Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.


He took me away from everything. He made me feel. He made me love. He hurt me in a way that was acceptable. He swept me off my feet. He loved me. I loved him.

Chapter11 (v.1) - Tasty Mornings

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 06, 2014



Authors note: Are you guys enjoying the story? I want to know! Should I keep writing? Any advice?




I wake with kisses along my collarbone. I slowly pry open my tightly shut hazel eyes, to see bright cerulean ones.

“Morning baby.”

I look out the window situation to the side of the room.

“Morning. We are in Paris.” I smile

“That we are.” He touches his mouth to mine. I push him back.

“Nono. I need to brush my teeth first.”

We both run to the bathroom and race to brush our teeth. As soon as I’m done his mouth crushes against mine, I softly sigh as our tongues caress each other. We fall back on the bed tearing at each other’s clothes. My beautiful nightdress is flung across the room, along with Tristan’s clothes.

“Now what are we going to do about these? They look so good on, but I know what’s underneath is even better.” Tristan coos and he places kisses down my hips and inner thighs. He blows hot breath onto my core. I squirm and twist. He slides my panties and twists his finger inside of me.

I moan.


He roles my panties off.

“I definitely like them better off.” He drawls seconds before his mouth connects with my silky core.

“Ahh god.” I cry

He circles his tongue around my clit, and shoves two fingers inside me.

He laps up my juices.

I twist all around the bed, and he reaches and holds my thighs down.

His tongue twists inside me, and rubs my clit just the right way.

“Oh god.”

His mouth is positively sinful. I grip onto his hair.

He puts just the right about of pressure on my clit and his tongue circles so fast it almost vibrates.

“Fuck!! Tristan” I scream as I climax against his tongue.

“Mhm. Yummy.” Tristan says appreciably as he licks me clean.

He runs his fingers over the small patch of pubic hair I have. I shave most of it, but I never liked the twelve year old no pubic hair look.

“I like this.”

“Um. Thanks.”

He snuggles up behind me and I can feel his engorged erection pressing against my lower pack.

“Fuck me?” I ask seductively batting my thick lashes.

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” he says with a devious smirk.

He turns me around so my ass is in the air and enters me in a swift thrust. I cry out. He rocks his hips thrusting back and forth, moaning with pleasure. He’s so big, he fills me in just the right way.

“Harder.” I beg

“You want more?”

“Yes! Just fuck me. Please” I beg

He slams into me, holding my hips. I meet his vicious thrusts. He rocks his hips with each movement.

“Fuck me. God. Fuck!!!” I scream. In this position he rubs my g-spot perfectly.

I throw my head back my hair falling onto my back, as he grips onto me pounding into my contracting walls.

“God baby you’re so tight.” Tristan praises breathlessly.

He keeps getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I can feel my body shaking and tightening into coils. He angles his pelvis downward. I cry out.

He slams into me twice hitting my perfect stop and I come screaming. He moans my name, like a caress as he comes joining me.

We fall back onto the bed panting and covered in a sheen of sweat.

“Well I would say Paris has been properly christened.” I say.

“I would agree with you on that one, I believe a shower is in order now though.”

“Race you?” I challenge.

We take a long shower touching each other’s bodies every chance we get. I kick Tristan out of the shower, and finish shaving my legs and everything else.

As I come out of the shower I’m bombarded by a warm body belonging to Tristan encircling me. 

“Let’s get dressed baby. We’ve got shit to do.”

“Mkay. Guess that means I have to face the never ending closet?” I say

I lightly protested about the clothes, but in the end I gave up. I should be grateful he did all this for me. I dress in dark wash skinny jeans that hug my every curve, and a red silk halter top with matching high heeled booties. The closet is big enough for both of us to dress at the same time. Tristan decides to match me with a red John Varvatos tee.

“Come here.” Tristan says as he drags me to the vanity to the side of the closet. He opens a drawer and I am bombarded by an array of jewels.

“Now before you freak out on me. These are on loan, you can just keep what you like. “

I nod my head, at loss for words.

He picks out ruby drop earrings and a matching ring.

“There beautiful.” I say

“Like you.” I put them on looking in the mirror.

I look beautiful. The red is startling against my pale skin, and the jewel match perfectly.

All I need now is some red lipstick, and to cover up my dark circles.

I place a kiss on Tristan’s lips.

“Are you sure it okay for me to wear these?”

“Yeah, I had them brought for you.”

“Okay. I have to go put my makeup on and do my hair.” I say as I saunter out of the room.

“You don’t need it.” He calls after me.

I walk out of the bathroom and into the main room of the suite fifteen minutes later, with red lips and my hair hanging down my shoulders.

“You look hot babe.” Kenna says as she runs from the sofa to hug me.

“Same to you.” I say as I take in her waist length curls, tan skin and bright pink dress.

She likes colors. Me for one, avoid them. I’m not even sure why I’m wearing red. She drags me to the glass table covered with food.

“I ordered a bunch of food for us.” Tristan says.

“Thanks” I say as I take a seat next to him.

“What’s the plan for today?” Max asks

I look to Tristan.

“Arch de Triumph? Eiffel Tower?”

“Both?” I ask

“Now children, we have until Tuesday afternoon. Plenty of time. We can do The Arch. Tomorrows Lex’s birthday so we won’t be doing any sightseeing. We can go to The Lourve on Monday, and The Eiffel Tower then.” Kenna says with authority.

“Okay.” We all say in unison.

We finish breakfast, and I have an egg and a fruit platter. I grab my bag and chase my pills, and off we go out for the day.

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