Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 5
 I felt his tongue start to lick its way up the inside of my thigh towards my cunt's lips giving me little kisses along the way. His fingers ran up on the outside of my legs until they reached my ass cheeks and went under them. When his mouth was almost to my slit he stopped and started sucking on the inside of my thigh. His sucking on it felt like he was trying to give me a hickey. It created the same exotic feeling of pain in my leg as it does in your neck when someone sucks on it really hard and you get one. It hurts a little but in an exciting not painful way.

 His mouth then moved up on top of my leg instead of to my cunt. It moved onto my mound and his lips pressed into the soft flesh there. His fingers sank into my ass cheeks as he used them to push my lower body up. His mouth opened and he started sucking on it softly as his mouth moved lower. I loved how it felt building the excitement in my whole body. 

 The boy that had gone down on me had went right to my lips. When he got to my lips his tongue started to go into the wetness between them spreading them as he sucked. He made me cum but it wasn't really all as good as I had heard it would be from overhearing the older girls talking about it.

 By the time daddy's tongue reached my clit I felt those wonderful pre-orgasmic feelings start inside of me again and I started grinding my cunt on his face. I was so worked up my hands left the bed and I grabbing his hair and pulled his head against me tightly. 

 It felt like my core was exploding when I came. Although an orgasm doesn't last that long it felt like it would never end as my juices were sucked out of me.

 When I finished daddy pulled his head back. Looking down I saw him smile as he started talking. "Fuck honey. Your cunt tastes even better than it looks. How did that feel little girl?"

 "Oh my gosh daddy. It felt even better that time than it did in the shower. I want to suck your thing and make you feel that good too. I want your thing to be feeling the same feeling I felt inside my pee place. I want to feel it inside me where you put your finger too"

 Getting up he said, "Lets trade places." He helped me stand up and pulled me against him. His lips, still wet with my juices on them moved to mine. Kissing him I could taste myself on them as the smell of my cunt on his face reached my nose when our lips met.

 Moving his lips back off of mime he said, "I have wanted to do that and taste you ever since the first time I saw you in the bathroom without anything on after your last birthday."

 Letting go of me he turned us so that his back side was facing towards the bed. Looking down when he was seated I could see hs cock pointing up laying on his body. "I have never done this before daddy. What do you want me to do first."

 Shifting his whole body up on the bed be said. "Get up here beside me and hold my cock near the bottom of it like before." Hearing him call it his cock put a big smile on my face. I had heard the older girls calling their boyfriends things cocks so I knew what he was talking about.
 "Lift my cock up and start licking the clear slippery stuff coming out of its head off of it for starters. You can call it my cock and head like the older girls do if you want."  
 "That is where your pee comes out daddy. Is it going to taste like pee when I taste it daddy?" 

 "No sweety. It will taste a lot nicer than pee. Some girls think it has an almost sweet taste." Trying to make it seem like I had never done what we were going to do I touched the tip of my tongue on the precum leaking out of its little slit. I tentatively took a little lick of it. Looking up at him I said, "Oooh daddy I really like how it tastes. If I just suck on the head of your cock will more of it come out?"

 "Yes it will if you just suck on the end of its head. There isn't really that much of it though. When you suck my whole cock in your mouth there will be some of that sperm stuff your teacher told you about shoot out of it after a while. It's a lot thicker than the clear stuff is. It will feel like my cock is flexing as it comes up through the length of it."

 "There will be a lot more of that stuff so you'll have to swallow it because it will shoot out into your mouth instead of just leaking out. When that starts to happen pull your mouth back until all you are sucking on is the head part of it. Suck on it as hard as you can and pump its shaft with your hand."

 "Be careful though. If you have my cock too far in your mouth when I cum it might shoot out right into your throat and make you start to choke. If that happens you won't get to taste it."

 "Ok daddy. I'm ready to try it. What should I do now?"

 "You can start by sucking the whole head into your mouth after you finish licking all over it. Then start moving your lips down on its shaft. Go slow and just take a little of it into your mouth at first. Then move your lips back up to the bottom of its head. Start moving them down a little farther each time. Keep doing that until you get as much of it in as you can until you feel it hit the top of your throat and it starts to make you gag." 

 "Most girls can't get all of a cock the size of mine in all of the way and not gag on it without a lot of practice. With it being your first time don't feel bad if you can't get it all in your mouth."

 I started licking all over its head but what I really wanted to do was suck on its shaft and feel it filling my mouth. I did it slowly like he told me to because a first time cock sucker wouldn't be able to just plunge their mouth down on a cock like I can.

 I think I must have shocked daddy when by the fourth time my mouth went down I had the whole fucking thing all of the way in. I even surprised myself. His cock was longer and thicker than any of the boys cocks I had ever sucked before. Later when I measred it one day I found out it was eight inches long.

 Gradually speeding up and sucking a little harder I heard him groaning and breathing heavily every time it went in and out of my mouth. When his back arched he lifted his ass up off of my sheets. I knew what was going to happen in a few seconds after it started to throb. One of my hands went under his cock to his ball sac and pulled down on it a little rolling his nuts around against each other.

 I heard him cry out, "Oh FUUUCK" when he started to cum. His big cock was like a fucking fire hose when he came. There was so much cum blasting out onto my tongue that it started to run down into my throat off of it. I was sucking just the head of his cock as hard as I could and swallowing everything that came out of it. By the time he finished there was none of it left in my mouth. It had all got sucked down my throat. 

 Only the taste of it was left on my tongue and in my mouth when I pulled it off of his cock's head. I crawled up beside my daddy He had just started to kiss me when we heard the front door open downstairs.

 We had been at it  for so long my mom had got back home. "Daddy, mom's home! You have to get out of my room before she comes up and catches us." Daddy jumped off of my bed and ran to the bathroom. I no sooner heard the shower start when I heard mom calling his name asking him where he was.

 Getting my robe on I went to the top of the stairs and called down to her. "He won't hear you mom. We both slept in and I just heard the shower start. Give me a second to finish getting dressed and I'll come down and help you put the groceries away."

Submitted: December 06, 2020

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Dick Wood

I don't think she should go down and help her mom with the groceries. Women sense things and I think her mom might sense there was something going on between the two.
But could lead to a mom/daughter catfight.

Sun, December 6th, 2020 10:08pm


Sorry to disappoint you but her mom didn't. something different will be happening to her daddy's little girl in the next chapter.
Thanks Dick for reading it and your guess.

Sun, December 6th, 2020 6:54pm

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