Chapter 3: My Last Chance at Success

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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CH 3  My last chance at love and success


So Michel set this meeting up in the evening on Friday night. I was a more than a little intimidated, as I hadn't modeled in a while, and although I was still in good shape physically, I was very unsure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.


Before I went on the interview, I pinned Michel down to give me more background on this woman.  I knew Michel knew more about her than he was leading me on to believe. He told me Marion was a very attractive woman in her late 40's who had divorced her husband over ten years ago when she discovered him cheating on her with a young blonde office worker from his law firm. Her successful business allowed her to keep the condo on Fifth Avenue she got in the divorce, and soon would acquire enough wealth to have apartments in Paris, Marseilles and even one in Barcelona. She loved to travel and enjoyed living large but came from humble beginnings in Brooklyn. Her dad was a garment worker who developed a drinking habit. Her mom was a raging co- dependent person who always defended her husband, no matter what. Marion was an only child, and used fantasy and her love for fancy clothes to escape the abusive home. Her parents scraped enough to send her to a good private college, and she never looked back.


Marion opened the door and was surprised to see how young I looked. In front of me was this strikingly beautiful woman who wore a fashionable business outfit to meet me, even though it was in her apartment.


"Hi Dominique, I'm so happy you could come up to meet me so soon! Michel told me only great things about you!  Can I get you something to drink? I' m having some home made iced tea,.


Sure, I'd love some iced tea!"


"By the way, just so you know, I don't drink anymore. I'll have some for entertaining people and clients but I stopped drinking liquor a few years ago. I want to keep my body in shape, and even wine throws me off, physically.


"I know what you mean," I said. "I couldn't drink wine anymore, too weak! I needed vodka or tequila to get me off the last time I indulged,"


"Please make yourself comfortable," She said, motioning me to sit on the modern couch. Her apartment was decorated in a modernistic theme, with a few area rugs and very simple but tasteful furniture. A wide screen TV hung on the wall and there was a small bar in the corner for entertaining.


Marion's outfit was a sleeveless low cut, cream- colored blouse, which highlighted her well toned arms and abundant cleavage. I was always a poor judge of size, but I guessed she may've been a 38D.I could barely keep my eyes from wandering back to her lovely breasts as we chatted. Her well -tanned body spoke of opulence and sophistication, but her attitude was real and honest. Her flowing expensive silk blouse was also accessorized with a expensive pearl necklace which matched a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings. This woman put on all her bling to meet me, I thought!


Marion didn't want to waste any time, she was very interested in finding the right woman to model for her business, but first she insisted we just talk about life. She shared about her upbringing in Brooklyn, her marriage, her divorce and her life style now. As Marion spoke and I realized immediately we had so much in common. She had the poise and confidence which I had always sought for myself. She didn't tell me all about her life, but enough for me to understand that she was driven to have a full life and a creative business, and have lots of fun along the way.


"Although I could sit back and let someone else run my company, I like to be in control. I also like to treat my workers very well and demand absolute trust and devotion to my product line. Which means you have to sign paperwork saying you will not disclose any information to anyone about the line, at all, are you okay with that?" Marion asked me, with a deliberate tone in her voice.


"Marion, yes absolutely fine with signing that."


"OK well, you do have a beautiful body. I can see that and I’m sure you have modeling experience, but I'd need to see you in some of my clothes tonight, are you up for that?  Do you have time to stay for a while?"


"Of course, I appreciate the chance to work and learn from someone of your stature in this business, thanks for the opportunity!"


"Great, but first tell me something about yourself. Please share with me about your upbringing, college if any, and why you went into modeling,"




Suddenly, I felt more comfortable with her. Marion seemed down to earth and not uptight like many company owners. She listened intently to me, looking right into my eyes most of the time we were seated across from one another. I shared my interest in designing especially swim ware and casual clothing, but I had no portfolio whatsoever so I wasn't going to impress her with anything I'd done. I was a bit distracted by her appearance as she was very alluring woman in her tight skirt and low cut blouse. I was also surprised she wasn't married again or talking about a guy in her life in any way. Her fragrance was also very intriguing and almost intoxicating. I drank the iced tea and told her about Brooke and our relationship. I didn't want to hide anything. I decided to tell her that I preferred women and was still searching for the right person to be with long term.


