Tommy and the Cursed Locket

Tommy and the Cursed Locket Tommy and the Cursed Locket

Status: In Progress

Genre: Humor


Status: In Progress

Genre: Humor


when a boy comes across a cursed locket that gradually causes him to lose his clothes as he wears it, how will his life change?


when a boy comes across a cursed locket that gradually causes him to lose his clothes as he wears it, how will his life change?

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Submitted: April 06, 2021

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 06, 2021





Tommy groaned and reached over to his desk to clumsily slap his alarm clock off. “Alright alright I’m up jeez!” he complained to the inanimate object as it quieted down. He yawned and sat up, then attempted to step out of bed, only for his leg to be met with more unexpected resistance and he fell out!


“Wha-?! Oof!” he groaned as he hit the floor. He looked back at what tripped him, assuming it would be a blanket or something but blushed when he saw his bare butt in the air revealing that his pajama pants were around his ankles! 


“O-Oh eheh… must have slipped down in my sleep!” he chuckled, feeling embarrassed at himself as he reached back and was about to pull his pants back up, but figured he was gonna get changed now anyway so instead he just got up and kicked his pants off entirely. 


“Right then...what to wear?” he mumbled to himself, shuffling over to his closet and looking through his options. He settled on grabbing a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt for today and pulled off his pajama top. 


After getting himself all dressed he looked down at the neat looking locket around his neck. “Well at least you didn’t slip off in my sleep! Hate to have to comb through the room for something this small!” he chuckled, looking over at his admittedly pretty messy bedroom. 


And speaking of that locket, with the embarrassment of yesterday’s events still fresh in his mind he checked his jeans to make sure they were on right, that the fly was closed, buttoned up, etc. He certainly didn’t want a repeat of what happened in the woods, even if he wasn’t planning on doing much today besides sitting around at home.


*DING DONG* his doorbell chimed


Well it appeared that maybe he’d be doing something else today after all! He grinned as he headed down to the front door and pulled it open. On the other side he saw his longtime close friend Max!


“Oh hey Max, whatcha doin over here?”

“Just wanted to see if you were free to come hang out at my place today! You in?”


“Sure!” he grinned and stepped outside with his friend, locking the front door behind him and heading out with Max over to his house a few streets away. As they were walking though, his locket once again started acting up! 


The button on his jeans began to undo itself, and the zipper was getting slowly dragged down by an unseen force! All the while Tommy failed to see the color of his sky-blue brief peeking out from his opening fly. Tommy and Max kept on going, with each step his fly was pulled more and more open and it was becoming easier for any passerby to potentially see his underpants. By the time they reached Max’s front door, his fly was fully unzipped and his jeans had even gotten dragged down enough to expose his waistband.


“Alright here we are!” Max grinned at his friend and fished through his pockets for his house key. As he was taking it out though, the bright blue color of Tommy’s exposed briefs in contrast to the rest of his outfit caught his eye! 


“Hey uh... Tommy? Think your fly is down!”


“Huh? Ack! I thought I checked that!?!” he yelped after looking down! He pouted, his face flushing with embarrassment as he had to hear his friend laughing beside him while he rushed to zip and button his jeans back up!


“Heh… so bright blue huh?”


“Shush! You didn’t see anything!” Tommy hissed at his friend’s lighthearted teasing as Max got the door open. 


“Sure sure, I *definitely* didn’t see your little children’s undies you got on!” 


“They’re not children’s undies!”


“Certainly colored like em!”




Max chuckled a fair bit more at his friend’s expense as the two of them stepped inside and shut the door. He took another look at Tommy’s jeans after they were zipped back up and stifled some harder laughter at noticing that his friend had neglected to pull them back up all the way too! 


“Whatever… f-forget about that let’s just play something already!” Tommy said, hurriedly running over to Max’s room. They’d been to each other’s homes more than enough times to already know the house’s layout as if it were their own. Tommy pushed open the door and jumped onto Max’s bed while his friend chuckled and got to turning on the video game system on the opposite side of the room for them to play together.


“Heh, alright lemme just set the game up!” Max nodded, tossing Tommy a controller and snickering a fair bit more upon seeing Tommy having sprawled himself out with his upper body hanging upside down over the side of the bed, with a grin displaying that he totally was laying on the bed in such a silly way on purpose.


“And here we...go!” Max announced once the game started up and the two of them locked their eyes on the TV. Of course with their attention directed over there, neither could see Tommy’s locket glowing with its cursed energy once again!


The two boys were laser focused on trying to beat each other in a fighting game, all the while Tommy’s shirt was slipping down, this made significantly easier with his upper body hanging upside down! Not only that but once again the locket was seeing fit to drag his jeans lower and undo the zipper! With every passing moment Tommy’s shirt and pants were coming down, exposing more and more skin with the boy blissfully unaware of the exposure. 


