Of angels and deamons

Of angels and deamons

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.


Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.

Chapter4 (v.1) - Fighting your way in (Part three)

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 24, 2015




Kai stabbed the sword on the ground and took two steps back. The lion is strong, one blow from him meant bad news. Kai needed to be careful. Dante crossed his hands over his shoulders and unsheathed his swords. Single handed double swords....just like Yuu. Tetsuo stared art Dante and tilted his head to the side.

" What's wrong?" Asked Usha.

"Nah, it's nothing."

"It's never nothing. Not when you do that." 

 "Kai he....knew what I was going to do." 


 " he was.... waiting for me to do what he wanted me to"


" he's going to get killed if he makes the same assumption with Dante." 


 "He does that all the time. Faking a pattern. He's going to kill him after Kai thinks he's got him."

Usha let out a small chuckle. 

 "Please, Tetsuo. You don't obviously believe hell kill him, do you? Dante is the kindest out of all of us."

Tetsuo turned back at them, his smile returning. 

 "Some part of me wants you to be right. A bigger part wantcha to be wrong." Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. "Let's see which part wins."

"How about we place a bet."

"You've picked my interest, my dear." 

 "It's a deal then." 


Kai swallowed as he watched Dante stay still. He didn’t want to make the first move, bu the knew the lion wasn’t going to. He analyzed the surroundings, then decided to make the first move.

“A bet, captain?” asked the lord.

“You’re so on, old man”

“In that case, how about we double it?”


“How much Tetsuo?” Asked Usha uncrossing her arms.

“Make it a million”




Kai ran toward Dante, who wore a serious look on his face as he watched him. Kai began throwing punches, which Dante dodged easily. The captain shook his head as he wrote something down.


“If this was a real fight, that boy would’ve already lost his arms!” exclaimed Usha.

“That stupid lion is going to cost me!” complained Tetsuo as he watched.

“Well, it was obvious he would have flaws.” Said the lord tilting his head a little.

“Lord, you don’t just jump at a man holding two swords. He---

The captain stopped talking after noticing something about Kai.

“You saw it too, didn’t you captain?”

The captain nodded and crossed out what he had written.

Dante opened his eyes wide after noticing that two of those punches had gone straight through his head. Dante stopped backing off and quickly slashed Kai’s figure, the swords going threw his neck and stomach. Kai disappeared at the first contact with the blade.

“Incredible.” Exclaimed Lilith “ An illusion is not easy to make. Especially not one that moves as fast as Kai was.”

“I agree.” Said Yuu.


Yuu had been the only one who wasn’t fooled by the illusion. His eyesight allowed him to perceive body heat, he could see right through it. Dante raised his swords and positioned them defensibly as he moved around warily, looking around.

“Where is he, now?” The captain asked himself.

“Captain.” Whispered the lord, trying to avoid calling Dante’s attention.

The captain turned to where the lord had signaled with his eyes. Kai stood in tree which had branches right above Dante.

“He must have switched his position when he ran past that stupid plant.”

“Give the boy some credit, even Dante wasn’t able to notice.”

Kai waited for Dante to move right under where he was standing. The moment the lion stepped back, Kai go ready to jump down. Dante looked down at the ground and smirked.

“Found you” He whispered as he noticed Kai’s shadow.

Dante purposely moved closer where Kai was, trying to get him to jump down sooner.

“That idiot.” Exclaimed Tetsuo. “He shouldn’t have stood up.”

Yuu turned to Tetsuo with his usual mean smile to annoy him.

“Well, that sure is something coming from the likes you, flea bag.”

“Shut it, you damn pussy cat.”

“Chill, dog breath.  The boy must’ve really hit you hard in the head.


Kai jumped down and centered a punch. When Dante turned around to face him, he was no longer there.

“Another one?” he thought.

Kai appeared from behind Dante, and planted a kick on his chest as soon as the lion turned around. Dante, having no time to protect himself, was thrown backwards, but was able to land on his feet.

“Just like a cat.” Mocked Lilith.