"And after Brooke, I sort fell away from modeling. No, I m sorry, I dropped out completely. I 'm still recovering from some alcohol and drug abuse, to be frank. I'm also not even sure how long I'll_"


"Dominique, you don't have to say anymore. I completely understand, I've gone through similar things in my life, and maybe I can help you out, now"


"That's such a terrible loss for you. I m really sorry," Marion said sadly. I could see this woman's compassion and heartfelt emotions were genuine.


Marion was sitting across from me for most of our talk, but after I mentioned Brooke, she moved closer and sat right next to me on the couch.


"We actually have much in common in our pasts, Dominique. We both came from alcoholic families and were abused to some degree. I'd love to talk with you woman to woman sometime about all of this in our past"


"I feel very comfortable around you, Dominique and I hope you can feel that way with me also as we work together," Marion offered.


"I do.”  I paused for a while to compose myself.  “I did feel very at ease telling you about my step sister and everything that's transpired afterwards with my life, and I m not sure why I feel so comfortable, I just met you!" I laughed and she smiled back at me.


"So what I'm doing is expanding my established swim ware line to add a lingerie line, along with many different things for today's women, especially women of your generation,"


"I'll need your feedback and your ideas and maybe if we work together well, there could be some good perks as well as bonuses!"


"This sounds great to me! How can I help you tonight?" I was already excited about the financial possibilities and wanted to see her line of lingerie.


"Well Dominique, I will need to see your body and put you in some lingerie which is laid out on my bed right now. Can we go inside?"


"Of course, please!" I said following her into her bedroom of the large condo apartment.


Marion had very discerning tastes in colors. Dark purple bedspreads, light green walls with painted murals on one, an Egyptian rug hung on another. Rare earth gems were on shelves, statues of goddesses, pictures of herself at different times of her life.


"Can I see your back? Stand up, but take off your blouse Dominique," I was wearing a very simple sleeveless blouse with an abstract pattern on it. I was wearing my Victoria Secret push up bra to highlight my breasts, so after I unbuttoned the blouse, Marion instinctively undid my bra.


"You have a wondrous body my dear, simply wondrous. Your breasts are so natural and your lovely shoulders are extremely sensuous, has anyone told you that yet? "No, you're the first to say that," I stammered out, I was taken back by her honesty.


"I can tell you used to swim is that correct, or was that a bad guess?"


"Yes, you're correct. I swam in high school and a bit afterwards for fun in college, but I,” My voice trailed off as she spoke.


"I'm sorry to interrupt, if you get this job you'll have access to a wonderful pool, Its one of the perks," Marion said proudly.


"Hmnnn, ok can you turn around so I can see you front and legs?" Marion studied me closely. Somewhere along the way into her bedroom, she opened the top button on her blouse, allowing her breasts to be even more visible.


I was still wearing my thong as she put her hand on my waist and turned me slowly towards her. Her warm hand so close to my pussy, made me tremble in anticipation.


"Oh my, very nice! Yes you are a lovely woman!"


"Thank you Marion," I desperately wanted to return the compliment and tell her that I found her absolutely stunningly sexy but I kept it professional.


The condo was warm and cozy, but my nipples were erect. Marion observed my shoulders and dark brown hair, which fell over them carefully. Marion touched my shoulder softy and ran her fingers slowly though my hair. She smiled at me after touching me, I felt so comfortable around this beautiful woman, even though we'd just met.


"Ok so lets put you into this red lace negligee first. This negligee is made from a new composite material, which is softer than silk and yet stronger to resist being taken out of shape,” She said, as she handed me her first piece of erotic wear. The negligee was sleeveless and transparent like many are, but it felt so soft and nice on me. The comfort of many lingerie items can be very questionable, but this was very easy to wear.


"Can I ask you to take off your thong and put on the matching red lace panties there?"


Marion took my thong from me and looked into them as if they were a competing piece of lingerie. Then she smelled the thong carefully and smiled at me. "You have a lovely fragrance Dominique," Marion said smiling again at me.


"Are you a 36-24-36?" She asked casually. "No, I believe I'm a 37-28- 36 actually"


"Hmmn, don't mind me, I want to see how your filling out this negligee'," Marion slowly walked around me seeing how the fit was and softly touching my bottom, the back of my thighs.


"Sure, do whatever you need to, Marion" I enjoyed her touch. It was extremely gentle and yet, felt very informed and sensuous.


My nips were hard as nails, as she put her firm hands on my waist and tightened the little belt that came with the outfit to make my breasts stand out. My dark brown nips tented the material nicely, making a sensuous appearance to her lingerie.


