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Three months later

Comfort was back at work much to everyone's delight and her own. Dolce had settled in at her new school been as she was having to still go to school much to delight. She'd settled in well, more so that some of her friends from Liverpool had moved down to be near her and Comfort still worried about their past they wanted to keep an eye on them. Rumours had been going around that Comfort and Callum were together which they'd both had to address. They don't even know where it had come from or who had made it up, it was very strange. 

Sat in her office Comfort had been made Inspector having passed her exams to become the new Inspector. Smithy had been tormenting Callum saying that he was enjoying being bossed around by Comfort. Callum hadn't said anything he'd just ignored Smithy it was becoming quite annoying though. Smithy and Stevie had announced they were getting married so Smithy was using it to annoy Callum with. Callum was under no illusion that if Comfort were to be with someone it wouldn't be him. Nor would she probably marry again. Telling Smithy to shut up was pointless though. 


Clicking her vape on letting the door behind her slowly close, inhaling on her vape looking around wondering where to stand. Wondering through the enclosed yard heading outside properly, going around the corner of the station. Blowing some smoke out walking around the corner her vape trail following her. Leaning back against the wall slowly leaning down keeping her back resting against the wall placing her water bottle on the floor beside her kneeling there. 

"I thought I could smell the sweet smell of a certain someones vape." Callum walks around the corner swigging at his water bottle looking down to Comfort. Comfort looks up from her phone seeing Callum smiling to him, she puts her phone back in her pocket. He walks over leaning back on the wall Comfort's leaning on. "You like hiding away from everyone don't you?" He looks down to her. 

Comfort looks up blowing some smoke out. "I cannot be done with everyone banging on about me and you 24/7. It's boring and gets a bit wearing after a while." Callum nods agreeing with her. He looks to her. 

"You know from this angle it looks like you're doing something very wrong." He looks to her, Comfort looks up at him smirking. 

"Riding a dick by any chance?" She looks to him her dirty smirk on her face, Callum looks to her licking his lips. "Ayeee yeah that's exactly what you're thinking." Slapping his leg softly, resting her hand on his leg as she nearly looses her balance. "You imagining me on top of you yeah?" She looks up at him smirking running her hand up his leg on his front. He looks down to her hand then to Comfort swallowing his eyebrows raised. "Although stood there I am in good prime position to suck you off." Comfort runs her hand over Callum, tucking her fingers into the top of his belt pulling herself up brushing up against him. She keeps hold off his belt her other hand holding her vape she pouts slightly swallowing. Callum looks down to her his blue grey eyes twinkling in the sunlight. 

"It's a good job I'm used to your filthy mind isn't it?" He looks to her as she nods. "Otherwise I'd be in trouble for doing this." He picks her up, without hesitattion going onto the floor on the grass leaning over her. Comfort grips hold of his shirt not knowing what he's doing, her back lays down on the grass. Looking up to Callum leaning over her, his eyes running up and down her body. Comfort keeps hold of his shirt in one hand, she puts her vape down on the grass turning it off before gripping his shirt in her other hand. 

"Are you mentally undressing me Sergeant?" Comfort looks to him, Callum runs his eyes up Comfort's body to her face. 

"If I said yes, what would you say to that?" He looks to her shifting slightly over her as Comfort places her feet down on the ground her legs bent up either side of his legs now. 

"I'd say… I don't blame you." She smirks looking to him, very expertly rolling them over sitting down on Callum's lap. Placing her hands onto his stomach pushing them up onto his chest pulling his shirt out from his trousers. She leans over him, pushing her hands up underneath his shirt slowly running them up his bare body. "Because I'd also say…" She whispers leaning over him her eyes studying his face. She rests her hands on his chest, her lips millimetres away from his. He looks to her breathing in. His hands run up her back and down his fingers pushing into her trousers slowly pulling her shirt out. She slowly grinds her hips against him. He looks to her pulling her shirt up out of her trousers pushing his hands back down his fingertips feeling her underwear. ""I'm doing the same to you …Sergeant…" She looks to him breathing in as he flips them over again. 

