Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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“Maaaaaaax! Where’d you hide my clothes?!” Tommy huffed indignantly at his friend soon after he was finally let down and they went back to his room. His shirt and pants were nowhere to be found in there thanks to the work of the cursed locket stuffing his clothes away out of sight!


“Aw why would I tell you that? I think it’s funnier seeing ya having to stay dressed like that all day!” Max teased him.


“Hey I got the snacks and stuff just like I said I would now gimme my clothes!” he demanded, blushing and still picking at that wedgie he’d gotten earlier! His briefs were all stretched out and made that much looser as a result!


“I didn’t promise anything about finding your clothes for ya if you actually did that!” his friend snickered. “But think about it this way: you could totally go swimming in my pool dressed like that and it wouldn’t be a problem!” he joked. 


Tommy groaned and kept his hands over in front of his underwear, trying to cover them up as well as he could, though it certainly wasn’t working out too well for him! His locket then glowed again and made Max start thinking over what he just said again. “Heyyy come to think of it… how bout we actually go head out to the backyard and hop in the pool! Could be nice!” Max grinned.


Tommy however, was quite unsure of the idea. “What, like right now? What if your neighbors see me?!”


“Ahh don’t worry about it! The fence is tall enough that it shouldn’t be a problem!” Max causally waved off his concerns. “Plus they’re probably inside doing their own thing right now anyways!”


“Y-Yeah but um…” Tommy stammered, then his locket then began to glow again and messed with Max’s thoughts!


“Hey tell ya what! How bout I go in there in just my underwear too instead of my swim trunks and we’ll be equal!” he suggested, chuckling. 


The idea admittedly *did* make Tommy feel better about the whole thing, especially since he could potentially get some payback on his friend for making fun of his briefs earlier! “Alright I’m in!” he nodded.


Max nodded then without even waiting for Tommy to look away, began undressing then and there! He pulled his shirt off swiftly and pushed his pants down, kicking them off to the side once they were down to his ankles. Eager to make fun of his underwear as payback for earlier, Tommy took a look at what his friend was wearing down there! His face fell in disappointment though when he saw that his friend was just wearing some plain looking green briefs. He couldn’t go making fun of that! Not while he was standing here in his own pair of humiliatingly childish Blue’s Clues briefs! 


“Alright let’s get going!” Max said, now clad in only his underwear much like Tommy. He certainly didn’t seem nearly as embarrassed about it as Tommy was about his own state of undress, though the fact that Max’s underwear was much less embarrassing looking than his might have been the main reason for that. 


“Y-Yeah alright!” he glanced away from Max’s briefs, certainly not wanting to be caught staring. The two of them headed downstairs towards the door to the backyard. As they were walking down, the locket once again glowed and as a result caused both of them to forget to bring along any towels with them outside. Max jogged ahead of Tommy and pushed open the backdoor, peeking out to make sure none of his neighbors were outside to see them do this. As he was checking, Tommy snickered a bit at seeing his friend bent forward with his butt facing him while he was making sure the coast was clear for them. 


Unfortunately Max heard that and turned back around to face Tommy with a smirk! “And what’re you laughing at? You staring at my butt Tommy?” he snickered. 


“Hey I just thought it looked funny with you sticking it out like that!” Tommy chuckled and shrugged. 


“Least mine doesn’t look as huge in my briefs as yours does!” Max teased him, leading Tommy to blush and reach back to cover his butt, despite the fact that Max couldn’t even see it from his perspective in front of him! 


“I-It’s not big! My underwear just uh… just makes it look that way is all!” Tommy insisted. 


“Uh huh, suuuuure!” his friend rolled his eyes and chuckled at his expense. “Now c’mon, no one’s out there!” Max turned back to the door and headed outside. Tommy gulped and walked over to the backdoor much more hesitantly. Even though Max said no one was watching, he still peeked out the door to make sure it was just him out there before stepping nervously outside himself.


“Cannonball!” Max called out as Tommy saw him jump into the pool right after the two of them were outside. Tommy looked around quickly to make sure no one heard and was coming to see them after he shouted like that! After splashing into the pool, Max swam back up to the surface, laughing and motioning for Tommy to hurry up and get in! “Come on Tommy, the water’s completely fine!” he said while swimming over to lean on the side of the pool.


Tommy sighed and walked over, certainly much less enthusiastic and worried about getting caught than his friend clearly was! He stepped over and tried to just dip his leg in the water just to test if it felt fine as his friend said, but that plan was kinda thrown out the window when Max grabbed his leg and pulled him in! He yelped in alarm and splashed into the pool as Max gave a playful laugh! Turns out Max was totally lying about the pool not feeling cold at all and Tommy quickly swam up to the surface.


“Maaaaaax!” he whined as Max was laughing at the frustrated look on his face.


“Hey I jumped in just fine, I wasn’t gonna wait 30 minutes for you to slowly get yourself in little by little again!” Max teased him. Tommy just groaned and splashed him. Max chuckled and splashed him back, quickly leading to a playful fight between the two of them. During this however, the cursed locket once again started to glow and was now causing Tommy’s underwear to drift lower, being weighed down by all the water! This time though, Tommy could feel it happening and tried to reach down to pull them back up before they could fall *too* low down!