She grabbed for her cell phone and snapped a pic of my profile with my nips almost sticking out the thin fabric of the negligee.


"I need to document how it's fitting and will be taking loads of pictures which will only be used in house for now," Marion assured me.


"I'm totally fine with you taking any pictures you need," I said calmly. Maybe later she'll let me take a few of her, I thought.


Then she came around the back and made sure the lace was sitting properly on my shoulders and allowing my bottom to show.


"Ok, can I ask you to bend over slightly, hold onto the bed post for support if you'd like" I followed her direction exactly, which made an impression on her.  Her previous models balked at her insistence on seeing her lingerie from all vantage points, Marion shared with me later.


"I need to assess how my panties are measuring up to this kind of a stretch so please keep your legs together a bit now please," she asked firmly. Marion dropped to her knees and got right under my pussy, she pulled her red-laced panties down a few inches and placed her nose right against the fabric.


"Yes that's perfect, thanks Dom,"


She was the first woman to call me "Dom" since my sister died, and it meant so much to me that she felt comfortable with me as a model. She stayed between my legs looking carefully and gently touching my curves and special places. I didn't mind. I felt her breathing there for a long moment as she took in the fragrance of my pussy and her lace. It felt nice.


"How do the panties feel? Please walk around then get on the bed and strike the most sensuous pose you can back to me, so I can see your comfort level,"


I walked around the carpeted bedroom and swung my legs onto her lush high bed. I crossed and uncrossed my legs on the bed, leaning on my arms, my back straight up, breasts still pouting back at her.


"Ok now place your legs apart and stroke your pussy lips, very slowly through the fabric Dom,"


"Do want me to masturbate for you or just touch myself gently?"


"Well, I just want to see you do something erotic with your fingers and your pussy, you don't need to do more than touch yourself, for now," I wanted to see her naked, to place my mouth on her sex and feel her warmth. Marion was turning me on in ways I'd never experienced. Was it the interview, the test of my will power to not tear off her clothes and fuck her right there? I wasn't sure, but it felt so good to be with this woman.


I touched myself making my lips separate with slight flick, I wished she could see my clitoris, as it was already very engaged!  Marion looked ever so closely at the panties. They outlined my vulva nicely and even with the lace it still felt very comfortable. The look of lust on her face was unmistakable. I saw an insatiable side of this woman in that face, it was highly erotic and made me want to please her even more.


"How do the panties feel?" "Good, very comfortable! They're not too tight, I like the fit really well,"


"Ok now I want you to put your feet on the carpet, use your right arm to support yourself behind you as you lean basically 45 degrees towards me," Marion was at the foot of the bed standing. "I want you to gently and slowly begin to remove the panties, first slowly pull them down so your pussy is visible and then your ass and then just move them to your legs, keeping your lovely legs together,"


She snapped a few more in that prone position with my labia showing, her panties below.


"Turn your lower body towards me Dom, I need to see your labia a bit more from this angle, thanks!" Marion directed me. I couldn't help but notice her free hand move to her ample breast as she fondled herself. She was obviously very attracted to what she was seeing!


"Ok, now come here and take off the negligee and panties all the way, we're going to change into other outfits,”


She showed me a pair of black lace garters and fishnet stockings which I put on. She added a very similar thong with a nice pad inside it and other thong with a wide slit in it so my labia could stick out. I was partial to the black knits, they're so popular but these had a special feel to them. The material was similar to the negligee and had a high comfort level.


I pranced around, striking some outrageously sexy poses, sticking out my tongue, gesturing with my hands. Marion enjoyed it all and took loads of pictures.


"Yes I designed these especially for some gay women I know who asked for something like this," Marion commented.


Then there were a few really nice colorful but racy swimwear outfits which I enjoyed wearing. I walked slowly around her bedroom modeling and letting her see the "fit up close" a few more times. She enjoyed pulling down the bottoms to see how much stretch there was in different positions. She was very thorough!

Marion needed to get under my pussy as I stood up tall, and see the fit but also take in my fragrance and the view of my clit which was now very noticeable.


 One of the last bikinis she'd asked me to model put me on her bed lifting my naked leg high, showing off her skimpy but supportive top as I rested on my hand as I  noticed that she had slipped out of her tight skirt and was only in her thong and bra.


