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Chapter 9

We entered the car, Conrad squeezed against the side of the door away from me. My black coat accentuated his thighs, distracting me from everything around me—the situation presently at hand. His tattoo peeked beneath the fabric with every movement. I quickly turned to the front before I devour him. Victor started the engine and we pulled away from Tertius’s domain. We were not out of harm unless we exit his domain. Tertius was not any common enemy. Right now, he was civilized enough to let us go without much damage. At least, my power was almost untouched.


“Victor, is there something I need to know about the next meeting?” he peeked at me from the rear-view mirror. He tensed. He had been tensed and silent during the whole meeting. He knew Tertius personally from the various parties of his old Mistress. He saw the man first hand and what he was capable of. Fear oozed from him. And he was right to fear him.


“I don’t know, my Lord. I’ll look into it,” he turned his focus back on the road. Dark trees lined up on both sides of the road. All I wanted was to get away as fast as I could from Tertius. However, my thoughts keep dragging me back to the shivering form sitting next to me.


“Call Lady Leena, she must know what’s brewing,” I added as I gazed at my side of the window. The scenery rushed in a blur.


“I will, my Lord,” I barely heard him. My eyes wandered back to Conrad, our eye met. He frowned at me and pulled on the coat to cover himself. I watched his every movement with hunger. Was he aware of the effects he had on me? Probably not. The collar was still around his neck. I was reluctant to take it off. Actually I like it on him. I didn’t know I like that type of accessory. A corner of my lips curled up.


“I don’t understand. What is going on?” he pulled his legs closer to his body. I closed my eyes angry that I’ve fallen into Tertius’s trap. For what? A puny human I was lusting after. What a joke. I was a member of the council, I was a master of the undead, I was not a horny teenager. I despise what he was doing to me.


“When you don’t understand, you should shut up,” I snapped. My eyes flipped open and I glared at him. “I should have killed you when I had the chance. It would have saved me from the unnecessary burden,” his face twisted with anger. Did he know how dangerous I was? There was no apprehension but no fear. Not the same as when he was standing there in Tertius’ presence. 


“I knew you were a drug lord,” he spat. His surge of adrenaline was funny. It made him cute and stupid at the same time and that got me in the mood to play along. I leaned closer. There wasn’t much room separating us. The leather seat creaked as I moved.


“Oh, I’m worst than a puny drug lord. I’m your worst nightmare,” to my surprise it made him chuckle. 


“How cliché Mr. Big shot,” he lifted his chin in defiance. It annoyed me that he wasn’t scared. How can Tertius make him trembled with fear and not me? I pressed him with my powers, extending it so that a cold wind rush between us. He shivered, his eyes got wider. He was sensitive to my power, unlike mere mortal. It was intriguing.


“Don’t test my patience. Do you even know the price I paid for your freedom? Do you think you’re worth it?” goosebumps broke along his legs. I wanted to touch him. Hunger clenched my inside. I craved to glide my hands over his body. That thought was almost painful. He swallowed his fear tried to tuck it in. Good, at least, he wasn’t stupid to stare death in the eyes and not tremble.


“I don’t know, you look loaded. You wouldn’t miss a couple of bucks,” he mumbled looking away. I snapped. Plunged towards him, grabbed his neck, and pressed him into the soft cushion of the seat. He gasped, heart racing under my hand. His eyes were wide with panic. What a lovely sight. 


“You!” I shouted irritated at myself that he affected me to this extend. I eased my hand away. He coughed several times. There was a red bruise on his skin. “I don’t know what to do with you,” he stared with fearful eyes. His emotions wrapped around me. Fear, lust, anger. Rich and spicy. I could get drunk on them alone.


“Then let me go home,” he pleaded with teary eyes. I let out a bitter laugh.


“Home? You think I can just let you walk away after what I just paid?” I grabbed him by the collar, he struggled to get free, I pressed him against the door with one knee between his thighs. The coat was barely covering his private parts. I inhaled his fear mixed with something laying beneath itexcitement.  He was blushing when he looked up at me. “I should have taken you on that parking lot,” I whispered. His body called for mine and mine for him. “Being near you aggravates my mood,” I released him from fear that I might really lose control and went back to my spot as far as possible. He quickly pulled the coat. But I already saw everything. His eyes shoot a furtive glance at me. I smoothed my own black shirt and pants and crossed my legs. On the outside, I appeared calm but inside I was boiling with hunger. 


“You don’t want me angry,” my eyes roamed over his thighs. “If I let you go home, it will only be in a coffin,” I burst out in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Conrad glared.


“What so funny?”


“I guess, it’s a joke only us can understand. Right, Victor?” I peeked at the front of the car. I caught victor smirked in the rear-view mirror.


“You are very funny, my Lord,” he agreed. I extended my arm and ran a finger on his exposed leg. I couldn’t help it. He flinched.


“Don’t,” he gasped. I watched as he squeezed against the door. He was cornered. Trapped. Mine.


“I saved you and you are not going to reward your savior?” his head sprung up. Panic flooded those brown eyes. Beautiful warm eyes. I want to mess him up. I wanted to see them beg me to let me fuck him. I licked my lips in anticipation.


“I-I…” his voice trailed off. I eased closer to him, slow and careful. His eyes were glued to mine. His lips parted to breathe in. His pulse quicken—waiting, begging.


“I know you are dying to kiss me. I can feel your lust calling me,” I whispered in a voice as sweet as velvet. My own heart sang on the throb of his heartbeats.


