Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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 When its swollen head first touched my lips it made me shiver with anticipation. It was touching me on them right where it would go through them into me. Daddy smiled at me when said, "Are you ready for my cock to go in you littlegirl."

 "Oh daddy, I have been ready ever since I felt it in my mouth. Shove it in please. All the fucking way daddy. Fuck me with it. I want you to make me cum with it."

 My hands went up around my daddy's back and I hugged him really tightly. I felt his cock's head slowly spreading my lips as he started pushing it in. He stopped once just the head of his cock was inside of. me. It felt so much bigger than the one on the boy that had fucked me in his bedroom. Its size made me gasp."

 He ever so slowly pushed its full length iI into my cunt. I wasn't prepared for how full and amazing it would feel filling it. The walls of my vagina felt like they were being stretched to their limit. His cock was the longest thickest thing that had ever been in it and I loved how it felt in me.

 Daddy stopped for a few seconds when he felt me tense up and dig my nails into his back to give me a chance to get used to its size. I pushed my cunt up against him loving how it felt. When my vagina started squeezing it he took that exact moment to start pulling it back as slowly as he had pushed it in. He stopped for a couple of seconds when only the head of his cock was still inside me.

 My hands left his back and went onto the cheeks of his ass. Digging my nails into them I started pulling him back in a little faster than he had gone in the first time. I moved my hands back up onto his back and started hugging him again once it was all inside me again.

 Without any warning he pulled out like before a little faster. Instead of stopping like he had before he drove his cock all of the way back into my cock trap forcefully as far as it would go.
 He held it there and said, "Littlegirl daddy is going to fuck you so God damned deep and hard it's going to feel like the head of my my cock is going right through you and hitting your asshole."

 With thar said he started pumping his cock in and out of me faster. I was on the verge of cumming as he sped up but used every bit of willpower I had to hold it back until he came. I wanted us to cum together at the same time.  

 Daddy had amazing staying power. Over and over his cock pounded in and out of my hole like a fucking battering ram. When I couldn't take it any more my fingernails raked along his back and dug into his ass again. 

 My legs went up over the back of his and using them I held him inside of me. I wasn't going to let him pull back as my orgasm started deep inside of my core. 

 When he realised what was happening I felt him push into me so far the head of his cock hit the enterance to my cervix. His cock started pumping what felt like a gallon of cum into me. 

  I know there wasn't that much, nobody has that much cum, but it felt like there was. My cunt juices mingled with his cum when I came. Combined, there wasn't enough room left inside me for all of it with his cock in me. 

 There was so much I felt it ooze out down into that space between the bottom of my cunt lips and my ass crack when his cock slowly started to get soft and go down in size. We laid joined together until his cock finally slipped out. Once it did I felt a void inside of me where it had been.

 Rolling off of me daddy put an arm around me and we just lay side by side cuddling until our breathing returned to normal.

 "Oh my God daddy. It was worth the wait for you to do that to me. Every time I finger fuck myself or use my hairbrush from now on it is going to remind me of your cock and how good it felt. You were right daddy. Nothing could be more funner than fucking."

 Wehen we finally got up we wenr and had a shower together. He washed my body and I washed his. I ran my soapy fingers along the thick shaft of his cock trying to get it to get hard again. It got a little swollen when I got down on my knees and sucked on it but it wouldn't get hard. Unlike a woman an older man like my daddy needs time to recover before he can get a hardon and fuck again.

 After my mom got home everything returned to normal during the week except for Saturday mornings. In my room before our shower I would suck his cock until it got hard and then we would fuck the shit out of each other. Daddy taught me a lot of different positions we could fuck in along with other things we could do in bed together. 

 One of those things I like almost as much as fucking with him is what he calls 69'ing. We lay on our sides facing eacj other. He licks and sucks on my cunt while I suck on his cock until we both cum.

 The one he taught me that I love the most was him laying on his back and me sitting on top of his big cock straddling his legs. That way he can play with my tits and suck on my nipples when I lean ahead with his cock in my cunt. It feels like his cock is going in me deeper than in any other position when I bounce my ass up and down on it.

 He showed me how to do something that he really liked to do with my mom one day. He had shaved all the hairs off of his ball sac. Daddy got me to lick his nuts and suck both of them in my mouth. When I had them both in it my mouth was even fuller than when I suck his big fat cock. I heard him say "Stick your finger in your cunt and get it wet with your juices. I want you to fuck my ass with it. It's something your mom and I love to do."

 He pulled his knees up to his chest and I heard him moan when I started pushing my finger into his ass hole. It was very tight the first time I got all of it inside him. I finger fucked his asshole with my finger until he came shooting his cum onto my forehead when I sucked trally hard on his balls. I love how warm his cum fells running down on my face once I moved my mouth back away from his balls.

 He has tried to shove his cock in my ass a few times but it is too thick and way too long to go in so I have to settle for his finger. It took a while for me to get used to it but after a few trys coated with my cubt juice I grew to love it when I came with him sucking my juices out of me. That's probably better, for my body anywat  because his cock would rip me open if he ever pounded it all into me like he does in my cunt.

 Sometimes I wish my tits were bigger so I could push them together on his cock and make him cum on me above and on them. Daddy lets me watch his cum shoot out of his cock onto my tiny tits when he jerks off in the shower while talking dirty to me. I love it when I hear him calling me littleslut instead of littlegirl when he does that.

 I have only told one person about us. She is the girlfriend I have girl sex with. She has tried to talk me into having a threesome with my daddy ever since I showed her a picture of his cock when he had a hardon.  I had taken it with my phone one day after I got it hard. I showed her how big my stepdaddy's cock is one day while I was telling her about the things we do together but I'm not going to be sharing his cock with any other girl, not even her.

 I still get together with her for girl sex every now and then when her parents are out shopping or at the movie theater. The thing both of us like doing the most together is tribbing. It feels almost as good as fucking with our wet cunt lips grinding against each others until we cum. But that's another story.


Submitted: December 20, 2020

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Dick Wood

Pretty hot story. Next go around, maybe the two girls catfight for the right to fuck and suck step daddy. Think he would like to see two young women fight for his hard dick and have his man cum in them.

Sun, December 20th, 2020 10:26pm


Thanks for reading the whole story and your comments Dick. I will keep your suggestion in mind and maybe write some more of her story.

Sun, December 20th, 2020 7:56pm

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