Chapter 2: Cooper St. John Foundation-2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 2


Sitting in a very spacious private cubicle away from their parents Jordan sat facing Jared.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Jared asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Why did you cut me off? I was going to tell them about my plans.”

“Jordan believe me when I say that was not the right time. Things are a bit more… off between our parents. We haven’t been home for some time, their relationship seems to be more... complicated.”

“You mean more, distant?” Jordan replied.

“Yeah distant, you can say that.”

Looking out of the jet’s window for a moment while gathering her thoughts she said.

“Tell me this brother, when will be the best time to tell them? You know I’m leaving for Valencia in three days.”

“Make your announcement in the morning at breakfast. Today is your day, let’s not spoil it. You know mother is going to have a “Bitch Fit” when you tell them.

Laughing at Jared’s hand movements when he mimicked their mother having a “Bitch Fit’, Jordan agreed that maybe tomorrow morning wasn’t a bad idea.

“Okay, tomorrow at breakfast. You will be there? Please say you will.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a “Bitch Fit”.

Of course that wasn’t the only reason Jared suggested tomorrow he knew that family and friends were arriving at their home for Jordan’s surprise graduation party. By no means within his power, if he could help it, would he allow their mother to ruin Jordan’s party by having one of her, “Bitch Fits”.

Jordan asked while still laughing “Who started saying mother was having a “Bitch Fit” when she got beyond upset?”

“The same person you’re going to live with for one year.”

“Oh yeah, I remember,” laughed Jordan.


It was summer 2094 Jared and Jordan’s 12th birthday. That year was Jordan’s time to choose what they did or where they went for the celebration. She wanted to go to Valencia Spain and visit with her great-aunt the “Black Sheep” in the family as her mother would describe her. A very eccentric aunt who lived life and, did things on her own terms not caring what people thought, or said about her.

That particular birthday was most interesting, well lets just say it was educational. Victor, Desiree, Jared and Jordan were unknowing to exactly what their aunts lifestyle involved. Arriving two day before they were to turn 12 the hired driver who was very friendly seemed quite familiar with her address. The family was in awe with the captivating architecture while being driven down the city’s center. Announcing when they arrived pulling up in front of the most beautiful wrought iron gates.

“We are here! Welcome to Madam Josephine’s Villa.”

Josephine Grace Labelle, Jo to all who know her well. A very attractive kindhearted, to each his own kind of lady. She was born when society still viewed talking about sex in front of polite company taboo and was somewhat frowned upon. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana around her mother’s circle meant, a lady carried herself in the most proper and prestigious way possible. Coming into her “Womanhood” as her mother called it, got Jo into more trouble than was allowed by her very strict father.

Josephine the youngest in the family. Desiree’s mother Vivian was two years older than Jo. They had an older brother Franklin Jr. who died at the age of 16 from a snake bite when Jo was nine. His last words to her were “Live for me my beautiful Butterfly.”


May 25, 2047


It was a late spring day Josephine was preparing for her tea party outside by a grand oak tree.

Franklin was invited but not, Vivian. While waiting on Frank, she and Vivian had an awful argument in which Jo banned her from what was called, La Tea Party by Butterfly. Only Frank was invited with all of Jo’s dolls gathered on the blanket, minus the doll Vivian said was hers and Jo couldn’t play with it. Which is what lead to a most unladylike of disagreement their mother would say.

“Keep the Bitch” Josephine yelled. “You’re no longer invited to my tea party.”

“I’m telling father you said “Bitch”.

“Please do, and I will tell him what I saw you and John Paul doing under the pecan tree last... Sunday.”

“You wouldn’t” voiced Vivian.

Josephine smiled in a most devious way.

“Try me” was all she said while crossing her arms.

“Fine have your party I didn’t want to come anyway.” Vivian turned and walked away.

With them arguing neither noticed the two baby rattle snakes that crawled on the blanket between Jo’s dolls. Jo was about to sit down when she noticed the maid coming towards her carrying a tray filled with treats. Finger sandwiches, pastries, candy and of course, tea.

“Thank you so much Sarah.”

“You’re welcome little one.” Sarah smiled nodding her head while placing the tray on the blanket.

“I have work to do, have a good time.” Sarah headed back towards the house.

Still unaware of the danger lurking nearby Josephine was singing and playing with her favorite doll patiently waiting on Frank.

Frank announced, “I am hear Butterfly,” coming up behind Jo pinching her cheeks.

“Don’t do that, you know I don’t like it. I’m too big for that.”

“You will never be to big for me to pinch your cheeks, Butterfly.”

Butterfly was a nickname only Frank was allowed to call her by. Josephine was born with a birthmark of a butterfly on her right shoulder. When Frank saw it he said to his mother, “She’s my Butterfly.” Frank was very protective of his sisters, but especially Jo. She was born two months premature, there was no guarantee Jo would survive but she did his, Butterfly.

“I see Sarah is still spoiling you.”

Smiling Jo gestured to him, “Sit down please tea is ready to be served.”

“Yes ma’am” bowing before he sat down.

Getting comfortable he noticed all the dolls spread around the blanket.

“I only ever see you playing with the doll you’re holding. So, why are all the others out here?”

“Her name is Belle and Belle wanted to invite her friends.”

“Okay then where is Vivian? Isn’t she your friend?”

“NO! Vivian had a “Bitch Fit” when she seen that I had one of her dolls so… I uninvited her.”

“Don’t say that, that’s not nice. Did you ask her if you could play with her doll?”

Putting her head down picking at the dolls hair she was holding Jo mumbled.


“Then my little Butterfly you should have apologized to her. Now go inside and ask Vivian very politely to join us or, there will be no tea party.”

Josephine was getting up to do as her brother asked. While walking away she heard him say “Shit! what the hell.” Turning to see what was wrong Jo saw Frank grab at his left hand. Rushing back to him she was startled by two snakes slithering away.

“Oh Frank did they bite you?”

“Yes, Hurry go get help!”

As Frank got up he begin kicking over the dolls and tray filled with food. The pain was so… intense he knew he had to get help soon. His fingers and arm begin to swell. Frank was aware that a baby rattler was very venomous but, being bit by two increased chances that he wouldn’t have a good outcome.









Submitted: May 05, 2019

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