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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Diana Landon never had a man. not because she didnt want to but because no one wanted her. Tim Reece is recently broken. he's not ready for a relationship but is down for some great sex. Diana and Tim find each other, each with different perspectives of defining their relationship. another threat emrges as it turns out Diana has an obsessive secret admirer. will Tim want to fight for her? is he strong enough to let go of his past disappointments and look to the future for something new.


Diana Landon never had a man. not because she didnt want to but because no one wanted her.

Tim Reece is recently broken. he's not ready for a relationship but is down for some great sex.

Diana and Tim find each other, each with different perspectives of defining their relationship.

another threat emrges as it turns out Diana has an obsessive secret admirer.

will Tim want to fight for her? is he strong enough to let go of his past disappointments and look to the future for something new.

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I know i said weekend updates but i've got a holiday today so i had free time. Thanks for reading. please, show some love if you like the story.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 29, 2017



It had been four days and it hadn’t hurt any less. He’d prayed for the week to end so he could drown himself in all the alcohol he could afford which would be quite much considering it’s a Friday and a payday.

His friend had called him that afternoon to ask if the woman he referred for the job opening was interested. He’d given Abby’s phone number to him and asked him to speak directly with her. If she still wanted it she could have it. At least, now he understood why she loved being a maid so much. She was fucking her master, damn cliché plot of a story that happened to be his own nightmare.

He’d given Abby his all and she threw it back at his face. He’d tried to return the ring he bought but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He’d loved her, damnit he still loved her. He would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and hope he’d been in a coma and he’d dreamt everything that happened.

Abby would be the second woman to dump him right when he wants to begin something more serious than what they had. The first was one of his younger sister’s friends. Anita, he’d met her when he was staying with his sister for a few months back when he was still unemployed. It wasn’t serious at first just someone cool enough for him to hang out with while he was bored.  He should have known Anita was like his sister, Lola. Birds of the same feather flock together right? They both wanted the uptown life, never satisfied with what they had. Since he wasn’t financially fit, at least not up to her standards, she needed him just for the sex and she went with other men for the money.

He never knew until he asked her to be his girlfriend and she looked at him like “what? Are you kidding? You?” so yeah, it turns out his pretty face was what got her in his bed. Other than that, he had nothing going for him. He’d learned his lesson and kept away from Lola’s circle of friends. But they’re everywhere, dubious women.

Abby was nothing like Anita though. She was okay with the little she got and she’d fuss on and on whenever he spent a little too much on her. He remembered calling her cheap once before and they’d both laughed like kids. It was at the lingerie store. She’d hopped right in dragging him after her, regaling him on how she needed a new set of underwear. Needless to say, he’d suffered through seriously aching balls as she kept showing him different colors and sizes of bra and pants. She didn’t know she was already wearing them in his head hence the very painful boner.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her laughter, her genuine smiles, her childish behaviour, and the way she liked to talk and talk and talk and talk about nothing in particular. She would just zone off on a particular topic and he’d find the movement of her lips mesmerising.

He loved to kiss her, his Abby. Her lips were so delectable and those gratifying moans she made whenever he hit a sweet spot were pleasing sounds to his ears. He’d wanted her badly but he’d restrained himself, wanting her to pull the relationship at her own pace, never wanting to rush her, and never pressuring her. Maybe that was his mistake. He had been too careful with her.

He needed to get laid. Maybe that would help get Abby out of his thoughts. There were too many maybes but he had to get her out of his mind. What’s done is done. Where best to find a quickie than in a club? He needed to get drunk and have hot rebound sex. He’d been celibate for three years, it was time to let loose, to get his D in a P. find someone random, fuck her and move on. A one night stand.

Mystique was a pretty slutty nightclub a short distance from his apartment. His sister had taken him there once, if he had been single then, he might have liked it. He was still seeing Abby, so the moment some random blonde started throwing her boobs in his face, he ran out of there. Today, though, he was a free man and he would get all the lap dances he wanted, spend his money on drinks and hot naked women with huge titties and smoking pussies.

The club was still as dark as he could remember although faint coloured light appeared randomly at various spots. The dance floor was filled with strobe lights though while the bar was bright enough to see your drink and that’s all. The place was crowded with lots of topless patrons who were either drunk or high. Tim stood as the odd one out with the amount of clothes he was wearing and he certainly did feel odd in the crowd.

