Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter9 (v.1) - Pam Gets a Lesson

Author Chapter Note

Pam continues her journey of exploration by adding yet another new experience to her sexual portfolio.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 16, 2016



It was late afternoon of our second day on our mini vacation at the Oregon Casino Resort. My wife, Pam and I were both up over $100 each playing slots and in between winning had expanded our sexual horizons considerably this trip. Pam had gotten a sensuous massage and come to the aid of a wheelchair bound gentleman among other notable activities during our first 24 hours.

Having completed a hot session in our room we were back on the casino floor hoping to hit that big win. Pam continued her teasing and exhibitionism, which for me, was even more fun than my luck at the slots. Wow, how do I love my sexy, beautiful wife!

Pam and I agreed to play for another 90 minutes before meeting up near the buffet to see if we were going to be ready for dinner. I caught sight of Pam several times while we moved from game to game. A couple of times I came up behind her and kissed her on the cheek while reaching into her shirt to touch one of her hard nipples topping her sweet pert boobs. She would laugh and say, "Oh, it's you this time." 

When it came time to meet up I found her waiting for me. She was smiling and immediately said, "Well, I guess I screwed up." I asked her what she meant and she replied, "I should have had you lick up that huge load you left in me. I have literally left a huge wet spot on every chair I have sat in. Your cum soaked through my leggings and I have left our DNA all over this casino." 

I laughed and said I couldn't help the volume of cum she caused me to shoot. She agreed I could not be held responsible for how much she excited me. I knew it was true. She was gorgeous, sexy, smart and while we were on our casino trips was willing to show off more of her assets than when we were back home. She had figured out that her sexy talk and mild exhibitionism kept my cock hard almost 100% of the time.

Neither of us were hungry yet so we agreed to give it another hour before we met up again. The hour passed quickly for me as I began a very nice streak of bonuses and good wining spins. I won a good $75 over the hour, which on my minimum bets was great. 

I realized I was a couple of minutes late and hurried over to look for her. She wasn't where we agreed, so I thought at least I wasn't the late one. Just then my phone buzzed notifying me of a text from Pam. She had gone ahead and gotten a table in the sports bar. 

I made my way and found her sitting in the same booth I had fingered her bare pussy during our last visit. What I also found was that she was not alone. Sitting in the booth next to her was a very attractive professional looking women leaning in to talk to her in an almost intimate way. 

I approached the table and Pam quickly introduced me to the lady. Ellen was an attorney from Portland that was at the casino following a conference. Pam said they had met playing slots and had struck up a conversation. Pam went on to explain it was at her kitty slot machine again and Ellen had made some suggestive comments about playing with her kitty. 

I began to figure out what I had been thinking might have been going on. Pam had never been with a women and said that if she ever did it would need to be a professional women that would have to teach her. I was sitting across from these two gorgeous women getting turned on by what I thought might happen. 

Pretty soon Ellen leaned over to Pam and kissed her passionately. Ellen told me I had a very beautiful sexy wife that Pam was really turning her on. I noticed Ellen had her hand on Pam's leg near her pussy and was rubbing Pam's legs through her leggings. 

Ellen told me that Pam thought I would be open to she and Pam getting together. She said she knew Pam had never been with a women and she wanted to give her that experience. Ellen went on to tell me she was a lesbian and not interested in men, although thought I was kind of cute. The deal would be that Ellen and Pam would meet in Ellen's room and whatever went from there would be allowed. 

Pam then told me that Ellen would let me come along and watch if I promised I would not make any attempt to join it. I asked Pam if she wanted this to happen and she said, "Yes, I do. If I am ever going to be with a women, this is the chance. I told you it would have to be a professional women and Ellen is that and is turning me on a lot. I would like the experience one time, although am pretty sure that it is not something I am going to want normally," 

"Are you okay with it," Pam asked me. I told her I was good with it if she wanted it. Ellen confirmed with me that I understood I was allowed to be there, but only if I did not join in. I agreed and plans were made to meet in Ellen's room in about an hour. 

Pam and I ate dinner and ran by our room so she could get ready for her 'date' with Ellen. Pam explained she need to clean up because it would be unfair to Ellen to have her eat a pussy full of my cum. Pam bathed and put on a pair of faux leather leggings and a low cut top with no bra or panties. "No reason to wear anything I'm just going to take right off is there? I might lose them in her room anyway," she added.

We headed up to Ellen's room which was on the top floor of the hotel and was a small suite. 
At Ellen's door Pam kissed me and thanked me for giving her this experience. She promised I would get relief as soon as we got back to the room so not to worry about getting blue balls. With that she knocked on the door.

