Of angels and deamons

Of angels and deamons

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.


Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.

Chapter15 (v.1) - For the Kicks

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 01, 2017



“Come on Kai, I’m going to train you today.” Gethen stated as he walked out the room, followed by Tetsuo.

Kai stood up warily, then walked out as well. When they reached the training ground, Gethen handed Kai a bundle of clothing a soldier approached him with. 

“Go put these on.”

Kai took the bundle of clothes and pressed it against his chest. He turned to the training ground again and found Tetsuo walking towards its center with his chain in hand as he spun it in the air while he walked. Kai could hear him whistling a tune, but the more he walked the less it seemed that way. Not that the noise was getting lower, but the training ground wasn’t exactly quiet enough for him to hear a small whistled tune. And if it was there, he couldn’t even be sure it was Tetsuo who was whistling since the only thing Kai could see from this angle was Tetsuo’s back. Not even his ears were in sight.

“Kai.” Called the captain after the boy had stayed still.

Kai turned to Gethen, then let out a sigh.

“Why must that man take part in my training?”

“Eversie is an amazing teacher. Trust me, he’ll help you more than I will.”

“But… I get a really weird feeling about him.”

"We all do at first, but you’ll get used to him.”

Kai nodded then walked back inside to change.


Keisuke walked up to Gethen as soon as he found him alone, and looked around to ensure no one was paying much attention to him.

“Did you confirm it?”

“… yes. The wound on his back couldn’t have been caused by himself, they seemed to have been ripped straight up.”

“Damn… should I have not called him?”

“No, it’s good that you did. Someone needs to teach him how to control that electricity his body created. And no one can do that better than Eversie.”

“But Kai… doesn’t remember one single thing before that incident?”

“No. And he won't most probably.”

“He has the right to know.”

“I’ll take care of that.”

“Keisuke!” Called Kai as he approached them. 

The captain and the boy both turned to him. Keisuke took a deep breath, while Gethen let out a sigh. They could continue talking later on. The boy smiled at Kai then walked up to him.

“Nice uniform, green eyes.”

“Thanks.” Kai replied proudly.

Keisuke chuckled then walked away.

“Don’t kill him Gethen.”

“Not yet.” The captain replied as he walked closer to Kai.

“I don’t understand what these holes are for.” Kai asked as he pulled the side of his pants.

“Well something I’ve noticed about you is how terribly inflexible you are.”


“When you fought with Dante and Usha you needed to be flexible in your movements. But you were stiff and slow and God knows I have no idea how the fuck you managed to beat them. And then I remembered I ordered them to take it easy on you, which explains it.”


“The first thing I’m going to do is make you flexible. You need perfect spits and squats to fight better. It’s necessary”

“For kicks?

“Yes, for kicks. Now come on. I can’t stretch you out here.”

“Well it’s not like I’m going to get a perfect splits in a day.”

Gethen let out a laugh, but said nothing. Kai tilted his head but followed Gethen without any doubt.

As they walked deeper and deeper into the training ground, he noticed all the soldiers around him were staring at him with horrified expressions.  Kai shook them off, but walked faster and closer to Gethen.

“C-captain…why is everyone looking at me like that.”

“You’ll find out. Everyone here went through what you’re going to. Except Lilith. She could open a perfect split ever since I found her.”


Gethen smiled at the sudden fear he could hear in Kai’s tone. The captain stopped walking, then turned to Kai and waved his arm toward two wooden stands. Something that looked like it was meant to tie horses to. Kai moved closer to them, then turned to the captain with an expression of pure confusion.

“Well don’t just stare at me, hop on.” The captain stated with obvious amusement.

Kai shrugged then climbed and stepped on the wooden surface. Kai stood on it, the wind shaking his loose pants as they danced with his short strands of hair. Kai rested his hands in the side holes of the kimono pants as if they were pockets then took them out as soon as Gethen jumped on next to him. The captain told Kai to stay still and moved to stand behind him. In that moment every soldier close to where Kai was stopped what they were doing and watched. Some amused, some horrified some suffering along with what they knew was coming to the poor ignorant boy.

“Ready Kai?”

“Ready for wha-hmph!” Kai was interrupted by the captain as he suddenly tied a gag around his mouth.

