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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Diana Landon never had a man. not because she didnt want to but because no one wanted her. Tim Reece is recently broken. he's not ready for a relationship but is down for some great sex. Diana and Tim find each other, each with different perspectives of defining their relationship. another threat emrges as it turns out Diana has an obsessive secret admirer. will Tim want to fight for her? is he strong enough to let go of his past disappointments and look to the future for something new.


Diana Landon never had a man. not because she didnt want to but because no one wanted her.

Tim Reece is recently broken. he's not ready for a relationship but is down for some great sex.

Diana and Tim find each other, each with different perspectives of defining their relationship.

another threat emrges as it turns out Diana has an obsessive secret admirer.

will Tim want to fight for her? is he strong enough to let go of his past disappointments and look to the future for something new.

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i'm not too sure about this chapter. let me know what you think is missing. thank you.

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Diana rolled her eyes as the nurse seeing him to the car winked at Tim and told him to call her. He really is an asshole. She adjusted her glasses, squared her shoulders and waited for him to get in, his arm in a sling cast.

Whoever had beat him up had done a number on him. He had two plasters on his forehead along with one on his neck. And even at that, it all made him ruggedly handsome with a bad boy look to him. Bad boy wasn’t the word for Tim though, it just didn’t apply somehow. It felt off and sounded off. He might be a playboy but he wasn’t bad. She knew that in her guts.

He got into the car without any help from her and managed to sit down, grimacing once or twice. Making sure he was comfortably settled in, she cleared her throat dramatically and asked “where’s the place?”

“Hi Rihanna,” Tim saw the annoyance aggravate in her eyes at what he had called her. He remembered her name alright which was weird as he never remembered the names of women he had been having sex with for the past year. He had to keep to his reputation.

“Where to asshole?” she didn’t miss a bit to respond. He was just living up to the standards of the name she had christened him.  Mixing her name up had only succeeded in riling her up further than she already was. She’d meant nothing to him. It was just a quick fuck to him. She had expected more and was terribly disappointed she did not get it. She mentally admitted it had been her fault, she’d encouraged him. It didn’t mean she didn’t have a right to her emotions. She felt like treating him like an ass, she would.

Tim was immediately taken aback. The sweet lady with the Harry Potter glasses was gone, the one he’d met just about two weeks ago. Her replacement still had the glasses on but her face was on fire.

“Where’s that coming from?” he asked looking at her.

“I’m sorry. Isn’t that your name? Suits you,” she gave a tight smile and asked him one more time for directions. He obediently gave it to her and sat back in the awkward silence. Tim had never been the type to handle being ignored. He’d always gotten attention. Diana was ignoring him and he wasn’t liking it.

“Thank you for picking me up,” he said looking sideways at her.

“I am not doing it for you. I’m doing my friend a favour,” she answered as she turned the wheel.

“Are we going to talk about what’s wrong with you?” Tim asked.

“Do I look like something is wrong with me?”

“Yes!” he almost cried out.


“You look angry?”

“Should I be?”

“With me. No,”

She glanced briefly in his direction and turned back to face the road. Now that they were talking about it, she couldn’t bring herself to actually give him a reason why she was angry at him. Okay, yeah, he’d used her and dumped her but they weren’t even dating. It was more like two horny consenting adults in the same room. Why was she angry? Did she have a right to be angry?

“You’re not angry because we had sex, are you?” he asked. She only stared straight ahead, her hands gripping the steering wheel tighter.

Diana had tried not to think about the awesome sex she had with Tim two weeks ago. Every time her mind drifted, she immediately thought about something else. She didn’t want to miss it. She didn’t want to want more. She valiantly fought the memories just so she wouldn’t ache for him. A battle she’d thought she’d won but now that the words were coming from his mouth. She’d never really won that battle.

“It was that bad uhn?”

As a matter of fact, it was good. It was too good. She might not have anything or any experience to compare it with but that day, she’d not only felt good, she’d felt connected with him. These thoughts she would never share with him.

“Naaa…. I remember differently,” Tim continued.

“Tim, shut up or I swear I will beat the address of your assaulter out of you and I’ll drop you off with him. How’s that sound?” she immediately snapped at him not wanting to relive that moment with him, the moment where she had lost it all.

“Just tell me why you’re mad at me?”