Ellen greeted us wearing a bathrobe provided by the casino resort. Ellen's room was a small suite that had a large bed in the middle with a sitting area to the side with a couch, coffee table and two oversized side chairs. I was directed to take a seat in one of he chairs while Ellen and Pam sat on the couch. 

Ellen told Pam to just relax and learn. She told Pam she planned to teach her what it was like to be with a women. Ellen smiled at me and said to enjoy the show. With that Ellen slid over to Pam and began gently kissing her neck working slowly down her chest. Ellen then pulled Pam's top up and off exposing Pam's breasts. Ellen turned to me and said she hoped I knew how lucky I was to have such a beautiful lover. I did, of course.

Ellen then turned back to Pam and to kissing her chest. Ellen worked her lips to 
Pam's hard nipples, but never kissed them, instead she kissed all around them concentrating mostly on the underside of her cute boobies. 

Pam was definitely enjoying the attention, leaning back on the couch with her eyes half closed and breathing deeply. Ellen worked her tongue down to Pam's belly and then lifted Pam's hips to remove her leggings saying she needed to see Pam's beautiful pussy.

With the leggings off Ellen continued her journey down Pam's body and evidently came to what was by now a very wet pussy. Ellen had Pam, who was now totally naked, lay back on the couch so she could gain access between Pam's legs. Ellen kissed around Pam's wet pussy making sure not to directly contact it. This seemed to drive Pam wild causing her to tell Ellen to eat her. Ellen told her in good time, but that she was not to rush it. Pam was to lay back and learn. 

Ellen continued to tease Pam's pussy by coming near it, but never making that direct contact Pam was now obviously clearly desiring. 

Ellen turned to me and asked me to go to the bathroom and bring her back the velvet bag on the counter. I was glad to help and went to find it. It was a large velvet bag or pouch that appeared to have a long hard object inside it. I brought it back to Ellen who thanked me and motioned for me to sit down in the other chair so my view was better.

Ellen opened the bag and withdrew a bottle of silicone lube and a very large smooth glass dildo. Pam's eyes got big when she spotted the dildo. I was unsure if it was excitement or fear at first, but realized quickly it was the former. 

Ellen stroked the glass dildo with her hands to warm it before applying the lube. I don't think Pam needed any lube as wet as she was, but this was a big dildo so I was glad Ellen was applying it liberally. Ellen placed the smooth glass against Pam's pussy, but did not insert it, instead she finally moved her tongue to Pam's clit and licked it with small gentle circles.

Pam instinctively spread her legs wide and thrust her hips to meet Ellen's tongue. As Ellen licked Pam, she gradually slid the end of the dildo into Pam. Ellen started licking Pam she slowly began fucking Pam with the smooth glass tool getting it deeper and deeper into Pam. 

The large glass dildo stretched Pam's pussy open as it finally was inserted into her fully. I could tell Pam loved the feeling of the smooth glass as it conducted the heat of her pussy throughout her wet snatch by the way she pushed her hips toward it to take it fully.

I have to admit the view was amazing seeing Pam opened up so wide on the massive glass tool. Pam's clit was swollen and beautiful to see as Ellen's tongue continued to lick it. I was hard in my pants, but was avoiding touching it as per Pam's instructions.

Pam was lost in passion on Ellen's tongue and the glass dildo Ellen was pushing in and out of Pam rapidly now. Each time Pam seemed to be ready to climax Ellen would hold off just enough to keep Pam just shy of finishing. After a few more minutes of this Ellen put Pam out of her misery and went to work on her clit licking it fast bringing Pam over the top to what seemed to be a mind blowing climax. 

Ellen kept licking Pam's pussy enjoying the juices still flowing from it. Pam slowly came back to earth as Ellen gently removed the dildo. Ellen then took the glass monster and brought it to Pam's mouth telling her to lick and suck it. 

Pam did as told and mouthed the glass piece Ellen was presenting her. "Taste your sweet pussy juice", Ellen told her. "Doesn't it taste wonderful? I loved your taste and you should too. It is amazing."

Ellen then asked her if she was ready for he rest of her lesson. Pam smiled nervously, glanced at me and said she thought she was. With that Ellen stood up and opened her robe and allowed it to drop to the ground. As I guessed she was naked under it and revealed a body very similar to Pam's. She had a beautiful ass and pretty pert breasts that could pass for Pam's. 

Ellen motioned for Pam to stand up and embraced her rubbing her breasts against Pam's. She kissed Pam and cupped Pam's ass in her hands grinding her hips against Pam as she did. Ellen then walked over to the bed and laid down on her back spreading her legs wide. "Come here Pam, I need you to experience part two of the lesson. You need to learn why your husband and I love eating pussy so much."