"It's too hot in here now, and we're making so much progress. I'm much more comfortable in this, are you okay?" "Absolutely!! You have a marvelous body Marion! I could look at you all night long too!" I finally told her.


She smiled and motioned me over to  un-tie the strings of this suit behind my neck.


"This one is my swim wear outfit with a lacy type bra, she helped me into it, holding my breasts as I got the tie strings around my neck, then she quickly turned around and tied the strings for me. Marion pressed her half naked body into mine after the suit was already tied. Her body felt so warm and sexy next to mine, I wanted her so much! The feel of her immense breasts crushing into my back was heavenly! She held me tightly by my arms. I was submissive but didn't speak, I wanted her to take me.


"Dom, your arms are so attractive as are your breasts. They're perfect you know, and natural," She whispered.


"I had my boobs done a few years ago, I like them but they're not like yours, totally natural and homegrown,"


I turned around quickly and put my hands on her lovely breasts and finally touched them.


"Marion, I love the way your breasts feel, they feel as natural as mine, but bigger and fuller. Personally, I love larger breasts. I was considering getting mine augmented, but didn't have the money,"


"Walk around for me please, let me see how it fits and shakes out," Marion said, trying to change the topic so she could stay focused.


I did what she asked then sat back on the bed in a seductive pose, looking right back at her. But I had to adjust the top a bit, it was crimping by my right armpit. Marion rushed over, did something to the top part and took a few more pictures.






“I need to see inside this top a second, she said.  Marion sat next to me we were closer than we'd been all night so far. I leaned in and smelled her fragrance and hair. She took off the top, my breasts were exposed, I decided to share my feelings about her.


"Marion, I love your breasts, they're so HOT! You have such a marvelous cleavage and I'm very envious!" I said, trying to dispel her comparison between our breasts.


Marion fastened the top, but had to undo it again. She was flustered. I wondered if I had caused it. She finally got it back on and took it off once more!  I was sure I had created some discord in her mind.


"I can't get it the way you deserve to have this, damn! I know this is strange, but I m so distracted!" She stroked my arms and fondled my breasts again. Her fingers pinched my nipple, she leaned down and kissed and caressed them. Her tongue found my erect nipple and concentrated on it for a nice while. We both knew where this was going. We were too hot for each other to make believe this work session could continue.


"They're SO nice, I couldn't resist touching them once more," Marion said almost apologizing for being aroused by my breasts, she was so embarrassed!


"I loved you sucking my nipple, please don't apologize," I demanded.


I reached out and touched her lovely arm, she looked right at me our lips met for a passionate first kiss. Our tongues met as our bodies embraced.  I held her tight and took in her scent, which made me even more turned on.


I began to kiss her body and wanted to see her naked already.


"Oh, ummmgnnh, yes touch me, kiss me, make love to me Dom," Marion was more starved for affection and love than I was. It was strange but lovely all the same.


"Ummgnn" She moaned again more loudly. We kissed and caressed each other wildly. I took off her bra, those massive 38D breasts fell into my hands as I kissed them and caressed her taut dark brown nipples. Her nipples felt so yummy between my fingers. I pinched them lightly and she moaned in response.


"Oh Dom! Yes, YES suck on my nips oh, I'm so fuckin’ horny for your body!" We pulled back the blankets and got next to each other.


"I feel so close to you, Marion"


"Dom, I promise I don't do this with all my models, but I'm so attracted to you!" "Don't talk, kiss me!" I persisted.


"Tell me what you like, I want to please you so much Dominique!" She pleaded with me, as our hands explored each other's bodies


"I want to suck your pussy so much," I admitted. "Sit on my face first!"


"Oh fuck! I LOVE THAT!" she giggled. Marion straddled my face and supported herself with the help of the massive headboard of her bed. Her lovely pussy mound was mostly shaved with a neat little triangle of pubic hair above. Her labia was dark and thick, and her clit was so prominent, it stuck out a good amount when I tasted it for the first time. I smelled her vaginal sweetness and stuck my tongue in with delight as I supported her firm muscular ass with my hands.  I swabbed her clit a few dozen  times and then planted my sharp tongue on it, wedged it between my lip and massaged it more with the tip of my tongue.  She went wild, holding my head in place.


“Don’t stop, right there! Oh my YES!” Marion cried out.