“Well, maybe it’s because you just got done having sex with me and the next minute, you’re flirting with my friend. Oh oh, here’s another one, I don’t hear from you for two weeks and when I do, it’s to pick you up from the hospital because you got beaten for sleeping with another man’s girlfriend. And here you’re surprised why I named you asshole. I can’t believe I had a crush on you for so long,” at the last part, she glanced at him again, disappointment, regret, disdain written all over her face.

Tim felt so little under her stare. He was disappointed in himself also if that made her feel any better.

“Diana, you’re sounding like we are dating. You’re not my girlfriend, I’m not your boyfriend. Yes, we might have had sex but there is nothing more to it than that. I’m sorry that your first time had to be with an asshole, I really am. Maybe if you had met the Tim from a year ago, it might have turned out differently,”

Silence filled the car once again. Diana feeling like she might have been too brutal.

“How’s the other guy?” she asked planning to lighten the mood.


“The guy you had a fight with,”

Tim chuckled. “I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It wasn’t a fight. It was a beat down. Flawless victory,”

Diana laughed with him. “That will teach you to look before you leap,”

“Hey, she didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend. She came onto me. What was I supposed to do?” they finally arrived at his apartment. “The jerk just jumped us at the street corner from the supermarket. I think he was tailing her or something. I hadn’t even gotten her home. It might have been less painful,”

This time, Diana got down from the car and helped him out. “Thank you,”

“Well, next time, ask,”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he stopped to look at her. Diana stopped in her tracks too both of them lost in each other’s eyes.

“I meant ask, the next time you pick a new girl up,”

With his good hand, he took off her glasses, wanting to see her eyes once again. “I’m asking you,”

“You already had me, remember?”

“Maybe, I want to have you once again,” Diana stepped back from him, her heart pounding through her ears.

“we should get inside,” Diana managed to say, shying away from the intensity of his eyes.

Tim was used to rejection. He was actually expecting it. Women confused him. you want to be with them, they run. You don’t want to be with them, they grab you by the balls. And that was exactly what Diana had done to him in the car while they were driving over.

The look in her eyes when she had chastised him reflected his own feelings about himself. So yes, he slept with different women almost every day but what was waiting for him at the end of the day, loneliness. He had no one to talk to, no one to hold on to. There was nothing waiting for him back home.

He led the way to his apartment and gave the key to Diana since he was temporarily handicapped. Diana stepped into the room and held the door open for him. She couldn’t speak, not yet. She didn’t know what to say. What if she told him she wanted him again, agreed to what he was proposing. Who knows the next time she would hear from him again?

“Do you have any food in the house? I’m sure the hospital meal couldn’t have been satisfying,”

“I’ll be fine. You can leave now,” he said drily and dropped on his chair careful not to hurt his arm.

“Hey, Mr. Asshole. Your sister charged me with looking after you and that’s exactly what I am going to do. You have absolutely no say in the matter. So sit your butt on there, put on the TV and tell me exactly what you have in that kitchen so I can make you some food,”

“Please, stop calling me that,”

“Please stop acting like it,”

“You know, in a lot of ways, you and my sister are the same,” he looked at her behind hooded eyes, trying to figure her out.

“Then you’ll understand why I don’t want to get on her bad side,”

“Sit down. Let’s talk for a minute before you continue your bossiness,” Diana rolled her eyes but sat down beside him.

“You said you had a crush on me for a long time. I can’t remember having seen you before that day at my sister’s house so how is that possible?”

“I and your sister have been friends for about three years. We met at the hospital where I work.  I met you at parties actually and I was introduced to you various times. You never remembered me. Usually, I’m never noticed so no grudges there.”

“I’m sorry. I’m very bad with faces.”

“You were so polite, so well mannered, you barely noticed any lady, Anita included, so… it was a big contrast to Lola. And now look at you,”

“Yeah, look at me,”

“What happened to you, Tim?”

“I just want to stay away from relationships for a while. Women confuse me. I just…I don’t want to be made a fool of again. Being attached hurts when that attachment is cut off. I don’t ever want to feel like that again,”

Tim was a very good example of don’t judge a book by its cover. In that moment, he looked so sad, so vulnerable. Who in the world could have hurt him so? She reached forward with her hands, brushing his wounded face with her fingers.  There were so many things she wished she could tell him but in that moment, words weren’t needed. He just needed to see, to know that he is more than just a pretty face.

“Diana, I…” Tim was about to admit to her that there was this undeniable pull he felt towards her. The last few weeks, he had been raided with constant thoughts of her.  He was about to let his guards down when her phone buzzed in her pocket.

