Chapter 6: Guests

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Emissary Part 2


Chapter 6 Guests



“John. You better come take a look at this.” Jabi said. He came running into my study and urged me to step with him outside. 


Raies (captain) Husam-al-Din of the Royal Fatimid navy saluted and so did twenty of his men. “We are at you service Commander, ” he said.


When it comes to military chain of command, theoretically, the Raies outranks mine. I was just a lowly Commander whereas, he was the Captain of one of the largest ships in the Fatimid fleet. I had no idea why he clapped his hand to his chest to recognize my superiority. I did not want to ask.


“I wish you wouldn’t keep doing that Raies Husam,” I said. 


“Sorry Sir,” he replied, “I guess it’s a force of habit.”


“Well, next time don’t.” 


“Yes. Sir,” he saluted again.


“We docked in Ostia a few days ago,” he continued to report. “Those are the things the Grand Vizier sent you. I am sorry it took us some time to secure wagons to transport it all here.”


I looked at the wagons full of goods Master Badr al-Jamali sent from Cairo, and I smiled. I hoped everything the General Commander of the Fatimid Armies and I had agreed upon were present and accounted for in those wagons. Of course I could not bring any it with me when I first arrived to Rome more than six months ago. I wanted to explore the surroundings first, see for myself what I was up against, and find the right place to accommodate all that. Now that my new residence was almost completed the hard work was about to commence.


“What the hell is all this?” Gilbert ran back and forth trying hard to take a peak inside the loaded transport wagons. More than a hundred men and women, who were working at renovating my embassy residence, gathered to see this spectacle as well. There were nine wagons full of goods, in addition to one traveling carriage that carried my heart inside. They were full to the brim with all sorts of merchandise guarded by twenty heavily armed Fatimid sailors.


“Raies Husam. Please hand the list of inventory to Counseler Gilbert,” I told the captain of the sea galley. “And please tell your sailors to help him unload it all.”


I left the men to their business and walked over to the transport coach. I felt my heart start to flutter and my groin began to flicker. I wasn’t sure if all my instructions were carried out to the letter. I hoped she said yes.


When she stepped out of the carriage even the birds stopped chirping. Everyone was looking at that exquisite creature wondering what kind of a woman would wear something like that. Her slender figure, long legs, small breasts and the way she stood betrayed her gender. She was dressed in a tight black hooded outfit with leather gloves and high knee boots. Her face was covered with a black veil, revealing her ocean blue eyes. Eyes that could kill a man with just a glance. Strapped to her back was a pouch full of arrows. She carried a menacing crossbow in one hand and a dagger on her waist housed in a black metal sheath. Of course any one of those weapons could kill a man even before he had the chance to even take that glance. Every one of those hundred men and women was definitely glancing, including Jabi and his three guards. They’ve never seen a woman like that before, probably never will.




She stood in front of me for a few seconds then, SMACK. She gave me one of the hardest slaps on the face a man could ever get. It rang in my head like a church bell. I almost fell back to the ground. I heard some men chuckle including my own personal bodyguard. Traitor. Others sighed, while most women cheered deep inside. A woman slapping a man like myself wasn’t a common occurrence. I would have cheered if I was them.


“This is for making me come here,” she finally spoke in Latin. She was making sure everyone heard what she had to say.


Then she stepped closer and SMACK. She planted one of the most sensual kisses on my mouth a man could ever hope to get. My eyes twinkled from lack of air. I haven’t had one of those for a long time. Well, seven months to be precise. 


“And what was this for?” I asked after I managed to regain my breath.


“This is for asking me to come here,” she smirked. 


Joel sure does know how to make an entrance. We embraced like two lost lovers who haven’t seen each other for an eternity. Well, seven months to be precise. It sure felt like an eternity. I missed Joel. She was a lover, a killer and one of the few remaining best friends I have ever had. I had known Joel since we were young. We played together. We fought together. We fucked together. Unfortunately we lost friends together. That was our bond as well as our curse. I was glad she decided to join me in Rome. It is not like she had a say in this matter. We were both Mamluks, or slaves. She more than I. We had no choice but to obey our master’s commands. However, my letter was very specific. “I missed my sister Joel and I wished she was with me.” So I assumed Master Badr gave her a choice which she could not possibly refuse. An order gift wrapped in a wish. He was good at those.


“Who did you bring with you?” I asked Joel. Another wish my letter included as well.


“Mani and Lyla,” she briefly replied.


“Ooo..God!” I tried not to choke. “Why Lyla?”


Joel chuckled. “You didn’t specify whom do you want me to bring here, so I picked those two. Besides, I missed seeing you blush when you are strapped to her cross,” she smirked again.


“You are a cruel mistress, my lady,” I wasn’t kidding. I wouldn’t cross Joel when she was mad or determined. Cocks get chopped off for much less. 


It was my turn at playing a wise ass. “However, as I recall when I was on Lyla’s cross, my face was covered with a hood,” I smirked back. “So how could you have possibly seen me blush?” It didn’t work.


