Of angels and deamons

Of angels and deamons

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.


Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.

Chapter7 (v.1) - Fighting your way in (Part six)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2015



Yuu struggled to break free from Kai’s grip, until the boy let him go. Yuu took two forceful steps forward, then turned to look at Kai.

“Clearly, one of us has underestimated the other.” He said, his arrogant eyes looking straight into Kai’s.

“….Clearly.” Kai answered offering back the golden dagger.

Yuu walked up to his helmet, after picking up his right hand dagger, wore it, and stood back in his designed spot. Right next to Tetsuo. The dragon smiled, but didn’t turn to look at him. He fixed his eyes on Lilith, then turned to Kai. No real way he could’ve known, but he was sure she was next. Kai would be lucky if he won without getting beaten at least once. Her an Usha were merciless compared to the others, they enjoyed making people suffer before anything else happened.

“White snake.”  Called the captain

Lilith bent forward and smiled at him, the lord smiled back, even if it wasn’t originally meant for him. Lilith turned to the man as soon as she noticed him smiling back at her, and bowed. After the captain finished writing whatever he had written, he looked back at the little lady and smiled. She looked very fragile at first glance. Her short red hair falling on her shoulders softly,- short from the back, long from the front-her brown big eyes opened wide, her small pink lips, her small figure. She was a small princess from head to toe. Usha? She was more like a queen, a queen who looked strong and firm at first glance.  Lilith nodded back, understanding the silent order and walked to the center, without even saying a single word. She hadn’t had her helmet with her, she found it useless to put it on and off. She had left it on the floor since the first day, quiet, still, watchful.  Yuu raised his hand up, before the fight could begin, he did not wish to interrupt, and waited for the captain, or the lord, to allow him to speak.

“Yes, Yuu?’’ called the lord as soon as he noticed the soldier desperately waiting for the captain to notice. He hadn’t even turned that way, which is why the lord decided to relieve his anguish by allowing him to speak.


The captain turned to Yuu and, without saying anything,  jerked his head to the side, allowing him to go. He hadn’t really told him what bothered Yuu, but the captain knew. He knew very well. After Yuu walked inside the building, the captain turned to Tetsuo and jerked his head to him as well, telling him to go after him. Keisuke had just arrived, he sat down crossed legged next to the captain as usual, and turned to watch Kai. Tetsuo smiled at Keisuke, who smiled back a little doubtful, and walked in following Yuu.

“Kitty cat!” He called as soon as he spotted him.  

Yuu turned around and slowed down his pace, allowing Tetsuo to catch up to him.


Lilith stood in the middle looking straight at Kai. Her left foot firm on the ground, while the right was slightly bent, her toes gently pressing against the concrete as her heel hung in the air. The snake placed her hand over the sword and waited for orders.  

“What seems to be the matter, captain?” ask the lord with a small grin on his face.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you haven’t thrown a retarded bet and you haven’t said a word since Yuu lost the fight. Are you throwing a tantrum again?”



“…Kai, I’m…worried.”

“Well, that’s unusual. Why?”

“My two ladies are too ---

“They’re just like you.”

“…I guess. But, you see, lord, Kai knows. I’m worried he won't gain enough confidence to attack. I couldn’t care less if he dies fighting either one, but I don’t want Kai to hold himself back due to fear.”

“Well, that’s something you can't help. Kai was never taught not to fear, you’re going to have to deal with that later on.”

The captain didn’t reply to his lord. He just turned back at the people who patiently waited. Kai seemed kind of fidgety, he was even more nervous than when he was going against Yuu. Lilith was too flexible to receive a hit easily, Kai needed to form a way to knock the sword off her hand without getting caught up. The princess usheathed her sword, long and sharp. The shape resemble a snake that crawled on soft sand. Kai looked into her eyes, those light brown pearls that didn't even bother look back. Lilith turned to the captain, then the lord and then turned to Kai, this time looking straight at him. 

"Lilith," Called the captain. " Go." 

Kai opened his eyes wide, but relaxed them the moment he realized the snake hadn't moved. He looked at her confused, but every soldier acted as their corresponding animal, which meant Lilith wasn't going to attack unless she felt threatened. Just like the bear, just like the leopard, but unlike the wolf.Kai made a grimace. He hated to have to attack first. He fixated his eyes on the swords and took a deep breath. Lilith narrowed her eyes, folded the her leg even more and smiled with her teeth. After Kai looked into her eyes, she let out a soft hiss. Kai opened his eyes wide, it was the first time he had heard that upclose rather than from a recording. Each person was indeed the animal they represented, but to think they could even imitate their sounds to such perfection...

The snake moved in fast. The moment the princess thew a kick, Kai folled his back to avoid it, but Lilith, the moment she saw his posture, spun in the air, right above Kai and threw the kick downwards, slamming Kai's back against the floor. After Kai landed, letting out a grunt, Lilith landed on his stomach and jumped off. Kai turned when Lilith's weight was no longer on him and coughed, fighting for the air that was stolen from him at the moment of impact. Kai narrowed his eyes at Lilith, who did nothing but smile and shrug her shoulders. 

"You gotta keep up, seashell."

