.


“Don't tell me a few punches to the face is it for you? You're just a big mouth in a thong there are plenty of whores around if you wanted Lucifer you should have made yourself more than them. Stay out of my way from now on...i mean unless you like getting your ass kicked.”


She spit out the tooth I knocked loose and the dark cheering got my attention, I turned to see Lucifer surrounded by his friends and followers a prideful smirk on his face. He had dressed up, he wore a completely white suit covered on one side by a long black cloak. Satan stood next to him showing that he was impressed he was in his demon form,shirtless wearing dark red pants, and a similar cloak. Both wore black crowns, Lucifer's with sapphires and Satan's with rubies. The two sides of Hell's rulers right next to one another quite a sight.


“Remember the sight of your new Queen ladies and gentleman she doesn't need her powers to take care of any of you so don't fuck anything up with her.” Lucifer said.


Judy handed the roses back to me and I walked forward as they each extended a hand to me Lucifer on the right, Satan on the left. That was one way to walk down the aisle, according to Judy's quick lessons Lilith still had a little power down here being one of the strongest females Lucifer didn't create. Beating her up so easily made a good impression I guess.


Still couldn't be sure if I was Queen of Hell material though.


(Was looking over the original what a mess that was hah, but some parts are okay I think this one is obviously going reasonably different already I prefer it. Stay tuned :D)

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