The Italian Sugar Daddy

The Italian Sugar Daddy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


WARNING: This is not intended for readers under the age of 18. The adventures in finding my perfect sugar daddy with a man I call "The Italian."


WARNING: This is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The adventures in finding my perfect sugar daddy with a man I call "The Italian."

Chapter3 (v.1) - Happy Birthday

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 06, 2012



It had been three weeks since the last time I saw the Italian. He canceled on me a once because of work and when he came home there was so much going on for the weekend he just couldn’t get away.

A few nights ago, I got a text from the Italian asking if he could see me. I always enjoy “seeing” the Italian. Not only because he’s a generous sugar daddy and a wonderful lover, but conversations with him is stimulating and I have a great time just being around him.

It was 12:30 when I walked in to the restaurant he had in mind. It was one of my favorite places to eat at in the general area. He had texted me about 5 minutes prior saying he was at the bar.

There he was with his back to me wearing a pretty blue and white polo shirt and khaki shorts. He was drinking a beer and watching what looked like CNN on the television.  

“What’s a guy like you doing in a place like this,” I asked as I sat down to his left.

“Well, hello my beauty, how was your drive here?”

This started a conversation about the weather of the local area where we live and how he missed last weeks storms as he was in Wisconsin and Chicago most of that week.

Instead of eating, we just had a couple of drinks and talked about our lives. I shared stories of my children’s activities and he shared his travel and what hell he was put through when he came home to her. We even talked of the golfing trip he had the weekend he canceled on me. He kept apologizing about canceling but I understood. I would have made plans for a get away from home too with the guys then be around the woman he calls a wife.

We had already established that we wanted to play days prior to today so that was something well planned out. He asked me if I was wanted control today. And yes, I wanted it. We moved our conversation down the street to the new hotel that just opened up about 4 months ago.

We couldn’t wait for the room. As soon as we got into the elevator, and we were only going up one floor, we were all over each other. I had to make out with this man now.

The elevator door opened and standing there, waiting for it was a little Hispanic woman, short and pudgy, dressed like a housekeeper. We excused ourselves from her, he grabbed my hand and off we were giggling and making our way to our room.

Once inside it was no holds bars. We were kissing each other passionately while taking our clothes off as though they were on fire and we needed them off like yesterday.

He both acted hungry for each other’s touch. I love feeling his mouth on me, kissing me. I needed him, wanted him and there was nothing going to stop me from having him.

We crawled in the king sized bed together, touching and kissing. I made him lay on his back as I took control of him.

I kissed his mouth, then his chin, then nibbled on his tanned neck and chest. When I got to his nipples I ran my tongue over each one as I hear him say something in Italian. I wanted to know what he said so I asked. He told me he had said he loved my tongue and the naughty things I can do with it. I then told him he hadn’t seen anything yet.

Farther down his body I went, trailing a moist path down to his belly button. Once I reached his belly button my hands found his hardness, ready and waiting to be played with. I looked up at his and saw the passion in his beautiful dark brown eyes. I was going to blow this man’s mind away.

“Happy birthday my lover,” I said just before I wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock. He has a wonderful erection, plump and tall ready for me whenever I wanted him. I toyed with his dick with my tongue then I would take it deep in my mouth sucking him wanting him to cum in my mouth.

I heard him moan as I bobbed up and down on him, running my hand over his shaft as I took him out of my mouth.

“Cum for me daddy. I want this for your birthday present. It really wasn’t his birthday but will be later next week. He had no idea I was about to give my total self to him for a birthday gift.

He moaned something in Italian and I kept sucking and licking his hard cock. I pumped him, sucked him, licked him, teased and teased until I felt him twitch and his cock started to throb. His hands held me to him as he came in my mouth. I took all of his hot cum in and swallowed it. He tasted so good. And I licked him clean.

He was smiling as I crawled up his body smiling seductive at him.

“My birthday isn’t until next week,” he said with a hint of surprise.

“I know, I won’t see you then so I’m giving it to you early. Now, how do you feel about a little anal lovin?”

Like every time before, we shared passion today. I gave myself totally to him. He got to experience something only very few has experienced. After almost three hours of exploring each other’s bodies and worshipping each other, we took a long fun, slippery shower, passionately shared yummy kisses as we helped each other dress.

While we were dressing he asked me how I felt about an overnight get away soon. He wants to take me to Chicago and go shopping and have a good time as a couple instead of feeling like we have to hide to a point. In Chicago we can be free to touch each other in public, to kiss each other without thinking we were being watched by someone who may know either one of us.

He whispered words in Italian in my ear as he gave me a little gift bag. Inside the bag was a little box and a card. Inside the box was a pair of gold hoop earrings from Jarod Jewelers. I thanked him with a smile and a kiss. He must thought I wouldn’t like them and said if I wanted to exchange them for something else, we could stop by the jewelers before going our own way.

I loved them and plan to keep them so there was no issue at all.

“You’re the best lover I have ever had,” he said just before kissing me slow and soft.

The card, had words of romance wrote by him along with my allowance.

This Italian man could have my heart if I’m not careful.

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