After something like a few minutes of this, the TV flashed and Max groaned in defeat at the same time as Tommy laughing as the winner of the match was declared. “Ughhh! Alright you got me that time but…” Max’s eyes widened as he turned to see Tommy with his shirt low enough that his belly and all of his underpants were showing! He’d admittedly gotten distracted seeing that his blue underwear was outright Blue’s Clues themed! 


“But what hmm?” Tommy tilted his head, still feeling smug about his victory. 


“Buuuuut I’ll totally get you this time! Best two out of three!” Max challenged, resisting the urge to crack a grin and give away Tommy’s state of undress! It was certainly a challenge what with the pair of underwear he was wearing right now!


“You’re on! Loser’s gotta go grab the snacks cuz we forgot to do that before!” Tommy laughed and looked back to the game. The two of them started another match and focused on it. Now with both of them looking away, Tommy’s jeans continued to magically make their way down, heading for his ankles!


The TV screen flashed again and this time Max was the one celebrating as Tommy pouted at his loss. 


“This means nothing! I’ll get you this time!” Tommy proclaimed as his shirt had slipped down enough that it was bunched up just under his neck now. Max just gave him the smugest look he could muster and Tommy gave an indignant huff as he looked back to the screen, getting one last tiebreaker match set up. 


The match began and as it progressed it seemed to be going well for Tommy, he was getting close to winning when his locket glowed again and his shirt was suddenly pulled down over his face!


“Ack! Wait! What’s going on?!” he called, flailing about in a panic. While this was happening, Max smirked and chose to take advantage of his friend’s chaotic state and work on beating him in the game while he was distracted! 


This distraction also made Tommy not realize that his jeans pulled themselves right down his ankles and off completely leaving him in nothing but his underwear and socks! His pants dragged themselves off the bed and pulled themselves under it out of sight, guided by the locket’s curse. 


“Get this… off!” Tommy breathed out, grabbing his shirt and yanking it off his head, his panic making him not register that it was his own piece of clothing right away. “Ugh.. what the heck was-” 


“GAME!” The TV speakers declared with Max as the winner.


“H-Huh?! Hey what the heck Max! I was blind that’s cheating!” Tommy whined while his shirt on the floor drifted to meet his jeans out of sight under the bed.


“Hey not my fault that happened! Plus you didn’t set any rules saying I *couldn’t* keep attacking!” Max laughed. “Now go grab the snacks Blue!”


“Blue? What are you-”


“Look down!”


“Huh? What?! W...Where’d my clothes go? What’d you do?” Tommy yelped and moved his hands down to cover his underwear, though was doing a fairly poor job of it!


“I didn’t do anything! Your clothes were apparently so loose they came off by themselves!” Max chuckled. 


“Well… where are they now?!” Tommy asked, looking around in a frenzy.


“Doesn’t matter! You still gotta get the snacks, you lost!” 


“B-But I’m in my underwear!”


“And you’ll be in them for longer if ya keep trying to talk your way out of this now get to it!” Max laughed and Tommy jumped off the bed to hurry out the door. Max snickered even more at seeing his friend’s tush bouncing a tad while he ran!


Wanting to get back and look for his clothes as soon as possible, he rushed down to the kitchen, pulling open the cabinets to grab some chips. The entire time though, he looked down at himself, blushing fiercely at knowing that he was streaking through his best friend’s house in nothing but his underwear, and that Max totally knew and saw them! He had to uncover himself again to open the bag of chips and pour them into a bowl. While he was working on that though, the cursed locket glowed once more and gradually pulled on the back of his briefs, quietly stretching them out to wrap them around the handle of a kitchen cabinet close by. 


Once he’d gotten the chips, he swiftly turned around with the bowl in hand and ran! 


...Only to be stopped and caught off guard by an unexpected resistance at his waist due to his underwear being tied in place!


“Wha-?!?!” he tumbled forwards, dropping the chips and face planting to the floor with a loud THUD! His lower half being raised up still on account of his briefs staying in place. This had the added effect of making his butt having exposed and hanging out his briefs as his top half was all leaned forward. 


The loud noise got Max to get up and start heading down to see what happened, though he was in for quite a sight when he got to the kitchen! “Tommy? Tommy are you o...k?” Max called though he stopped upon turning to see his friend laying on the floor with his butt sticking up and half bared!


“Jeez Tommy, couldn’t even go grab something to eat without ending up even less clothed? How’d you even manage this!?” Max relentlessly teased. 


“J...Just shush and help me back up!” Tommy groaned. Before Max could respond though, the locket glowed once again, though this time didn’t mess with Tommy’s clothes exactly, but rather with Max’s thought process!


“Hmm… nah! Think I’ll keep you tied there for a little while longer! You look funny like that!” Max laughed.


“Maaaaaax! This isn’t funny! Help me up!” the locket glowed once again. Max would not feel the urge to help him back up for a while… 


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