Kai raised hands to the sudden action. But he didn’t even have time to touch it. Gethen had jumped down and pulled one of Kai’s ankles, forcing his right foot to touch the ground. The only thing keeping Kai’s left foot on the wooden surface was his heel. After Kai let out a grunt of surprise Gethen pushed his upper body down from the shoulders. Kai let out a scream of pain. Most of the soldier around let out sounds of displeasure while some laughed. Kai struggled to hold on to something, but his hands couldn’t reach out to anything. He dropped his head, continued screaming, and then finally held on to Gethen’s arms digging his nails into the man’s skin. The captain let go of Kai after three minutes then pulled him up turned his upper body for his stomach to face his knee then pushed him down again. Kai screamed again and struggled to pushed himself away, but all his efforts where in vain. After three more minutes Gethen let go of Kai completely. The boy fell on the side and slowly closed his legs.

The captain took the gag off of Kai and backed off.

“Fuck! Gethen I’m going to kill you, what the actual fuck!”

“Please mind your language. I’m you captain now. After you can walk go back home and rest. You got to get up early tomorrow. Don’t be late, Eversie is not very patient.”

Kai stayed on the ground for a while trying to get up, but would fall back down as soon as he let weight on his legs.

“Kai?” Called someone, but he was in too much pain to pay attention to the voice.



Kai opened his eyes to find Keisuke sitting on the bed beside him. He sat up, realizing his legs still hurt.


“Kai, cursing is bad.”

“…Did.. did you bring me back?”

Keisuke said nothing, only watched as Kai removed the covers from on top of him.





“Why am I naked?”

“Because Dante couldn’t check your legs if you were dressed.”

“And why am I still not dressed?”

“Because I wasn’t going to dress you.”


“Want breakfast?”


“Yes… that’s what you eat in the morning, isn’t it?”

“Why have I been asleep?!”

“Well Dante sedated y—what are you doing?! You can’t train like this!” Keisuke yelled as he stood up the moment Kai jumped off the bed- but fell – to get dressed.

“I have to. I have to.”


“If I don’t leave I’ll be late!”

“You can’t leave naked!” Keisuke yelled as he grabbed Kai by the ankle and attempted to pull him back into the room

“Watch me!” Kai replied while trying to crawl out.



“Where is he?” Eversie asked while looking out the window.

Tetsuo laughed, then sat on one of the nearby chairs and rested his head in his hands.

“Prabably in bed dyin’” He commented then regretted it immediately after receiving a glare from the man.

“It’s not like Kai to be late,” The captain replied “who knows, maybe the sedative was too strong.” Gethen continued, silently scolding Dante with a stare.

The bear buried his neck in between his shoulder and grimaced at the feeling of Gethen’s glare.

“No matter. It wasn’t a good choice to split his legs open one day before I’m supposed to teach I'm how to land a fall, captain.”

“W-well I had a schedule and I didn’t think you’d come so so—

The door to the room opened and Kai walked in dragged in by Keisuke.

“I’m here and I’m not late!” He exclaimed

“You are.” Eversie exclaimed causing a laugh out of Tetsuo. Yuu remained silent and the women were down at the training ground. “you say he was trained in your academy, Gethen?”

“Yes. He should know the basics on how to land a fall.”

“Good.” Eversie exclaimed as pushed Keisuke off and lifted Kai up. “Let’s see how you land then.”


“Wait Lord Eversie, Kai’s legs are inju---

“Be quiet Keisuke. I’m not going to kill him.”

Pput me down! What are you doing?!”

“I mean… y- you might! We’re on the third floor!” Keisuke pleaded with his hands up.

“Are you out of you mind?!” Kai yelled.

“If you’re not back in one minute and a half, I won’t train you.”  Eversie stated in a serious tone.

“What?!”  Kai yelled.

Eversie jumped on the window holding Kai from the belt and shirt, then threw him out.

“Kai!” Screamed Keisuke then ran after him. As soon as he was about to jump out, Eversie stopped him.

Everyone stared at Eversie opened eyed, then rushed to the window. Kai feel down without control until he snapped out of the shock and turned his body for him to land properly.

Kai landed on his feet, but not correctly and hurt his ankle. The boy let out a scream of pain. Eversie shook his head and took out a chronometer.

“One minute!”

“You said one minute and a half!”

