Chapter 10: worlds collide chapter 10

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Outer_Limits

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Worlds Collide chapter 10



He barely managed to open his eyes. He had some recollection about this place. It was in a dream he had a few days ago. A familiar face was sitting next to him on a seat of some kind. His head was still spinning, he could only hear echos ringing in his ears like a knife piercing his brain. How did he get here? Where the hell was here anyways?


“J….JO,” she yelled, slapping his face to get his attention only he could barely recognize her words. “JONA...” She continued shouting. He could feel concern in her voice but who was she? “JONATHON...Thank god you’re awake,” she finally said. He sprung from the seat, pushing that woman away. He tried to stand up. The world spun again and he fell on the floor fainting one more time. 


“Where am I?” the first question on his mind as he tried to stand up again. He must have said it out loud. The woman scrambled from the other side of the room when she heard his voice and knelt on the floor next to him. 


“I was about to call 911 again,” she said. “We have to take you to the hospital Jonathon. This is the second time you faint like this. It’s not normal.”


“Who are you?” The second question he asked as he lay on the floor trying to find his bearings. He felt weak, his muscles had contracted and he was still disoriented.


She looked at him with surprise. “What’s the matter, honey?” She asked.


He felt he wasn’t in danger around this woman. He felt safe in this dwelling, but everything else was scrambled in his head like a Lecterian egg stew. It was as if his dreams had become reality. He knew he wasn’t dead. He could feel his blood pumping in his ears yet his voice was of another, he was in another place, in another reality not of his own. Maybe he was dreaming! Maybe he was still asleep! Somehow he knew he was not.


“Where am I?” He asked again. “Where is my sword?” 


“WHAT SWORD?” she screamed at him. “You’re freaking me out Jonathon.”


“What is your name woman?” 


“WHAT THE…?!” she shouted again, “if you don’t snap out of it, I swear I’m going to KILL YOU.” 


KILL… that word jolted him up. It was the trigger that activated his self defense mechanism. He was a merc, a warrior. More so, he was a survivor. Without thinking he grabbed hold of the woman’s throat and raised her up in the air. She struggled to breath. Her eyes were in a state of bewilderment. She tried to pull his hand away but he was stronger. Suddenly he knew her name, although he could not remember who she was. For some reason he felt she wasn’t a threat. He knew she was someone whom he could trust. There was no need to kill her. But why did she threaten him? He let go of her throat before she hastily retreated to the other side of the room, her hands on her throat trying to feel the marks he left on her skin.


“Lida !?” He asked, hoping he said her name correctly.


At first she didn’t reply. She was still in a state of shock. He hoped he hadn’t done any damage. He wasn’t sure. “My name is Warg, Son of Sawara,” he said. “What is this place?” 


Suddenly she bolted upstairs, sobbing as she ran off. But she wasn’t his concern right now. So he let her be. Last he remembered he was locked up in a jail cell being whipped by princess Bria of Braman. Could she have poisoned him? Could she have used some kind of spell on him? Witchcraft ? Fables told to children before they slept. He has lived more than forty winters to know that such things do not exist. The only way he could get out of this place was to play along and see where here actually was. 


He looked around the room. Nothing was familiar to him. Strange furniture. Strange artifacts. Stranger still was the image he saw when he looked in that bright mirror. He knew he was looking at his own reflection but the man he saw was barely recognizable. A clean shaven frail man, with a bulge on his waist, and hardly any muscles on his shoulders. A man like that would not last a day in his world. He had to get out of here. He had to see if he was a prisoner, or maybe a prisoner of his mind. He needed a weapon. Anything he could use. The only thing he managed to find was a metal rod on a pedestal next to a fire place. It had a handle and it was sharp. It had to do. He grabbed it and hurried out of this strange wooden house onto a much stranger world. He had to escape, he had to run….


“Hey, Mr,” the officer woke him up out of his deep slumber. “Are you Jonathon Cole?” He asked.


Of course he was, but why was he sleeping in the park? “Yes I am.” He managed to reply. 


“We have a missing person report on you Mr Cole,” the officer explained. “Your family has been looking for you for days. Let’s get you home.”


