Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 8
  The rest of the weekend and following week went on as usual except that my mom got sick with whatever it was her sister was down with. It was some kind of really bad flu that kept her bedridden the whole week up until Friday morning.

 When she came down for breakfast she said that she was feeling better and more like her old self. She got a call from her sister around noon asking if she wanted to spend the weekend with her. Her husband was going to be out of town for a few days. He had to put in some overtime at his employers other office.

 He had to go to the city where his head office is located to help them install and set up a new computer system in their main production plant there for them the nexr day. It had to be done on a weekend.

 Mom had gotten up before daddy and me. She was gone before the two of us woke up. I was laying in bed naked playing with my tits and cunt reading a book filled with dirty stories thinking about everything that had happened last Saturday. When I heard daddy start to open my bedroom door I dropped my book beside me and pretended to be asleep.

 He came to the side of my bed and stood there until I faked waking up. When I opened my eyes I saw him standing there slowly stroking his hardon pointing it straight out at me "Daddy, why are you in my room with nothing on? Mom is going to catch us."

 "Don't worry about her littlegirl. She was gone when I woke up. I just came in to see if you wanted to take your shower so I can get cleaned up or would you rather just spend the day in bed. Mom won't be home until some time on Monday."

 Laying there looking up at him I said, "I think I would rather WE spend the day in bed together." Reaching over I pushed his hand off of his cock and wrapped my fingers around the its shaft.  I proped myself up on one elbow and puckered my lips. Leaning over I gave the littlr lips on the end of its head a kiss. I giggled when I said, "Good morning Peter Pointer."

  I smiled up at him and said, "I thought he should have a name too and Peter Pointer sounds like it would be a good one. How does that sound to you?"

 Daddy said "Why do you think Peter Pointer would a good name?"

 "Daddy. Can't you remember anything. The first time I saw your thing, I mean your cock, I was still just a littlegitl and we were in the shower together. I asked you what that thing between your legs was when you were washing it and it got hard? You told me it was your Peter."

 "The next time we had a shower it got hard again. Trying to be funny I reached up and took a hold of it. I shook it like I was shahing hands with someone and said Hello Mr Peter Pointer."

 You took my hand off of it and told me littlegitls aren't supposed to be touching their daddy's thing and mommy would get really mad if she knew I let you touch it.

 I laughed when I said to him, "Well mom would shit a brick and get even madder now wouldn't she. She would be totally pissed off at us if she knew you let me suck your cock until your sperm stuff came out of it in my mouth or that you made me cum by licking my cunt last week."

 "Well honey we aren't going to tell her, are we now." he said as he climbed up beside me in my bed. When he laid down and pulled me close to him I could feel the full size of his hardon pressing against my leg.

 I said, "Daddy, can we try doing some of those other things you told me people do with each other in bed when they don't have any clothes on?"

 Daddy said,"Which of those things would you like us to try now that your mom isn't here to catch us?"

 "I don't know daddy. What's the funnest thing people do? Is it that putting your cock thing in my cunt thing you told me about. What is that called?"

  "Yes it is and it's called fucking. You are going to love how it feels once you get my cock inside you when I fuck you."

  His hand went between my legs at my knees. Pushing them apart my cunt started getting even wetter as his fingers moved up along the inside of my thigh towards my cunt. When he got there his hand moved onto my mound cupping me and I felt one of his fingers press in between my wet lips.

 His palm on my mound and spreading them apart with his finger he slowly pushed it up in me like my girlfriend had. His fingers are longer and thicker than hers or mine are so it felt even better. He started pushing it in and out finger fucking me slowly making me get even wetter.

 I started pushing my cunt up on it every time it went in like it was a cock I was fucking. I loved how it felt but I wanted to feel his cock doing it. "Daddy, can you please do that with your cock thing. I want to feel what it feels like inside of me."

 Pulling his finger out he moved his body up on top of mine with his legs between mine. I could feel my hardened nipples pressing into his chest and bottom of his hardon pressing on my mound when he got on top of me. He started pressing his cock down grinding it on my mound moving it up and down on me dry humping me. 

 My mind started to spin and I could feel my lips between my legs getting wetter as he did that. His thing is so fucking big i knew it was going to fill my cunt fuller than anything I had ever had in it before.

 "Daddy, your thing feels good doing that there but I want to find out what it feels like inside of me. I have never had one of those things inside of my thing. I want you to fill me up with it and fuck your littlegirl." When I said that he started moving his cock a little lower each time it moved up and down on me.

 It felt like it was taking forever for him to get the head of his cock down between the top of my thighs to touch my cunt lips. I could feel that clear slippery wet stuff that comes out of a man's cock that I like the taste of so much when theur cock gets hard before they cum.  Every time it went a little lower I got a little more excited waiting for its head to reach my cunt's lips.




Submitted: December 16, 2020

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Dick Wood

Daddy is such a tease. Then so is his little girl.

Thu, December 17th, 2020 11:11pm


The teasing will end in the next chapter and littlegirl will get what she wants

Fri, December 18th, 2020 7:21pm

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