Chapter 2: Chapter 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Part 2

 Not long after he started moving them around I felt his fingers move up higher and touch the bottom of my sac. He said, "Can I touch it." I was so turned on at that point I couldn't speak so I just nodded and mumbled "OK."

 He moved them up until he was cupping it and started gently rolling my nuts around against each other like a couple of big marbles in a bag. He took one of them between his fingertips and squeezed it gently and then did the same to the other one. No girl had ever done that to me. Feeling him playing with my balls was making my mind spin.

 Nobody other than my doctor had ever touched my cock or my balls. When he did that, at that momen, I was so worked up it didn't seem to matter or bother me that it was another guys fingers on my cock. Closing my eyes I started to want to have him move his fingers higher and wrap them around my cock.

 Without thinking about what I was doing or why I did it my fingers moved up onto his cock. Wrapping them around his hardon I squeezed it gently and started slowly moveing them up to its head. I didn't know why but it felt like it was a natural thing to do.

 When I got to the bottom of its head's crown  I moved my thumb over the soft darker skin on it up into his slippery precum. Like mine it had started leaking out of the little lips on the end of its head. I said, "Do that to me too."

 I felt my heartbeat speed up when he did. It felt so much better having someone else do it than when I did it to myself. He looked at me and said, "If we keep it a secret do you want to do more? Are you sure it won't turn us into a couple of gays if we do?"

 "I don't think it will as long as we don't kiss and still only want to fuck girls." I said. I let go of his cock and moved onto my side facing him holding my own cock and making it point towards his body. I told him to do the same thing. When he did I started rubbing the end of our cock's heads together.

 Mine had started leaking a lot by then and it felt amazing feeling the ends of them rubbing together with our precum wetting their heads. It was like the little lips on the ends of them were having a slippery wet kiss.

 I told him I wanted to try something. I moved a little closer and used my hand to position my hardon under his. I wrapped my fingers around both cocks and started moving my ass in an in and out motion like we were fucking feeling my cock being held against his. When I pressed ahead I felt my cock's head press into his ball sac and his pressing into the hairs above my cock.

 His hand moved onto my ass cheek and he started feeling me up back there. I felt my cheeks clench and squeeze together on his fingertips in my ass crack when one of them touched my asshole.

 He sank his fingers into my flesh and pulled us closer together. When he did that there wasn't room for my hand between us any longer so I did to his ass cheek what he was doing to mine. When I let go of our cocks they ended beside each other between us. With our cocks pointing up he pulled our bodies together tighter until our cock shafts and our thighs were touching each other.

 When we started grinding our cocks against each other between our bodies I felt my ball sac pressing against his. My cock was throbbing at the feeling it created. His cock's shaft felt so hot it felt like it was on fire against mine. So much precum started to leak out of both of out cock's it was wetting both of us on our bellies.

 "Lets try something different."  he said. He moved his crotch back and he grabbed hold of my cock again. He moved it so that it was between his legs with its head touching the bottom of his ball sac where his legs met at the top of them. Letting go of it his hands moved onto the front of my hips and he started pulling us together making the head of my cock go all the way in between his legs.

 It fucking near made me cum when I felt it in there. Once it had slid all of the way in he squeezed his thighs together trapping my cock between them. His cock was pointing straight up squashed between our bodies. I could feel its hardness as the bottom of his shaft pressed into me. His balls nested in the short trimmed hair above my cock. I felt my ball sac pressing against the tops of his thighs. He started moving his ass back and forth when I pushed ahead getting my cock's head in between his legs as far as the bottom of his ass cheeks.

 I picked up on what he wanted to do so I started moving my cock in and out between the top of his thighs like I was fucking him. Him squeezing his thighs around the shaft of my cock made my cock start to leak and throb even more.

 My cock's head touched the bottom of his firm young ass cheeks every time we moved back and forth and our groins met. I realized that what we were doing was man fucking. I thought to myself, OMG my first fuck and it's happening with another guy.

 It felt so good moving back and forth between his thighs lsqueezing it that before long I felt my cum start rising up through my cock. It felt to me what I always imagined it would feel like inside a girls cunt would feel like only not as wet. There was a little wetness but that was from all of my precum getting squeezed out.

 As it rose up through my cock's shaft I pulled us together and held us together tightly. When it reached the slit on the end of head of my cock I felt it explode out onto him between his ass cheeks at the bottom of his ass crack.

When I started to cum holding his cock between us I felt it start to throb. I heard him gasp and a second later he dug his fingers into my ass cheeks and he started to cum too. It erupted out up between us on our bellies. Every time it pulsed more came out wetting us there even more..

 I lost track of how many times I squirted my cum on him there but I know it was more than just three or four. I had shot out so much cum by the time I finished there was cum everywhere between his legs and in the bottom of his ass crack.

"I want to taste you" he said after we finished cumming. Grabbing hold of my still hard cock he started licking his way down my body.  I felt his tongue run around one of my hardened little nipples when he got to my chest.

 That was something no girl had ever done either and my asshole twitched when he started sucking it between his lips. I realised at that moment why girls liked their nipples sucked so much as the suction from his mouth tried to pull my little nipple into it.

Submitted: June 20, 2020

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Amy F. Turner

Did not know what to expect. Very senual exchange to expand their horizons.

Mon, June 29th, 2020 2:04am


Their horizons get hotter in the last two chapters so get ready for it. T is quite a challenge trying to kake it sound realistic as I don't have any practical experience doing it.
Although to be honest I have thought about trying it on more than one occasion to """see what a cock would feel like in my mouth or butt hole. Why should girls have all of the fun?

Sun, June 28th, 2020 7:26pm

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