Comfort gasps against his lips, he grips one of her hands holding it down against the grass, his other hand underneath her shirt on her side. Comfort swallows looking to Callum who stares down at her. He slowly moves his hand up her side, slowly pushing his fingertips underneath the side of her bra. 

"I don't know why everyone thinks there's sexual tension between us both." Callum looks to her bowing his head down very slowly planting his lips against hers. The bubbly tingling feeling igniting in both of their stomachs as they feel each others touch. 

"I don't either…" Comfort runs her hand onto his cheek down his neck onto his shirt, her other hand slowly gripping his. 

Callum looks to Comfort beginning to kiss her, Comfort follows suit not pulling away. The kiss slowly turns deep and sensual, he lets go off Comfort's hand pushing his other hand up her shirt. Comfort's hands run into his hair then down onto his shirt. Callum presses himself down against Comfort who's hands run down his front onto his belt. Comfort looks to him smirking, she hooks a leg over his flipping them over sitting back on top of him. She runs her hands along his chest leaning down to him. "You're not fucking me until you admit to wanting to fuck me Sergeant Stone… and it still stands like that to." Comfort looks to him her eyes running down his body to his crotch underneath her. She smirks running a hand down running her fingers over him feeling his cock pressing up against his trousers. She leans down keeping her hand on top of him. "You're going to have to sort that out Sergeant… People will think you've been reading porn in your office." She winks standing herself up smirking, she turns around walking off tucking her shirt back into her trousers. 

Callum sits up watching her walk off, watching her effortlessly tuck her shirt back in the smallest of things she did turned him on. Watching her write, fix her cravat, driving it all turned him on. He'd never felt like this with anyone before and it was becoming a problem. He didn't want to fall for Comfort. It was Comfort, she was in his Inspector… and she was Comfort. Comfort Jones. CJ. A well known rap artist, a millionaire, married to a drug lord, from the family of a well known drug lord. As well as being the ex wife of a very well respected Superintendent, he couldn't get mixed in with her. Or could he? 


A few shifts later

Yawning to herself heading through the double doors into the main station Comfort had just come back from her first proper meeting as an Inspector. It had been as boring as she had expected… actually no it had been even more boring than she'd expected. Walking along minding her own business she see's Callum in the Sergeant's office she smiles to herself a bit walking straight past. Not paying attention to what she's doing walking straight into an officer. She tuts a bit dropping all of her paperwork, the officer rushes off as they get called out. Comfort shakes her head leaning down picking her paperwork up slowly. 

Callum leans down picking the paperwork up with Comfort, he looks to her handing her some their hands brushing each others. Comfort swallows looking to him handing her some more paperwork. Comfort licks her lips slwoly standing up once Callum hands her the last of her paperwork.They both look to each other. Neither of them had spoken to one another since the other shift, they'd not seen each other due to different shifts and meetings. Callum hands over the rest of the paperwork, his hand resting on hers leaving it there. 

"Erm… Ma'am…" Stevie raises an eyebrow walking down the corridor seeing her Inspector and Sergeant staring at each other. Comfort swallows looking away from Callum looking to Stevie smiling. 

"Yeah." Comfort turns to face Stevie as Callum looks over to Stevie not impressed she's just interrupted. Stevie looks to her a little smile on her face. 

"Wondering if you'd be able to spare some uniform for a house to house… You're not busy are you Callum?" Stevie looks to Callum who looks to Stevie, his facial expression none existant as he stares to her. Stevie looks to Callum holding her smile back she looks to Comfort who spies Mel, Nate and Ben. She whistles to them they walk over. 

"You're not busy are you? No good. DS Moss would like some help with door to doors if you can manage that?" Comfort looks to them three as they look to her nodding to her and Stevie. "Of you go." She smiles to them, they smile turning around seeing Callum staring to them all. Stevie looks to them. 

"Ma'am isn't Sarge coming with us?" Nate looks to Comfort turning around looking to Callum, Comfort breathes in. 

