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In the canteen with the team, someone had some music on and everyone for some reason was having a little dance competition. Callum looks over not impressed, he wanted to sit and eat his lunch in peace but that wasn't going to happen.

"Sarge!" Stevie calls over as Comfort walks in. Comfort looks over she smiles sleepily to them. "Come join us." Comfort grabs some food walking over, she sits down tucking into her food straight away. Comfort wasn't much fun at the moment, she wasn't even teasing Callum either she'd kept clear off him. Callum's temper had been quite bad over the past few weeks. No one knew why though. They kind of wanted Comfort to find out why but she'd left him alone, Max had been annoying him which was amusing her. 

Comfort finishes her food off then gets up leaving everyone she heads outside, slumping down against a wall pulling her vape out having a few puffs on it. 

"Late night was it Sergeant Jones." Callum steps around the corner looking down to Comfort. Comfort looks up to him glaring to him. "You're looking more murderous than usual." 

"Could say the same about you." She stands up looking to him finishing her vape sesh off walking off heading back inside. 

"Have you and DS Carter fucked?" 

"Say what's on your mind Sergeant Stone." Comfort raises her eyebrows walking back inside the station. "Why do you care?"

"Well the fact he keeps making a point off it." Callum walks behind her striding along. A smirk begins to form on Comfort's lips, it was clearly getting to Callum. 

"So what if I had?" Comfort stops turning to face Callum looking up at him. Callum shrugs. "You clearly care Callum otherwise you wouldn't be asking? Would it make you jealous if Max had fucked me?" She stands there running a hand up Callum's arm slowly as she speaks, her fingernails dragging along his skin. His hands over me… touching, feeling me… His hands expertly taking my clothes off as they flutter down to the floor…My belt being undone… and my trousers revealing my underwear…" Comfort undoes her belt a little slowly pushing her trousers down a little letting Callum see the top of her neon pink lace underwear. "Revealing my bare tattoo covered skin underneath…His fingers undoing the clips on my bra one…two… three… oops and it falls to the floor…" Without realising Callum's back backs up against the wall as Comfort stands in front of him. He swallows a bit looking down to her, he couldn't speak, he couldn't move. It was like Comfort paralysed him. She runs her hand further up Callum's arm slowly onto his shoulder and neck. 

"Comfort." Callum looks to her finding his words. "Stop." He breathes in as Comfort places her finger on his lips staring up to him. She steps up to him, not particularly caring who was watching, which unbeknown to them was most of the station. 

"Is Sergeant Stone imagining DS Carters hands picking me up… laying me down on the bed as he crawls over me, kissing his way up…" Comfort looks to Callum stepping up to him. "His teeth slowly biting down on my lace underwear that you so want to get your hands on… to rip off…He kisses his way up, his tongue running over my skin…my tacky skin which is getting hot and sweaty from being turned on… moans escaping my lips as he turns me on even more his hands playing with me… teasing me…" Comfort looks to Callum who stares down to her remaining silent. He was imagining this and it was winding him up. He didn't know if Comfort was making it up or it was true. He hoped it wasn't true. He wanted to be the first to get Comfort in bed… to strip her… to touch and taste her… to fuck her. 

"If Max had done all this would it make Callum jealous?" Comfort smirks looking to him running her hands down his front slowly down his shirt, her hands then grab his utility and normal belt. "Is the thought turning you on Callum? Is it making you hard? It is exciting you?" She keeps hold of his belts Callum breathes in. "Is it making you hard…" Comfort tip toes up to him letting her breath tickle his cheek. "It's making me wet…." She whispers letting her lips run across his cheek as she steps away, letting go off his belts turning around walking off smirking. She turns her head looking to Callum who looks up, turning his head to the side watching her walk off, his hands resting on his utility belt. He looks away looking to the floor, he was turned on but also wound up. his phone rings which snaps him out of his dirty thoughts. He pulls it out seeing his mum ringing. He answers, walking into the Sergeant's office remaining in there for the call. 


Walking up into CID Jo, Stevie, Max, Mickey and Stuart all look over to comfort who brings up some folders for them. She walks into the briefing room chucking them down in there for them, Stevie and Jo rush in. Comfort looks up seeing them rushing in she raises an eyebrow to them both. 

"You sure you don't fancy Callum?" Jo looks to Comfort stepping in front of her as Comfort tries to leave. Comfort looks to her nodding. "Comfort?" 

"Yes I'm sure." Comfort looks to them both. "Can I go please." 

"Not in the slightest." Stevie shakes her head a laugh coming from her. "Comfort?" Her and Jo both stare at Comfort who looks at them, lost. "You with Callum before?" 

"Yeah… what about it?" 

"What about it?!" Jo looks to her as her and Stevie step closer to her.

"That was hot!" Stevie looks to Comfort who folds her arms looking at them both. "People don't say shit like that to a colleague if they don't fancy them though." She narrows her eyes looking at Comfort. Comfort rolls her eyes. 

"Oh ladies ladies… Callum is so easy to wind up sexually… it's gotta be done. I don't need to fancy someone to wind them up with a fantasy." She looks to them both. "I could probably do it to you to, not that I'm going to that's just weird." Comfort frowns shaking her head, laughing to them both. " I know everyone is talking about it but trust me it's just winding Callum up. It's too much fun to be honest with you. Should try it ladies…" Comfort smirks walking past them both heading to the door, she looks to them both. "Even if I did like him you'd not know." Comfort grins to them both walking out into the main office, Max, Mickey and Stuart stare as she walks out, they then look to Stevie and Jo who shake their heads. They all knew Max and Comfort hadn't done anything, they imagined Comfort would never let Max near her. Max knew it himself but he could wish!


For the rest of the day the whole station was talking about Comfort and Callum. It didn't bother Comfort but it did Callum. He didn't want to be seen as weak at the hands of Comfort, especially at the hands of Comfort. He did find it difficult to hide the fact that Comfort obviously did something to him. In a bad way… or was it a good way? 

He had to find a way of making sure Comfort didn't get to him. The only way he could think of was to work a different shift to her. Which at the moment was difficult. He felt bad for Comfort at the moment as she was being asked… well, made to cover most of the shifts. She wasn't getting much time to herself and she was virtually living at the station. He made out he didn't care about how many shifts she was doing but he was ever so slightly worried she'd burn out.  He'd managed to do some digging about Comfort and had found she'd had a breakdown at her last station, he wondered if that was the reason she'd left or it was something else. Maybe her wife? He didn't know, he wasn't going to ask either however much he wanted to. 

"Have you calmed down now Callum." Max pops up as Callum walks through the station. Callum looks to him expressionless as usual. "Well you know after Comfort getting you hard. Did you go to the toilets when you vanished, knock one out." Max smirks walking slightly behind Callum.

"No I did not and actually I didn't get hard as you say, because of Comfort. Don't be so ridiculous Max." Callum shakes his head walking along. Max smirks. 

"I heard different. Could see different and all mate. Your trousers… would say a different story… if your cock could talk I bet that would to." 

"Max do you want something besides annoying me? Or fucking Comfort?" Callum snaps looking to Max as he stops walking. Max stops walking he looks at Callum licking his lips, he shakes his head. "No? Good. Now leave me alone." Callum proceeds to walk off, Max watches him smirking, Callum was wound up which meant it was brilliant news for him. He texts Comfort to tell her Callum was still wound up, Comfort replies back with a laughing face and a smirk she was also loving this, it was brilliant!

Submitted: January 15, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Sacha Gabanna. All rights reserved.


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