Of angels and deamons

Of angels and deamons

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.


Kai is a 19 year old shop owner who offers all kind of services to provide for himself and pay off his studies. The captain of an assassination unit finds out about him, and convinces him to join him. There's just one small complication...Keisuke.

Chapter12 (v.1) - Gate

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 15, 2016



“You’re in.” Said the captain after a short shrug.


“Are you deaf? I said you’re in.”

“But….” Kai started as he sat up. “But I lost.”

“Kai, you were in the moment I asked you to fight my soldiers. Or what, did you really think I would show the faces to some outsider? Are you retarded?” The captain stated, then turned to look at Maura. “ And you,” he started before making his way to her. “ What did I say about putting knives in your mouth?!”


Kai stood up and stared at the captain as he scolded his daughter, then turned to find Keisuke standing next to him.

“You knew, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did.” Keisuke replied with a straight face.

“Are you upset?”

“No.” Keisuke sighed. “Just worried.”

Kai smiled.

“Don’t worry, I won't beat you up.”

“Oh, thank goodness. I was so~ worried. Thanks.”Keisuke replied sarcastically.

Kai didn’t respond. He just stared at the blue eyes and watched the expression in them change as Keisuke finally smiled.

“Congratulations, Kai.” He said then began walking away.

“Wait!” Kai exclaimed as he instinctively reached for the boy’s arm.

Keisuke turned to Kai’s hand, then to his face. Kai took his hand back with a small apology.

“Just… please tell me where I know you from. I need to know. I can’t remember anything…”

“I can’t…. Not now. You won’t be able to handle it, and you probably won’t believe me. So please drop it. At least for the time being.” Keisuke replied.

Kai stared at him dumb founded, then, after a couple of seconds, looked down. Keisuke let out a sigh before walking away.



Shaw walked in the shop the next afternoon and placed his hands on the counter, finidng kai sitting down on the floor as he cleaned the now repaired motorcycle.

“Afternoon Kai.”

The boy stood up, set the keys down on the counter and smiled.

“Hey. I thought you weren’t going to come.”

“Sorry, I know I said I was going to come in the morning, but complications…you know?”

“…I guess.”

“…By the way…uh… you… had a fight with Maura again yesterday, right?”

“I did.”


“I lost.”

“Oh… I’m- I’m sorry …. I know you really wanted the job.”

“Oh no that’s okay, I’m in.”

“… What?”

“Turns out the asshole was just testing me.”

“What the hell?”

“I know right? Spent a whole year trying to get in for nothing.”

“It can’t be for nothing, you did improve.”

“That’s true.”

Shaw took the keys from the counter, put them in his pocket and took out a pack of a hundred dollar bills and put set them on top for Kai.

“ How much was it again?”

“Shut the hell up, you know exactly how much and, no, I won’t lower it.” Kai informed as he unwrapped the bills and started counting. All there.

“Hey, Kai, by the way, mind if I bring my old game? It won’t turn on anymore.”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks. I just had a nostalgia moment you know? I really wanted to play.”

“You could save the trouble and download a free emulator Shaw.”

“I know…but it’s not the same. Just try. If you can’t then I’ll do it your way.”

“You still have to pay me whether or not I fix it.”

“Then you better fix it. I’ll come by at around three”





Kai stared at the empty bag on the bed. He didn’t move his body or eyes an inch. He just stood there, staring at the dark bottom before letting out a sigh.

“Should I just shove everything? I mean… I only own ten shirts and three pairs of jeans…” he said to himself as he turned to the box that usually stayed under the bed where he kept his clean clothes. “Well used to own ten shirts… I honestly don’t know how many I’ve got left…”  He continued as he placed the box on the bed and started by ordering the jeans one by one.


“Kaaaiiiii” Called Tetsuo as he walked in. “KAAAIII~” He called again as he punched the small bell with the palm of his hands.

“Shut up! I’m here! Just come in!”

“Sensitive prick.” Tetsuo muttered as he pushed the counter door and walked to the room inside. “Gross! Smells like sex in here.” He exclaimed as he covered his mouth and nose with his right hand.

“No shit” Kai turned to Tetsuo with a plain expression, then blinked fast when he unexpectedly found him wearing casual clothing. “ Nice shirt.”

“Thanks boi. You done packin’? we need ta leave.”

“On it, won’t take long.”

“Kayz.” Tetsuo replied as he flopped on the bed.

“Tetsuo, get up, I haven’t washed the sheets.”

The dragon grimaced and jumped off to wipe what he could reach with his hands as Kai chuckled.

“I’m sorry, should have warned you.”