"No because he's busy with me." Comfort smiles. Stevie slowly turns her head looking to Comfort. 

"Oh is he now Ma'am?" She smirks looking to Comfort who gives Stevie a warning glare. She puts her hand up turning around walking off with Ben, Nate and Mel. Comfort watches them then turns to Callum who watches them also before turning to Comfort. 

"Actually I do need you to go through some paperwork with me Com…Ma'am." He smiles to Comfort who nods. They walk towards the office, Comfort walks in dumping her paperwork down on her old desk which was still not occupied. She runs her fingertips along is slightly she sort of missed being in the Sergeant's office, it got lonely sometimes in the Inspector's office by herself. Callum looks over to her from the filing cabinet. "You missing your old desk?" Callum looks to her. Comfort breathes in looking up to him raising her eyebrows. "Your desk. You missing it. Missing being with me and Smithy aren't you?" He smirks a bit walking over with some paperwork. Comfort looks down to her desk smiling. 

"Now that would mean admitting I liked you both." She looks up to Callum who looks to her his eyes twinkling. He places the paperwork down on the desk standing beside her, a wash of his aftershave filling Comfort's nostrils. She breathes in smelling it licking her lips, his smell turned her on. He turns around picking another file up chucking it down on the desk, his aftershave wafting over her again. 

"I thought you liked Smithy, it was just me you can't stand." Callum turns facing her, Comfort looks to him.

"Can't stand is a strong phrase Sergeant." Comfort replies to him. "You're alright." She shrugs looking to him Callum looks down at her, a slight side smile appearing on his lips looking down to her. His six foot two stature towering over Comfort's 5 foot five stature. 

"Alright?" Callum raises an eyebrow to her smiling. "Just alright?"

"Yeah." Comfort nods grabbing her chair smiling to him as she sits down in her chair. It was still in the same height setting as she'd left it. She sits back in it resting her arms on the arms of the chair. "Has no one sat in this chair since I moved from being sergeant?" She looks to Callum who sits down in his chair. Callum looks over to her shaking his head. 

"Nope. We've sort of left it as a reminder to ourselves that you used to sit there." Callum looks to her.

"I don't know about me missing being in here think you two miss me more than you make out." Comfort leans back in her chair getting comfortable. "I bet Smithy misses me because he doesn't have me winding you up. And you miss me because I don't annoy you." Comfort watches Callum who wheels over to her opening one of the files up. 

"I'd have to like you first before I could miss you." Callum looks to her licking his lips, Comfort smirks looking to him letting out a little laugh. 

"Lying to yourself again Callum." She smirks looking to him they stare into one anothers eyes. She feels his leg brushing against hers, she relaxes her leg letting it rest against his. Callum looks to her studying her face. Comfort looks at him letting him study her, she slowly moves forward looking to him. She runs her hand along the top of his leg very slowly. She slowly leans towards him. "You can study my face all you want Sergeant but it doesn't stop that look of you mentally undressing me." Callum looks to her pouting slightly to her feeling her hand on his leg. He slaps his hand down on top of hers holding it as she goes to move it again. He leans towards her. 

"Hand to yourself Inspector." He looks to her holding her hand. "Don't touch what you can't have." He looks to her as Comfort takes her hand off him smirking, turning her head looking to the paperwork to begin going through it. Callum breathes in swallowing looking to her before going back to the paperwork. They sit going through it all, tidying it all up, inputting it onto the correct systems. They're left alone for the rest of the shift to get on with what needs to be done. Smithy and the team walk past every now and then noting how close they both are in the office. That their legs are touching, Comfort was fussy who touched her but she clearly didn't mind Callum near her. Then again who wouldn't? 


Walking into the pub together after the shift, Comfort walks in Callum following behind her. They'd not been to the pub with everyone for a while. Because they hadn't been it had been fuel for everyone saying they were seeing each other, Comfort had spoken out about it but it hadn't stopped it. It had just gone underground instead where Comfort and Callum couldn't hear it. They walk to the bar, staying away from everyone for the moment listening to what they were all talking about. 

