Crimson red

Crimson red

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Nero is a university student who runs out of his friend's apartment after having kissed her. What he didn't know is that there was a man waiting for him to come out, waiting to take him away.


Nero is a university student who runs out of his friend's apartment after having kissed her. What he didn't know is that there was a man waiting for him to come out, waiting to take him away.

Chapter37 (v.1) - Throw 'em out

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Submitted: December 26, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 26, 2016



Akira walked opened the door to where Dylan was being kept and closed it after walking inside. He turned on the lights, and stared right at the boy, who sat in the corner hugging his legs. He had been provided a bed, but refused to use any accommodation Iason had provided. There were times when he would even refuse to eat. Akira turned on the lights, causing baseball cap to cover his face in reflex. After some seconds, the boy looked up and stared right at Matsumoto. Dylan opened his eyes wide and forced his body up, hands handcuffed in front of him as he stared looked at him in despair. He took two steps toward Akira, but took one back the moment Matsumoto let out a sigh. The chains clinked as he moved. That was the only sound in the room for a while. Matsumoto took a deep breath, then dug his hands in his pocket and took out a keychain. After shuffling for some time, Matsumoto held the key in the air. Dylan hesitated for a moment, but extended his hands to Akira. After the cuffs fell on the ground baseball cap grabbed Matsumoto by the shirt and pulled him closer violently. Akira reached for his blade in reflex, but relaxed after seeing the expression in Dylan’s eyes.

“Ryan! Please, is he okay?!”

“I’m going to ask you something.” Akira stated, ignoring Dylan's question. He had no intention of telling him he was dead. “Were you, or were you not the one that called Iason to let him know where the kid was?”

“… I shouldn’t have… if I hadn’t… Ryan… he wouldn’t… this is all my fault…” he replied as he lightened his grip on Matsumoto's shirt and hung his head. “Please… please don’t kill him…”

“I’m not going to do anything, and something like that is never up to me either way.”

“Since you were the one who called us, Iason's letting you go. So go.” Matsumoto stated as he turned on his heels. “I asked Castriel to escort you out, but I’m damn sure we’re going to regret not killing you both.” He continued as he slammed the door opened.

“I’m not leaving without Ryan!”

“Then feel free to stay. I don’t give a damn. I don’t care if you love him or not, but stay here for long and I’m sure you’ll wind up dead. A lot of people are fond of Nero here. You both crossed a line you shouldn’t have. Cassy!”

Dylan stared at Matsumoto’s back as he ignored Castriel’s muffled voice. He turned to the floor and stared at it, never looking up until Castriel walked inside. He was holding a black bag, and wore a stern expression.

“Good, you’re awake.” Castriel commented as he moved aside and extended his arm toward the door for Ryan to walk out.

The man did what signaled and walked out slowly.

“Look at the floor while you walk or I’ll shoot you the moment you try to look up.”


After they reached the garage, Castriel forced the bag over Dylan's head and directed him to the car.

“Do not take it off.”


Castriel helped him into the passenger’s seat and sat in beside him to start the engine. After the man took a deep breath, he drove out.



Nero opened his eyes in the morning. He was alone, but Iason seemed to have put some clothes on him. He was wearing Iason's extra pair of sweats and a simple t-shirt. Something that seemed too small for Iason to wear. It even smelled of someone else.

The boy sniffed the shirt with two deep breathes, then opened his eyes wide after realizing it smelled just like Andy’s sweater. The one Iason kept buried in his drawer. One he found while helping Iason look for a suit. After he took it out, Iason's expression had saddened. The king took the jacket, then pressed it against his face and gave it back to Nero. The boy just put it back, but he had taken a small whiff before doing so.

“I can't believe I remember how it smells!!” Nero yelled in frustration, then jumped out of bed after kicking the blanket aside and removed the shirt.

The boy stared at the fabric, then rushed to Iason's dressing room and pulled out the sweater.

Definitely his… Fucking—

Nero put the sweater back and threw the shirt on the bed as he let out an angry huff. After staring at it for a couple of seconds, the door opened. Iason walked in carrying a small tray with a plate in one hand as he pushed the door aside to make way for himself

“Oh… you’re awake.” He commented as he put the tray on a nearby table, then narrowed his eyes wide as he realized Nero was again shirtless. “Shirts are for wearing.”

“Why did you put his clothes on me?”

Iason opened his eyes in surprise as such response.

“I just didn’t have a shirt that would fit you. Mine are always too big.”

“So you dress me in his clothes?!”

“Nero I just didn’t---

“Can you please just at least try to pretend I'm not just someone's replacement?”Nero exclaimed as he walked past Iason.

