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The next morning after Maxim had visited my room, I paid special attention to the tapestries on the walls. He had been correct, there was one on the wall just down the hall from my room. The only problem was that there were several guards, maids and other people coming in and out of the house. Not to mention security cameras everywhere. I wonder who Andrew had paid off because there was no way that no one had seen us going into that closet together, but it had not been brought up. 

"You're quiet this morning," Viktor observed as I picked at my breakfast. I looked at him, smiling, trying my best to make it convincing. "I did not sleep well," I admitted. 

"Because I did not visit you last night? My attention was needed elsewhere. I will also be out of the house tonight as well," he stated.

"Buisness?" I guessed. "Yes. I have been putting a lot of things off recently to spend time with you, but I have to get back to work. Back to the real world," He replied.

Oh believe me, that was perfectly fine with me. 

"There will always be plenty of opportunities later," I stated, acting cheerfully.

"I have time now. Blow me," he commanded.

I swallowed the last bite of food in my mouth and swallowed some water, rising from my chair while he scooted back in his. He remained seated as I approached him and lowered myself to my knees. He was already hard, I noticed. Damn him and his virality. I unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, guiding him out of his underpants. I massaged his dick and balls with my hand for a few moments before finally putting it in my mouth. 

He leaned his head back and moaned, closing his eyes. He was on the verge of coming when he pulled out of my mouth. Grabbing me roughly, he lifted me into his lap and pushed my shorts and underwear aside as he thrust into me with a deep groan. 

I hated the way that my body betrayed me. I hated Viktor, but I couldn't deny that he did things to my body. He made my body come alive with passion. 

I gasped in surprise as he grabbed me by my ponytail and yanked my head back, kissing and nibbling on my exposed neck and throat. Lifting my shirt, he pushed his hand beneath my bra and squeezed hard on my breasts. Grabbing hold of my waist, he stood and lifted me onto the table. He pushed against me, slamming my back into the table as he continued to pound into me.

"Say my name, Anteya," he groaned biting on my nipple roughly. 

"Viktor," I moaned as I felt my release imminent. He came with a loud growl that sent me over the edge as I came too.

He pulled away, wiping the sweat from his brow. I fixed my clothes and sat up, noticing for the first time that we'd had an audience. Andrew stood in the corner, staring darkly. I could feel the dark aura from here. Viktor hadn't noticed him yet. I shot him a glance, signaling for him to leave before he was seen. Instead, I watched as his hand hovered above his shoulder holster as he seriously considered shooting his uncle. Then scowling, he turned and left the room without a word. 

Viktor wiped himself with a paper towel and readjusted his clothing. He brought his fingers to his face and took a long whiff. "I love the smell of you," he admitted before he walked over to the sink and washed his hands. I hopped off the table, unsure of what to say or do. Viktor was becoming more open with his affection towards me and I feared he was falling in love with me.

He dried his hands off with a cloth and approached me. "Now I must go. I will be gone until this time tomorrow. Behave in my absence," he stated, kissing my cheek and leaving the room. I sat back down at the table and stared into space for the longest time, reflecting on what had just happened. How much had Andrew seen? Fuck. 

Rising, I exited the room, only to be met with a highly pissed off Andrew waiting for me in the hallway. He was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed.  "Andrew--" I began.

"Do you love him?!" he shouted, interrupting me, unable to contain his emotion. 

"What? Andrew, what are you talking about?" I inquired. 

"I saw everything. Heard it. There was no pretending. No acting. He turns you on and makes you come. And you enjoy it!" he accused. 

"No, Andrew, that's not---"

"Do you enjoy him more than me?" he interrupted again. 

"No, Andrew, it's diferent. I can't help the way my body responds with him. You know I love you mentally and physically," I tried to explain. 

"Yeah, I didn't see any difference back there, Anthea. Forget the plan, we should just go while we can," he stated.

"No, I'm not throwing the last two years away," I replied indignantly. 

He glared at me. Something I'd never seen him do. "Forget about tonight. Don't come looking for me again, Anthea," he stated coldly.

"Wait, Andrew! What does that mean?" I called after him, but he ignored me as he took off in the opposite direction. 

Submitted: August 31, 2021

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