"They were so close!" Mel exclaims as she leans back in her seat. "We all know the inspector doesn't like people in her personal space but like… she was virtually sat on sarg's lap." She sips her gin and tonic. Everyone nods. Nate shows Max, Stuart, Terry, Stevie and Jo a photo of what Mel is talking about. They all raise their eyebrows. 

"Let's face it though…" Max puts his pint down. "She's probably used to being on his lap." Jo chokes on her gin and tonic looking to Max raising an eyebrow as everyone sniggers. 

"Probably used to jumping up and down on his lap, I don't know about sitting still on it." Smithy mumbles as he gets a swift slap off Stevie who looks to him. 

"Comfort has told us to stop talking about them both so we should respect that… however hot it is to think about them two together. It's not fair on them both." Stevie sips her cocktail placing her glass down. Max looks to her raising an eyebrow. 

"Oh come off it Stevie. Like you and Smithy haven't thought about they both get up to. Comfort's not bothered about Callum being near her, doesn't that tell you something. I bet when they've not been here they've been at each others. She's been sat on his lap full on naked, bouncing on top him as they create their own fun." He picks his pint up sipping it again. 

"What with me calling out…Oh Callum… Shit yes… harder!" Comfort moans out walking over to them all, Callum following behind her. Everyone looks around seeing them both, she raises an eyebrow. Callum swallows some of his cognac, having to take his mind off listening to Comfort fake moaning, it was hot. Everyone looks to one another then back to them two. "If it's not escaped your minds I have a daughter to look after and Callum has other friends as do I. One reason we also don't come out with you all is because this is all we get. If it makes you happy yeah me and him have fucked… each other over." She smiles to them all Callum smiles looking to her then to the team. "Leave it alone yeah otherwise words are going to be had again with you all." She looks to them all turning around heading out. Callum looks to them all giving them a salute walking off after Comfort. 

"Well that shut them up." Callum walks out behind Comfort who looks to him. 

"Well I was going to say you'd fucked my mouth but decided against it." Comfort walks backwards smirking looking to Callum. He looks to her grabbing her before some lads walk into her. He pulls her towards him Comfort trips falling into him. Callum's arms go around her holding her against him, Comfort's hands rest on his chest. She looks up her hair falling around her face. 

"Slag!" One of the lads shouts as his mates laugh. Comfort turns her head kissing her teeth. 

"Bombaclaat!" She shouts her Liverpudlian accent mixing in with her slight chavvy and Jamaican accent. Callum looks to them then to Comfort as they rush off. Comfort raises an eyebrow then turns her head looking to Callum, her fingers slightly holding at his shirt. She feels the warmth of Callum's hands on her back keeping hold of her. Comfort stands up slightly looking to Callum she swallows, for a few seconds not managing to speak. "Are you going to let go off me anytime soon or are you keeping me close to hide that raging boner you've got?" Comfort looks up at Callum who looks down to her. 

"You can sort it out if you want?" Callum looks down to her a dirty smirk on his lips, Comfort looks to him a smirk forming on her lips. 

"And what makes you think I'd do that…" She lowers her voice, she runs one hand up his chest slowly her fingers peaking over the top of his collar onto the bare skin of his neck. He looks down to her lowering his head down to her. 

"You were quite happy to the other week." He looks to her, he swallows looking to her lips. Comfort looks to him biting down on her lip softly. She slowly tilts her head, Callum tilts his the other way they edge closer and closer…

"Callum mate come on!" A horn toots. Callum moves away from Comfort looking to her letting go off her. Comfort swallows looking to him as he begins to walk off heading to the car. 

"See you tomorrow… ma'am." He looks to her opening the car door, he looks back to her before climbing in the car. Comfort raises her hand to wave slightly to him swallowing. She breathes in swallowing again looking around before heading off home. They were playing a dangerous game with each other. 

Submitted: January 27, 2020

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