The ride in the police car was a blur. Those last few days were a blur. But one thing for sure, he did something terrible and he could not forgive himself for hurting her. He was hoping she would. When he returned home his kids ran to him and hugged him as they cried their eyes out. Only she stayed away. He didn’t blame her. At ten in the evening the children were asleep and he was sitting in his recliner watching tv like he always did. 


“I’ll be sleeping on the couch,” he said. Those were the only words he managed to address his wife since he returned home. 


“Yes,” she replied. “Maybe you should.”


Linda woke up to the sound of the lawn mower. Their broken lawn mower. He must have fixed it somehow. She kept going over and over what had happened those last few of days. She was frightened yet she wasn’t afraid. She knew he wouldn’t have hurt her, yet he did. He had never lifted a finger on her before, yet he did. Him loosing his job must have been a terrible blow. She heard people go into some bad depression, do some bad shit, when something like that happens to them. However she had a feeling there was something else. Her husband wasn’t himself lately. His eyes were those of someone else. She didn’t recognize the man whom she had pledge her life to for the past twenty years. Only that can wait right now. Her kids were her priority. The school bus comes to pick them up at 7:20am sharp. She had to get them ready. After that she would deal with her husband in her own way.


“You fixed it?” she asked with surprise in her voice. She came into the garden shed to see him huddled over the lawn mower trying to adjust something on top of it. That surprised her even more. She knew her husband very well. He couldn’t fix a lightbulb even if his life depended on it. 


Silence was a painful reply even when he didn’t have anything to say. His wife stood at the entrance to the shed waiting for him to say something. She handed him his cup of coffee and retreated to the back of the metallic enclosure. He so needed that coffee right now, strong, black, with two sugars, the way he always liked it. That woman could always read his mind. Of course he also knew that she loved him, only now he felt that she feared him as well, and that was braking his heart into a million pieces.


“I’m sorry,” he finally managed to sigh. Jonathon was never one to cry, yet tears trickled down his cheeks uncontrollably. “I’m so sor…” sobbing as he stood trying to stop his uncontrollable hysterics. 


Linda wanted to run and hug her husband. But she couldn’t. He was so vulnerable right now but all she could do was put her hand on her neck as she remembered that unforgettable squeeze. Would he do it again? She wasn’t sure. She had to stay far away until she was.


“What is happening Jonathon?” she asked. Did he even know himself?! If it was an episode of depression he might not even know he was doing it himself. But one thing for sure he needed help. “We should see a doctor about this,” she said. “Maybe a shrink.”


“SHRINK?” He was surprised she was even thinking about it. “You know we can’t afford this right now,” he said. “Besides, I don’t think any kind of therapist would begin to understand what I’m going through.”


“You almost killed me JONATHON,” she yelled out. “You need help. Who knows maybe next time you might hurt the kids,” she tried to use something he cared about the most, his kids. “We need to know what is going on with you.” She finally said.


“This is what is FUCKING going on with me,” he replied pointing at the lawn mower. “I FUCKING fixed that SHIT. That is what is wrong with me,” he blurted out.


She had never heard her husband curse so much in his life. He always loathed those that used such profanities. Yet these last couple of days she has heard him use such and more. 


“Ok so you fixed a lawn mower,” she said. “What is the big deal?” 


“THE BIG DEAL?!..The big deal is this,” he was speaking gibberish again. “I’ve spend all night installing the kids remote control car onto that piece of crap.”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean our DAMN mower can be controlled using the kids remote control, that is what I mean,” he was trying to explain but she still did not understand.




“What do you mean SO?” He couldn’t help himself. “A few days ago I didn’t know the end of a circuit board from a fucking spark plug. And now I am doing that,” pointing once more to the remote controlled mower. “I have no idea how I did it. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m afraid I’m loosing my mind. No…I’m pretty sure I’m loosing my mind.”


“Is it that Warg thing again?” She remembered that name which stuck in her mind like super glue. Somehow she knew it was relevant but she didn’t know how. She also knew he was right. He was hopeless at fixing things.


“No. No,” he tried to explain. “It is Kaon. He’s the tech wizard.”


“What the hell is a KAON?”


