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Two weeks later

Comfort was still at Sunhill. Gina had talked her out of leaving. She'd had words with the team especially Callum. They'd not worked together for the whole month but Gina was finding it hard to keep the rota's like this. She'd had to give in and make it so they worked together again, she just hoped it wouldn't end in carnage. 

"Sarge!" Mel grins as Comfort walks into the briefing room, Comfort smiles to her. Comfort had been working with a totally different team so hadn't seen any of the team let alone Callum. "Wait… are you with us today?!" Mel looks to her excited. Comfort nods. 

"That she is Melanie." Gina speaks from the front smiling to Comfort who smiles sitting down beside Mel instead of going to the front. Gina starts briefing going through everything. Comfort was hoping to stay in the office she had plenty of paperwork to get on with. Comfort looks to the front seeing Callum sat beside Smithy. She wondered how either of them would be with her been as she'd not seen either of them for a whole month. She hoped it wouldn't be any different that no one would treat her any different. She couldn't be done with people sugar coating everything or pussy footing around her. She just wanted to work. Gina finishes the briefing off letting everyone go. She keeps Smithy and Callum behind for some reason, Comfort shrugs walking out with Mel and Leon who were at the back. She'd sort of taken them two under her wing before she'd swapped shifts. She could see potential in them and wanted to work on it and she would. Splitting off from them letting them go and get kitted up and out and about, she heads to the office walking in. Smithy comes in for a fleeting hello before going back out again having been ordered to go on foot patrol. 

"I never got chance to thank you." Callum sits down in his chair, Comfort looks up raising an eyebrow confused. "For talking to Louise." He looks to her, he still had the note and even Comfort's note in the drawer. 

"Oh right… yeah you don't need to." Comfort shrugs rummaging for something, she still had a bandage on her hand. 

"No I do… you didn't have to speak to her." Callum looks to her. "Smithy told me… that you lied to the inspector for me." Comfort looks up to him as she leans over to her drawer. "That you really didn't have to do not after how I'd been with you." 

Comfort looks down getting the pen she wants sitting back up closing her drawer. "Well… I know what it's like when you want closure on shit." Comfort looks to Callum breathing in. "For once I took someones advice… I took yours about me and Dixie." Comfort looks to him. Callum looks to her then notices she's not wearing her ring. "I went to see my counsellor and had words. I've not worn my ring since I took it off that night." Callum looks to her smiling a bit to her. "Work in progress but getting there." Comfort looks to him then down to her paperwork. Callum nods. 

"Well thanks for taking my advice and thanks for taking the shit for me with inspector. Although why did you when all i'd done was be a prick?" 

Comfort raises her eyes to him keeping her head down. "I must just like the punishment." A smirk forms on her lips looking to him before looking back down to the paperwork. Callum stops typing her looks to her licking his lips seeing the smirk on her lips. 

"Bit early for punishment isn't it?" Callum looks to her. Comfort lets out a little dirty laugh. 

"Never too early for some good punishment Sergeant Stone." She looks up to him her eyes twinkling. "Never too early." She winks to him looking back down to get on with her paperwork. Callum looks to her a little smirk on his lips he was glad to see she was alright and even happier that she was working with them again. He’d missed her, weirdly. Maybe he did like her teasing him, maybe, just a little bit?



Stood in the queue in the canteen Comfort yawns to herself being sat down all day made her bored and yawn. She wasn’t tired she just wasn’t doing much and it made her bored.

“Anyone going to be graced with having a gobfull?” Callum walks you behind her picking a tray up placing it down. Comfort looks to him.

“I mean it ain’t gonna be you so I don’t know why you’re asking.” She grins to him, Callum looks to her. “Oh are you sad Cos I’ve just said that? Soz Stone.” She smiles to him shrugging. Callum let’s out a little laugh not being able to take her seriously for the moment for some reason. He’d actually really really missed this. “I mean I’m sure I could send you a home made video of me using a cucumber pretending it’s your cock. You could watch that and pretend.”

“Now that would be impressive.” Callum looks to her placing one hand in his trousers pocket the other on his tray.

“You feeling yourself up now thinking about it?” Comfort raises her eyebrows smirking to him pouting slightly.