“Yeah, and then you flunked that land. Hurry up.”

“I broke my foot!”

“Your mistake, not mine!”

“You’re crazy!”

Eversie jumped down from the window and sat down.

“Is he smiling?” Tetsuo whispered to Dante who bit his lips in horror and nodded. “holy shit…”

Eversie pulled out a book and began reading. The rest of the people in there just sat quietly, but even Yuu seemed a little uncomfortable.

After the chronometer marked three minutes and a half, the door slammed opened and Kai dragged himself inside.

Eversie stood up, put the timer in his pocket and helped Kai up.

“Good job. And with time to spare.” He commented. “Come on, we have to check that foot.” Eversie concluded as he walked out with Kai. “Dante.”

“Yeah, yeah.”



“What… bipolar freak!”

“He changed personalities so fast.” Yuu nagged. “Which one’s the real him?”

“Woah kitty so~ deep!” Tetsuo mocked.

“Shut up or I’ll slice you in a blink of an eye!”

“Oh, we all know your fast.” Tetsuo started. “In the whole meaning of the word. Everything you do is under a minute. Just too bad ” He concluded as he walked out and slammed the door behind him.

Gethen snorted then picked up his sword.

“Damn dog.” Yuu exclaimed and rushed to the door after Tetsuo.

“Yuu!” the captain yelled, causing him to halt. “you touched him again… didn’t you?”

The leopard didn’t reply. He just tightened his grip around the handle and finally let go.

“You know it hurts him.”

“But i---

“Yuu. What's going on with you, you weren't like this.”



“It’s my fault she died… I… was too slow to protect Rieko…”

“And you’re too stupid to protect Tetsuo.”

“He doesn’t need my protection.”

“Neither did Tetsuo’s sister, yet you always tried to keep her safe. Why is Tetsuo different?”


“ Oh right… right… Tetsuo isn’t different, which is why you're treating him this way. Tetsuo and Rieko were twins, but that does not mean you can replace one with the other.”

The captain commented, then walked out, leaving Yuu in silence.

***[ Three weeks later]*** 


Shaw walked into the shop three days later. The small bell at the door rang as he slid it opened, brining a sense of uncanny nostalgia to him.

“Kai?” He called. It had been a while since the shop had opened. “Are youhere?”

“Yeah.” The boy replied.

Shaw opened his eyes in surprise then pushed his body forward from the counter. Kai walked out of the red room and limped to where Shaw was.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just hurt my ankle. It’s almost healed but I don't want to put too much weight on it.”

“I thought you wouldn’t be coming back even though you said you wouldn’t close the shop.”

“I… I will close it though. Already threw out the blankets and all.”

“What? But—

“It’s okay. It’s just the captain doesn’t want me showing my face around much. I mean, you should understand,” Kai interrupted as he rested his body on the counter. “you’re a hitman. You know what it’s like. Besides, you worked for The Capital too, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, ten years ago. I was… your age.”

“You’re not ten years older, are you?”

“No, I am…”

“You don’t look a day over twenty nine.”

“Wow, thanks for reducing a year. I feel so young.”

Kai laughed, then gasped at what he had remembered and bent down to pick up a box.

“Fixed them. All of them.”

“You did?! Oh good! How much do I owe you?”

“Ten dollars.”

“… what?”

“Well I mean, the batteries you took out were five and it took men five minutes to get back here and put them back in so that’s ten.”


"You don't need an excuse to come and talk to me, you know?"

The man laughed and turned on the small console. As the familiar tune played, the man smiled. 

"Well, I do miss playing this tough." Shaw put the small game down, then walked up to the small door and roughly pushed it opened. He slammed thirty dollars on the table and wrapped his arms around Kai.“Twenty, do I remember correctly?”

Kai nodded, but didn’t have the chance to reply. Shaw directly moved in to kiss him. Kai opened his mouth to kiss Shaw deeper. It was a different type of kiss than what Kai was used to selling. After the kiss broke, Shaw let out a grunt and slammed another twenty dollar bill on the table and kissed him again. Kai wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and pulled Shaw closer. When he did so the man pressed Kai’s hips against his own, then finally broke the kiss.

“I’ve thought about this for a while. I would’ve come sooner but you had your shop closed for more than a week and—

“Are you sure you… want to buy me?”