"Oh God, you taste so delicious!" I said, as I pulled out after my first few minutes of sucking her. I went back in and used my fingers and tongue simultaneously. She was moaned and gyrated her hips as I finger fucked her wetness into a nice state. I concentrated on just sucking her clitoris, moving my lips and tongue around, grabbing her lovely thick clit with my lips and tonguing her clit madly until I felt her entire body tense up and she let go with a really loud moan which shook the room. Her juices flooded my mouth as I struggled to keep up with swallowing her luscious cum juices. Her entire body quivered with enjoyment.


She got off of me and kissed me, sucking in her own fluids with our saliva and then took my body and began humping me wildly.

Marion placed herself on a 90 degree angle to my legs. We found a comfortable position to trib as I let her rub her sopping wet pussy on mine as we tribbed our hot bodies into a mutual state of orgasmic bliss.


I was surprised how aroused it got me as I orgasmed.  I  shook with lust for Marion as my hips gyrated into her lovely firm body. But she wasn't done with me yet. She went down on my pussy with a hearty lustful abandon! She fingered me nicely and sucked my clit so well, I exploded with a few more intense orgasms which seemed to last for several minutes.


"You're SO fuckin' HOT Marion! Really, Oh my GOD!" I cried a few dozen times.


We stayed in each other arms for a long while then she caressed slowly in that Jacuzzi! We both laughed and shared about our lives together that night. In the hot tub, I fucked her with a strap on she brought with her. She knelt over the side as I stood in the tub and fucked her so slowly while I caressed those lovely huge orbs of hers! She enjoyed my touch and then I wanted her big phallus inside of me too. We fucked a few more times and then kissed and caressed each other in her hot tub till we were spent.


I was shocked to realize Marion was just getting started! She modeled for me and showed me exactly what she wanted. I kissed her and caressed her so many times, she exclaimed, "I've never had sex like that, Dom!  We’ve got to do this a much as we can!

I want to see you as much as want me,”


“I desire you Marion, you made me feel So Great!”  I shared honestly.


"I wanted to rip your dress off the moment you began touching me!" "Oh my God! Your touch, your words and feelings, were making me crazy!" I finally confessed.


It was a warm spring morning, the sun was nowhere in sight yet but the sounds of the city had calmed to moderate hum.

“I want to take you to my rooftop patio, we can be totally naked there with no worries!”  Marion implored.


We donned luscious bathrobes under our naked bodies and walked up a flight of internal stairs to a wide view of the western skyline with Central Park in the foreground.

“Oh my what a view!” I was aghast at the opulence she had at her disposal.

“Yes its really great when the sun is setting, this view is to the west,” Marion said, caressing my body slowly as we embraced standing there in our robes. 

She threw her robe off and took off mine as her toys fell out of the pocket landing on the wide patterned bed.


 Marion surprised me by pushing me down into the plush extra wide patio furniture.  She got on top of me and began humping my pussy wildly.

“I m so horny for your gorgeous body Dom!”

I held her for a moment and kissed her passionately.

“I love being with you Marion, you’re SO hot and a fantastic lover!”

We made love right there once again, in the warm dark early morning night. Our tongues met and our juices exchanged for a few more hours before we fell asleep with her plush robes covering most of our bodies.  The dawn approached as I sat up with my robe on admiring the colors of the morning changing rapidly in front of me.

I had been running all my life from pain and terrible things, most of which I had done to myself.  Now I was finally with a woman I enjoyed and wanted to be with all the time. 


Marion awoke and joined me as we silently looked out at the city waking up to a new day.  “It was our new day too,” I said to her.


“I’m finally finished running away, can I be with you only?”


“Yes Dominique, I want that for us,” As we kissed and hugged

on her luxury rooftop patio,  I knew I was where I needed to be.





IF you or someone you know or love is being ABUSED physically, sexually or emotionally, please GET HELP.  There are agencies, hotlines, and ways to safely get out of any situation.




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The buildup to the sex was so well written it draws the reader into the scene as if they were right there in the room with them.
There must be a lot of dripping wet pussies, and fingers, on the girls reading this. That and a lot of very erect swollen cocks oozing precum on the boys.
This has to be the best lesbian story I have ever read on BooksieSilk. It's erousing enough to make a lot of men want to be a woman for a night so they could feel what it feels like to have breasts and a vulva to feel what it felt like to the two of them getting theirs licked and sucked on.

Wed, January 15th, 2020 11:31am


Thx so much for ur constructive remarks.

Wed, January 15th, 2020 5:32am

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