Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.


He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.

Chapter3 (v.1) - The Reveal

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Submitted: July 06, 2014



My IPhone buzzed with music. I reached over to grab it 6:15am it read. Time to get ready for school. I decided to wear a dark red sleeveless top and some high heeled boots.  I wanted to look good, once I walked into that school everyone would know I was dating Tristan Daniels. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. If you go to my school, and have ever read People magazine. His family is always in the public eye. To be honest there are a lot of rich kids at my school, and a few come from famous families. It was a big deal when I was accepted let alone awarded a scholarship. My dad didn’t like the idea though, and still complains about it. I like my school, the work is hard but I learn a lot. I took extra time with my hair today, trying to get it to behave. My mom had already left by the time I emerged from my side of the house. I had a quick breakfast and made myself a cup of tea. Tristan was right on time to pick me up. My anxiety began to build on the drive to school. Fucking Tristan once at a party was one thing but dating him was different. No one dated him. I couldn’t even fathom why he would want me. People at my school judged. They could find out anything. I managed to keep my personal life pretty separate from school. No one knew how messed up I was, no one knew the shit that went down with my dad. I liked it that way. But I also liked Tristan. Okay well I more than liked him.

“You okay?” Tristan asked startling me out of my reverie

“Yeah I’m good, just a touch nervous”

“Same here.”

It was easy to forgo the fact that Tristan never done this before either. We pulled into the Tudor style building that was our school, a few minutes early.

“You reading babe?” he asks

“Yeah let’s do this.”  I smile

We walked across the parking lot, with his hand around my waist pulling me close. My head fit right on his shoulder. We got a lot of looks from all of the students, but I could handle this. It was no big deal dating the most popular guy in school right? And it didn’t matter his dad was famous right? People started to stare and give questions looks. So Tristan pulled me in for a searing kiss.

When we pull apart I look at him in question

“They were staring and then we gave them something to stare at. It works trust me.” He playfully smacked my ass

My first few classes weren’t a problem at all. I got a couple of looks from my classmates, but I expected this. This is school politics and Tristan is the president. A few ‘popular’ girls approached me and asked how I was. I guess I got bumped up in school ranks.  Lunch was a whole different story. In my school, you can leave the school grounds and grab something to eat. You just have to be back in an hour. You can also just eat in the dining hall. I met Kenna at our usual table.

“Lexus!” Kenna calls

“Hey, how are you? Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.” I say

I know when Kenna gets me alone she is going to want a relay of ever second I’ve spent with Tristan. She doesn’t really draw a line on what is too personal to share. Trust me she tells me about EVERYTHING she does with Max.

 “Sure, now that you’re dating Mr. Popular you’re too busy in bed, to talk too little old me.” She says with a sarcastic smirk.

Kenna said she was going to drop by tonight to chat. She tends to invite herself over but I don’t mind. Our conversation is cut short by Max sitting down next to Kenna, and Tristan sliding up next to me. That little act caused everyone in the room to turn their heads and look at us. They are all probably wondering why he is with me, and frankly I am too.

“How is your day so far?” Tristan inquires

“It’s good, I need to study for finals and turn in my English paper.” I say honestly.

“Why hello.” I turn around and see Bianca, the school Queen Bee.

“Um, Hi.” I say.

“What is he doing with you?” She says with a devious glare to her big brown eyes.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Tristan says.

“You don’t have girlfriends, I would know.”

“Well I do now, so go fuck off.”

“Well that was interesting.” I drawl once Bianca walks away her high heels clicking and blonde hair swaying.

“Sorry about her.”

“It’s fine.”

The rest of the day goes by in a drag, I’m anticipating Kenna coming over because I know I’m going to get the third degree. I mention to Tristan as he drives me home that Kenna’s coming over later tonight and I’ve got to study. We probably won’t end up spending that much time together this week because I really honestly have got to study. I made the stupid move of taking all Honors and AP courses this year, and finals for those classes can be a raging bitch. I’ve got about an hour and a half before Kenna comes over, so I grab my study supplies. Fifteen minutes into my Trigonometry review my phone buzzes. It’s a text from my mom.

‘Hey sweetie, I hope you’re having a good day. I just got off the phone with your dad he said he won’t be paying child support this month. Try to talk to him if you can. Love mom.’

Fuck. He can’t do this. This isn’t right. I don’t care how much my mom tries to hide the fact that he affects her. What he says hurts. Oh god what am I going to do. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe Lexus it will be okay. God it’s not okay. Pain. I want it. Now. I run to my bathroom, and find my familiar blade and press. I’ve gotten pretty good, and making it hurt like hell without drawing blood. Isn’t creepy I mildly pride myself on that fact. Okay that’s better. I can breathe now. Crap. Kenna’s going to be here any minute. I plaster on my smile and fix my hair and makeup and run back into the kitchen. Kenna’s twenty minutes late as always.

“Oh gosh I’m exhausted. I hit my head on Max’s car, and I’m just like if you want to keep fucking in your car you need to get a Range Rover or something because I keep messing up my hair, and that’s just not okay” Kenna rambles.