Dante put on of the swords back in his sheath and the other one in his mouth after letting out a soft growl. Dante ran toward Kai, not giving him time to react, and threw a kick at the side of his face. Kai fell and slid down the pavement after bouncing on the floor. Kai fell down and sled couple centimeters. He stood up as fast as he could, but Dante slashed his upper arm before he could move away. Kai let out a scream as the blade cut his skin, blood flowing out, and put a hand over his wound.

“Are you shitting me?! again?!”He exclaimed tightening the grip.

“Rule number two, never assume.”

Dante watched him skim his surroundings once again. The moment Kai put his hand down, Dante moved in to attack. He wasn’t taking it full out on him, but taking it easy on Kai wasn’t an option. Kai had started to slow down, the loss of blood, and the pain, were starting to affect him.  Kai ripped a piece of cloth and quickly wrapped it around his wound as he could. After a couple more slashes, Kai opened his eyes wide.

“Pattern” he thought as he dodged the sword. “Left, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right. Now.”

Kai threw a kick on the opening, but it was easily blocked by Dante.

“Dead!” Exclaimed Tetsuo.

Dante unsheathed the second sword and thrust it inches away from Kai’s heart. Kai smiled. He wrapped his hands around Dante’s wrist, threw a kick on his face, then his chest, forcing him to let go of the sword inside his flesh.  Kai used the last kick to propel himself backwards and landed on his knee. Kai removed the sword from his chest, as he stood up, and threw it on the side.

“One down, one to go.” He mocked as Dante stared into his eyes.

Kai  turned his eyes to a boy standing next to the captain. He wasn’t there before, but his presence was so strong it called his attention, and it was bothering him for some reason. Kai looked back at Dante and discovered he was also looking at the blue eyed boy.  He seemed bothered by him as well, but Dante, unlike Kai, he… knew. It didn’t matter, he’d find out soon enough.

Dante passed the sword from one had to the other, trying to distract Kai, but it didn’t work. No on kay, not when he had studied him so carefully. Dante charged at Kai, making the same gesture. This time, Kai was forced to watch his hands, he needed to know where the attack would be coming from.  To Kai's bad luck…well, neither. Dante threw a back kick at Kai's chest when he was close enough, sending him to the other side of the court.  Kai managed to turn and stop after his back rubbed against the floor. His clothes had finally ripped from friction, and, after standing up, the crowd gasped at the sight of his bare back. The captain and the lord couldn’t see it, but they already knew. Kai put his hand over his shoulder and clenched his jaw as he narrowed his eyes.

“So that’s how you found him, eh captain?”

“Cards on the table, I assume.” Answered the captain with his smile growing even bigger.

Dante refused to move, not that it mattered, Kai attacked as soon as he put his hand back down. After throwing some kicks and blows, Dante easily blocked, Kai managed to slide to his side and kick him in his stomach.  Kai wrapped his right hand around Dante’s neck and the other one around his arm. Kai forced Dante to bend forward and started to kneel him as hard as he could. Dante sword was still tightly held in his hands. Kai let go of his neck, stepped to his front, pulled his neck and slammed Dante’s face against his knee. The lion let out a sound of pain, Kai pulled him from his shirt and head butted him in the middle of his forehead. Dante, still dizzy from the first blow, fell on his back.

Kai kneeled on top of him and began to pound him with both hands, but was forced to stop when Dante tightened his grip even more and attempted to cut Kai down. Kai managed to jump off without taking any damage, but he wasn’t going to allow Dante to cut him again. as soon as he stood up, Kai grabbed his wrist and threw another punch at him, as if the man’s face hadn’t had enough.  Dante took two faint steps back, Kai took the opportunity to jump in and throw an air kick aimed at the side of his neck, pushing him down with his shin. After Dante hit the floor, letting out a gagged “Ack!” Kai jumped to the side. Kai watched the sword spin away, as Dante raised both his hands to his neck. He watched it in amazement as he watched it move away from his wielder and smiled.


A/N Hi, sorry. I know it's taking some time, but the sex will come I promise. 

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