Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.


He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.

Chapter7 (v.1) - The Escape

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 06, 2014



Authors note: This chapter contains BDSM contents. It's not exactly hardcore, but just a warning. Hot sex also follows. ;) xoxo,Lara


He releases me from his arms and we walk back to the living room.

I know how withdrawal goes. But there isn’t anything anyone can do to help make it easier. There isn’t medication to make it easier. It just is what it is. We will all will have to keep a constant eye on Kenna for a while. We all pilled into Max’s car. Tristan offered up his place, as his dad wasn’t home. I made calls to all of our parent’s concocting excellent excuses for why we wouldn’t be home, my acting skills come in handy fairly often. Kenna fell asleep against my lap on the drive to his house.  Max carried her into Tristan’s house. I pretty much expected Kenna to be a raging bitch for the next few days so I knew I needed to have a conversation with the guys. Tristan set Kenna up in one of the many quest bedrooms. As I was confident she would be asleep for a while I knew there were a few things that needed to be talked about. I was running this show.

“Okay there are a few things we need to go over” I say to Tristan and Max

They both looked up at me in unison.

“This is mostly physiological but anything Kenna says right now isn’t her.That’s how it works. Most important of all none of us including myself can give her any alcohol or medication of any kind. Are there any type of drugs in this house?” I didn’t sound like myself. I was detached. I needed to be this way. I couldn’t feel. I didn’t want to.

Tristan ran his hands through his hair as if he looked pained by my words. He was trying to decide if he should be offended by my blatant inquiry about the drugs in his house. All sorts of shit was smoked and snorted in this house and everyone knew it.

“Uh, I’ve got some molly upstairs and I think there are some oxy in the one of the medicine cabinets” Tristan grates out. 

Okay I could deal with that. I knew he didn’t do hardcore drugs or do them often. Ecstasy and oxycodone. Not bad.

“Do you have a safe?” I ask

“Yeah. Why?”

“Either put them in the safe or get rid of them.” I say keeping my answers terse. He nods.

“Now you.” I say cocking my head toward Max.

“Do you want to stay here? I get that you love Kenna and I don’t hate you so you can stay if you want” I figure Kenna wouldn’t be too happy when she was clean that I let Max see her like that. But honestly she needed everyone she could get right now.

“Yeah.” He answers.

“Alright. Now, she will most likely sleep through the rest of the day. I’m going to fix her some food incase she wakes up and is hungry. I assume she will be.” I say as I walked into the kitchen. It was late afternoon, and I was slowly becoming so exhausted. I snack on an apple as I put together a plate for Kenna.

Both guys stared at me in fascination. Yes I was on a mission, and yes I knew what I was doing. My phone beeped in my back pocket.

‘Hello. We need to have a word soon.’

My dad. Shit. Any word from him and I always break. That’s how it was.

As I look up I could tell there was worry in Tristan’s eyes though.

“Will you bring this up to Kenna? I need to take a minute, so stay with her please.” I murmur to Max. I could feel my façade breaking. I needed to get away. Now. I couldn’t do this now. It was all too much, too familiar, too painful. I ran up the stairs and flung myself into Tristan’s familiar room. I was shaking. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. I could hear Tristan race up the stairs after me. I dropped to the floor. Tristan picked me up into his arms and sobs wracked my body. He knew no words would help me right now, he just held me against him. I hurt. No I wanted to hurt, I just didn’t want it to hurt in my head. I slowly peeled myself out of Tristan’s grasp. I stood up on shaky feet. How did this happen? I needed to drag that blade across my skin and watch as my skin reddened and swelled.

“I need pain.” I stammer through my tears as I shake my head.

I was pretty damn sure I looked like a crazy person. Tristan just stood up and looked me in my red eyes.

“What do you need?” he ask

“I need pain. I need to forget. I can’t think. I….I need you to hurt me. I need to hurt.” I whisper at the floor.

He knew exactly what I needed.

“Are you sure?”

I nod my head.

We had talked about my urge for pain in the past, and I made a promise that I wouldn’t do it on my own.

“Take off your shirt and jeans.” He snaps dominant façade in place.

I did it without a second thought. I needed him to dominate me I needed him to be rough. I needed him to control me because I couldn’t control myself. We could make love another time and this was not it. He threw off his shirt and before I could blink he threw me against the wall. He crushes his mouth to mine in a ferocious kiss. It made my lips swell. I reach my arms around to caress his back. He caught my hands and forces them above my head in a tight grip to where it almost hurt. Yes. I was relishing it. He kept one hand to hold my wrists, as he brought his other hand down to my hips.