“… No it’s… uh...” Tetsuo replied as he turned to the door.

Kai turned in the same direction, then waited. Nothing. He ignored it for the time being, until the door opened two minutes later.

“Kai, you in here?” Shaw called.

The boy turned to Tetsuo who seemed to have stopped paying attention to the door a while ago.

“Y-yeah I’m here.” He exclaimed as he walked to the door.

“You’re leaving already?”


“oh… uh… just… came to drop this off.” He exclaimed as he set the small device before Kai.

The boy took it, then put it in the drawer.

“To be honest I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to it.”

“That’s fine, Kai. I just… want you to try and fix it.”

“Okay, Sure.”

Tetsuo walked out of the red room, and stared directly at Shaw.

“Oh!” exclaimed the man. “Sorry I didn’t know you had a client…”

“NO! No. He’s… not… he’s just going to drop me off”

“I know youuu” Sang Tetsuo. “You’re that hitman”

“Wait, do I know you?”

“Not one bit, pal. I’m….uh… jack. Yeah. Jack. That’s me.”

“…Jack what?”




“Look, I don’t believe you.”

“… I don’t care. Come one Kai, finish up. I’ll wait for you in the car.” Tetsuo explained as he walked past Shaw and got in the black car that was parked right in front of the shop.

“You trust this guy, Kai?”

“Yeah, I know his real name.”

“I don’t like him.”

Kai started at Shaw and laughed, remembering how he once told him Tetsuo and Lilith where his favorite out of all of them.

“I’ll see you alright?”

“Yeah, see you.”


Kai locked the door to the shop after Shaw walked out, then  got in Tetsuo’s car.

“I honestly expected something flashy out of you.” Stated Kai as he looked around the small sports car.

“Well, it’s not like I can just drive my actual car into the capital. The last thing I need is to call people’s attention. It’s supposed to be a secret place, you know?” Tetsuo explained as he started driving down the street.


“Who was that?”

“Uh… Just a client.”



“You sell him the goods?”

“No! I just fix his broken shit, alright?!”

“Broken shit…. Like his sex life?”

“Like I know about his sex life!”

“He hot for youuu~”

“No he isn’t.”

“I could practically smell the horny oozin’ out of that guy, Kai.”

“Well, then next time you see him how about you jump him?”

“That’s not my line of work. It’s yours.”

Kai rolled his eyes and dropped the conversation. Dick move, but he had to admit it was true. Tetsuo drove for a couple of miles, then took a turn at an alley. The dragon parked the car and got out. Kai stared at him confused for a second, then followed. The alley was dark, buildings with no windows around its three sides. The boy turned behind him, then turned to Tetsuo again.

“Why are we here?”

“We take “underground city” literally.”

“…this is an alley…not a sewer.”

“Well obviously. Who wants to live in a sewar? Yuck!” Tetsuo sang with his tongue out.


“Yes, sewar. Now come on, if we stand around here someone ought to see us… we don’ wan dat. Now do wee~?”

Kai said nothing as he watched Tetsuo force his way into a hole on the side of one of the buildings and got it.

“Ya comin’ or what, twerp?” He called from inside.

The boy took a deep breath and followed. Tetsuo was standing right behind the hole, but still, it was pitch dark. The only thing Kai could see were the dragon’s eyes as they gave a faint glow in the darkness. Tetsuo stared into Kai’s figure, the one he couldn’t see too clearly, and smiled.

“Ready, pretty eyes?” The dragon asked as his smile grew bigger and bigger.

Kai nodded, then took a step toward Tetsuo.

“I didn’t know you could see in the dark…”

“Where did ya get that idea twerp? Of course I can’t see in the dark, do I look like a cat? Gross.”

“N—no. It’s just… the way your eyes---



“I can only see faint figures. I’ll explain later, I don’t know if you can take the news yet.” Tetsuo explained as he began walking, Kai close behind him.

“What do you mean?” Kai asked annoyed at the remark. He was tired of hearing it from Keisuke, it was even worse when it came out of Tetsuo. 

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

“…uh… sure.”

“Then you believe in the spiritual.”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“There is no suppose. Either you believe or ya don’t.  And, frankly, you will have to sooner or later.”

“I…don’t understand two shits.”

“Do you believe in demons Kai?”

“…” Kai thought about the replied for a second, then pictured those eyes as they looked at him intensively. “That I do.”

“Good, then this will be easier once you’re ready to hear it.”

“Whatever you say.”


Kai and Tetsuo waked for a bit, until Kai couldn’t see even the slightest thing. He couldn’t even tell if Tetsuo was still here or not. Kai tried to look around, images become clearer as he stared into the darkness, but no human figure. No Tetsuo.

