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Worlds Collide Chapter 13



“I can’t.”


“What do you mean you can’t?”


“Oh Goddess of the Moon !!! I can’t move.” He shrieked. “Who the hell are you peo…?” Kaon rolled up his eyes and slumped unconsciously on the medical table once again.


“Kaon, KAON!!!” both ladies tried to wake him up, nudging, slapping his face, pinching his cheeks, nothing worked.


“What the fuck is wrong with him again?” Del-C asked.


“Nothing is wrong with him again,” MAX-17-i answered. “All his vital organs, motor functions, and implants seem to be working, however his brain is not sending any signals to the neural relays. It’s like all connection have frozen up. Everything seems to be in perfect working condition only he can’t move. It doesn’t make sense.” For an AI to say ‘things don’t make sense’ is an overstatement.


“Well, make them make sense,” Queen Deleyria commanded. As regent of one of the most powerful dynasties in a hundred light years, she is used to giving orders. She could not help herself. 


“Del,” MAX-17-i twerps. “We have another problem.”


“WHAT NOW?” The queen was furious. Even though Max-17-i was addressing Del-C she could not but answer to her name. Del, was also the queen’s nick name as well the android’s.


“Of course we have a problem,” Del-C sighed. “Our majestic honorable ex-lover here wants to get our boss killed.” She pointed at the only other woman in the medical bay. “Now HE can not move. I bet all my cybernetic tits she had something to do with it,” staring at Deleyria with an angry look. Del was technically a clonoide, a cybernetic android infused with the properties of a human clone. Emotionally she was a human. Theoretically she was not.


“WHY ARE YOU BLAMING ME ?!” Queen Deleyria exploded. “I swear I did not have anything to do with this! I did not even touch him!”


“Sure you didn’t, and you’re not going to,” Del-C dared the regent to approach. “What’s this other problem now, Max? I bet my ass it has something to do with her majesty here.” Deleyria puffed again when she heard her name called out again by the clonoide.


“I can’t...” Max replied.


“MAX! What do you mean you CAN’T?! Don’t tell me you’r frozen up as well!?” Del-C was about to explode from anger.


“I can’t,” The AI twirped and buzzed. “I can’t get a signal from any of the outposts in the Mannorian system.” MAX-17-i tweeted as it tried to explain.


“WHAT?!” Both ladies blurted out simultaneously.


“It looks like every satellite and every relay station is gone.” MAX-17-i the artificial intelligence which managed all the operational functions of Kaon’s space astroid and habitat sounded surprised as much as any AI was able to sound surprised. “They’re either knocked out of their orbits or have been destroyed somehow,” she/he/it/they/other added.


“ALL OF THEM?! That’s impossible.” Deleyria was beyond shocked. “There are hundreds of thousands of backup communication systems scattered throughout this sector, with backup systems for backup systems. They could not all go out of line simultaneously. Could it be a solar flare? We usually get months of predictions before anything like this happens. I would have been notified of that.”


“No, your Highness,” Max replied. “There was no solar activity of any kind detected. The red giant is calm in this cycle.”


“ADMIRAL!” Queen Deleyria tried to contact the commander of her fleet. There were more than ten ships of the Royal Mannorian Navy parked just outside the locality of Kaon’s astroid. They were her personal little fleet escorting the destroyer Najjal, the flagship of the line, the biggest and most powerful destroyer ever built by the Mannorian naval yards. Her fleet admiral must have an explanation for what was going on. “ADMIRAL LITARA,” she repeated her call with a vengeance. The implant in her ear was a close range signal communicator. It could not have been affected by a phenomena such as a solar flare. If he did not answer immediately she was going to slice his dick off and feed it to her Sonora tigers.


“Sorry for the delay, your Majesty,” Admiral Litara finally replied. “We were having some technical difficulties with our communication systems.”


“Don’t tell me you also lost contact with the home world as well.”


“How did you know that?” The admiral was lost for words.


“Send back my personal transport,” she ordered. “I’m coming back to the Najjal. And prepare to break orbit the moment I dock.”


“Yes, your excellency.”


“You’re leaving?” Del-C asked. As much as she wanted to get rid of her arch-rival, she was surprised Queen Deleyria would leave after such a short visit. Besides, she did not even get a reply from Lord Commodore Kaon Vorgan on her request to help her find her missing son. She probably does not need a reply. Kaon was going to do it anyways even if he gets himself killed. Which he is not far from at the moment.