I start laughing. We both do.

“Anyways enough about me, how’s the hottie? I want details, is he is good in bed as I’ve heard?” she asks

“He’s good.”

“Wait. So you haven’t fucked him yet?” she asks confused

I run my hands through my hair. She seems to think if you’ve know the guy for a week, it’s a given that you have sex. I honestly don’t think she thinks I’m a virgin but I don’t really want to tell her. I’ve never really been one to share secrets or thoughts, or at least the ones that matter.

“Uh. No not exactly.” I stammer

Kenna and I spent the rest of the night talking. Or should I say Kenna talked and I listened. I had dinner with my mom, and studied a bit more before I went to bed. Tuesday went by in a drag, I avoided my dad and focused on school all day. I didn’t see much of Tristan because I was busy cramming for AP American History test on Wednesday. Everyone knows anything other than an A is not okay with me, so Tristan gladly gave me space. We planned to spend some time together after school when I was done with my exam. My mom doesn’t get home until late on Wednesday so I’m free to hang out with Tristan.

“Hiya” I singsong as I slide into Tristan’s car.

“Hey, where to?” he asks

“Your house?” 

“Yes mam.”

About half way through the drive Tristan started making circles with his index finger on my inner thigh. It seems to be his signature. I know he can feel my breathing quicken because he chuckles. Why is laugh so sexy? Heat pools in my lower belly.

“Is there something I can help you with?” he asks

Damn. He can play me like a guitar.

“Drive faster.” I demand in a husky voice I’m surprised is mine.

We get to his house in record time. He flings me into the house, and pins me against the wall with his body. I run my fingers through his silk blond strands, and pull his mouth to mine.

“Sofa” he whispers and drags me to the living room. He pushes me down on the sofa and cover me with his body. He places a kiss on my hipbone and pulls my shirt over my head. I toss my head back and he kisses up my rib cage and crushes his mouth to mine. I can see out of the corner of my eye someone moving.

“Tristan. Someone’s here” I whisper

“What?” he jumps up

I notice Tristan’s dad on the chair in across from us. Oh shit. This is bad. How the hell did I not notice he came in? I reach for my shirt.

“Don’t let me stop you” His dad says

“Fucking hell Bryan what are you doing here?” Tristan scolds

Holy hell. This is not how I wanted to meet Tristan’s dad.

“This is my house, if you don’t remember boy.” Bryan says

“I know. But you could have announced yourself, or let me know you were coming home.” Tristan responds.

“Yeah. Who’s that hot piece of ass?”

Oh fuck. The infamous Bryan Daniels just said I was a hot piece of ass. Wait no. Scratch that. Tristan’s dad just called me a hot piece of ass. Dear lord. Bryan looks like an older version of Tristan. They look so alike.

“Hey don’t talk to her like that” Tristan scolds

I throw my shirt over my head, and stand up.

“Um. My names Lexus, nice to meet you.”

“Lexus, would you be a dear and get me a beer from the fridge?”

Okay I don’t like him already. I move toward the kitchen, and Tristan catches my wrist.

“If you want a beer you can get it yourself. Don’t speak to my girlfriend like that, she’s not your servant”

Tristan called me his girlfriend. Oh. My. God. Yay. Lexus now is not the time to swoon, focus.

“So you have a girlfriend now?” Bryan scowls

“Yeah. Yeah I do. Now my girlfriend and I are going upstairs.” Tristan says and drags me up the stairs.


He locks the deadbolt on his door.

“I’m sorry my father doesn’t seem to understand the concept of boundaries” Tristan apologizes

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it. I’ve dealt with my fair share of pain in the ass fathers.”

“I thought so.” He coos as he comes up behind me and nibbles on my shoulder blade.

How I am still turned on, when we just go interrupted by his dad? Oh great.

“Should we pick up where we left of? I think I have some apologizing to do” he murmurs

I make a noise that sounds like an agreement.  I distantly wonder if we are ever actually going to have sex, or if I’m going to be a virgin for the rest of my life. He throws me on his bed. He kisses the instep of my foot and moves all the way up, I slip my shirt over my head.

“I like this.” He says as he tugs against my bra strap.

I have always like sexy undergarments I don’t know why I just always have. I’m wearing a plum purple lace demi bra and matching boy shorts. He reaches around and unsnaps my bra with one hand. He kisses the center of my stomach and moves to my breast.

Any thoughts are halted when he caresses my inner thigh and gently sucks on hardened nipple. I throw my head back in pleasure. He unsnaps my jeans and roles them down. He traces my day old cuts on my upper thigh. My heart is racing what is he going to do now? He slips his hand under my panties. His fingers explore.

His thumb finds my clit and rubs with just the right amount of pressure.

“Ahh. Tristan.” I moan

He slips his finger inside me.

“You’re so tight.” He coos

I arch my back in pleasure. I’m going to come. I writhe against his hand. He pulls away. What? No.

“Wha- Why did you stop?” I stammer breathlessly

“Why do you do this to yourself?” he asks

It takes me a while to realize what he’s talking about. He brings his lips to my scars on my thighs.