All he wanted was to get high and get a girl to fuck him. that couldn’t be hard with the number of women swinging their boobs left and right in the place and the drinks section was just at the left hand side of the club so he hurried in that direction.

With the loud music, he had to shout for the bartender to get his order. He took a seat on the bar stool and faced sideways to watch all the sex on legs and make a choice of which one would go home with him.

His shot came and he knocked it back, sliding the glass back for a refill. He kept browsing the crowd and for the next thirty minutes and after switching his drink to beer, he still hadn’t made a choice.

If it was left to him, he wouldn’t go home with anyone that night. No one looked like Abby, no one talked like Abby, no one laughed like Abby. All he wanted was her.

He sighed and ordered another beer. He decided to nurse the bottle for a while. It wasn’t a smart choice switching drinks but he couldn’t handle too much spirit.

“Hey, pretty boy?” he turned sideways and saw a stunning Barbie girl. She had it all, great blonde hair, great boobs that were barely being held by a flimsy piece of material covering about quarter of them and a nice ass. How come he didn’t spot her earlier?

“Hi!” he smiled at her trying to encourage her audacity. Though, he doubted she needed any.

“I’ve been watching you for a while,” she stood beside him, placing her head just a few inches below his.

“You were hiding, I’m sure. I would have noticed,” Tim rolled his eyes in his mind. There was a time he used to be smooth. He needed to get out more to grease his skills back. The current Tim was a sore loser, he couldn’t even keep his woman.

Barbie smiled seductively. “You were looking in the wrong places, sugar. Buy me a drink?”

Tim signalled to the bartender who smiled at Barbie and immediately brought her a beer.

“Is it pretty too?”

Tim turned to her wondering what she meant.

“I guess, I’ll just find out myself,” she smiled and packed his package in a strong grip. Tim was shocked. His cock also jolted on impact and he almost lost balance.

“Easy kitty cat. I don’t bite, maybe,” Tim could only stare as she unzipped his jean trousers.

“Ah…should we be doing this here? I’m not trying to stop you but…” Tim looked frantically about when she helped his rising cock spring out. Sure enough, he bartender had stopped with his job and was enjoying the show.  A few other people were already pointing at them.

“Apparently, you’re new here,” that said, she grabbed him in her hands, and massaged him until he was full length. Ah, if Lola could see me now, he thought.

He stared mesmerised at his cock in her hands, working the thick length up and down. His heavy balls compacted and he gave a guttural groan.

Satisfied that he was where she wanted him, she spread her legs, threw her ass in the air and buried her cock in her mouth.

“Fucking Christ!” the jeering of their audience sounded really distant when in actuality, they’d moved closer to get a better view. He slid down the bar chair, wanting to grab everything and nothing.

Barbie knew how to use her mouth, she made it sloppy with her saliva, gliding easily up and down his shaft. He was quickly arriving at the point where his accumulated load might send her flying through the roof, he was feeling like Hancock at the moment.

She locked her eyes on his, smirked and swallowed him further down her throat, he thought his cock would end up in her oesophagus.

For support from falling off the chai, he grabbed her hair. Her moans at his touch vibrated through his penis down his balls, firing up his already hot liquid.

“Shit! I’m cumin!” the crowd started to cheer. His heart was pounding so fast, his breathing wild. The closer he got to eruption, the louder the cheer.

He pushed her head further down his cock and she squeezed the life out of him. He finished inside her mouth. Barbie licked him until he went soft. His mouth fell open refusing to shut from the intensity of that mouth job.

Barbie stood up licking her lips. The reasonable thing to do was to get Barbie’s name and maybe they could continue in a more private place.

He adjusted himself in his pants and looked at her as she grabbed her drink, the one he’d bought for her.

“Can we finish this somewhere more private? My place?”

She laughed a bit. “I’m sorry sugar. My boyfriend gave me a dare to suck you off. And well, you’re a pretty boy. It was easy to do so I’m finished,” she pat him on the cheek and walked away to one of the guys who’d been cheering them on.

“Well, fuck my life!” he breathed. He always had to lose. 

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