Queen Deleyria turned around and walked up to Del-C. “Take care of him Sis. I’m sure you’ll find a way to fix this,” she said. “You know I have to go. There are more at stake here than Kaon.”


“What do you expect he will do once he wakes up?”


“I expect him to give me a report on my son’s whereabouts.” Deleyria replied.


“You’re a slut.”


Deleyria surprised Del by moving even closer and giving her a long and passionate kiss on her mouth. “Well, Thank you for this compliment, Sis,” she said.


“Go…Go…” Del-C pushed the queen gently away. “Go, before I lock you up in my room and fuck your brains off.” She half smiled to her almost identical twin. Even though the queen was a living breathing being, Del-C herself was an clonoide, a half living, half breathing, half being. They almost looked one hundred percent identical except for the hair. Her’s was short the queen’s was long. She liked her’s better. 


“I’ll hold you to that next time we meet, Sister.” Deleyria smirked as the doors to the hanger bay opened ushering in more than twenty naval marines to escort their queen to her transport and away from the asteroid.


Days passed but not much progress was made. Kaon was still unconscious. Del-C and MAX-17-i tried to keep the fort. They effortlessly tried to figure out what was wrong with their master as well as what was happening all around them. Communications had been severely disrupted between many of the known inhabited worlds. Panic and chaos was starting to simmer. Famine even broke out on a minor planet on the outer colonies which heavily relied on food shipments for their survival. Technology was never missed until it is. When it is, that is when it is too late. As much as there are always backups and redundancies for backups nothing can compensate for the lose of those electromagnetic waves. 


“DEL,” Max bellowed on all internal channels. “He is awake and we have a problem.”


Del-C ran to the medical bay and was surprised to see Kaon trying to put on his suite. He was fumbling like he had never worn a biotech armor in his life. “What are you doing?” she asked. He did not answer. His back was to the door. She could not see his face, but she felt there was something wrong, as much as any clonoide could feel in such circumstances. 


She sprang inside the room and put her hand on his shoulder to get his attention. That was when all fuck broke loose. Kaon turned around in a violent reaction. He pushed her out and sent her flying more than three meters in the air. In an instance he pinned her to the cold metallic surface of the medical bay wall. He had one hand on her neck and the other behind her head. He was about to squeeze, turn and break her neck if not for her shouting out his name, “KAON,” hoping he would stop. 


She was his. If he wanted to terminate her it was his prerogative. She was not going to resist. Even though she was designed to be a self sufficient entity, to think, feel and breath on her own, never the less she was a half human, half cybernetic being and she was his. Her existence was in his hands. Literally. “Kaon, STOP” she pleaded once more. It was her last resort before she blacked out, “Please stop…” 


Kaon face was inches closer to hers. He looked bewildered as if he did not recognize her. Then his eyes blinked a few times and quickly removed his hands like she was a contagious virus. He swiftly moved back to lean on the medical bed. “I’m sorry,” Kaon tried to apologize with his head down. “You should not have touched me,” surprising her even more with those words. Touching was what she was created to do. He never complained before. 


“Kaon. What is going on?” She whispered. Her voice was barely audible. Her cybernetic implants tried to fix her vocal sensors which were damaged by Kaon’s hands on her neck. She just survived an encounter with a biotch. No one survives an encounter with a biotech, especially one whose name was Vorgan.


“I need to get out of here,” he said, in the form of a command rather than a suggestion.


“Where do you want to go?”


“Xenoria.” He replied.


“I’ll prep the shuttle,” Del-C hurried toward the hanger where Lord Vorgan’s space schooner was parked. Kaon kept a few shuttles in that bay. She chose the schooner for its speed, maneuverability and fire power. Unfortunately that wasn’t the most comfortable ship in his arsenal of space transports. However, for what they were going to do, comfort was not on the top of the list. She had to make sure the shuttle was well stocked, armed  and ready to go in an hour. Her boss was expecting to leave as soon as he gave the signal. As she worked expeditiously for prelaunch, her eyes would fog when she remembered what had happened earlier. She loved her master. She was programmed to love her master. She would lay her life for his. Only she wasn’t programmed to feel devastated for failing him. She felt helpless for not being able to be there when he needed her the most. and her eyes fogged even more. However, she had a task to do. She was not going to let any amount of moisture in her eye ducts distract her from fulfilling her job as ordered. 


“What are you doing Del?” Max suddenly asked. Max-17-i was using a secure channel to communicate with Del hoping Kaon would not notice. Max was good at hiding things if she/he/it/they/other wanted to. Unfortunately Kaon was even better as finding them if he really wanted to look. Max hoped he didn’t.