“No...don't…” he shivered. He didn’t resist when I pushed him down. My hands fondled his quivering body. His protest was mere whispers. An invitation. The coat pulled up, my fingers barely touching his burning skin. He arched in frustration against me. I caressed him without touching where he wanted me to. He groaned and reached his arms around my neck as he leaned to kiss me. We literally crashed into each other. Hungry to feed this primal need. From the corner of my eye, I caught Victor watching us. Conrad moaned against my mouth as I pulled him closer to shield his from view. Our bodies grind with pressing need. He was hard and so was I. I was never a fan of this type of show. I like my intimacy. Conrad was making me crazy.


“Please,” he looked and kissed my chin. “Suck me,” he breathed against my neck. He didn't know what he was asking of me. I was a master, I don’t serve others. Others served me. He was putting e in an inferior position. But the face he was making—the agony in his eyes. I’ve never wanted someone this bad in ages. I pulled him closer, careful not to hurt him. My hand glided from his chest, down his flat abdomen. He sucked in a breath as he shivered. I searched his lips as I ran my fingers along his hard shaft. He moaned into my mouth. That was it. I lost it. I pushed him down and he spread his legs for me. My left trail of hot kisses as I make my way lower. He arched his spine and rocked against my mouth on his smooth skin. 


“So sweet,” my lips found the spot in his inner thigh—the blood pulsed under the soft skin. I licked it, my fangs grazing it. His blood called to me. Pulsed in my head. I couldn’t hear anything else. I kept rubbing him as I gently sucked in the tender flesh. He grabbed a handful of hair. His cock pulsed—his orgasm was near. I felt him. I couldn’t wait anymore. I opened my mouth wide exposing fangs then sunk them in. His body shuddered as I tasted his climax, it rolled over me—the blood and the sex was so extreme I pulled back. I sunk against the other side of the door—laughing. I’ve never felt such power in a while. Conrad was painting and little spasms went up and down his body. He lingered in the aftermath of his orgasm. Eyes closed, lips parted, mind hazy. 


I turned to my left hand and noticed it was covered with his semen. While searching my pockets, I caught Victor lusting over us in the rear mirror. If he didn’t have to concentrate on the driving he would be touching himself. I pulled a handkerchief and wiped my hand. Conrad stirred, legs still open. An invitation. The coat was unbuttoned and exposing his delicious body. The urged to have him right now was driving me crazy. I wanted more than a quickie. The little sip I took was worst than nothing at all. I ran my fingers over his legs and higher. Traced his tattoo. His eyes flickered open.


“Mmh, don’t tease,” he murmured, his lids were heavy, his voice rough. But I wanted to. It was a distraction from wanting to eat him up. He rose on one elbow and looked at me. I believe he completely forgot about our eager witness. His warm brown eyes had a mixture of fear and curiosity. As my hand trailed along his flat stomach, lust took over and the fear was gone. He squeezed his eyes shut angry at his reaction towards me. That alone was vert entertaining. He blushed and closed his legs. That was a little last but cute.


“C-can I have something to wipe—?” Shame. I wanted to really mess him up. But I tossed the already soiled handkerchief at him. A smile lit his face. Conrad was a different kind of beauty. A simpler, very masculine one. He was neither tall nor small, he had lean muscles, athletic, beautiful tan skin that smell like the sun. He was something I wasn’t. Alive. His blood called, surged, begged. His whole presence was a temptation.


“Are you sure I can wipe my dick with your expensive handkerchief?” he chuckled. Wasn’t he shy just now? Did he recover already?


“What’s wrong with it?” I narrowed my eyes. I wasn’t used to his type—I didn't know exactly what his type was.


“Mmh, nothing,” he shook his head and lower his gaze, blushing. I watched him, each stroke, each caress, each movement. He was clumsy, a little mechanical. He didn’t do it to seduce me.


“Please, stop staring,” he pulled his legs up to hide his body. “You’re making me nervous,” he closed the coat. That innocent gesture broke something inside me. Something I thought was long dead. His eyes widened when I got closer. He flinched when I reached my hand to brush his cheek. Such fragility, I’ve never thought. I cupped his face and he eased against it with a sigh.


“Conrad,” my voice a caress. His eyes dived into mine. We recognized each other. 


“My lord, we had arrived,” called Victor from the front. It broke out contact. I awkwardly backed away, reached for the door, and almost fell out of the car. What the fucked was that? I was shocked by my own reaction. Victor flung his door opened, he had felt it. I quickly replaced whatever that was with rage.


“Someone is going to be punished for this mess!” I shouted. The two other cars had stopped and my people were pouring our of the mansion. They lined up in front of the front steps leading to the entrance. Conrad lingered near the door of the vehicle.


“Victor!” I commanded, he literally crawled to my feet. When he was near I grabbed a handful of his blond curls and jerked his head back in a painful angle. “Who’s fault it this?” he panted from pain and something else.


“Master—I accept your punishment,” Samuel came running towards me but his brother caught him before he did anything stupid. I wasn’t in a mood for disobedience. 


“Get Conrad to my quarters. I’ll deal with his later,” the personal nodded. Baltazar approached me with caution.


“Nathaniel, please don’t get hard on Victor. He has a weak spot for you,” I didn’t look up at him. I wasn’t sure what I was doing exactly. But I need distance from Conrad, from what I was feeling.


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