Chapter 4: zChapter 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 4
 "Well there are a lot of things people like to do with each other when they are together naked like we are now or in bed having sex with each other. Most people start out with a lot of kissing. They kiss each others bodies in a lot of different places and it makes them both feel good inside when they kiss the other person and get kissed themself."

 "Daddy, I don't understand. Where would you be kissing them other than on their lips or their cheeks?"

 Lifting both hands and cupping my tits he said. "Well almost all girls like having these kissed and having their nipples sucked like this." My daddy lowered his head and started kissing my tits everywhere all over them. When he got to my nipples he first licked my nipples and then started sucking them gently and flicking his tongue over them in his mouth while he did that. "Oh daddy, I loved how that felt. I felt little tingles in my belly and inside my pee place when you did that."

  His hands went to my sides and his mouth left a trail of wet kisses from my tits down to my mound as he lowered himself down onto his knees. His hands cupped my ass cheeks and pulled my body against his mouth as his lips went all over my mound and then pressed in on the soft sensative  skin on it. 

 Pressing my back against the shower wall behind me he lifted my body up with his hands holding my ass cheeks and rested the back side of my thighs on his shoulders. Moving his mouth lower I felt his tongue spread my lips apart and he started licking between them. 

 When it hit my clit it made my whole body shiver. I pulled his head against me there and felt his mouth start sucking while he shoved a finger all the way up inside my cunt hole. It didn't take long for me to have a massive orgasm when he did that.

 Lowering me my my feet hit the tiled floor so I could support myself on them. He stood back up and kissed my mouth driving his tongue deep inside it. I could taste the wetness from my cunt juices on his lips. I could feel his swollen cock pressed up against me between us as we kissed. 

 When the kiss ended I said, "Holy fuck daddy. That felt amazing. I have never felt anything like that before. Inside my pee place it felt like it does when you have been holding your pee back and you explode when you finally let it go. It felt like I would have lost control and peed on your face if you had done that for much longer. 

 "Where do boys like to get kissed daddy? Are there any parts of their bodies that they really like being kissed on besides their mouths."

 "Like girls they like to have their nipples kissed, licked and sucked. The place they really like kissed and licked the most is on the soft darker skin on the end of their things." 

 "They really like it when a girl moves her mouth down over it and sucks as much of their thing as they can into their mouths. They like when she rolls the little things hanging down below it around against each outher gently with her fingers at the same time. Those are called his balls or nuts." 

 "They like when a girl wraps her fingers around the long part of their thing and squeeze it while moving their hand back and forth along its full length too. What they really like is if a girl puts as much as she can get of their thing in her mouth and sucks on it like a popsicle."

 "If they do either of those things for a while it will make the sperm stuff that makes babys in a girl shoots out of the end of it. Most people usually call that stuff cum. When it shoots out it feels like there are needles and pins sticking into its shaft and his bals. It doesn't hurt. It just feels really good while the cum is shooting out. It's something like you said it made you feel like when I sucked on your pee place."

 "Oh daddy. That sounds like a lot of fun. Can we try doing some of those things in my bedroom. The soft carpet on my floor will feel better on our knees than the hard tiles in here do."

 Getting out of the shower daddy's hand was on one of my bum cheeks with the side of our bodies pulled together. His cock was still pointing out so I used the fingers on my hand wrapped around it to lead us into my bedroom. Beside my bed I asked him if he would do it to me again telling him how much I had liked it.

 He said "Ok but lets do it a way that I think you will like a little more. It won't hurt our knees. It will last longer and it won't be over as fast." Other than in the shower I had only had one of the boys eat my cunt for me and he wasn't really very good at it but of course daddy didn't know that.
 Daddy got me to sit my bum on the edge of my bed at the end of it in front of him. Sitting there I watched him get down on his knees in front of my feet. He told me to lean back and support my body with my arms bent and my elbows on the bedsheets.

 I watched him spread my knees apart creating a big gap between my thighs. It sent a shiver through me when I heard him say, ”Honey, your cunt is the most beautiful looking thing I have ever seen. I like how it looks and feels with no hair on it shaved nice and smooth like you have it." 

 None of the boys I had been with had ever said anything that nice to me about my cunt and it made me feel extra special. Calling it my cunt made me smile. He was talking my language then. Calling it my cunt sounded a lot naughtier to me than thing or pee place did. 

 What he did next made me dig my fingers into the sheets on my bed. Moving his mouth to the bottom of my thigh I felt his tongue start to......

Submitted: December 01, 2020

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This one is not only a slippery slope, but it forebodes a sloping slip!!!

Tue, December 1st, 2020 7:49am


Something is going to get slippery alright but it will be in a valley not on a slope.
I think you would like to be a fly on the wall to spy on them watching it happen.

Tue, December 1st, 2020 8:14am

Dick Wood

She is a temptress. And daddy is obliging his little girl. But will mom come home to soon from shopping?

Tue, December 1st, 2020 5:01pm


Thanks for the comment but I'm not telling here. You'll have to keep reading it to find out.

Tue, December 1st, 2020 8:46pm

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