“No. I don’t want to buy you, but I can’t think of any other way I can have you.”

“Did you think about asking?”

“Yes. Didn’t think you’d take me seriously.”

“I wouldn’t have…”

“… Look, I didn’t come here for this. I’m…”



"I'm not... like this..I've never bought flesh before."

“You don’t—have to pay me… I… I want to. With you, but…”

“But what?”

“I don’t want you on that bed…”

“Didn’t you throw away those blankets?” Shaw mocked in between chuckles and pulled Kai toward the room.

Kai laughed, then walke dup to the bed and sat on it. There was nothing but a clean thin blanket on top of it, and it was a clean one. Kai laid down as soon as Shaw climbed over him. When he did so, Kai caressed Shaw's cheek with the tip of his fingers and let out a heavy sigh.

Shaw took Kai’s hand and kiss the palm softly.

“I won’t regret this, Kai.”

The boy didn’t say anything more. He just nodded and closed his eyes the moment he felt Shaw's hand dig under the boy’s shirt. Shaw moved in to kiss Kai’s neck, who unconsciously let out a loud moan. Shaw separated himself from Kai and dropped his suit jacket on to the floor. Kai sat up to pull down Shaw's tie and kissed him as he held a tight grip on the dark purple piece of clothing. Shaw unbuckled Kai’s pants, then forced his white shirt over his head. Shaw unbuckled his own shirt and pulled it off.

Kai looked straight at the man’s toned build and ran his hands over Shaw's scars.

“All these are from bullets…”

“No. The ones here,” He started as he pointed at him. “were from a stab but the knife was triangular… have no idea how I survived that. Those are deadly. These, are from daggers, and this one, sword.”

“All of mine are from knives.” Kai laughed. “But… the scars you have are victories.”

“Yours are too. One way or the other.”

“…No. the only victory scars I have are the onesthe captain’s soldiers drew on my skin.”

Shaw didn’t say more. He just pulled Kai’s sweats down to his ankles.

“Well, I think those are more than enough victories.” He finally said as he moved his face closer to Kai’s member.

“Sh-Shaw wait—Aah!” Kai moaned, and tangled his fingers in shawls hair. “AAh stop!”

Shaw looked up at Kai, then diverted his eyes and continued moving his head. When he did so, Kai curved his back as much as he could and bit his lips. The man pulled himself off and undressed completely, then climbed on the bed again and ran his hands over Kai’s upper body. The boy spread his legs for Shaw and threw his head back as he felt how the man entered him deeper and deeper every time.

“Kai…” The man called, then looked straight into his eyes.

The boy turned to the side, then let out a sigh.

“You can move now.” Kai muttered

Shaw moved his face closer to Kai’s and smiled.

“I’m going to make you feel good.” He whispered in Kai’s ears then began thrusting slowly.

Kai gasped at the feeling of Shaw moving inside of him, then quickly grabbed Shaw's hand. Kai had never felt any lust for anyone. Not until now at least. As if Shaw had woken up a dormant instinct that was now lurking in Kai’s body, making him moan louder than he had ever done. Before, having a male client would imply having to fake a moan or two. Sometimes all of them were fake, but with Shaw it was feeling different. They had only started to have sex and Kai’s head was already blank. He was shivering form the pleasure Shaw was making him feel. He was driving Kai crazy.

“AAh! Shaw! It- feels good! So good!”

Shaw started to thrust faster, stronger even.

The bell from the door rang as someone walked in. Shaw put a hand over Kai’s mouth and stopped moving, then resumed when the bell ran again and the person stepped out after finding no one in the shop. He pulled Kai from the arm and had his sit on him. When Kai wrapped his arms around Shaw, and moaned. The man did the same. They were quiet moans, but they showed just how good he felt. Kai trembled, and threw his head back as he curved his body and released.

“Gah!” was the only sound Kai was able to let out as he hugge Shaw as tight as he could.

“So cute.” Shaw whispered as he lay Kai down on his back.