Pam walked to the bed and Ellen guided her mouth to Ellen's hungry wet pussy. I could see this pussy eating virgin moving toward her groin was exciting Ellen tremendously. Ellen told Pam to stick her tongue into her and fuck her with it. She continued giving Pam detailed instructions on what to do and how. I took mental notes, realizing I might be able to learn a few new tricks as well.

Pam followed instructions well it appeared as she brought Ellen off to a strong climax fairly quickly. Ellen held Pam's face between her legs as she came soaking Pam's from noise to chin. 

Once she calmed down, Ellen told Pam to go give me a big kiss to thank me for being so generous and sharing her tonight. My gorgeous naked wife crawled from between Ellen's legs and jumped in my lap giving me several big pussy tasting wet kisses. I could taste Ellen on Pam's mouth and could not resist touching Pam's very wet well used pussy while we kissed. Pam jumped and moaned slightly and whispered that she loved me and needed my big dick in her as soon as we got to the room.

Ellen cut our kiss short and said to Pam she had one part of the lesson remaining. Pam seemed surprised, but willing so turned to look back at Ellen who was now sitting on the bed. In Ellen's hands was a big plastic dildo in a strap-on harness. Ellen smiled at Pam and said, "You want to fuck me with this, or me fuck you. I think you can fuck me since I bet he is going to fuck you as soon as you leave."

Ellen had Pam come to her and put the harness and realistic looking penis on her. Ellen got on her knees and told Pam to cover the dildo with lube and to slid it in slowly. Again Ellen gave Pam detailed instructions on what to do and how to fuck her doggy style. Once more Pam was a quick study and brought Ellen to a strong climax.

Soon Pam crawled off Ellen and kissing her, thanked her for her lessons. She told Ellen it was amazing and something she had always wondered about. Pam told Ellen she hated to fuck and run, but needed to get back to our room so she could get my big dick in her pussy. She told Ellen she was great, but that Ellen did not know what she was missing not having a flesh and blood dick in her pussy. 

Pam started to get dressed, but Ellen told her to just take the robe and wear it since we were only a couple of floors below. Pam thanked her again and we left with me carrying Pam's clothes and her naked under the robe.

As we got into the elevator Pam let the robe fall completely open and asked, "You like the view?" I did of course. Pam kissed me, rubbing her naked body against me as she did and then grouped my hard cock. "Turn you on more to see her eat me, or me eat her?", Pam quizzed me. 

Before I could reply the elevator door opened at our floor and we exited heading to our room. Pam went down the full length of the hall with the robe gapped open seeming oblivious to her exposure. 

Pam dropped the robe to the floor before the door shut and told me to fuck her. She laid face down on the bed and spread her legs apart telling me she needed my cock in her deep and hard. 

I stripped and jumped on the bed, but before I slid my impressively large and hard cock into her, I held her close telling her I loved her. I then asked her, "So what did you enjoy most with Ellen?"

"Being eaten, of course silly", she replied. "I always love a hungry tongue licking my clit and hers was really good at it." I smiled and slid my dick towards her pussy, but stopped short of entering her, instead telling her to go on.

"She was good at eating me, but honestly, and not just to get you to shove that cock of yours in me, she was not as good as you. Maybe I taught you so well you know exactly what I need," she continued while trying to push her hips up so that her pussy met my cock.

"Eating her was thrilling and I do see why you enjoy it so much, but I'd rather have a hard cock to suck on actually. Oh, and fucking her with that strap-on was hard work. I'd much rather be laying here taking a cock in me than having to be the one putting in all of the effort. Pam then reached back behind her grabbed my cock, that was very near her beautiful. Wet pussy and told me, "Now go to work and fuck me with that thing."

I wanted to hear more, but knew there would be time later and wanted more to satisfy Pam's desire to be fucked. I slid my dick in her pussy in one slow push. She met my thrust be pushing her ass against me and then continued to do so matching each of my thrusts. Her pussy was wet, very wet and we made kind of a sloshing sound with each thrust. 

I knew that I could not last, but wanted to make sure Pam climaxed on my cock before I shot my load deep in her. I didn't need to worry as a few thrusts later Pam told me not to stop and to go faster. I then felt her pussy contract on my shaft which caused me to lose control and fill her with cum as I thrust one more time hard and deep into my amazing wife.

We fell asleep naked in each other's arms and slept for hours before waking up, still in each other's arms. The first thing I saw was Pam's beautiful face with her brown eyes looking into mine. We kissed and hugged. I held her tight and told her I wanted to hold her like that forever. 
Pam kissed me and agreed. 



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