His Dark Lady

His Dark Lady His Dark Lady

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.


(If you remember That Was The Deal, then this is the re-make.) Iyanna has always been different but it all seems pretty normal now as Lucifer himself will make her his Queen.

Chapter10 (v.1) - Childish?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Ten – Childish pranks and the other Kings and Queens



Judy called the silent maid Lana, she remained quiet just giving me a dirty look as Judy help me with the small laces that connected the dress. I looked at her.


“Lana you've been giving me that look for ten minutes now, either say what's on your mind or fix that attitude of yours.”


She gripped her fists.


“Well madam bitch I hate the whores like you just hanging all over the master like an easy ass tramp barking orders until he's had enough. It's sickening, this is Hell not a resort.”


I rolled my eyes.


“I'm not here by choice, but unlike you Judy and I aren't little fucks that screwed over their chance at a happy afterlife. Don't get bent out of shape because someone has it better than you, suck it up bitch.”


Judy tried not to laugh and failed as the girl pouted like an idiot as if that was going to work on me she couldn't take her frustration out on me. It's not my fault she fucked up. I smirked and looked at my reflection, the red dress was very silky and clung quite a bit. It fit just fine but I wasn't so sure about it.


“This is one of those 'without panties' type dresses isn't it?” I asked Judy as her giggling slowed.


“I'm afraid so madam...unless you prefer panty lines?”


“I don't know...is this a wedding dress or what?”


“Um...”she scanned the selection until she found the hanger it had been on.


“The tag on the hanger says it is...”


“So is it more formal to have to them or go without...here?”


“I have no idea, the other queens seem to switch it up for different events but if I'm honest I never could tell what was formal and what was casual down here, they like to dress up for every party.”


I shrugged.


“I guess I can just ask Lucifer.”


“So then you've decided on that one?”


“I guess so, I really like it.”


“And the color looks good on you...if it didn't I would just tell you you look like shit in it so good for you.” she said with a thumbs up and a smile.


I laughed, I love this woman seriously she's so laid back.


“Right well this one it is..”


“Oh yes madam I've brought pictures and descriptions of work for the other Kings and Queen for you as you asked.”


“Oh thanks let's see.” I said slowly pulling the dress off.


The other rulers, Lucifer hadn't mentioned them too much being so busy but I still wanted to know more about them and since he'd only started taking a break to help me with my issues I hadn't asked about them. He told me about his generals the other night after we finished the little bit of mental training..ending in failure of course today was the real show progress no matter how small. They were Kings in their own right but they were created by him and lower in level. He trusted them as much as he trusted Satan which was saying something because he didn't spare trust easily. For obvious reasons being in Hell and all. They all had duties to attend to in different parts of Hell they came together when he told them to.


Beelzebub and Mamelia, he had dark onyx skin, was bald and demonice ice blue eyes the guy was in a plain black robe and built like a tank. Mamelia was a lot like those female body builders but she had a more attractive shape and didn't look like she was covered in tumors, a good looking red head with dark eyes. They dealt with those with crimes in greed and envy, a man that killed his business partner to take both shares...a woman that gunned down someone prettier than her assuming her man was cheating people like that went to them.


Asmodeus and Crivala, both were red skinned demons with souless black eyes but the cut of his jaws and muscles her perfect shape covered only in a leather loin cloth with pasties they were both good looking and rightfully so. Their toys came from pride and lust. Choosing to tear down an orphanage because you'd be shamed for passing over the land for your new apartment complex...keeping sex slaves you drugged and abducted because you thought they were out of your league otherwise? You belonged to them.


Then there was the final couple, Mammon and Julesa, both had a mocha complexion, green eyes, and wild dread locks wearing richly colored purple and green robes. All of their toys, sloths and gluttons, those that were corrupt usually doctors that could be paid off to let innocent people die? A scary thought, the rich who had caged fights between their servants just to amuse themselves? Yeah that's who they belonged to.


Belphegor, a skinny pale faced man with bright orange eyes often took those who murdered children, he wore a cloak over his suit. Leviathan took down only armies that destroyed the innocent there were still some sent out specifically to get rid of people who were different. He's probably the shortest King, he's green with dark eyes, also bald and covered in dark tribal tattoos he only wore ripped shorts.


I set the pictures and notes down, I couldn't sleep and asked Judy if she could bring this by when she had a chance. Even when I met them they had things to do as there are so many places all over the world with people that need to be taken care of, that didn't deserve that second chance, they wouldn't be here often for visits but I still wanted to know a little more about them. They all had shared those that could fit into any area and of course those that performed terrible acts out of wrath but those that stupid and annoying things like cutting you off in traffic, or taking your parking spot when you circled for it...even going off on you during Black Friday shopping. They didn't belong down here, you had to be twisted in some way, or you have to had done something severe to be here as a tortured soul. To be a servant...well.


I looked at Lana.


“Why are you here?”




“You heard me, what crime landed you in Hell?”


She didn't answer me, Judy rolled her eyes.


“She's the idiot that tried to summon the master, she thought she was using a simple spell for a demon when a human does that it always backfires on them she was marked for death unable to pass on in peace. She tried to kill herself and here she is years later he likes to keep her as a reminder of what not to do when you're bored with your cats on a Friday night.”


Lana glared at us as we laughed.


“The master doesn't like being controlled, and that little spell was a gift from Micheal so it worked a little bit.”




“One of the archangels, he's such a brat I don't have to be here to say that, always playing little pranks on his brother, he knew she would fail at summoning him but the holy power did cause him pain.”


I frowned, how childish could an eternal one be.


“Do all of the angels mess with him?”


“Gabriel does sometimes, but they mostly ignore him otherwise.”


“What about Satan?”


She shook her head.


“I think they got their fill of fucking with him, I think that's a big part of why he's so angry...he doesn't quite respond the same as the master does, sometimes I can't tell which one is scarier when they're angry. Lana you can go, if you're just going to stand there like an idiot then go find something to do.”


She flipped her off and stormed out.


“Speaking of Satan have you talked to him recently?”


“No I only see him when I take in meals and I'm only supposed to go in there when he calls me.”


“When was the last time you went in?”


She was quiet as she tried to remember.


“It's been a few months...I don't know if he gets his own food or not but he never seems to need to eat much.”


I nodded slowly.


“I was thinking about looking in on him but now I don't know he could still be pissy according to Lucifer.”


“I think if you're worried about him even if he's in a bad mood you could probably check in on him but what would I know? Would you like to try on more dresses or check in on him now?”


“Guess I'll wait and check with Lucifer first I personally don't want to face him in a bad mood...how about that blue one?”


“Oh a good choice twice, amazing madam.” she said with a grin.


“Are you teasing me?”


“Am I? My I'm not sure.”


I smiled at her as she happily hurried to take out another dress, happiest woman in Hell.



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