“Tetsuo? You there?” He called but no reply was received. “Come on, man. Seriously, you didn’t just do this to me.”

Kai turned on his place, turning back was a big no. Killing wasn’t his biggest aspiration, but, in the end, just like any other person, it would just end up becoming an everyday task at some point.


Lights suddenly turned on. Kai shut his eyes closed and raised his hands before his face in a cross. It took him a while, but, when his eyes adjusted, he managed to look around. The captain was standing right before him, Keisuke behind him, and all the captain's soldiers by the man’s side. All but Tetsuo in uniform and masks.

“Welcome, Kai.”  Spoke the captain, a metal door opened in between him and the captain by two other men Kai had been unaware of. You could see a staircase moving down, but Tetsuo jumped with no hesitation, Lilith followed, then Maura, Yuu, Usha, and Dante. Keisuke moved toward the hatch, stared into Kai’s eyes, then nonchalantly, and with certain elegance, walked down the stairs. The captain nodded at Kai, then jerked his towards the hatch signaling to enter along with the rest of his soldiers.

“You expect me to jump?”

The captain shrugged.

Kai took a deep breath, moved closer then tried to gaze down. The boy took a deep breath, then jumped. When the captain heard him grunt in pain from the landing, he chuckled and walked down the stairs.

“…or you could have just walked down, same thing.” He continued as he descended.




“For those who don’t know me…” Began the captain.


They no longer stood in a dark room, rather than a beautiful place. Like a lobby, only greatly decorated. Like a temple made with gold,  a rosary chapel in a small area that populates the city.  Kai looked around it discretely, admiring the detailing of the roof, the paintings on the sides, the gold decorated pillars where an altar seems to stand. The statues of worshiped beings and people, the words of holy speech.

“Kai, you mean!” Tetsuo exclaimed causing a huff out of Kai.

“Yes, exactly.” The captain confirmed. “My name, is Gethen Deathridge, and obviously, I’m the captain of the third division. There are five of them, the gold, the silver, the bronze and the minor other three branches which are referred to as metal. The gold as you all know, except for Kai, is for the head while the silver is under the General’s command. The general and I usually work together, I’m sure you all heard of that person, except for Kai of course.”

Kai took in an annoyed breath, then released it as a sigh. He was obviously speaking that way to annoy him.

“Since I have reached the limit number of recruits, there are going to be a few changes. I’ll give a thorough explanation of what will happen once we’re resettled.” The captain continued as he turned around and began walking.

Tetsuo turned to Maura, expecting her to know something, but the only thing the lady offered was a small shake of the head and a shrug. No idea did she have. Usha was the first to follow the captain, then the rest followed. Kai looked around and realized, Keisuke was no longer around. He seemed awfully good at disappearing out of nowhere. Kai took a deep breath and hesitantly began walking alongside the rest. They walked a tunnel with ivory covered walls and onyx stones until they reached an opened field. At the end of it, rose a wall with a bright red wall right in the middle of it. Kay looked up, to find a ceiling and lights.

“The grass is real, but we can’t risk having an uncovered area.” Tetsuo explained as he noticed Kai’s expression. “But having natural things is pretty, so they installed lights that could grow plants. Nice huh, twerp?”

Kai let out a sigh and turned to Tetsuo.

“I feel like I just got myself into some deep shit.”

“Ya did.” He replied in between chuckles.

“…have…have you seen Keisuke? He was here a second ago.”

“He was, but I dunno where he ran off to. Maybe he’s inside the city already. You took your time to be able to stand up again after dat fall. Why in heck did ya jump? You stupid?”

“Shut up. The captain told me to.”


“Shut up!”






When they finally reached the door, Kai stared at it intensely. So many details, and care had been put into its surface Kai could hardly believe it was a door. It resembled the golden walls he had previously walked except the wooden doors were of a scarlet red decorated with brown a touching, and was protected by a wall of soldiers. The captain stared right into Kai’s eyes and smiled.

“This is The Capital Kai. Nobody knows exactly what it is other than the people inside it and we prefer to keep it this way. One word of what goes on in it and the ears that hear you will die alongside you. Is that clear?”

“…Absolutely.” Kai replied.

“Good. Open the gate.” The captain ordered.


Kai stood before the gate as the soldiers before it turned around and began pushing. The boy fist punched his hands in excitement as he watched the men and women push the door open slowly. It was a big door, every second making Kai lose patience even more. He wanted to know what lay behind the door so bad he began trembling at the sound of the doors as they rubbed against the tiled floor. The doors each hit the wall, Kai opened his eyes wide in amazement and gasped.



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