“Ha Ha..” She laughed this time. “Oh…John. Even your nipples BLUSH when you are excited, my dear friend.” From outside my shirt, she pinched one of my nipples with her fingers until I thought it was going to come off.


“STOP THAT!” I tried to brush her hand away from my blushing sore nipple. “We have a crowed watching.” I pointed at the hundred or so people who never took their eyes off of Joel since she stepped off that carriage. They were also listening to every word she was saying. I knew that by nightfall all of Rome was going to hear about this exotic lady who just arrived to their city.


“Let them watch,” Joel said. “I want them to know that you are mine John. ALL MINE.” Of course I was hers and so was she. I had given Joel my soul unfortunate she would one day give me her life. But, that’s for another day.


Suddenly Mani and Lyla jumped out of the carriage and ran towards us giggling all the way. They hugged me until my breath almost stopped. I missed those two devils as well. I remember when they first arrived to master Badr’s school in Cairo. They were so young and naive. I thought they would never last the year. Joel and I had been one of the first students at that school. Unfortunately, we were also one of the few to survive. Mani and Lyla looked up to me like an elder brother as for Joel she was their mistress. Joel was still teaching them all those tricks she had learned from her own mistress. She had a good teacher and so did I. Unfortunately ours died in my arms as I was fighting another friend. We will always mourn Maria’s death, and we both swore to bring revenge on her killer.


“We are so grateful you sent for us John,” Mani said. She wanted to check how hard I had become after Joel's exhibition. She kept brushing the back of her hand on my pants as she continued to hug me. I was hoping no one else had noticed me blush. As I said she was a devil with a beautiful smile and a good friend.


“We will not let you down John. We promise,” Lyla the other devil added. They never did let me down. I did. And I will never forgive myself for bringing them to Rome in the first place.


Unlike their mistress, both girls were dressed in loose white Abayas (gowns). Their faces were completely hidden behind meshed white cloth. Mani was a large round bodied girl with large full breasts, while Lyla was short, slim, and could snap off a fly twenty feet away with a whip. Even the devil was afraid of her hand skills. I was sure both girls were carrying a concealed weapon somewhere underneath their outfits. I was eager to see where they hide those on their bodies once I took their gowns off. As I said I missed those devils, and I needed all the help they could provide, even if they were Satan’s daughters himself.


“JOHN! SIR.... Your Excellency...” Gilbert yelled out my name as he ran towards us. I was welcoming my three lady friends whom I haven’t seen for months. I did not have time for his interruptions. I had more important business to attend to. Business of the heart as well as of the flesh.


“Sir... please...,” Gilbert tried to get my attention. “What am I supposed to do with all this?” He asked. “And what the hell is all this anyway?!” He was waving an open scroll in his hand that almost reached the ground. It contained a long list of everything the wagons had been carrying. 


Silk dresses...

Cotton garments...


Hundred of yards of silk..

Hundred of yards of cotton...

All kinds of jewelry...

Gold coin...











He tried to read a few lines out loud. I could understand his bewilderment as well as confusion since I did not tell him anything about all of this before. “And where am I supposed to put all this?” He finally asked.


“In the third empty building behind the hall,” I replied. “Just put it all inside. I’ll explain it all to you in the morning.” Gilbert had asked me about the purpose of that building maybe a hundred times. Now he had his answer.


“Why? What will you be doing from now until the morning?” He stupidly asked, still more confused than ever.


“Counseler Gilbert,” I said.  “Allow me to introduce my guests,” I stopped and pointed at the three ladies. “This is Mistress Joel and her two companions, Mani and Lyla. They will be staying in MY guest rooms in MY private quarters. I’m sure the ladies are tired and want to get some rest after their long journey from Cairo. I will be showing them to their rooms MYSELF. So please don’t let anyone disturb MY rest until the morning. UNDERSTAND?!”


“Oh.. I see…oh, yes yes…. of course.. I understand,” he stuttered. “Oh... and shall I tell Helena to bring you something to eat?” I didn’t know Gilbert could be so stupid. 


Of course I did not eat or drink that night. Well, if you consider Lyla’s juices as a drink then, yes, well, maybe, I did take a sip. When I showed the ladies to their rooms they didn’t waste time to get rid of their clothes and push me on one of the beds. In an instance I was lying on my back with Mani riding my cock. 


As I said Mani was a large size beauty with a beautiful smile. I have always liked mine to be slender but Mani was a sight to behold. Most Men loved their women to be plum. Mani didn’t disappoint. She was beautiful, smart, witty, and one of the most skilled seductress I have ever had the pleasure to know so intimately well. My cock was buried so deep inside of her it didn’t want to leave her intimate, warm and tender embrace. 


As for Lyla she straddle my face until I could barely breath. Lyla always liked her sex rough. She never liked to be cuddled or caressed much. She loved to be handled hard, but more so she loved to use men, as well as women, until they moaned really really hard. Face-sitting was her most gentle form of love making. I tried my best to get my tongue as far as it could go between the wings of her vagina, making sure I scraped my teeth on her clit until it was soar. She grabbed my hair so tight, a few strands must have come out in her fingers. She was making sure it was securely buried deep inside her warm and tender embrace as well.