The king turned to him perplexed wearing an expression of confusion and watched Nero walk out.

“At least have some breakfast, Nero.”

“I’m not hungry.”



Castriel stopped the car in the middle of a road and got down. After yanking the black bag from Dylan's head, he opened the door and forced him out.

“If you walk that way, you’ll reach the main road. Keep going and don’t stop.”

Dylan nodded and started walking. By the time he looked back, Castriel was already driving away.

“…I’m sorry Ryan…” he muttered. “this is all my fault…”


Iason watched Nero from the rail as he sat in the cafeteria in one of Akira’s tank tops and eat. The boy wasn’t eating much, he seemed to have a lack of appetite. The king let out a sigh, then walked back to his office after he noticed Johnny was watching him.

“Something wrong, Iason?”

“No… I’ll deal with it.” Iason replied as he sat down behind his desk.

“Please don’t. You’re not very good at dealing with anything regarding Nero.”

The king glared at Johnny who immediately smiled.

“What did you do?”

“Well first I shattered him by turning him into a deamon of blood and then I put Andy’s shirt on him.”

“You put Andy’s shirt on him?”

“That’s what you’re worried about?!”

“Well, yes! Nero is here because you couldn’t cope with Andy’s death! He knows that! Nero grew horribly fond of you – somehow- the last thing he needs is to feel like you see someone else when you look at him.”

Iason took a deep breath and rubbed his face with both hands.

“Urgh, what am I doing losing my cool over some kid.”

“Some kid… That kid is Nero.”

Iason took a deep breath and stood up.

“I guess I should apologize.”

“That’s not really why I’m here, Iason.”

The king sat back down, then stared at Johnny.

“Is something wrong?”

“Dylan. You should’ve killed him too.”

“I couldn’t. he’s the one who---


“The man doesn’t know where the place is.”

“He knows enough to send us all to hell!”

“Forget it, it’s done.”


“Johnny. It’s done.”


Nero sat on Iason's bed and hugged both his knees pressing his forehead against them. It was around eleven thirty at night when Iason finally walked into his room.



“You know, I’ve been looking all over for you. You had me worried.”


“Look, I owe—


“…you’re apologizing to me?”

“…I’m sorry…”

“For yelling at me, or for wearing another man’s shirt? Is that Akira's?”

“For… for both… and yes.”

“Well, there’s no need for you to say you’re sorry.”  Iason commented as he sat down next to Nero and ran his fingers through the boy’s hair. “Maybe I shouldn’t put his clothes on you.”

“…I just don’t want to make you sad…”

Iason snorted at the comment, then shook his head.

“You don’t make me sad.” The king replied in between chuckles. “Actually, it makes me happy when you wear his things. It makes it seem like less of a waste. Besides, that’s my shirt. I bought it too small, so he used to wear it from time to time.”


“…Yes. All his clothes are in boxes. They would probably fit you, but I didn’t want to push it. Just the jacket that I have in my closet is still there. And that’s just because I couldn’t bring myself to take it out. He put it there himself, you know…”

Nero raised his head and looked straight at Iason. The man gently brushed the locks that rested on his forehead with the tip of his fingers and smiled.

“I just don’t want you to think of him when you see me…”

Iason took a deep breath, then grabbed Nero’s arm and pulled him towards him. Nero hugged him back, and buried his face on the king’s neck.


“…yes,  Nero?”

“To be honest I don’t feel too good…”

“…what do you mean?”

The boy pushed his body away from Iason, then stood up. The king watched him remove his shirt, to then let it fall on the floor. Iason walked to where Nero was standing and began running his hands over the boy’s body. It was warmer than usual, and Nero’s breathing already seemed heavy. When the man kissed him, Nero pushed himself away and coughed.

“You okay?”

Nero cleared his throat, then kneeled down.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” The boy replied as unbuckled Iason's jeans.

“Nero, you don’t have to do that.”

“…I want to…” Nero stated right before he took it in his mouth.

Iason threw his head back from the sudden feeling on Nero’s tongue sliding against his member and tangled his fingers on the boy’s hair, occasionally pulling at it as Nero moved his head. Iason let out a moan as he caressed Nero’s hair and the back of his neck. The boy looked up at Iason, his face read, his panting heavy and breaths short. The king narrowed his eyes and pulled away. The boy did nothing, but put his hands on the floor and put his head down. When Iason saw this gesture, he buckled his pants again and kneeled in front of the kid.

“Nero?” Iason called as he lifted Nero's face. Iason put his hand on the boy’s forehead and gasped. “Nero... You have a fever.” 

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