“Don’t move your hands” he demands

He grasps the fabric of my panties and ripps them off of me. Yes you read that right. Ripped. He steps back.

“Take off your bra. Now.”

I did I was told as I watched him strip his remaining clothing. He was hard. He liked this. Good. Before I could take a second look at him, he backed me up against the wall and pinned my wrists above my head again.

“What do you want Lexus?” I could see how soft his eyes became as they stared into mine.

“I want you to hurt me, hit me, fuck me hard and get me out of my head.” I say with no reserve.

That’s what I wanted. I wasn’t Lexus at the moment. I wasn’t sure who I was, but I wanted Tristan. I needed him to do this.

He nods his head once. He knew what I wanted, and he knew how to do it.

“I have a belt, is that okay?” he asks

“Yeah.” I used to hit myself with them before. I trusted him to not injure me beyond my limit. My pain threshold always turned to pleasure. Tristan had told me he had some experience in S&M and to be honest we were a perfect fit. The most I knew about it was from all the Fifty Shades of Grey like novels I had read, when I developed my like for pain.

“Tell me if it’s too much. Your safe word is Mercy.”


“Turn around and face the wall. I’m going to give you twenty blows. I want you to count. Remember to use your safe word if it’s too much.”

“Alright, thank you.”  I say as I face the wall.


I feel the delightful burning against my lower back. It’s enough to leave a mark for a few days, but not a bruise. I relish the pleasure.



It hurts just the right way.







He moves to my ass and lower thighs, careful not to direct the blows in the same area.











“Ten. Harder please.”


It’s perfect this time. I ache and burn. I can breathe now. My head is swimming beautifully.




















I hear the belt drop to the floor. He turns me around.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

He skims his hand sounds my shoulder.

“Will you fuck me senseless now?” I ask

He doesn’t answer just runs his finger down my wet slit. I’m soaking.

 The pain was perfect my whole body hums, and both of us liked it. Let’s face it we were both fucked up twisted individuals.

“Wrap your leg around me” he says tersely back in his dominant façade while he tightened his hold on my wrists.

I did as I was told.

He rammed into me in one hard thrust against the wall. I cry out. He groans. He releases my wrists and grabs my hips to move them to meet his vicious thrusts. I was going to bruise. I liked it. I scream as he circles his hips. This was fucking. Hard. No emotion. Exactly what I wanted. There was no words exchanged other than incoherent moans of pleasure. He continues his relentless thrusts as his grip on my hips tightens. My sore back was rubbing against the wall in perfect agony. He was hurting me. I like it. It adds to the pleasure. I can hear how ragged his breathing is.

“Put your leg on my shoulder” He demands breathlessly.

I stretch my leg to rest on his shoulder as I was instructed. I was basically doing the splits against his body. This position caused him to go deeper. I could feel him everywhere. He pounds into me as I scream pleas of pleasure. I felt the pressure build in my lower belly as he circles hips again. I cry out as I climax. Loudly. He covers his mouth over mine to muffle my screams. I quiver beneath him. I can feel him go rigid as he thrusts one last time and stills as spills himself into me and he moans in pleasure. We stay like that for a beat as our breathing stills. He releases my leg from his shoulder and I sink against the wall. My legs don’t seem to hold my weight up. Tristan slides down next to me. I feel better. I can breathe. The weight on my shoulders has lifted. My problems aren’t gone. But I feel better.

“Thank you.” I say as I look him in the eye. I swear he can see to my soul with those eyes.

“Don’t thank me. I said I would always be there for you. If that’s what you need I can do that.”

I nod my head.

“I really am a sick fuck aren’t I?” I laugh

We both laugh.

“Yes. But I liked hurting you, so doesn’t that make me more of a sick fuck?”

“I think we can come to the conclusion that we are both sick fucks who were made for each other. “ I say with a smile.

“I would agree with that. Lexus?”

“Yeah” I rest my head on his chest.

“I know what it’s like to want that pain, and baby as twisted as it sounds I’m glad I can give it to you”

I can hear the honesty in his voice. I know exactly what he means. I press my lips to his as a tear escapes my eye. He makes me happy. He helps me forget. He catches my breath and gives it back to me when I need it. Maybe I can make it through with him. I was a masochist and he was my desperately needed sadist. The way he hurt me took away my pain.  He was my escape.

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