I was glad both ladies came prepared. They were all sugared up, skin smooth, pussies glittering red, and ready for the kill. In every meaning of this word. I have always loved my ladies smooth. I don’t mind licking a hairy pussy once in while, but those follicles tend to stick on your tongue a lot of the times. Very annoying. Most of the ladies I have fucked or licked in Egypt removed their body hair, every single strip of body hair, except for the ones on their heads of course. Okay some even did that. It was common practice in that region of the world to use sugaring in addition to tweezers, strings a well as other tools to remove body hair. I do believe the ancient Egyptians came up with the sugaring technique thousands of years ago. It is really very much in use in the east Mediterranean. Unfortunately, not so much in Rome or anywhere in Europe now a day, to my dismay. 


I have always admired the boldness of the opposite sex to tolerate agony in order to feel and look good. I guess they are better at handling pain than us men. Maybe it has to do with childbearing. I do not know. But what I do know is that each has more balls than all of us men combined when it comes to pain. Suddenly those memories of my balls, pain and being tortured flooded my mind when Lyla’s juices started flooding into my mouth.


“John,” I remembered my late mistress Maria whispering in my ear. “You have to know what women go through to look good. You have to experience the pain we tolerate to make you happy,” she said as she pulled a strip of sugar wax of off my sack of balls.


“HOLLY FUCKING SHIT,” I screamed, “YOU FUCKING BITCHES….” I must have used every profanity in my vocabulary at the ladies who grabbed hold of my arms and legs, as mistress Maria sugared every strip of hair on and around my cock all the way down to my asshole. That was my first time at Sugaring. They made sure I wasn’t going to run off. It sure hurt as hell, and still does every time I let them do it.


“Are you ladies finished with him?” Joel asked. “He is all mine now.” 


Joel wanted to wait for Mani and Lyla before she fucked my brains off. The two ladies collapsed on either side of me and laid on the bed. However, Mani kept caressing the nipple closest to her, putting it in her mouth, to keep it hard, while her friend Lyla kept pinching the other, bitting it with her teeth, until it too was as hard as its sister. 


They both watched their mistress Joel crawl between my legs and straddle my cock between her thighs. As I said, Joel had a slender figure with long legs that she expertly used to balance her weight on my body. She slid my length inside of her and slowly went up and down, as much as I possibly could tolerate, without bursting my load into her pussy. She knew my limits. She knew how to make use of her time until I begged her to come. Her small breasts didn’t move much but I could tell she was as excited as I was. She intentionally kept squeezing her small mounds, pulling at her pointed buds to show me how happy she was to fuck me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to touch those tinny reds. My fingers were busy somewhere else, caressing the entrances of the two ladies huddled to my sides. 


I remembered Joel had long hair when I last saw her in Cairo. I do not know why she cut it so short. “Never ask a woman about her hair or her age,” I remembered mistress Maria telling me. “Or you are liable to be emotionally or physically strangled in your sleep, depending on whom you ask.”


So I never did ask Joel why she cut her hair. I remember her blond hair that used to fly unrestrained like a demon when she was excited or wants me to believe she was.  But short, did suit her as well. It brought out her deep blue ocean eyes. I was lost inside those deep blue eyes of hers which trickled with silent tears, as she finally brought out my river of cum exactly at the right time hers started flooding out of her. As I said, I was hers as much as she was mine until I killed her.


I remember I slept like a well fed baby that night, knowing I was safe and sound in the arms of my three demon friends.



Submitted: May 10, 2021

© Copyright 2022 samnash. All rights reserved.


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I think I remember these three girls from Volume One.
By the way, I had no idea what 'sugaring' was until you mentioned 'wax'. I was beginning to wonder what I was missing...then I realized I hadn't missed anything.

I like Joel's outfit. Goes well with blonde and blue eyes. I think your sex scenes are sensual, but something that might add to them (particularly when you have multiple girls) is dialogue between the women. Joel should be directing the action, if you choose to do that. Your physical descriptions are good.

Now that John has legitimate military back-up, he can take advantage of the facility he has established...assuming he gets to keep them around. They sound like they plan to hang out.

Do middle eastern men actually like their muff slick, or is that just John?

Tue, May 11th, 2021 12:08am


You don't know what sugaring is ?!?!? I am sure you can find a place that does sugaring ....
What the hell am I doing?!!?!? Why am I explaining sugaring to a girl?!?1?
I should add this to the things not to ask a woman...
"the 3 don'ts of death"... Hair, Age and Sugaring

I added a picture of Joel in her black outfit so you could visual her better.

I am not sure about middle eastern men but I guess John did like his "muff slick" as you so mentioned, but then again John managed to destroy the world so basically he is an idiot who doesn't know what he is doing ....

Mon, May 10th, 2021 8:57pm

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