Chapter 2: Welcome to the world, again

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Strange n' Love

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Being on the outside was strange to say the absolute least, he glanced at her they sat in her yellow convertible New York was much livelier than he could remember. Maybe it was because of demon activity. It wasn't what it once was, though he expected it there was naturally something different to imagine how things are changing without a window and actually getting out. They were going to another business with treated windows and were going around back he was at least being given a fair chance but he was still agitated he knew who was doubting him the most and feeding the mood to the rest of the bottom feeders. He briefly looked at her as she took a mix of turns showing the wave of the road, the shops that melted into pricey “suburban” areas whirling back to apartments and shopping centers it wasn't quite New York but comfortable.


She looked up hearing a slight chuckle from him, he wasn't even sure she was listening but talking to himself was a common activity with him now.


“Even making art of being scum it's strange to see home so different yet be happy to see it at the same time I don't think I really know what to feel,” he muttered slowly.


He looked over at her again suddenly as she patted his hand before returning her focus on the wheel his focus remained on the area though he heard her all too clearly.


“Years away can do that, but you'll like it, part of you is saying so, if you like after we get you settled a little we could go out, take in the sights.”


He cocked his head.


“What sort of sights?”


“Movie, dinner, strip club.” he sat up in seat a bit as best he could for his size in her car frowning as she laughed before stopping at a red light.


“You're a little pent up, aren't you? I won't take it personally but uh no bitches are coming to my house and I won't let you stay out also you'll be restricted from any baby mama drama so please don't screw up on purpose.”




She glanced at him as she took a slow corner allowing a child and his mother to pass, he caught the little boy waving at him he tried to smile had no idea if it was scary or not. He didn't even know why he even cared but he tried and the boy, probably six laughed, seemingly satisfied. She caught him but silently smiled instead just a point every little thing mattered.


“So what do you say?”


“Okay fine, but I don't need any restrictions, my kind can't reproduce until the first year of a successful mating and unlike the underdeveloped humans we don't have diseases to worry about in any way,” he said firmly as she grinned.


“Perfect, but I was mostly saying if you think you can skirt your curfew while you're 'safe' there is much more I can take away so keep to my rules and you can do whatever you like.”


“Why do you want me to succeed so badly?”


She shrugged.


“Because you're my wild card even if you fail they'll let me keep my job, they want to see if I'll cave and I don't think that's fair I mean if they have so little hope why not just execute you? It just doesn't make any sense, I think that no matter what you've done there is more going on and I want to know if that is you really being the lowest of the low and that's why I'm safe or if this is a setup and you're just a guinea pig. I'll find out.” He nodded slowly it made enough sense he'd go along with it but he knew it didn't make much sense.


He appreciated that she wasn't just a pretty face and that he wasn't just paranoid he guessed they both ought to be watching out. He looked up as she paused and he watched the sidewalk it was a drug store he really didn't want to play the nice obedient pet, curiosity or not but then for his faults, he wasn't completely ignorant to the power of having someone on your side that the man or whoever had to listen to. Remembering how she handled Slater he wasn't afraid of her he didn't scare easy, though his mind was already wondering how to use that strength in the bedroom. He shook the thought from his head, maybe a little bit of playing would keep his head clear until he decided if he should blindly trust her or if she was just another to turn on him.


“You want me to stay put I guess?”


“Might as well this isn't protected, you could say, and that jumpsuit will just set them off, you want a hot dog?”


“From a drug store?”


“It's a combination they have a kitchen in the back has a lot of random traffic, college students from the right and AA members with late meetings from the left meeting in the middle at different times,” she explained unhooking her seat belt.


He shrugged, only giving a slow nod as she nudged him she stepped out and locked him in, he was friendly enough for a worn-out criminal. Was it an act? Even though he wasn't quite 'Innocent' had they beaten him down enough that this was what was left? Perhaps it was a whole other set up, she wasn't naive but she didn't want them to be enemies if they didn't have to be that wouldn't get either of them anywhere. She gave him the benefit of the doubt with the well-trained guard her grandmother would be proud of. As for wanting to let him fuck her twelve ways from Sunday and through the month to make a whole new extra saying...well she'd pretend that was just passion for her work.


(a rather typical setting I know but I'll cut it up this is why I never point out the year I despise restriction but it doesn't hurt to have a visual ya see.)

Submitted: October 31, 2020

© Copyright 2022 SweetDreamer92. All rights reserved.


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