“Yeah. I’m gonna get my food dump it off in the office then go to the toilets and bash one out at that thought Comf.” He looks to her.

“Ohhh Sergeant Stone stop it. You’ll make me blush...” Comfort pretends to fan herself with her purse Callum laughs looking to her shaking his head shoving her gently. Comfort smiles stepping forward with her tray grabbing some stuff putting it on her tray. Callum looks to her looking her up and done slightly, her white shirt see through enough to see some of Comforts tattoos… and the outline of her bra. Callum breathes in looking to her having to look away to get some food. They pay then head outside for some air and to eat. Also to get away from everyone for once. This only made everyone talk about them both but comfort didn’t care and if comfort didn’t care neither did Callum. Sitting down on the bench putting their food in the middle between them both tucking in.

“Question.”  Callum looks to comfort who nods. “Everyone wanted me to ask for some reason however Smithy and stevie are hosting a party… they were wondering if you’d come along.” Calluk looks to Comfort as she drinks some of her water. She does the bottle back up.

“You going?” She looks to callum.

“Why?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Tell you the truth. I don’t think I could handle going to a party with the team without you being there. You’re about the only one who doesn’t get black out drunk which means I can have a sort of conversation with you.” Comfort looks to her him being honest.

Callum looks to her quite surprised.

“Well... right. Yeah I am going.” He looks to her. “I’ve been told I have no choice.” He rolls his eyes a bit comfort laughs. “They didn’t know whether you’d come Cos of not working with us all for us a bit.”

“I’m not going to burst into tears. It was inspectors idea to move me on shifts not mine. To be honest I’m a bit bored not being with you all. Least of all 'cos I can’t fucking wind you up.” Comfort grins to Callum who smiles chewing his sandwich. “Yeah I’ll come not like I’ve got owt else to do.”

“Apparently we're playing dirty truth or dare.” Callum pulls a not so impressed face. Comfort looks to him.

“Now what are the chances we get asked to do a lot? Cos I know tongues are wagging already just because of us working together today and sat here together.” Comfort looks around seeing people looking to them.

“Hmm I know.” Callum looks around. “Let them get on with it I say. However we can easily turn around and tell them all to fuck off.” Callum raises his eyebrows smiling comfort nods. “I don’t get this obsession with everyone with us two.”

“They probably want us to shag.” Comfort shrugs looking back to callum who nearly chokes on his water. “Oh come on Callum you know it. Lets face it you want to.” She smirks as Callum coughs wiping his mouth looking at her.

“I forgot how you just come out with things.” He looks to her.

“Come out... I mean probably make you cum.” She smirks looking to him having now finished her lunch. Callum looks to her as they get up to head inside as it begins to rain. Callum chucks their rubbish away walking behind her.

“Oh would you now?”

“Oh god yeah. Bit of tongue and hand action...” She walks backwards. “You’d be cumming over my tongue and tits like a fountain.” She smirks walking along, Callum looks to her now imagining this and it was turning him on. “Now go wank off to that idea.” Comfort smirks winking heading into the ladies. Callum breathes in going to the gents having second thoughts about doing what Comfort had just said. He shakes his head taking his mind off it doing his business sorting himself out washing his hands before heading back out.

“We’re going out Callum, Gina has said we’re to go and sit out at the estate.” Comfort looks to him as Callum walks out of the toilets. Callum looks to her licking his lips nodding. He begins to walk with her to the office. “Did you have fun until here.” Comfort looks to callum as they head out walking to the car climbing in.

“Yeah of course.” Callum climbs in letting comfort drive. Comfort looks to him pulling her seatbelt on. “Thought of you as I did it. Couldn’t keep it in.” Callum looks to her seeing comfort smirking.

“Told you you’d cum.” Comfort smirks looking to him before looking back to the front driving off. Callum looks to her licking his lips, if he was truly honest he had wanted to get himself off but he wasn’t going to do that at work unless it became unbearable. Callum looks to her as she drives along making their way to the estate they’d been assigned to. She parks up once they’re there, sitting there looking around. They take their seatbelts off sitting there getting comfortable. “We should have got food.” Comfort mumbles slouching down in the seat.