“HOW SHOULD I KNOW,” he almost exploded again. “I keep seeing image, and memories of people in my head. They’re me, they’re Warg! Kaon! Every time I sleep I have another dream, another reality. They all feel so real. I’m afraid to go to sleep. I haven’t closed my eyes since yesterday. If I do I might not wake up as Jonathon and I’m scared.”


“That is why you should see a psychiatrist.” Linda reconfirmed. “I don’t know what is wrong with you. Maybe it is depression. Maybe it is schizophrenia. I don’t know. But you need help. We need help.”


“I don’t think it is depression,” he replied. “I swear I’m not depressed. Okay, maybe a little about loosing my job but who cares. Fuck the job. I can find another job. This is something else. This is real. I am experiencing real things, experiencing worlds I could not even dream off. Things I never thought were possible.”


“Like what? Besides a remote controlled loan mower,” Linda curiously asked.


Jonathan sprinted to the corner where a plastic table stood. He crumbled a bunch of papers in his hands and handed them over to his wife. “I’ve written those just last night. Can you imagine that? Me?”


Linda took the papers and started reading. 


I never left 

To return


by your morning mist

I confess

I keep your picture 

in a frame

To touch 

To hold

before my evening rest

I weep 

in the shade of the day

I climax

on the Xanadu railroad

Longing for our love chase

Be gentle

Rescue me 

From my death

You can never know 

How you used 

To make me cum

Before the leaving

Before my death

As a poet



“These are yours?” she asked.


“You’ve known me most of my life, when was I ever been able to write shit like that,” Jonathon explained. “You know I don’t have a poetic bone in my body. I hate poetry.”


“Yes I know.”


He looked at her, seeing a hint of that recognizable smirk on her lips and he could not help himself. He burst out laughing at her joke. She certainly knew him well. The last time he held a book or read a poem was in college. She was there. If it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have even graduated from that university. It’s there they had met. It’s there they had loved one other. It is there she wrote all his essays so he could pass English 101. She knew.  


“Don’t tell me it is Warg again?” She asked with a smile mingled with fear.


“WARG?” Jonathon was surprised. “Oh no. Not Warg. It is Dolan.”


“Who the FUCK is DOLAN now?” She wanted to strangle him. He made her use the ‘F’ word herself this time. “How many are there?” she still did not believe this could be real. It couldn’t be. Could it? She has read that some people experience multiple personalities disorder but this was way more complex. People who do don’t remember the other whereas he has recollection of all his other personalities. 


“Only three so far. I hope.” He replied.


Linda was still holding the poems in her hands. There were more than ten or so of various lengths scribbled on those scraps of paper. Most were romantic or sensual in nature, some were even erotic. Those were definitely not written by her husband. Or were they?


“This Dolan is not so bad,” she couldn’t help herself letting that smirk escape once again. The more she read the more she felt tingles running between her legs. ‘This is not the time.’ She thought to herself. She was worried about her husband, yet the more she read the more she…. This is not the time….this is not the place… this is not the….


Somehow Jonathon felt what his wife was going through from the way she moved her eyes as she read the poems. Or was it Dolan who knew? If he didn’t know better he would swear she was blushing. Of course he knew it was Dolan who knew. Jonathon was never that perceptive. Even if he did, he would not dare do anything about it. But Dolan would. 


With a sudden sprint he shoved the papers from her hands letting them fly out onto the floor. He pushed his wife to the wall of the shed and pinned her to it. He held her hands up, stretching her legs wide with his as their eyes met up close. 


Her first reaction was fear. Would he hurt her again? His eyes said otherwise. She was looking into a different sets of greens, different than those of Warg’s cold stares, even different then her husband’s indifference.


“Are you going to hurt me again?” She trembled.


“I would never ever hurt you, my dear.”


Definitely not Jonathon. ‘My dear’ wasn’t in her husband’s vocabulary.


“I’ve wanted you since the day we met,” he said.


“Jonathan, we’ve met more than twenty years ago.” Somehow she knew it wasn’t. 


“For me, it was only yesterday,” he replied. “And you’re amazingly beautiful.” He flirted.