“What does it look like I’m doing,” Del replied. “Kaon is leaving and I’m going with him.” 


“But that’s not Kaon,” Max added.


“I know it is not,” Del replied.


“How did you know?”


“The eyes,” Del tried to explain. “They blinked at a different rate than Kaon’s. I don’t know what is going on, but I’m going to find out.”


“There is also a problem with the positronic connections in his brain. I don’t know what is wrong with them. If they shut down like they did before, I might not be able to help you where you are going,” Max added. “You can’t let him leave.”


“I don’t think I can stop him, even if I want to. Can you?” Del wasn’t asking. She was simply stating a fact. Neither Del-C nor Max-17-i were able to prevent their master from leaving, not physically anyway. They could stun him, kill him maybe, then what?


“You don’t want to go there, but if you do, you won’t be wanting to come back.” This is what some say when they talk about ‘Xenoria.’ A terraformed twin moonlet revolving around a methane planet, ‘Xenoria’ was redesigned for one purpose and one purpose only and that was Pleasure. Unfortunately pleasure comes in many forms and disguises. Once you get a taste you might not want to come back. Many do not survive the ordeal. Xenoria wasn’t meant for the weak hearted.


“I don’t believe we are going there again,” Del-C tried to small talk. Kaon wasn’t interested. They had been traveling aboard the schooner for the past two days. Scooped in a small space for the duration of the flight, he did not once speak to her nor did he touch her. For Kaon that was a first. For her, she was programmed to be touched. He programmed her himself. “iiirrirrgggg….” Now she wants to kill him for not fulfilling her parameters. He left her no other choice.


She walked to where he was sitting at the ship’s controls. She lifted her leg up and jumped on top of his lap. "Let him ignore that!!!” They faced one another, her pussy grinding on his cock which she felt was finally reacting to her stimuli. Even then he did not smile, but he did not push her away, which was a good start.


“Who are you?” she asked. She knew Kaon. Kaon would not do what he had done to her at the medical bay. He loved her too much to lay a finger on her. Well, except if that finger was going deep inside her pussy. Kaon would never give up the chance to fuck her whenever she wanted him to. Kaon would also smile… 


Eliminating all and every other possibility, as well as every opportunity she gave him to touch her, the only other conclusion she could think off was that, “You are not Kaon, so what the fuck did you do to my master?” She asked.


Finally he looked at her and said, “My name is Warg.” Still he did not smile. Silence followed as she tried to digest what she just heard. “I’m also Kaon, Dolan and Jonathan.. or so I believe.” He added. Good. At least he has lost his mind. This she can accept. The not touching part she could not.


Then she began stage two of her plan. She unzipped his pants to free his cock. She was prepared for this when she decided to pursue this road. She wasn’t wearing anything to prevent her from executing her scheme. She was finally doing what she was designed to do. “Fuck.” It was a good plan.


“What are doing?” He asked


If what he said was right, and he was who he claimed he was, then he would know what she was doing. “Oh…. Fuuckkkk… ,” she moaned again as his half hard dick slid into her wet passage. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of a reply. At least that was part of her plan anyways. 


Now it was time for the third and final act of her plan which was the sucking part. She began by increasing her grinding motion as her pussy tried to suck his cock deeper into her hole. She even tried to suck his tongue as she gave him a suffocating kiss on his mouth. Slowly she felt his pole sucked all the way inside until it reached its full potential. It was finally ready. All it took was that final suck and all his juices would be vacuumed inside of her. She wasn’t going to let any drop escape her trap. 


“Finally…” she stood up, adjusted her flimsy attire and sat on the other chair in front of the ship’s flight controls. “Now let’s talk.”


“What do you want to talk about?” Kaon asked as he was trying to get his still hard cock inside his pants. Those motor functions in his dick where having a hard time deflating to their original size. He was having problems controlling his biotech implants inside his penis.


Del could not help but smile as she saw her master fidgeting with his zipper. He was fumbling to get his cock back to its normal size. She could not but feel amused by what she saw. “Can I help?”


“Noooo….” He almost yelled at her. “You’ve helped more than enough.”


Now THAT was her Kaon. “I had to make sure that you were who you said you were,” she tried to explain. “At first I thought you might have been kidnapped or replaced by another. Now I know you are the same Koan that I’ve known before. Well, at least you have the same cock I had fucked before. Your semen and DNA also matched your profile.”


“And how did you come to that conclusion?”