Diana fished her phone out and took the call, moving away from Tim just a bit. The distance was enough for Tim’s head to start reeling. Quietly, he listened to her phone conversation. Someone named Justin, definitely a guy and a close one with the way they were bantering on the phone. He figured she had told Justin she was with Tim.

There goes another girl he might have had, he wasn’t about to get into another losing competition. He was done with that shit. The conversation kept up and Tim decided it was safe to pretend he was asleep. He didn’t want to talk anymore.  He rolled back into his shell where he would be protected from women.

Diana ended the call with Justin to find Tim asleep. The painkillers must be hard at work. Since she didn’t know her way around his kitchen, she decided to play it safe and order pizza to be delivered. If he woke up, he would then have something to eat.

Tim was aware of everything she was doing. He knew when she rang for food. He could feel her tense as she moved him to lie straight on the couch. He knew when the food came and he definitely knew when she kissed him lightly on the lips before leaving the house.


There were two reasons Diana thought Anita and Lola loved throwing parties and that was to make sure Diana kept in shape and to network with a new set of rich men whom they could sink their parasitic tentacles into. As expected, Diana ran all the errands. While the ladies took their time to look good, Diana planned the party, a party she would not be appreciated for which was Lola’s birthday.

She loved the girls but hey, once in a while, she felt like a sidekick. The tag along. She already knew she was the ugly friend, they didn’t have to rub it in. thank goodness, this time they had picked a closer venue ‘Lola’s house’. According to Lola, she wanted the craziest party of all where anything goes. Diana agreed on the condition that there would be no drugs.

Lola had handled the invitations herself and Anita was charged with making both girls beautiful. Anita was curling Lola’s hair when Diana arrived with the cake. The deejay was due in an hour and the food would arrive same time. All that was left was for Diana to join the girls to get dressed.

“How are we doing on alcohol?” Lola asked.

“I got you covered. There’s enough alcohol in there to last till the end of the night,” she hanged her packed dress on a hanger on the wall just in sight of the other girls.

“You wearing that?” Anita asked alarmed.


“No!” this time it was Lola. “Diana, take a minute and look at that. It’s hideous. I know you ask us to stay away from your dress choices but come on!”

Diana opened her mouth but nothing came out. Her friends had always respected her choice of what to wear. She didn’t believe in showing too much skin just to get noticed. No way.

“Come on, let me doll you up. Just this once,” Anita said.

She had to admit, she wanted to look good. If for no other reason, just to look good enough for Tim. He’d never missed Lola’s birthday party. He would usually leave early, giving an excuse of how it was not his scene.

“Besides if you look good enough, someone might just be generous enough to pop your cherry,” Lola smirked at her.

Well, shocker for you guys, cherry’s already popped, she grinned only knowing her secret.

“No way!” Lola gasped. Diana looked at her, wondering what the problem was.

“You slutty bitch. It’s popped, isn’t it?” her eyes were nearly bulging out of their sockets.

“What?” Diana acted ignorant as to what was going on.

“You just gave me that smug look, just now. Anita, didn’t you see it? Don’t lie to me girl. Or you’re going to regret it,”

What was the use lying? They would eventually find out one way or another. “Yes. Just a few weeks ago,”

The girls squealed like they’d won the lottery and she couldn’t help but laugh. They might be crazy but she loved them.

“Where?” Lola was bouncing her feet now, excited to hear the news. “I don’t want to know the who cos I might throw up but where? I mean was it good? Romantic? That’s the sort of thing you’re into,”


“Yea! Here? Where? What?” that calmed her adrenaline and she waited for more. Diana bet she’d want to know who now.

“Here! In your house. On your kitchen table!”

“What the…!”

Anita burst into another fit of laughter. Truth be told, Diana was enjoying herself at the girls’ expense. Anita would be next to get a kick in the gut.

“Who?” Lola asked.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to…”

“Shut the hell up and tell me who!”


The room went awful quiet and for a second, Diana was scared.

“Tim?” Lola asked. “My brother Tim?”

Diana nodded, holding her breath. She heaved a relieved sigh when Lola started to giggle before bursting into a full blown laugh.

“Lola, it’s not funny!” Anita said, anger simmering in her eyes.

