Of angels and deamons

Of angels and deamons

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.


Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Fighting your way in (Part one)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 13, 2015





“First one up will be….” Spoke the captain as he wrote something down. After he was done he began to read the list of names. “let’s make the first one Tetsuo.”

“…Yes.” The dragon answered with his smile growing bigger as he set his helmet on the ground. His hair falling freely on his face as he stared blankly at his target.

Kai swallowed and took half a step back. He looked at the captain, then looked at his surroundings. Truth is, that even with all the knowledge Kai had on that man, he truly didn’t know anything about him. Kai stood firm, scanning the empty playground. The only people who stood in the area were the captain, his daughter, his soldiers and his higher ups. In total that made around ten men and women.

“Alright Kai, are you ready?” asked the captain. “We’ll start by teaching you the basics. Tetsuo will teach you.”

Kai turned to the captain.

“You’re actually giving me a heads ----

Kai’s words were interrupted by a brutal kick to his stomach, which sent him flying to the other side of the playground. When Kai landed, he let out a grunt of pain as he slid across the cement.

“Rule number one~,” sang Tetsuo “half breed. Never, ever, take your pretty green eyes away from your enemy.” He concluded pointing a finer up and shaking it from side to side.

Kai pushed himself up and put his hand over his bleeding arm. The floor was rough, after all, and sliding on it caused some skin to come off.

“Hmmm… that mustah hurt…sorry, kid.”

“Are you?” asked Kai defiantly.

Tetsuo took a deep breath through his teeth, still wearing that same smile.

“No, not really.” He answered shrugging his shoulders and raising his hands up to his shoulders.

“Asshole…” he muttered.

“Come on, little hybrid!”

“I’m not a hybrid”

“wha--- yeah you are.”

“Tetsuo, enough.” Ordered the captain.

“C’me on, cap!”


“A’right, A’right! I’ll stop.”

Kai glared at Tetsuo who was motionless as he started into Kai’s eyes.

“hmph!” laughed Tetsuo. “Hey, Kai, don’t hate me. I’ll start to feel lonely and sad.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Of course.”

The captain stopped writing an put his notebook under his arm as he looked at Kai. It would last less than half a second, but he could see his eyes diverting to different objects all around the place, scanning his surroundings. The captain knew Tetsuo was well aware, but he was just waiting.

“So,” Said the man in white who stood next to the captain. “Why isn't your new recruit being as hasty as a normal noob?”


“I remember Tetsuo when you first found him”


“He ran right at you. Got his ass beat up”

“Yeah well, there’s a reason why I picked him. He might be a full of himself fool, but he’s never been hasty.”

“For how long have you been watching him?”

“Hmmm years… three at most.”

“Ho! Well, he must be an interesting child.”

“As interesting as nineteen year olds go.”

Kai put his hand down and spread his feet apart asTetsuo took a deep breath allowing the chains around his arms to slide down. After his chain touched the ground, Tetsuo wrapped it around his palms. Both ends of the chain held a small dagger, which looked almost as sharp as his glare.

The captain analyzed Kai's posture, and, after a moment, smiled.

“Let’s place a bet, captain.” Said the lord with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, let’s.”


“You got a deal, old man.”

“You place it.”


“Make it right…and from behind.”


Kai suddenly disappeared from sight. Wind blowing softly. Tetsuo closed his eyes to feel the breeze better, and took a long breath. 

“Make it a hundred” said the lord with a smile.


Kai appeared behind the dragon, throwing a kick at the right side of his face. Tetsuo dodged the kick, wrapped his chain around Kai’s foot and slammed his body on the other side. The captain closed his eyes and let out an angry sigh.

“You’ve always been bad at gambling”

“And yet, I still play with you.”

“Well, because you’re an idiot.”

The captain rolled his eyes and turned back at the battle field.

“Tetsuo, no chains. Weapons.”

“N~ow, he tells me”

Tetsuo let go of the chain and unsheathed his sword. Black. Very beautifully crafted, with a white dragon engraved in it. Tetsuo spun it in the air jumped up and stabbed the sword. Kai was fortunately able to move away, before the sword pierced his chest. Kai turned his head to realize the sword had gone inside the concrete as if the floor was as soft as sand. Kai propelled himself upward and threw an air kick. Tetsuo grabbed his ankle, pulled him closer, hit him with the sword’s handle, causing his body to slam against the floor, stabbed his shoulder, jumped on him and punched him, knocking Kai out. Tetsuo turned to the captain and shrugged his shoulders.

The captain nodded and signaled him to step away. Tetsuo obeyed and stepped aside, going back to his original spot. He turned to Yuu, then to Usha, and finally returned his eyes to Kai, his smile coming back as soon as he wore his helmet again. 

The captain looked down, crossed a chance against Maura out and shook his head.

“Should’ve bet on his loss” said the lord.

“I would’ve disagreed on a bet.”

“And why is that?”

“Because, my lord, I knew he would lose.”


“He needs the overconfidence to disappear. He’s not the strongest, and he needs to realize it. The sooner the better.”

“That’s kind of harsh. You’re a mean captain.”

“…you would starve me in every fight I lost!”

“I said you were mean, not the meanest. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, or when the kid is able to try again.”

“Yes lord.”


“ka~ai!” called Tetsuo. “Wakey , Kaai”

“Still out cold?” asked Dante as he walked in the nurse’s office.

“Yup. Guess I hit him harder than I thought.”

“Well, that’s good sometimes.”

“Yeah, but I still feel bad.”

“Mnn. No you don’t.”

“That’s mean” Said Tetsuo with a smile.


Kai opened his eyes after letting out a grunt and sat up slowly, causing the ice pack on his forehead to fall.

“Easy, kid” Said Dante as he picked the icepack and pushed him back down. “You got pounded pretty hard” he concluded placing the icepack back on his head.

“Mngh! Cold….”

“Bare with it for  a moment.”

“How cute~ dantey you should be a doc.”

“I am a doctor you stupid dog.”


“YUP!” Exclaimed Tetsuo. “What? Was it your first time losing a fight?”


“Ouch, kiddo.”

“Rest. You still need to try again tomorrow afternoon. Train in the morning a little, I mean, you already lost one chance against Maura. And believe me when I say this, you need those chances.” Said Dante as he sat beside the bed


“If you lose against the captain’s daughter he’s never going to let you in. Regardless of your victories.”

“What if I run out of chances?”

“Well, if you do, then you can only go once against her, and, if you lose, you’ll get kicked out”


“She’s pretty compassionate, trust me when I tell you she’ll take it easy on you, but you might still lose.”


Kai jumped down from the bed and walked out.

“Whoa, kid! Where are you going?”

“Thanks for the advice, Dante, I’m going to start training from now. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to really want this job.”

“… Alright. Then I’ll give you a heads up---

“No. If I’m going to do this… I want to do it by myself.”

“…suit yourself, Kai.”

Kai walked away waving and disappeared in the distance.

“ya know he’ll come back begging for you tah help, right?” asked Tetsuo standing behind Dante.

“sigh… yeah. And I am going to help him.”

“Good. Cause after he’s done with me… He’s going up against you.

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