Shaw ran his tongue over Kai’s chest and continued thrusting.  Slow at first, to get Kai feeling good without wearing him out, then started thrusting as hard and fast as he could. Kai screamed in pleasure, Shaw moaned quietly as he was before. Kai turned his upper body and clenched the sheet as he moaned with his eyes shut closed. Shaw grabbed Kai’s leg and pulled it up, rested it on his shoulder and continued thrusting. Shaw closed his eyes from the building pleasure until he couldn’t cold back anymore and pulled out to come. Shaw turned Kai on his back and thrusted back in Kai. Kai bent his legs and pushed his upper body up with his elbows. Shaw bit Kai’s shoulder, then dropped gentle kisses on the boy’s back. He gently caressed Kai’s scars and kissed them.

Kai smiled at the gesture, because he could tell how careful Shaw was being. As if he was assuring him of something he couldn’t be completely sure of what.

Shaw continued thrusting, then came once again faster than he thought he would and finally dropped his body exhausted. The man moved off of Kai and lay on his back. Kai turned to him, then rested his head on Shaw's chest.

“If you serviced all your clients like that no wonder you were expensive.” Shaw joked, causing a small laugh to come out of Kai.

“I never felt good with any of them. You… you made me feel more than good though.”


“You were straight. How come you knew how to do this?”

“Well… you don’t believe me, I know you don’t but I really did torment myself the moment I realized I was attracted to you.”

“You slept with another man?” Kai asked surprised, a bit of jealousy escaping his tone.

“Out of desperation, yes. But in theory…you were my first man. I didn’t put it in him. I just…”

“you don’t have to tell me.”



“I… should go.” Shaw stated as he sat up.

“No!” Kai exclaimed as he hugged Shaw for him not to leave. “S-stay the night?”

“You…don’t mind?”

“No… I… want to stay with you for a while.”

Shaw smiled and hugged Kai after pulling the blanket over both of them. Kai closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

“You know, Kai… if you’d like… you can come to my place next time.”


“I meant it, I want you.”

“I know you do, but there’s no way this can happen.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not a good idea”

“Well… you don’t have to think much of it… Just come once you’re free and I’ll just make you dinner and breakfast or only dinner or lunch….”

“Pftt. Okay, sure.”



Shaw kissed Kai’s head then closed his eyes. Kai tried to break the silence, but by the time he came up with something to say Shaw had already fallen asleep. Kai chuckled, then fell asleep as well.


Kai opened his eyes in the morning, finding Shaw still next to him. The boy turned to the clock and muttered out a ‘shit’.

“Shaw.” He called as he shook the man. “Shaw wake up.”

Kai let out a sigh, but all Shaw did was grunt and turn to his side and continue sleeping. Kai shook his head, then pulled out his key and put them on the desk with a note.

“Good think I kept them both with me.” He thought as he locked the door.

Kai tapped his foot down, then smiled.

“Well, much better.” He happily exclaimed, then walked away from the shop.



Couple of hours later, Shaw woke up at the sound of his phone ringing. After he picked up the device he realized it was his alarm.

“Argh, I over slept…Kai, I need to go—Kai?” Shaw called as he looked around to find no one.

He sat up, then walked to the door to see if he was at the counter after putting on his pants, but found no one. After he walked back to get the rest of his clothes he saw the note on the desk.

“Sorry, had to go. Tried to wake you up but failed. Please lock the door when you leave and keep the key. I’ll pick it up when I come back in the afternoon around four. Wait for me at the door. Kai.” He read then threw away the note and put the key in his pocket.

After Shaw finished dressing up, he walked out with his jacket over his shoulder and tie in hand. He locked the door and put the key back in his pocket before pulling out his phone.

“ ‘Scuse me.” Called a man the moment Shaw was about to walk away.

Shaw turned to the man and found a tall brown haired boy in his late twenties. Twenty eight at most, not one day older. The boy had wavy hair and light brown eyes. He wore normal clothes under a jeans vest and military boots. Quite worn out, but he somehow made them work. His eyes seemed kind, but even Shaw could tell the kindness wasn’t there.


“You’re not the handy man… you know where I can… find him?”

"He's not here." 

"I can see that...." The man replied while tilting his head to the left. "When will I be able to see him?"

“He won’t be back until four."

"Ah, simply perfect!" He exclaimed with narrowed eyes and a wide smile as he once again stood up straight."

"What do you want with him?” Shaw asked, discretely reaching for his gun the moment the man started chuckling.

“Just want my toy back.” The man exclaimed with a smile that revealed the devil in him, and began walking toward Shaw. 

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