“No, no, it is. It absolutely is. I should have guessed. His calls are more frequent. He’s asking of you at the end of the calls. I should have figured it out. Was he good to you? Cos I don’t care, I’ll kick his ass from now till September if he messed with you,”

“He’s done nothing wrong. Besides, it’s just a onetime thing. We aren’t dating or anything,”

Lola smirked. “Diana, if my brother had sex with you, it’s not going to be a onetime thing. You are his kind of girl,”

“Are the both of you kidding me here?” Anita spoke up once more. Lola glanced at her giving her a look that stated what the hell is your problem?

“Lola, I told you I was planning on getting back with Tim,”

“And I advised you against it. The man has already suffered one too many heart aches. First one, thanks to you. I’m not going to let you drive him deeper into the hole he’s currently in. his self-esteem is terribly shot. He’s lonely. He’s fucked up so Anita, your medicine is the wrong prescription at this point. I may have not seen Diana and Tim coming but she sure as hell is the best thing for him right now!” Lola spat and Diana stood rooted to the ground. There was no reason for Lola to defend her. Anita was her BFF.

“He wanted to be with me, Lola. You can’t change that!” Anita argued.

“You might be my best friend, Anita but I will not let you mess with my brother. It took me months to undo the damage you caused. You chose money over him!”

“No! I chose my career! I was just starting out. What did you expect me to do? How would I have landed those jobs if I was your brother’s girlfriend? Would cheating on him have been right then?”

“That’s enough guys! We don’t have to quarrel about this. Like I said, we aren’t dating. It was just something that happened in the moment. We both weren’t thinking,” Diana tried to make them all see reason.

“That doesn’t mean Anita can have him! Stay away from my brother, Anita or I swear to God, I will ruin you,”

“Guys! Stop!”

“You aren’t the boss of him!” Anita shouted, her fists clenched.

“You want to bet over that,”

“I’ll see you at the party,” Anita stepped away and grabbed her dress that was neatly spread on the bed, along with her shoes and bag and headed for the door.

Diana could sense the wheels turning in Lola’s head. Lola was a formidable woman. No one went up against her without getting burned. And at this time, Anita had somehow drawn the battle line. Diana feared she was about to be caught in the middle.

“Give me your phone,” Lola said looking at herself in the mirror.

Diana fished her phone out and handed it to her.

“Hey Justin! Hi! Its Lola” Diana looked at the crazy woman just sitting below her. Why the hell was she calling Justin?

Lola dropped the phone and put it on speaker. “It’s a shocker to hear from you. Is Diana alright?”

“She’s fine and she needs a date to my party which is why I’m calling you,”

“I don’t need a date!” Diana cried.

“Yes you do! Now shut up and let me work my magic!”

Lola turned back to face the phone.

“I’m honoured and all but why me?” Justin’s voice wafted through.

“Are you really going to play dumb with me? The world knows you want to hit her ass, so save the drama,”

“Lola, he’s married!”

“Lola, you’re gradually starting to piss me off,” but Justin sounded anything but angry.

“Shut up, both of you and let me speak. You, Justin are going to be Diana’s date to my party tonight. Get here by eight. Your one job is to make her look good and look good enough to catch someone’s attention,”

“So this is like using me to get another guy jealous kind of thing?”

“And you get to spend time with her outside of work. Maybe she’ll let you have your way with her,” the line went dead.

“Lola, that’s not fair. Justin is a very good friend of mine. He’s married. You can’t go around accusing him of such things,”

“One would think you’d see a bit more clearly with those big glasses you have on,” she got up from the chair she had been sitting on. “Now sit down and let me work my magic,”

“What are you doing Lola?” Diana had to know. She didn’t intend for Lola to use her to make a statement to Anita.

Lola sighed. “Tim is my only brother, Diana. He’s been by my side since I was born. And I hate to see him like this. Even if I always tell him to get his crazy on, it doesn’t make him happy. He’s the good kind of guy, you know. And I might be a bitch to you and take you for granted, I guess sometimes I envy you. Because I see the girl that I might have turned out to be if things hadn’t gotten so screwed up in the past and I’d rather Tim be with you than someone like me,”

Diana couldn’t speak. She just stared on at her friend, gathering a whole new level of respect for her.

“He made it quite clear it was just a onetime thing, Lola,”

“And that’s why I need him to see that’s it’s not a onetime thing, so please, let me do this for him,” Lola begged. Her shoulders slumped like Diana was her last resort. It wouldn’t hurt to try, would it? Diana pulled the chair and sat down, ready to be dolled up.

“I’m going to have to throw that kitchen table out, haven’t I?”

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