However, doing this would lead to Max taking the chance to splash him in the face since with his hands underwater fixing his briefs, Tommy had basically left himself open! “H-Hey! Cheap shot!” Tommy sputtered. 


“Heh, not my fault you left yourself wide open!” Max chuckled. He glanced down and noticed Tommy repeatedly moving his hands down to his waist and grinned as he pieced together that he was having trouble keeping his underwear up. Seeing this now made him hatch a devious little prank idea! “Hey! Bet I can swim to the other side of the pool faster than you!”


“What no way! You’re on!” Tommy swiftly accepted the challenge. 


“Alright then 3 2 1 go!” Max counted down almost right away and started the race giving Tommy no time to prepare.


“H-Hey no fair!” Tommy called and pushed off the side of the pool, for some extra speed at the start, though blushed a fair bit when that made his briefs slip down much faster! He scrambled to grab and pull them back over his exposed butt before continuing to swim forward. Max snickered and allowed himself to swim slower and let Tommy come take the lead. Tommy smirked as he raced ahead, determined to win the race. 


His smirk sure disappeared quickly when he felt Max grab his briefs and pull! 


“M-Max?! Let go!” he thrashed about as his friend just laughed and continued to pull his only clothing lower and expose his butt to the open air again despite his best efforts to keep his underwear on! 


“Nah this is way more fun than winning some silly old race!” Max cackled and kept pulling Tommy’s briefs down his legs! He pulled them down so suddenly and so quickly that Tommy didn’t even have time to try to shove him away before his underwear slipped off his ankles and off his body entirely!


As soon as he got them off, Tommy turned around, blushing furiously, but when he looked back to his friend, he saw him already swimming to the other side of the pool, trying to escape! Tommy raced after him, but once again, Max had a head start on him and climbed right out of the pool with his underwear in hand before Tommy could reach him. 


“Lose something Tommy?” Max taunted, waving his underwear around as Tommy’s face grew a deeper shade of red and he threw his hands down over his groin. “G-Give those back!” Tommy shouted, then panickilly looked around to make sure his yelling didn’t attract the attention of the neighbors!


“Hmmmmmm…” Max acted like he was considering his demand. “...Nah!” he laughed then raced back inside the house, leaving Tommy out there naked. Tommy’s eyes widened and he swam over to the edge of the pool, gulping as he had to uncover himself in order to climb out. Once he was out though, he ran for the backdoor, only for Max to laugh and shut it before he could get there! Worse still, he heard the *click* of the lock! 


“M-Max this isn’t funny! Let me in!” Tommy knocked on the door.


“What’s the password?” Max joked on the other side.


“Password I dunno!” he guessed. 


“Hmm… nope! Guess you’ll have to go around to the front door to get it!” Max teased him and could be heard walking away from the door, giving Tommy no choice but to go for the front door. 


Tommy looked over to the fence that separated the front and back yards, then opened the gate a little to peek out and see if anyone was out in front of the house who could see him. He leaned forward out the gate, getting a better look around but also sticking his butt out back towards the backyard again as a result. Lucky for him, no one was around to see, but he was certainly feeling on edge about it regardless!


Once he saw that the front yard looked clear, he took a few slow, cautious steps out there, keeping his back to the house and moving along the side wall for as long as he could. Once he’d reached the corner of the house between the side and front porch, he took one step out to walk around, but then heard a car coming down the road! He jumped back and ran back as quick as he could to get behind something, in this case being some shrubs around the side of the house. He watched carefully as the car passed by and he breathed out a sigh of relief as it didn’t seem as if he was seen, but it certainly felt close!


With the car gone, he got back up and, with some haste now in case another car would come by, ran over to the front porch, blushing deeply as his bare butt bounced around in his rush to run over there. Once at the door, he grabbed the knob with his one free hand and pushed it open, seeing Max fully dressed again and stood right on the other side with quite the amused smirk on his face! 


Said smirk quickly turned to laughter as Tommy blushed some more and pushed his way inside, turning around to shut the door quickly and also inadvertently flashing his butt to his friend! “Pfft! Nice moon there Tommy!” 


“Sh-Shut up! Gimme back my underwear!”


“Aww I would but I must have lost them while you were out there!” Max snickered in a very obviously lying tone! Not like Tommy could really do anything about it though!


“W-What?! Come on, you can’t just let me spend the rest of the day here naked like this!” Tommy stammered, sounding desperate.


“Nah you won’t be naked, you’ll still be able to wear this!” Max snickered and merely handed Tommy his cursed locket back and nothing else. Tommy pouted but still put it on. “Good luck going back home later though!” Max winked as Tommy’s eyes widened at the implication. He wasn’t going to be getting anything to wear and thus was gonna have to streak all the way back home completely naked like this tonight!


Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 PSINess. All rights reserved.


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This is getting better and better! XD

Tue, June 8th, 2021 10:35pm


The tensions building!

Fri, June 11th, 2021 1:05am


Loving it! Though I feel like him being sent home naked is a bit peculiar I guess. I mean, I imagine he'll just go looking for his clothes instead, of course giving his friend a lovely view while he bends over to look under the furniture.

Sat, June 12th, 2021 3:27pm

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