“I agree.” Callum looks around shifting his his seat resting his hand up on the door looking around before looking to comfort. He breathes in shifting slightly, moving a bit shifting his utility belt.

“Having issues there.” Comfort looks to him raising an eyebrow as Callum looks at her. “Might as well take it off.” Comfort smirks looking to him.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He smirks looking to her.

“Maybe.” Comfort looks to him sitting sideways slightly looking to callum. Callum looks to her.

“Question.” Comfort nods to him. “If you could have anyone in the station. Who would it be?” Callum looks to comfort intrigues to see what she’d say. Shrugging Comfort looks around.

“I’ve no idea. Never really thought about it.” She slowly looks to callum who’s staring at her. Comfort begins to smirk seeing the look on his face. “Was Sergeant Stone hoping I'd say him because he wants to fuck me?” Comfort looks to him callum breathes in looking to her. Comfort pouts looking at Callum, Callum glances away then back to Comfort nodding. Comfort raises her eyebrows surprised he’d just admitted to that in front of her.

Callum looks to her. “You thought Liam was making that up didn’t you?”

“Oh your loud mouth mate.” Comfort raises her eyebrows breathing in.

“Yeah that one.” He shakes his head rolling his eyes. “I told him to fuck off. That he’d totally showed himself up and me.” Callum shakes his head again, looking straight at comfort. “Honestly if I had the chance have anyone in bed...” he leans forward to comfort who stares to him. “It would be you…” Comfort tilts her head looking to Callum running her hand up his leg slowly.

“Well…” Comforts hand runs up a bit further up Callums leg, he looks to it then to comfort. “If I had to choose anyone…” she gets up off as someone shouts to them. Comfort turns around looking to them climbing out of the car callum follows her. He looks to her wanting to know what she was going to say but it would have to wait. They walk along to deal with the fella who shouted then complaining of the kids running around. Comfort and Callum do what they can getting cctv from residents and the council. This ends up taking up the rest of the shift.



Walking back into the station once they’re done sorting paperwork out heading to the locker rooms to get changed. Callum catches comfort up as they walk down.

“What were you going to say before she interrupted us?” Callum looks to her comfort looks up to him walking backwards slowly.

“If I had to fuck anyone?” He nods. Comfort looks to him she stops walking, Callum looks down to her. Comfort looks up at him, tip toeing slightly. “It be max.” She winks to him whispering running her hand down Callums chest, moving away from him opening the door walking into the locker room. Callum remains stood there he breathes in looking to her, she was teasing him winding him up. Although underneath it all he was beginning to wonder if her and Max were having a fling.

He turns and walks to the gents locker room walking in to get himself sorted out. Walking out again being joined by Smithy callum glances down the corridor seeing Comfort was walking out already not even with anyone. He watches her walk out her head down as she rummages in her bag for her keys.


“ ‘ere Stone did you ask if she’d come to the party?” Smithy looks to Callum as they wait for everyone. Callum nods. “ she coming?” Callum nods. “Wicked. Should be fun.”

“Don’t wind her up though Smithy. Don’t put all the questions onto her I told her about the truth or dare. She didn’t seem to mind but go easy on her alright?” Callum looks to Smithy a bit concerned things would get too much.

“Stone actually caring?” Smithy smirks looking to him as they begin to walk with everyone.

“Smithy I always cared just didn’t realise how much harm winding someone up could do.” He looks to Smithy who looks at him, he nods agreeing. They’d all felt a bit bad that none of them had noticed it had been affecting Comfort and that she’d over heard it all. Smithy and callum meet everyone else up heading out through the yard. Callum looks around seeing Comfort driving out of the yard in her Porsche.

“She’s got some fucking gorgeous cars.” Smithy watches her drive out in her Porsche 918 with its personalised number plates. Callum glances to smithy then to the car nodding. “Gorgeous cars for a gorgeous woman.” Smithy looks to Callum smirking Callum doesn’t react to it although he’s heard what Smithy said. Callum smithy and the team all head to the pub, Comfort is mentioned as to why she’s not there. Callum just shrugs he doesn’t know why she’s not there, he imagines she’s probably gone home or to her counsellor. He sighs a bit wishing she’d come out with them more, he’d protect her...

Submitted: January 17, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Sacha Gabanna. All rights reserved.


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