"Whatever, snake lady." Kai spat as he stood back up.

"White snake lady." She corrected for the sake of pissing him off. Worked perfectly.

Kai charged at Liltih, aiming a punch at the level of her face. Lilith rolled her eyes at kai as she dodged. Kai continued attacking, Lilith continued dodging, until she got bored and threw another kick. Just avenging that punch, she aimed at his face. Kai's head was trown backwards the moment it came in contact with Lilith's foot, his body following. Kai landed head first then his body flipped, making him land on his side. Kai kneeled as he placed his hand over his bloody nose and let out a sound of contempt. So much for feeling threatened. Now it was Kai who felt endangered. 

"Urhg, you'be godd to be kiddin me! How mady dimes am I goind do break my damn nose!"

"You broke it before?"

"Yeah, dis is like...de fourd dime...."

"You must really suck at fighting, then."

Kai dropped his hand and narrowed his eyes. He sniffed the blood in once, ignoring all the pain, and stood up again. The boy licked his lips and opened his legs wide. She shouldn't be that big of a problem, he studied her. Her strenght, her weakness. He knew exactly how to beat her. Even so, he wasn't being able to. Too damn flexible. If she wanted, she would perfectly be able to wrap herself around Kai. 

Kai licked the blood one more time before spitting it out and charged at her again. Lilith waited in her place. When he was close enough, she threw another kick as she jumped backwards. After she landed, she threw herself at Kai, hit him with the back of her sword, kicked him again, the slashed his chest, making a thin line. It wasn't really a big wound, but it was all she wanted to do. Kai was just her little toy for now. Kai dropped, placing his hand over his chest and watched Lilith. She had stabbed the sword on the concrete floor and stood firmly on the handle. she streched her left arm forward, her hand folded up sideways, almost making a ninety degree angle, then placed her other three fingers at the palm. Lilith allowed her right foot to hang loose, then folded her left knee. Her other foot was later folded and the palm rested on the sword's blade. Lilith smiled cynically at Kai and hissed once more.

Kai stood up as fast as he cood and attacked Lilith. She was less than a meter away from him, it wasn't that hard for him to get close. Landing a hit? That was a completely different story.Lilith jumped off the sword, taking it out of the concrete as she did so, blocked Kai's attack, threw the sword upwards before landing, and, after her right foot touched the ground, she gently turned on it and kicked the sword's handle as it fell with her right foot, stabbing it right next to Kai's shoulder. 

The boy let out a scream, even if the sword wasn't that thick, the shape made the wound more painful than a straight one. Kai placed his hand on the sword's handle and tried to pull it out, but was interrupted when Lilith jumped closer. She placed both her feet on Kai's chest, held a firm grip on the sword, then propelled herself backwards, riping out the sword from Kai's skin. Lilith spun in the air once, then landed on one knee, the other leg streched sideways. Kai dropped to his knee, placing his hand over his wound. Lilith stood up slowly, placing the sword's blade over her shoulder. She gently hit it against her neck thrice, then placed it before her in a defensive stand. 

Kai forced himself up, trying to focus his mind on her rather than the pain, and charged at Lilith one more time. As Lilith watched him move in closer, she shook her head as she let out a sigh.

"You don't learn." She muttered as she moved out of the way. Kai smiled. 

The boy threw his weight on his hands, then propelled himself backwards. Lilith realized what kai was doing, but she didn't have enough time. Kai's feet landed on the side of her face and chest.

"I do." Kai answered as he threw Liltih down.

The snake let out a small grunt of pain as she landed on the floor, but threw herself up and aimed a hit on Kai. Kai didn't have enough time to block anything. Lilith, after Kai's head was thrown on the side due to her punch, jumped on her hands and threw a kick on the other direction, then another. Kai flew backwards, then, when he hit the ground, spun, and landed on his stomach. 

"Aiming at my blind spot, huh? Well, you see, Kai, I know my weaknesses too."


"You wont get me that easy. My blind spot can be easily fixed. Just need to turn to you when I stop seeing you. Not a big deal, not a big chance. You'd better think of something else if you don't watn to get killed."

Kai pushed himself up and watched Lilith. He knew very well she knew how to counter it, but landing on her blind spot was the best chance he got. Lilith could feel body heat, except for that one spot. That one spot that could cost her the fight. He just needed to find a way to land a hard hit on it and force her hand opened. Kai took a deep breath and scanned his surroundings again. His eyes moving around with fast and short movements. He'd look to his left, then turn to Lilith, turn to his upper right, then Lilith again. Kai continued doing so until he fixated his eyes on The Snake. Kai ran toward Lilith again, then aimed a punch. Lilith let out a heavy sigh and jumped out of the way. 

"I'm done playing." She said coldly then ran toward Kai. 

The boy opened his eyes wide and tried to move out of the way, but his attempts were useless. Lilith kneeled kai, punched him in the face twice, then jumped up. Kai wasn't able to do anything but turn his eyes to Lilith. She spun in the air, the spiked her foot down, causing Kai's head to slam against the floor, a small amount of blood splashing on the concrete. Kai watched everything. It all seemed to move in slow motion for him, until, after impact, it all went blank.

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