She smirked as she said, “I had to scan and analyze every fucking micron of that cock of yours to make sure,” she explained. “You programed me to do it, remember?!” She added. “If you are Kaon then you would know that. So who are you again?”


“I told you I am Koan. I am also Warg, Dolan, and Jonathan.”


“And I’m the wicked witch of Ozaria...” Del-C followed that with a joke.


“Look, I don’t have time to explain all this. Heck I don’t even know if I can explain all this. However I assure you, I am the same Kaon you know. So, please trust me.”




“OKAY?!” Now he was the one who was amused by her reply. “That’s all you can say?! Just Okay?”


“What do you want me to say?” She replied. “At this stage I don’t know what to make of all this. But, I do trust you. I trust you are not going to get me killed. So Okay does sums it all up for now.”




“Okay… So what are you planning to do next?” Del-C asked. “I know you are going to try and rescue that dimwit prince, what was his name? from Xenoria which is okay by me. That will probably get you in good grace with her grace queen Deleyria once again. And I’m okay with that as well. Well, at least I finally get to fuck you before we got to that fucking planet.”


“But you already did.”


“Oh no…nooo…” she replied. “That was just a scan. You’ll know when you have been fucked by me. I haven’t even started yet.” 


“Okay…” he swallowed 


“So… you think that dimwit is still on Xenoria?”


“Yes I believe he is,” Kaon replied. “And stop calling him dimwit. He is the crown prince of Mannoria. Okay you can wipe that grin off your face…”


“So, where can we find your crown dimwit, my Lord Vorgan?” She mockingly asked again.


“Now that, I do not know,” he answered. “But I know someone who might.”


“Oh fuck. Not that someone again???!!!” Del almost flipped out. “Surely we can find someone else other than that someone on such a vast planet who might know a thing or two!?”


“No we can’t. Besides, we don’t have time for that.”


“Fucking shit of someone …. We’re screwed again.”


Theoretically getting screwed was why you went to Xenoria in the first place and no one was better at it then that someone they went to visit on that minor planet.


“Kaaaoooonnnn… daaarling…” that someone wasn’t anyone you could easily ignore. “They told me you were dead.” Latita Lonhganini, the Acting Mayor Royaal of Xenoria, called from across her large office at the top floor of the city’s town hall. Latita kept her title as Acting Mayor Royaal in respect to her husband the elected Mayor Royaal who died unexpectedly in his bed. Some say she killed him herself but those who said that were unfortunately killed, or had committed suicide with three to six bullets to the head. The investigation for all those deaths is still being conducted. Until it’s finalized no new elections could be held, unfortunately. So Latita was graceful enough to assume her husband’s duties as Mayor Royaal until the culprit for her husband’s murder is apprehended. The dead need to have their peace in this life and thereafter before things get back to normal. That was more than twenty standard years ago.


“I hope you’re not disappointed I’m still alive, my lady,” Koan smiled and gave Latita a peck on one of her artificially puffed out cheeks. 


“Of course not my Lord Vorgan,” she smiled back. “I’ve always wanted to kill you myself, so now that you’re not, I might have the opportunity to fulfill my dream.” She returned his peck with one of her own. “Oooo…and you also brought me your lovely pet to play with once again. How thoughtful of you.”


“If you touch me again I swear I will gut your eyes out,” Del-C was on full alert. Even though weapons were not permitted inside the mayor’s office, however Del did not need any to defend herself.


“Wooo…. Calm down little kitten,” Latita smirked. “As I remember, you enjoyed our last encounter, did you not?”


“Yes of course I did, but, it took me three days to be able to walk again,” Del replied. “So, no where in hell you are going to get your fucking hands on me again.”


“I wasn’t thinking of my hands my dear,” Latita ignored Del and turned to face Koan once again, “So what do I owe the pleasure of this lovely visit, my Lord Vorgan?” Acting Mayor Lonhganini finally asked Kaon.


“I need a favor Latita,” Kaon addressed her by her first name. She was a close enough friend, considering. “Deleyria’s son is here and I want to find him.” He finally told her what he came here to Xenoria to do.


“Oooo…. That dimwit is here. I didn’t know that.”


“See I told you he is a…,” Del-C’s grin was as wide as Latita’s office door. 


Koan looked at Del and hissed, “shut up…”


“I see you’re still doing that bitch’s bidding after all this time,” Latita didn’t have much regards for the Mannorian Regent. As a matter of fact she hated her, but if she could get one on her then she was all for it. “You can always leave her side and come work for me. I surely need good strong hands like yours.”