She also knew he was lying. She was definitely not of the ‘amazingly beautiful’ category. Who was this man? A womanizer, a flirt, a poet… This was her husband for fucking sake! And he wanted to fuck her in the garden shed. Definitely not something her husband would do. But the man in front of her was her Jonathan. She had to believe he was. She had to…


With one hand still pinning hers to the wall, his other started its downward march down to her breasts squeezing her nipples from outside of her shirt. Was he going to hurt her? Oh fuuuuck… he did… she felt a hard pinch that was almost a hurt… only it was a sensual hurt that sent her moaning of pain as well as pleasure. Then the march of his hand continued south again until it slithered between the folds of her jumpsuit to locate her clit. When it found it she shivered. 


“Do you want me to continue?” He asked.


“If you don’t I’m going to kill you,” her heart was about to stop. 


He smiled before he started digging. Oh shit he dug. He dug really deep, twirling his fingers inside of her like a snake looking for its pray. She had always been a quick comer. A fact her husband knew very well. She wanted to stop him. Can she stop him? Does she even want to stop him? Oh…. Fuuuuck nooo.. 


Hers truly was never so good at locating her spot. But this one did in an instance another confirmation of her unfaithfulness… Noooo… this was her husband for heavens sake… or was it!?. It didn’t take her long to cum in his hands, her legs almost buckled underneath her as she moaned her final surrender. When she opened her eyes she found her head resting on his shoulder gripping for life. She looked into her husbands eyes and realized what had happened. She wasn’t sure what to say. Why did he let him do it? 


“I want you in my mouth,” Linda said. Oral was seldom their play. She wasn’t so good at it and he didn’t ask for it much but this time she felt she wanted to give it to him. Or was it her husband she wanted to give it to? She didn’t care. She only cared to please him like he pleased her. She slipped down on her knees between his legs and pulled his pants down exposing his hard cock. It was still hard and it was going to get harder by the time she was through with it. She held it in her hands trying to recognize the difference. If there was a difference. The wrinkles were the same, the length almost, the bitter sweat salty taste was the same when she licked the damp tip wiping off that first trickle of his precum. Everything looked the same, yet she knew this wasn’t. She managed to engulf her husband’s cock in her mouth sucking, twirling her tongue around its length.


“Oh yes,” he moaned. Her husband was never a moaner, but she liked it. “Oh fuck… yes.. Just like that my dear.” He said it with a ‘my dear’ again.


Suddenly he pushed her to the wall of the shed one more time, pinning her hands up on top of her again. She was still on her knees and could not move. Her head was lodged between the hard metal wall panel and a harder still throbbing cock. All she could do was suck on it as he moved his hips pushing his rod deeper and deeper inside her throat with every thrust. He was fucking her mouth, and she loved it. Even as her eyes watered, her breathing difficult, all she could think of was sucking on her husbands cock until he came. He was about to burst? She felt him tremble in her mouth. Was he going to pull out? She never drank his cum before. He never let her. She never wanted to. But this time she knew she was about to. With a sudden surprise she felt his juices flood her mouth making their way down her throat. She had to swallow or she would choke. When he pulled out half of his cum were flowing out of her mouth and onto her chin. She wiped off what she didn’t drink with her cuff and stood up looking at her husband who pulled his pants back up and retreated to a chair next to his toy loan mower.


“Well, that was different,” all she could manage to say.


He didn’t reply at first. On his face she could read shame… no regret ….no… surprise. She was even more surprised than him. Did her husband just made her drink him? Or was it even her husband who did? She had to believe it was…she had to..


“I’m so sorry…” He was almost about to cry again. 


“Why are you sorry this time?” She replied, “I liked that.”


That surprised him even more. “You did?” He asked in bewilderment.


She blushed but couldn’t reply.


“What about the next time?” He said. “What is going to happen when I do something you wouldn’t like?“


“I don’t know,” she replied. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”






“What is the matter with all of you people?” the young female Bore cried out, “what’s with this ‘Wait and See’ shit… I don’t want to wait… I want to see.”


“Wait!.. I see we have a problem here.”


“What do mean?” the female Bore surprisingly asked.


“I don’t know. But the nexus is rapidly fluctuating somehow and I don’t know why. There is something wrong.” The older Bore replied.


“What are we going to do?” She asked again.


“I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see...”

Submitted: May 07, 2022

© Copyright 2022 samnash. All rights reserved.


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