“I don’t know.” I answer

He brings his hand back and resumes rubbing my clit. I start to contract around is finger. He pulls back. Again.

“Please.” I beg

This is torture. Delicious torture but torture.

“Why do you do this?” he asks

“I I’m not sure. I like it. It makes me feel better” I stutter

He circles my clit until I’m about to come again, and removes his hand.

“Why does it help? Why do you like it?” he demands

“It centers me. I don’t know. I deserve it. I can focus when I do it.” I say

He brings his mouth to my breast and gently sucks, as his hand skims back to my mound. He shoves a finger inside me while he rubs my clit.

“Ahh. God. Please.” I cry

I come against his hand screaming. I honestly think I blacked out for a minute. When I open my eyes Tristan’s lying next to me propped up on his arm.

“What. What was that?” I stammer breathlessly

“That was an orgasm, one of plenty I plan on giving you.” He smirks

I shake my head. “I know what that was, but I mean the whole, like questioner”

“Ah. Yes we need to talk about that.”  He says

I raise my eyebrows in question.

“I managed to get you to answer my question honestly.  I just withheld the pleasure until you answered. It was quite effective I think.”

Fuck. What am I supposed to do now? I nervously bite my lip and run my hands through my hair. He tilts my chin up to meet his eyes.

“If you need the pain you talk to me about it. If you want to cut, you call me. I won’t get mad, but I’m here for you now. I know what its like, I get it. But you don’t need to do that anymore.”

Can I do that? Will it work? I just stare at him wide eyed. He sits up and removes his shirt. What?

“Lexus. Look at me. Give me your hand.”

I give him my hand and he brings it to the tattooed vines that cover his ribcage. I always thought they were beautiful. I feel bumps along his tattooed skin. I look up at him confused.

“Burn marks. I used to press an iron there. When I needed the pain. I got the tattoos to cover them up.” He explains.

So he used to do it too? I guess that’s why he didn’t freak when he saw them. I throw myself into his arms. I can feel silent sobs wrack my body.

“I understand Lexus. It’s not easy. I know.” He says

I look up and press him lips to mine.

“Thank you”

I push him back down on the bed and straddle him. I kiss over his tattoos. I slide my hand down to undo his belt buckle. He catches my hand.

“I’ll leave you to take my virginity another night. I just want to make you feel good.” I say with a smirk.

He releases my hand and lays back down.  Okay you can do this Lexus. Fuck. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Kenna talks about her blowjob skills all the time, but I’m still pretty clueless.

“Tell me what to” I demand

I hear his breathing quicken. I like this.

“Undo my belt buckle and free me from my jeans” he directs

Holy hell. He’s not wearing boxers. Jesus Christ he’s huge and hard. I gasp. I can tell he’s smirking. I work his jeans all the way down and toss them onto the floor. He’s naked now and I take in his toned torso, every muscle bulges. I’m naked save my fairly see-through panties. I tentatively wrap my hand around his erection. I look him in the eyes and his bright blue irises almost burn right through me.

“Like this” he shows as he moves my hand up and down.

He’s hard and soft at the same time. I can be sexy right? I reach between my legs and cover my hand in my own juices. His eyes widen. Then I bring my hand back and wrap my around him. I graze my thumb over the tip of his erection and start to move my hand up and down. His head tilts back with pleasure. Ha. I can do this. Yippee. I idly wonder what he would taste like. Okay Lexus you’ve heard enough about this to do it. Right? I bend my head down place my lips around him and tentatively suck. He gasps. Good sign. I sheath my teeth and suck harder.

“Fuck” he groans

Okay I’m doing this right. I wonder how much more of him I can take. I inhale through my nose. I slowly push him farther into my mouth while I trace the tip with my tongue.

“Jesus Christ Lexus” his eyes shoot open

I push him take him deeper careful not to choke myself. I wrap my hand around his base and gently twist as I suck. He’s slippery with my juices and I can taste myself on him. I suck harder. He grabs my head and gently pushes me down farther. I can do this. I pull him deeper into my mouth and continue swirling my tongue at the end. He groans. I can feel his muscles tighten.

“Fuck. I’m going to come, if you don’t want me to pull back now” He mutters breathlessly.

Hey I got this far I’m not going to stop now. I suck back up to the tip and gently un-sheath my teeth. He comes moaning my name. I can feel warm salty liquid slip down my throat. I swallow. It didn’t actually taste as bad as I thought it would. Tristan sighs.

“God your good at that, have you done that before?” he asks

“No” I blush.

He kisses my collar bone.

“That was the best I’ve ever had. Don’t you have a gag reflex?” he stares me in the eyes

“Guess not” I smile

Ha. I did it. Yes. I distantly remember my dentist commenting on how I didn’t have a gag reflex. I start laughing.

“What?” he asks

“Oh god. My dentist always used to like me because I would never choke when she was cleaning my teeth. She would always comment that I didn’t have a gag reflex.” I explain

We both erupt into a fit of laughter.

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