“Queen Deleyria wants her son of off your planet and I’m here to see that it is done.” Kaon firmly replied ignoring her business offer. However he did not tell the Mayor about the kidnapping of that dimwit either. She did not need to know. 


“Okay.. Okay…I will see what I can do,” the unofficially unelected Mayor Royaal of Xenoria replied. “But you are going to have to pay dearly for this my Lord Commodore.”


“What do you have in mind, my Lady?”


“This is going to take a little bit of time than usual. We’ve been having some communications issues lately. So, come back next week and I will have more information on the whereabouts of your Prince. That is, if he is still on my planet. We will discuss the terms of your surrender when you do come back,” Latita said. “And bring your pet with you. I still have unfinished business with her.”


“Fucking Shiittt… we’re screwed again,” Del-C could not help herself blurting out. She knew there was no way out of this without getting screwed in every place she could think off. Who cares about walking anyways…





“Well, at least he is still alive,” the young female Bore sighed.


“He probably won’t be for long if he goes on screwing again.” Her teacher replied.


“Why? What ever do you mean?” She wanted to learn how screwing could be so deadly in this case. She had been studying "Sex" and its driving force on social development for hundreds of years and this has been the first instance where ‘Screwing’ could be deemed so detrimental on a cosmic scale.


“As I told you before, according to my calculations we ourselves might have had something to do with all four individuals blacking out simultaneously each time the Nexus hits.” Her teacher was a technological wiz when it came to multiverse and inter-universe interactions. And he was not able to understand what was causing this cataclysmic reaction each time the four universes interacted.


“WE?!” She exclaimed. “But we haven’t even done anything. We were just observing this phenomena. How can we be the cause of this?”


“Do you know of the principle of the Observers Effect?”


“Of course I know the principle of the Observers Effect,” she blurted out. “Every student who ever studies physics know this law. It is the disturbance of an observed system by the act of observation, I know that…. But haven’t you compensated for that?”


“Of course I have,” the older Bore defended himself. “We are the Bore for crying out loud!!! We have been studying worlds for centuries. We compensate for everything!”




“Unfortunately we haven’t compensated for ‘Screwing’.”


“But what does this have to do with us?” She wanted to know more.


“I have no idea, other than that we screwed this observation up and if we do not fix this then our own world will be in jeopardy as well as theirs.” Her mentor replied. “I just realized that the effect of those four worlds colliding is shaking the foundation of the entire multiverse.”


“But you said we can not interfere with those four worlds.” Bores have been studying worlds from afar for a long time. The most important principle of their research was never to interact or interfere in the development of any species they were watching. And now her teacher, one of the most prominent of Bore intellectuals, was telling her they have to. That doesn’t make any sense.


“But how could ‘Sex’ be the cause of this?” She had to ask again. ‘Sex’ was her specially but she still could not understand how it could have caused this chaos.


“I have no idea.”


“But I do” She said. “I have a theory.” She was going to surprise her master with what what she was about to suggest. “Because I have been wanting to have sex with you so I might have accidentally screwed up this experiment. I know I know…the Observers Effect… blah blah blah.. ”


“Fucking… Shiiiitttt…..”



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Amy F. Turner

Well, that's a first. Screwing saves all worlds from annihilation. That's all we need and lots of it. Hot and sweaty, nitty gritty. Me thinks the student has now become the master!

Thu, May 25th, 2023 1:05am


Of course… wait and see… how screwing saves the universe

Fri, May 26th, 2023 5:03pm


Hang on a minute... I'm booking a week in Xenoria, looking over these resorts. I wonder if they accept Delta Skymiles.

Oh, look at this cute little spacer you've found for your chapter. Wherever did you get that, Sam?

Ya know, I'm having to exercise my suspension of disbelief a bit here. How does Warg know about Dimwit on Xenoria when he can't even figure out how to put on Kaon's space suit? How does he know how to drive a shuttle? He's like a cave man lawyer.

I can't believe the Bores are going to have sex, Sam. I mean, that's a primal urge for uncivilized cultures that haven't advanced into spheres of pure energy. What are they going to do? Spit electrons at each other? Have you lost your marbles? Okay, let me feel for them myself. I know I can't trust you. That's why I love you.

So, turn the damn shuttle around and hand over Del-C to Latita. I need something to read while I'm sitting on my Sybian Sex Saddle since you're not over here with your bamboo stick. Nothing like two bitches with a history hooking up on a sex planet... okay, moon or whatever. Break out the blender and give me a straw.

Sun, May 28th, 2023 9:30pm

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